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  1. Barring any unforeseen issues or delays they should know if they'll still make it through cert in the early 2017 window at that point, so I suppose it's at least something to look forward to, either that or we'll get a mid 2017 delay.

    dude they consider next month april to be early 2017 and they said they will have to wait 30 days after console certification before release due to something to do with preorders and they said the moment that they finish console cert they will give us a release date so thats like 40-39 days left before the game is out pls do your research of their definition of what early 2017 is next time


    we currently have max a month and 2 weeks



    Edit: also this post is doomed to be taken down because it mentions something already mentioned good job

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  2. The only way this would fit storywise would be if, and I mean a BIG if, it could be accepted that enough of Jason's body survived re-entry as well as enough of the nanobots not short-circuit from the heat. IF that were to happen he'd just become the horror version of a mix between Wolverine, the Juggernaut, and Deadpool with the ability to go on without breathing - Immortal. Invulnerable to damage. Cannot be stunned. Cannot break his grip. Able to catch up to Vanessa without breaking a sweat. His only downfall would be slowdown in water.


    Responding to the original post:

    It isn't that it is hard to make the skins. That's​ actually the easy part. What's hard is making it work for the game. If you actually pay attention each Jason is set up with its own set of mechanics that allow them to exist in the game as individuals rather than just one character with different outfits.

    well jason always seems to find ways to come back so i dont see why after x couldnt be a thing

  3. I didnt know if u both were joking i knew crazy ralph was with his answer. To be honest its not a bad look for jason imo and whoever titled that video cant spell jasons name very good

    i dont actually think itd be hard to get seth mcfarlanes jason because he has stated hes a huge fan of the series he might just give it willingly




    Idk though

  4. Nope nope just nope. An axe didnt go deep?! If someone lodges an axe into yoyr head where it doesnt fall out on its own and holds in place isnt deep? Thats bone there in the forehead (clearly seen in his bone in part 7) and he didnt die. Part 9 doesnt count. If they couldnt even get the eye right surely details about jasons strength wouldnt be correct either. The machete to the head in 4 killed him. And jason isnt durable in the end (parts 2-4) actually, as he gets closer to 4 he becomes more unstoppable. Look at everything he took in part 4s end. In part 3 he was hung...and AT DISTANCE. A fall like that wouldve broken the average persons neck, on top of a choke, he was hung for a few minutes. I outright disagree with your comparision. Roy received NO life endangering wounds that jason did. If he did, NAME IT. Ill promptly shoot it down.

    it still doesnt look that deep and again real life people have survived much worse 


    Roy is still just as strong as 2-4

  5. When I saw Part V for the very first time, the blue arrows on the hockey mask gave away that it was not Jason.

    I said in an earlier reply that that was the only distinction until the climax also I don't see how that is a complete give away what if they just wanted to give him a new mask


    No u dont lie. Roy fell down when a chainsaw was thrown at him. Roy doubled over when stuck in his pee pee. Jason in part 4 had a tv electrocute his head, had his hand cleaved in 2 and a hammer buried in his neck. Hell in part 2 he took a machete half way through his upper torso. Roy def aint no jason.

    Roy got back up almost immediately after a tractor and also that shit happened in the climax Jason almost always seems to be weaker during the climax with shit like part 9 where he stumbles over trying to flip a jungle gym taking a machete to the head in part 4 and taking an axe to the head in part 3 making him pass out (which didn't go in that deep so don't say it would kill him real life people have survived much worse) to me Jason in parts 2-4 was a decently durable human at best just like Roy

  6. He's a dude.


    He's just a dude.  He's a dude wearing a hockey mask


    Jason, in this case, is a mega uber powerful retard.  In this case he is.  Roy would not have the luxury of that being the case.


    Jason was able to survive a machete being lodged halfway through his body, being hung from a barn from a height that should have snapped his neck, and an axe to the face.


    Roy wouldn't be able to stand half that punishment.  So I don't see how these two characters are AT ALL comparable.

    roy until the climax was basically jason dont lie to yourself i remember thinking it was him until the mask came off


    he was just as strong as 2-4

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  7. After the actual launch is a lot of big what-if's. They don't have any obligation to us other than maintaining the game that was backed by supporters. Whatever comes next is without the strings of Kickstarter and Backerkit attached.


    My hope is they stay the course they've been on and add more stuff from the films- like Roy. ;)

    actually they already said at pax they're planning dlc so they don't have to but it would be a kick to the balls of their playerbase size if they didnt

  8. That would be dependent on how many people purchase the dlc.


    It's all dependent on demand when it comes down to it.


    But if you look at Kickstarter and backerkit there's about 50k backers in total. Take that as our baseline. The majority of these people are serious Friday fans and they want this game.


    Being conservative with numbers here but let's say in first 6 months of release we add another 50k ... number might be more but we're going to go on solid base here. If we added 200k and 50k stuck around that is a fairly safe number. So you have now a solid 100k, out of those let's say 1/3 is strictly single player/offline,


    So we're at 65k players on the servers, diehards and people who just found the game to be f'n amazing. 


