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  1. Oh you know me. If there is a pile of crap to be found in this game I shall step into it. lol
  2. Still haven't been able to play yet myself. User login error is back as is no internet connection error even though I'm connected. Try in offline and get the Unreal 4 fatal error. Good times.
  3. You're not the first to bring that up today. For the time scale reference:
  4. One common mistake I see happen (not necessarily you) is that at the start of the match a councilor will have Jason teleport to them and they'll think they're screwed and in a lot of cases will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. But at that stage Jason doesn't have sense or shift, so he can be outmaneuvered. All you need to do is evade a bit by hiding or just running to different cabins. If that Jason is smart he'll ditch chasing you after a few and go to tend to the box or car. If he tunnels on you instead, take that time to make him waste as much time as humanly possible to let the others do some work. If he eventually catches up, you might be back as Jarvis. Jason from the start was supposed to be an unstoppable killing machine although he's become a bit of a laughing stock since that last patch unless you get someone that really knows how to work things with him. Escaping was supposed to be a thing of luck in some ways. And that does keep the game fun when there's a real sense of danger that you won't make it. But one tip I can give here; never run in a straight line. Helps limit the chances of a successful stalked shift grab. There's always a chance to hurt or kill the killer. It's just been made far too easy since the knife update. The tweaks today will swing things back closer to how they were at launch but all things are still possible.
  5. I've always been quite fond of these two. For the sake of hilarity, the above image was made quite funny when Chad was hit by a car resulting in this.
  6. I repair every chance I get. But one problem that tends to happen quite a bit is that when people drop the parts nobody will bothers to pop the traps. So if I'm hoofing over to repair and don't have a knife or someone to tank or knife the trap, not much I can do except look at it unless I have a knife, which as a repairer I honestly need more than the triathlon runners. I'll use it if I have it mind you, but this is one biggy for me as someone that plays deb quite often. Folks should pop the traps if they can.
  7. Yeah some guy was giving me crap the other night claiming he ran off and hid behind a rock after using a knife. He was standing right in front of me on my screen so I grabbed him.
  8. I can''t speak for consoles, but I have had an issue about 3 times now over just the last month or so where I'll picked as Jason on PC and the game will bug out during the opening animation. When the game starts I'll be staring at the ground almost like when you load and it will never move from there. It's literally first person view grass level high. I'll be able to morph but it doesn't help. For all intensive purposes I can do nothing. I say this because I know there are a lot of folks that quit right off the bat out there. But sometimes it's just a glitch where they can't do anything like this. It happens. So you might be trying to shame people for stuff beyond their control. I know it sucks but take the 500XP and move on to the next one. Because you're never going to know which is which. This also goes for random DCs during the match midgame. I've had a few of those as well. You just can't be sure of much unless someone just straightup rage quits in an obvious way.
  9. A few notes on bot issues. I've been trying them out a bit since play time for online is a bit erratic during the holidays, so it's a nice little change to have a few Jason games I can pause. lol Anywho, on to the issues. The Tommy problem has already been discussed but here's a recap. He sometimes spawns and will not move unless you go over to him and sometimes have to hit or grab him. If he does go in a cabin he often gets stuck opening the same drawer over and over. Tommy, like all of the other councilors, also has a problem with hiding. These bots, on any difficulty, will all hide right in front of you, You can be right next to them and they'll dive in a closet or under a bed. They also make a sound like they're sliding in and out from under the bed constantly as well as constantly click their flashlight. You always know they are there even if you didn't. I've started ignoring the cars just to see if they can fix and drive them out. They've managed to fix it three times so far. One time they just sat there and never moved in the 2-seater. Another time, Vanessa drove it between two poles and never moved again. The third time, Kenny drove the 2-seater right into the back of the 4-seater and could not figure out how to reverse. Conclusion: They can't drive. Higgins Haven Oddness At the main house on Higgins Haven, there have been several characters (Buggzy, Tommy, Adam, and LaChappa, who when going in the back door seem to get stuck in a loop opening and closing it over and over. Swimming For whatever reason, when you chase some of the councilors they will sometimes decide to go for a swim. And when they get out in the water, they'll just start swimming in circles. Windows Aside from the fact that AI will quite often decide to dive through a window rather than open it, even when they don't need to, they will also very regularly dive our, and then turn around and dive back in (or vice versa) right in front of Jason's loving embrace. Not that this is a big issue given their eagerness to hide at the moment, but bots also don't seem to use outhouses or tents to hide in. That's a few of the things I've noticed so far.
