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  1. I'm just happy that we're finally getting some good news.
  2. I agree. For now, one way to get around this is to just drop a spare Med Spray and let a wounded Counselor pick it up and use it on themselves.
  3. RichWalk9891

    Is stamina broken?

    I don't really see the problem with how stamina is used at the moment when it comes to jogging and sprinting. It's all about managing your stamina efficiently by not needlessly sprinting everywhere, keeping your Fear levels low to keep the stamina regen rate as high as possible, and taking advantage of hitting Jason and breaking free from his grip to gain stamina. If Vanessa were to lose less Stamina when Sprinting like it was in Beta, she would be even more annoying to chase down. If anything, I'm more curious about why a feature commented by wes a year ago was never really factored in the game itself after leaving beta, since it reads: "...So just because you see Deb at 3/10 and say Vanessa at 9/10, don't get too bent out of shape. Deborah regens pretty damn quickly. Vanessa, not so much. So there are two characteristics relevant to stamina to consider." As of now, having a high or low Stamina stat does not affect the speed of regaining lost stamina whatsoever.
  4. RichWalk9891

    Jason Balance?

    I think all Jason needs for now is a brief three to five seconds of stun immunity after a Pocket Knife stun, after stepping on a Counselor trap, and after being struck with a melee weapon or shotgun. It just seems silly to me that you cannot defend yourself right after being hit by a Pocket Knife or Counselor trap stun, which basically leaves yourself open to a melee stun follow-up because the stun effect and immunity has ended before you regain control.
  5. I think one of the problems with Stealth as of now is that it doesn't do enough to warrant much consideration unless the value is at least 9/10, and all it does is eliminate sound pings when jogging unless you're incredibly close to Jason. If anything, Stealth needs a slight overhaul or additions in mechanics to help add more to the cat-and-mouse, hide-and-seek theme of the game. Make playing a Stealth focused Counselor more intuitive than just reducing the range of sound pings when moving, such as: Reducing the audio of opening/closing drawers, doors, windows, and cabinets for Stealthy Counselors, as well as climbing through windows and footsteps, except when jogging and sprinting. Allowing Counselors with a 6-7/10 to jog silently, and a 8-9 to sprint silently. In exchange, these features will not work if at medium or high Fear Levels. 10/10 Stealth means no sound blips when jogging or running regardless of Fear Levels, although sound blips are still emitting when traversing in water. Replacing the crawling animation for crouch-walking, while also increasing the base speed. Making Stealth actually decide whether or not if you will appear in Sense mode, so as long as certain circumstances are met beforehand. For example, if a Counselor with a 6/10 and above in Stealth is within Sense range, have accumulated little Fear Levels, while Jason is not currently in Rage Mode, the Counselor will not be detected. Preventing high Stealth or high Composure Counselors from whimpering and panicking to themselves when Jason destroys a power box, and have them gasp for a moment instead. Keep in mind that I'm not suggesting that all of these ideas should be accepted all at once, as they are just some ideas I've seen around the forum to give Stealth a boost in viability.
  6. Personally, I think certain Counselors could use some readjustments. For instance, If a Vanessa player can make a flawless repair with a 2/10 Repair stat while still keeping her excellent Speed and Stamina, then something is wrong with the game's balance. I don't kind the Emo generation was around when Friday the 13th was conceived. Besides, A.J. is described as 'tough-as-nails who don't take shit from anyone'. That's not someone who I'd imagine an Emo to be.
  7. After looking through how each statistics work, I've considered changing the Counselor's stats to give weaker Counselors a much needed buff while making the more overpowered Counselors fairer to play as. In general, here are the following changes I've made: I will also provide an explanation as to why I've made changes for each Counselor: Adam: Adam's role as a Fighter and Fixer hybrid would be enhanced even further if his Repair was a little better, and since he won't benefit with a 3/10 Stealth all that much, it felt appropriate to take a point out from Stealth and boost his Repair instead. A.J.: I felt that her original stats didn't really fit the 'Rocker Chick' persona she has adopted, and for someone who was described as 'tough-as-nails', she was the worst Counselor when it came to combat. I decided to make her a jack-of-all trades, much like Adam and Fox, but more focused in Repair and Stealth. Brandon: I boosted Brandon's Luck in exchange for a slight reduction in his Speed and Stamina to ensure that his weapons won't break as easily. I also swapped his Repair and Stealth points, as I feel that his main gameplay plan is to fight and unmask Jason, not to hide from him, ever. Chad: His high Luck is left untouched, so there is no fear of him losing his ability to combat Jason. However, his speed has been reduced to 7/10, and the spare two points are instead used to boost his Repair and Strength. Deborah, Eric: These two are just about right. No changes needed. Fox: I removed a point from Stealth and gave it to her Composure to make her less similar to A.J. in this build, essentially making her braver and more combat efficient than A.J., while also making it easier for Fox to break out of Jason's grasp when needed. Jenny: As of now with the way Composure works, Jenny doesn't really offer much to the table and is too slow to do what Chad can do better. I've decided to give Jenny less Composure and Luck to transfer the points into Repair, Speed, and Strength. The differences between a 6/10 Luck and 8/10 Luck are actually rather minimal, as they both still allow four hits with a Baseball Bat before breaking, and the spare two points being used to boost Speed would make Jenny more efficient in combat. I also wanted to give Jenny a 3/10 in Repair to give the Final Girl a shot in making better emergency repairs, and I had also boosted Jenny's Strength...purely because Deborah already has a 1/10 in Strength. Kenny: Kenny is meant to be the jack-of-all trades, and thus doesn't need any changes. Mitch: Mitch's stats fit his role as 'The Stoner', and he does well as a Fixer and Supporter. No changes needed. Shelly: A.J.'s official stats seems to fit Shelly's character more than it does to A.J., and the 10/10 Stealth would suit Shelly best due to his role as a prankster in the films. I also took a few points from his unnecessarily high Strength and used them to boost his Composure, Repair. In essence, he now fulfills a similar role that A.J. officially takes as a Fixer/Stealth player. Tiffany: I traded a point from Stealth and used it to boost her Repair, to give Tiffany a chance for a better emergency repair in case there are no other better Fixer Counselors in her area. Besides a slight and inconsequential reduction in her Stealth, and a slightly better Repair, Tiffany remains unchanged overall. Vanessa: Ah yes...Vanessa. The undisputed Champion of the Friday the 13th Game. Put simply, her decent Luck, and high Speed and Stamina are what makes her so good to play as. It's no surprise that I've decided to reduce these three stats to make her less overpowered and more fair. Her Repair is also now also a 1/10, so that experienced Vanessa players can no longer repair as efficiently by manipulating the RNG to obtain favourable skill checks when repairing. Victoria: No changes had been made to her stats, as she has yet to be released for testing. I am curious about how her 3/10 Repair will look like, along with her 7/10 score in Stamina and Stealth, since before Victoria, no other Counselor had these values. --- What are your thoughts? Would these changes be considered fair?
  8. Since I agree that Medic is likely the best perk in the game, I'll share my idea on what I would do with Medic that I posted from another topic: I'd personally change it so that the two-use Med Spray only works if you heal other Counselors, as using the two-use Med Spray on yourself empties the entire can instead. It makes more sense to me since Medics are meant to help other people as part of their jobs, not hoard the medical equipment for themselves. I'd also make Counselors drop the Med Spray if they were attacked by Jason while in the middle of healing another Counselor, while also doubling the length of the healing animations so that it takes longer to use a Med Spray. --- I agree that many other perks need more viability. Tinker comes to mind, since it actually hinders the player Counselor if it's equipped since the increase in speed means you need faster reaction times to repair quietly. A YouTube video I've seen offered an idea where a perk allows you to make one mistake on a repair event without alerting Jason, and I think it would fit just right with the Tinker perk. If the increase in repair speed has to go, then I'd change it so that Tinker increases the chances of gaining fewer and larger skill-checks when making a repair.
  9. RichWalk9891

