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  1. Personally I think it's fine in its current way. You aren't going to want to get into a match where more than one person wants to be Jason, or EVERYBODY prefers to be counselors. (This does happen) and we don't want to make Gun the "bad guy" but not letting them be what they choose. Someone's gotta do the killing and someone's gotta do the surviving. I think it's fair in its current state.
  2. When it's enough to make my head vibrate with the extreme blast of volume and not be able to hear other people over the sound of it, yeah it's a little bit loud. It's scary and effective, but there needs to be a bit of a balance. I couldn't hear a thing over it.
  3. It's funny how people say that a lack of content instead focusing on bug fixes will be a major priority this patch when all most of the fan base has been doing for the past three months was complaining there have been no strong bug fixes. No pleasing everyone I guess. Keep at it you guys!
  4. I dunno, same with gratuitous sex/drug use, I wouldn't want to run down into an enclosed space when I know Jason could trap me at any second... that would be friggin terrifying. "Hey Tiffany, the fuse for the phone is downstairs in the basement!' "...I'm out..."
  5. The game is 3.5gb in size, unless you're on an exceedingly slow connection you'll have it downloaded and playing in 5 - 10 minutes flat. They really don't need to drop keys days early. If you're worried about missing the key if all else fails watch the forum, watch Twitter explode, watch EVERYONE mention "Got my key!" and check your box
  6. I think they took a signature weapon for each of the Jasons from the movies. Jason 2 wielded a pick axe in his climax. Jason 3 was 'killed' by a wood axe. Jason 6's fence post. Jason 7 where his machete became his signature weapon. Part 8 where he killed the deck hand with a fireaxe. Part 9 is the only one that really doesn't make sense, I guess the feller's axe fit the motif of some of the scenes though he wasn't in it long enough to really kill with a weapon. You'd also have to look that the weapon choices have their own unique kills for that particular model. If they were to swap out the skins they would need to pay to re-animate the kills for each Jason, Jason 2 was the placeholder for Savini's pitchfork kills, but beyond those two kills which were put in for promotional purposes, I'd think it would cost quite a bit to swap that out for everyone. tbh they should leave things as-is for now.
  7. It's supposed to be clunky and hard to manage. We aren't supposed to fight Jason, the counselors aren't combat experts, so I'm thinking it's implemented to serve as a 'I'm terrified but I'll try and maybe I'll get lucky' thing.
  8. Mmph, I have gripes against threads that don't serve any general purpose except to complain about the intricacies and quirks of a game before it's even out. I don't think it's needed imo. Maybe that's just me.
  9. Personally, the more you make a game 'like' another game it stops being its own game and gets closer to copying another game's achievements. I don't want to play a game where the mechanics work the same as some other game, nerf or buff or not, it just isn't the vision given by Gun. I like it for what it is.
  10. Well the major point of beta testing is to point out major flaws before the game is finished, as it's an expensive process; 5,000 dollars per day per server according to the devs, they could only really afford the beta for the PC back in December. It was a 7 day endeavor, so about 30,000 dollars to uncover any direct ailing bugs. I assume they used the PC version as a way to investigate problems on Consoles because the console beta process was probably a lot more expensive I don't know. Since the game release date has been announced there is no real need for beta testing anymore. It was never about getting to play early, it was about fixing problems so that a product is not delivered broken.
  11. For one, all of this is hearsay. Everything about them getting early access is a rumor based on a tweet that F13 sent to ALL of their followers, it could be purely informational stuff for all we know. For another what business is it for people to complain about what Gun decides to do for their promotional content even if it were an early access thing? We'll be playing in less than a month, let them do what they want. If that means we get more direct content, then hooray. I don't see the reason to complain.
  12. Well give a man stranded in the desert a canteen of water and he'll complain it isn't sparkling. Its best to not let that get to those who appreciate the cold drink!
  13. Tiffany is an expert at the walk of shame I'm sure she can slip anywhere unnoticed if she doesn't want to. She is the hobbit of popular girls
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