  10. Ok first, I am no poet nor song writer, so this is all in good fun for a little holiday chuckle. It might suck. You might laugh, you might not. Some of you may think that I need intense psychological therapy that may or may not include electric shock and heavy amounts of some sort of drug….maybe lots of drugs. Or some of you may read this and think that I am already on them. Maybe one or more of those things is true and, off topic…But the point is, I made 13 iterations of this god forsaken thing. Why 13? Certainly not to shoehorn in some pun here about Friday the 13th and...ya know what, nevermind that’s not important. On with the show. Jason Kills: The Jingle Bells Parody by ShankerOne (Editors Note 1: May whatever god or cosmic entity you believe in have mercy on those that proceed beyond this point.) (Editors Note 2: This might hurt...a lot. You should probably turn back now.) (Editors Note 3: Last chance to turn back.) (Editors Note 4: We're really going through with this eh? Ok, You've been warned.) ~Sets inner music monologue to those reading to the theme of Jingle Bells.~ [Verse 1] Crashing through the walls With a freshly sharpened blade Over the throat I go Cutting all the way The camp is glowing red As councilors yell and cry What fun it is to slash and slay On a Killing spree tonight [Chorus] Jason Kills, Jason Kills He kicked Chad’s head like a ball You can call the cops and your mom But it won’t help you at all, hey Jason Kills, Jason Kills With his hatchet he will rend He’ll jab his fingers in your eye And get you in the end. [Verse 2] A day or two ago Councilors came to stay All too late they learned, a killer they dismayed They tried to drive away, seated side by side The car was stopped by a man in a mask as they fled and tried to hide Misfortune seemed a lot As Adam hid beneath the bed A whimpering cry sealed his fate as the sheets were filled with red. [Chorus] Jason Kills, Jason Kills He stuck Buggzy to the wall A.J. called for Tommy Jarvis But it won’t help the dead at all, hey Jason Kills, Jason Kills Over his knee your back will bend He’ll jab his fingers in your eye And get you in the end. [Verse 3] A day or two ago Councilors screamed and yelled Vanessa took a blow And quickly she was felled Jason was walking by With a freshly sharpened blade LaChappa was sure that he’d die Jenny screamed and they were made [Chorus] Jason Kills, Jason Kills He chopped Kenny in the balls Tommy arrived just too late And couldn’t help Kenny at all, hey Jason Kills, Jason Kills He’ll get you and all your friends He’ll jab his fingers in your eyes You’ll meet a violent end. [Verse 4] Now the ground is red with blood Escape him if you can Tiffany is drowning in mud Take the boat to escape the giant man And sing this slaying song Just sail up out the lake Sail as fast as you can Or a watery grave he will make Hatchet to the chest for a brutal way to slay Skulls will crack as you take the lead No call for help you’ll heed [Chorus] Jason Kills, Jason Kills He’s going to kill short and tall You can call the cops and your mom But it won’t help you at all, hey Jason Kills, Jason Kills He’ll get you in the end He’ll jab his fingers in your eyes And won’t stop even if you cry. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Merry Christmas F13 community, and Gun and Illfonic. Hope you guys have a great holiday and I’ll slay some of you guys over the holidays and well into 2018. Take care all. Hope you all have a good one and I hope you enjoyed this poorly written travesty of justice against the classic holiday song known as Jingle Bells.
  11. I had a funny game the other night where my traps got popped and I still ate 9 pocket knives. Good times. An AI Jason coop mode would be pretty fun I think. Be great for folks just starting out looking to learn the game as well as people just wanting to practice or tutor a bit. Doubt that will ever happen though.
  12. What we really need is an ignore list (speaking from PC here) that will allow us to put players on that we no longer care to have games with. I've met a lot of great peeps in quick match, but I have met some real douche nozzles too. It would be great if we had a way to filter those out.
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