    A nerf to Medic.

    Personally I'd change Medic so that the two-use Med Spray only works if you heal other Counselors, as using the two-use Med Spray on yourself empties the entire can. It makes more sense to me since Medics are meant to help other people as part of their jobs, not hoard the medical equipment for themselves. I'd also make Counselors drop the Med Spray if they were attacked by Jason while in the middle of healing another Counselor. I don't have a problem with increasing the animation of the Med Spray usage though, it would help make trap tanking and fighting Jason a bigger risk than usual.
  10. RichWalk9891

    Best All Round Counselor

    In terms of best overall Counselor when it comes to surviving for as long as possible without bothering with objectives, it would be Vanessa, followed by Chad. In terms of most versatile Counselor that can jump from one role to another in a pinch, it would be Kenny, followed by Fox, and perhaps Adam. In terms of best suited in working behind the scenes tackling objectives without attracting Jason's attention, it would be A.J, followed by Deborah. I rank A.J. above Deborah due to her ability to sprint silently with a Lightfoot perk, which means she is able to make repairs more quickly and quietly than Deborah can, so as long as the player manage their stamina gauge well. In terms of planning to de-mask Jason and help other prepare to kill Jason, it would be Brandon, followed by Adam, and Fox. Fox is notable as she is the one Counselor to have high Strength and wear Pamela's Sweater at the same time. In terms of most efficient in fetching Pamela's Sweater and helping Tommy kill Jason, Vanessa is the best choice, followed by Tiffany. Please keep in mind that these results I've listed are based on the Counselor's general play-style, as more experience players are likely to do well in any role with any Counselor.
  11. RichWalk9891

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I'm pleased to find out that we have our Mean Girl Counselor in the end. I'm also surprised that my prediction for her stats wasn't too far off either.
  12. The pocket knife is the best item in the game for a good reason. There shouldn't be a perk that influences the pocket knife in any way. The only semi-good idea I can come up with if we need a pocket knife perk, is if it allows the Counselor to keep the knife after using it to set off a trap, but it only works once per pocket knife, and you absolutely cannot use it twice to break free from Jason's grasp. Damn, now that's a brilliant idea. It's also a subtle nerf to a pocket knife as well, as it would give Jason one extra knife to use against the Counselor. I like it!
  13. RichWalk9891

    Joke - new engine

    I think you're four days late...
  14. RichWalk9891

    AJ or Deborah?

    One advantage A.J. does have over Deborah is the Lightfoot perk that allows A.J. to sprint silently, assuming that this feature still works as of the latest patch. I've recently went back to playing as A.J., and I've been taking advantage of getting around quickly without being easily detected by sound blips.
  15. @Caulus: I remember Jason having a few seconds of invulnerability after being hit with a pocket knife in the early development of the game, which was because the stun duration was said to be longer than intended before the patch fixed it. Ironically, fixing this issue meant that Jason was open to another stun because of how being stunned also meant giving Jason invulnerability to further attacks until the stun wears off, which is just before Jason's recoil animations finishes and the Jason player regains control and tries to counterattack. I think all Jason needs for now is a few seconds of invulnerability after a stun as soon as the Jason player regain control, rather than having it tied with the stun duration time.