    Out of that, who's gonna buy all the dlc? Probably not everyone. Maybe half MIGHT buy all of it, 1/4 is probably more realistic. Because even though everyone of the 65k may LOVE the game, they may not all love every dlc or want it. So 21k buy dlc ... that's not funding very much. It's certainly not funding future dlc beyond that because ... maintaining the game.


    HOWEVER, if those 65k who absolutely love the game paid say $10 per month subscription (pretty normal for most online subscription games) that would maintain the servers, provide for some dlc (which then we could get as just added) and provide a profit which makes it worthwhile to continue.


    Like I said, for all I know we could have much higher numbers than that as far as players. I'm going barebones here as in the worst case scenario. Either way, maintaining, supporting the game and providing future content all require funding.

    well they wouldnt just release ONE jason dlc and be all like hey the money from this goes to map making no its more of they release 3-5 jasons as dlc and then the extra goes to map making and im pretty sure atleast half the community will buy these dlcs because about half the community are die hard f13 fans so of course they're gonna pay for the rest of the movies jason's so that's a half decent ammount of money maybe not quite enough for it but that's what backerkit is for (donations from fans to help fund shit)

  9. First im told by Ben one of the moderators that i can post my ideas that are occult related. but jpops says no. who is right in this. why cant i start a thread about friday the 13th and the occult and how it goes togeather.why cant jpops and other moderators punish the people who harass me and call me names.im going to start a group on facebook and tell everyone how the employess of this team favor bullying against people of a certain faith or sexual orientation. please let me post in moderation my ideas that are occult related.

    you can only make posts that havent already been posted otherwise use search to check if theyve been posted

  10. That's the thing, this is a crowd funded game. In order for them to release more content, it has to make financial sense to.


    In order to sustain the game for those of us who are diehard (if you look at the backer total from KS and BK) that is going to be the main player base. We may grab some more after release who just simply never heard about it, but the main base is already here.


    How do you maintain an online multiplayer?


    Charge for dlc or charge per month subsciptions.


    And before anyone screams about it, most predominantly online games do this. Final Fantasy Online has a subscription. DC Universe Online etc etc. 


    Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I'd rather the game remain out and online active than it have to shut down because there is no cashflow to keep it going.


    It's just simple economics.

    i was thinking they could have backerkit stay up after release and shit to fund more maps and such or they could make it so dlcs cost slightly more than they need to so when people pay for new jasons and such some of the money goes torwards maps

  11. yeah that's true, i'm not that happy about tom's jason either, it looks way beyond ridiculous to me.

    you quoted your own post in your reply to my post instead of my post


    But I'm gonna be honest I like the tom savini Jason it looks how I think Jason would have while in hell and while yes that means I am entirely open to more original Jason's being added I agree I want all of them from all the movies added before another original one is added

  12. Didn't we have a thread about this with a poll?



    After the Savini Jason, I'm a little of any original Jason creations for this game.


    As well, I'd rather see the remaining Jasons before they even consider another original design. They said it costs $20k per Jason.

    no this is talking about ones to come after release and how they will go about choosing who will come after release that poll is mentioned but it's not the main topic of the post

  13. Part 4 Jason is way different that Part 3 Jason, as all Jasons are unique. And the only films they can't use are Freddy vs. Jason and the reboot.


    Personally, I don't care which Jason is added next, but I do want to see all of them added eventually. And for the record, they will almost certainly make map DLC if they obtain the funds, since maps were on the stretch goal chart, and they plan to support the game for as long as they can with more content.

    they really shouldn't do maps as dlc they need to just add them to the game for free map dlc just splits and breaks the games community

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  14. Part 4 Jason is way different that Part 3 Jason, as all Jasons are unique. And the only films they can't use are Freddy vs. Jason and the reboot.


    Personally, I don't care which Jason is added next, but I do want to see all of them added eventually. And for the record, they will almost certainly make map DLC if they obtain the funds, since maps were on the stretch goal chart, and they plan to support the game for as long as they can with more content.

    First of all part 4 is decently different from part 3 with dirtier outfit more dead looking skin axe mark thinner (like a lot thinner) and other subtle details


    Second there is more than just part 4 there's roy from part 5 jason from part 10 uber jason and of course they might and definatley should reconsider the younger jason idea and they could do a jason that sorta takes place in between freddy vs jason and x to sorta be a nice replacement for freddy vs jason who himself is a generic jason that comes to the mind usually when you think of jason due it's decently good design that had a great outfit but his head was ok 

  15. So i just finished watching the pax panel and you guys said that you were thinking about future jason dlc (BTW pls never make map dlc) but how will you guys (or how do you think they will) decide which ones are next to be added to game do you think theyll just go down the list of the places of the last poll or will they start a new poll and go off of that

    who do you guys think will be/want to be added next and how do you think they will go about it

    Hopefully the devs can awnser these questions no that we know they're planning dlc

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