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  1. finally someone who has actually heard of these issues and knows about them some people here think there arent any other alternatives to these 2
  2. it's not magic they could keep the backerkit up and fund maps/severs through backerkit and other dlc like jasons survivor clothes and maybe new kill packs i don't see why they couldn't fund maps every 4-6 months not including new sales
  3. it is for mutliple reasons it counters rage the one thing that is made to be a oh shit they're still here but havent died finish them with these steroids and made it easily countered second reason the sweater is next to his moms head and if you wanna say move it or something then what if they wanna end up doing the teen jason but instead of the sweater mask he's wearing it or keeping the sweater idea as a mask and i already explained the last idea i want jason to be VERY op to the point where the most survivors will be 2-3 and the average will be 0-1 i dislike the idea of this item entirley
  4. no actually i wouldn't i hate the idea of anti jason stuff in my perfect world for the game a max of 2 people would be able to survive with 1-0 being the average i have come up with plenty of ideas in my past posts like a new weapon idea and more but i still shoot this one down because it's stupid
  5. not only did i say i would pay for all the dlc trumping your arguement im only saying this to get free stuff but i can also trump it by telling you about the fact that i have a rich family member who buys me everything how do you think ive afforded 60+ steam games overwatch and $200 worth of tf2 items without any way to buy shit my arguement is based off of past games showing undeniably evidence that has even been mentioned by game journalists like jim sterling before that maps divide communities and cause a drop in playerbase in which this is an indie game with a already decently small playerbase IMA SAY THIS TO YOU SPECIFICALLY ONE LAST TIME DIVISION OF PLAYERBASE THROUGH DLC MAPS WILL KILL THE GAME and people (newbies who havent heard of or played the game) will not get it over dead by daylight if one is pay monthly and the other is $15 for a game where you can get almost everything for free through additions and such that one is an obvious fact it's like comparing renting a movie over purchasing it subscription gaming isn't a very good model for business anymore and a lot of gamers don't do it as shown from the fact that world of warcraft subscriptions have been slowly but surely on the decline since release reaching all time lows recently I am saying they cannot do this shit for the sake of the game not for my own selfish cheap attitudes if i was cheap i wouldnt own a $250 tf2 hat that does nothing other than making me look good stroking my ego on servers full of newbs even if i coudlnt pay for this i want it to succeed because it has my favorite horror brand on it (also i already preordered the tom savini skin the game and counselor clothing pack and THEN donated 10 bucks so there is no reason to be saying it's because i'm cheap and selfish considering there are probably fans who have put LESS money into it than me only buying the game or the game and jason skin) i would support this game till it dies and the reason i say you cant do these things is because it would hurt the game in a major way and i dont want it to die
  6. that doesnt mean that the game wouldnt do better than f13 sales wise if it was subscription based i know i couldnt pay for it every month im only 17 with no job so i know i sure as hell couldnt pay for it EVERY month which i might not do every month i can due to me only being able to game on weekends and of course not everyone likes or pays for subscriptions so i don't think the game would last as long if it went subscription compared to dead by daylight which is technically almost a year old already so it technically is already succesfull meaning if this game was subscription based it probably would do worse and might lose out to dbd
  7. thank you for reminding me about this that is another thing we have to account for the devs have to do stuff in a way similar or better to dbd or it could die even faster to dbd they have to do stuff similar or cheaper or easier etc than dbd so no subscriptions or dlc maps
  8. I really dislike the idea of a rage counter and i don't think the devs would either
  9. i don't think monthly subscriptions is the way to go plus won't they get some revenue from consoles ps+ and xbox live subscriptions or something?
