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  1. my rule of thumb is i only slash when getting surrounded/ganged up on by 3-7 people with weapons and knives and stuff then i usually slash to widdle them down to a manage-able amount
  2. the saddest part of this for me is me and my friends felt nostalgic and came back to the game for the first time since the shut downs for new content and then we played the game for a day and were getting back into wondering why we dropped the game and the day after that we can't play rest in peace
  3. yeah it's not a big deal but i feel it could be a faster change than most the things they do and it'd give us options and it'd be a change that makes everyone a bit happier, like roys clothing options
  4. I feel there should be an option now that weapon swapping is a thing i think it'd be cool to have an option for all jasons to make their masks eye/hockey mask holes blackened out like part 7 (and an option to make it so you can see through them maybe for ones like 7 and ? i feel the dark holes makes them look better/more threatening good example being the part 3 picture at the end of the new trailer and some of the fan made versions on the gmod steam workshop, itd give people more options and it'd make some of them more movie accurate like part 6 who spent MOST of his movie with eye holes darkened like the undead jasons do or part 9 who had a few scenes with his unbroken mask eye hole darkened and in the early half the movie where that broken mark was there he had both darkened, idk it just looks better imo and i think a lot of people MIGHT agree since in most of the marketing you cant see his eyes showing thats the more attractive looking version, and this way it'd give everyone a choice this was a minor nitpick/feature idea and i hope they think it through/some people agree with me
  5. what if about the whole savini thing the farm pitchfork shared some of the more basic kills with savinis like the turn around stab in the back of the head but they had their own more complicated kills that utilize the differences between the weapons that way savini backers get something unique besides a cool looking, but meh stats jason and the non savini backers get a pitchfork with some of the kills
  6. but jasons supposed to be strong af wtf is goin through your head dude XD
  7. I cannot believe i was right Roy/Part 5 was added so now that he was besides the confirmed uber jason anyone think theyll eventually add anyone else
  8. so games almost out updated stats for all counselours and jasons now (except toms i want him as a surprise) by chance coming soon?
  9. Wait so it has shorter cooldown when you move so does it go down to 20 second cooldown the moment you move or could i sit there activate it wait there for like 20 seconds walk around a corner and stand there without losing most of it's cooldown time
  10. Other than some exp loss I don't think they should be punished that harshly (like banning) for murdering others and leaving someone behind shouldn't have any exp loss, the devs said some of their greatest moments were when one of them panicked and left everyone behind
  11. so we kinda agree the less normal jasons and people who arent jason should be dlc leaving 4 and x to be free
  12. i still think the ones that arent quite like the rest should cost money Examples i have for these being Roy Uber Pamela Nes and anymore original ones they have (on the subject me and guys in the discord had some ideas for other ones to add that i shall add to the list) Hallucination Jason from part 5 Hallucination Pamela from part 3
  13. i think jasons should cost money personally they're one of the main appeals for the game so i dont see why they wouldnt
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