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  1. Hobgoblin238

    Ever Had An Idea Stolen?

    Yup....I created Monster Cafe Saltillo here in Mexico. 5 years later a guy here rips off my idea for the Monster Museum. Still pisses me off to this day.
  2. But logically....why would a rich girl sign up to be a counselor? Melissa was not one in part 7. The non Friday fan morons have struck again.
  3. No, they just happen to be morons. IN part 8 he was last seen in Manhatten etc. Jason does not body hop. SO.......anyone that likes part 9 is an utter moron. Incapable of logical reasoning.
  4. Hobgoblin238

    The Duke Of Crystal Lake

    Don´t know how old you are but I still play my Atari 2600.....from 1979......Nothing fades for this old soldier.
  5. Morons like part 9. That is all I will say on the topic. Every copy should be burned with fire.
  6. Hobgoblin238

    The Duke Of Crystal Lake

    VOMIT. That is for everyone supporting part 9...
  7. No. And people that love part 9 need to be sterilized. Part 9 is crap. It doesn´t follow what came before. People that love body hopping jason are morons. Sorry but it is true.
  8. Hobgoblin238

    parts I-VIII "all kills" map

    Only Jenny survived. The whole crashing through the window was a dream sequence...Why? Because Jason woke up IN his cabin in part 3.
  9. Hobgoblin238

    parts I-VIII "all kills" map

    Good they left off the CRAP that is part 9. Director should be taken out and horsewhipped. I burned my DVD right after buying it and watching 35 minutes of it. It is utter refuse.
  10. Hobgoblin238

    Pinehurst Easter eggs

    I am going to bet that no one else has mentioned your awesome Samuel L Bronkowitz gif...
  11. Hobgoblin238

    Pamela uses Necromancy?

    I block everyone on facebook that supports anything after part 7. Wish I could do it here.
  12. I wish I could block people that say with a straight face that Jason teleports. I do it on the Facebook page all the time.
  13. Hobgoblin238

    Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    No one in the movies EVER saw a trap from Jason. Never. Therefore traps should look just like the ground when they are placed. Not like leaves.
  14. I play my single player Atari 2600 game since 1979. What in the heck are you talking about that single player kills games? Also play my PS2 Star Wars battlefront SINGLE PLAYER since 2004. Still a fun game to me.
  15. Hobgoblin238

    Paul Holt

    Kenny is already head counselor. Paul has no chance of being in this.