  10. the paying for maps wont turn people off but it will divide the community which is even worse than turning a few cheap cucks off because they dont wanna play, a community can survive without MORE players joining but it cannot survive players LEAVING due to map dlc dividing community i only dont want map dlc because i dont want this game to die not because im cheap hell if they put the rest of the jasons in the game as a dlc pack i would pay $2000+ for that shit but i do not want this to die ecpecially after all this waiting, i want this to be a game that lasts 6+ years of lifespan AT THE LEAST i want this game to literally still be out and somewhat relavent (like tf2 which has lasted 10 years now) for a long time
  11. I don't think they are going to do monthly subscription and they definatley should NOT do dlc maps idk why everyone discusses this stuff while i'm gone but i have already went into great detail about why maps shouldn't be dlc (and no it's not because i'm cheap i would gladly pay for any dlc they make it's all about community splitting) and i don't think they would do subscription nor do i think it would be a good idea due to it probably turning people off of the idea of playing the game
  12. you still can't make maps dlc but i'm fine with paying for anything else hell i'm fine with paying an extra 10 bucks on something that would have usually cost 5 so maps can get funded without having to make us directly pay for them as long the community doesn't get split up by dlc maps
  13. well the maps are generally iconic but each one doesn't really differ much from eachother although i gotta say the game made the higgins haven house and barn for me iconic and memorable idk wut it was but by the time i finished watching people play the beta i loved those buildings and could spot them instantly idk why though
  14. Max of 2 weeks and a month left guys we got like 39 days left
  15. Tbh i don't mind low map ammount the maps aren't the appeal or even that big of a thing for the game to me aslong as everything is randomized in different spots (cars items and phones) but one rule they must follow is the no dlc maps that kills a games playerbase division of a games players kills the game unless they're big enough like a cod level of popularity and un killableness let alone a tiny indie game like this
  16. division of a playerbase is always bad even if some of the people aren't as passionate as you/others doesn't mean they aren't players uninterested players quit/don't buy the game you shouldn't treat people who fanboy buy everything like me or you as inferior they're usually a majority of the players and even when it only divides interested and disinterested players it can still kill a game unless your game is COD levels of big map packs usually have very negative effects on your game ecpecially a kickstarter indie game such as this
  17. well yes but you can't deny that the earlier release for pc would give earlier feedback meaning the game would get early feedback for a more stable console launch also going by the official friday the 13th game discord server 2 thirds of the players are pc and one fifth of that is xbox and the rest is ps4 I mean that isn't the MOST accurate way to judge this but it should show that it's either more pc players or even between the 2
  18. same for me but i care because if the playerbase divides the game can lose players and eventually the servers will shut down or they will stop adding stuff/updating/supporting the game
  19. yes but this still means less people asking when release is and early 2017 stuff as well as the few console players that arent total whiners constantly asking for release will stop whining due to less buggy launch and such people are whining either way
  20. yeah but map dlc can divide a playerbase which can kill a games players and divide up the matchmaking and of course make more people quit it doesn't matter what you specifically do but it's about the community as a whole that other post i made wasn't about that though some people just briefly mentioned it in the comments i want a post where we can talk about it as the main topic and we can discuss it in depth while also having a chance at getting an awnser from the devs
  21. well yes but i would tell all of them that they only have to wait longer because of the console companies and to complain to them to get it out faster and also tell them that since pc got it first they can patch more bugs meaning launch on console would be more stable with less crashing and less bugs
  22. while they said it's not consoles fault and not to blame them i do because i feel that they should have just released for pc while working on console cert that way they could get early feedback for the game and maybe that way console companies (sony and microsoft) might be more leanient with the console cert requirments not asking of stupid stuff like working with dance pads in the menus and such when they see it's all popular all over pc with tons of fans playing enjoying and feeling good about the game
  23. So there has been talk of dlc as of the most recent pax and i have been worried the devs might try to do map dlc which wouldn't be very good for the game/it's playerbase and i do not want this game to end up flopping for something as basic as map dlc which already can break some AAA games that aren't quite cod levels of undieing so i would hate to see it happen to this game ecpecially since this is a tiny indie project ALMOST everyone agrees at this point map dlc can hurt a playerbase so i just want some confirmation from the devs that this won't be a thing and to hear everyone elses worries/opinions on the matter
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