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  1. I seem to be getting an issue with the camera being stuck on the ground once the match starts as both a Counselor or as Jason. While there were times that I could luck out and open a door to force the camera to move, but for the most of the part I had to quit and choose another game. Is anyone getting this problem on the Jarvis Map? It seems to only happen on that map and nowhere else.
  2. Just for a little fun, I have a collection of different archetypes/classes for Friday the 13th and made a spreadsheet of different stats, especially the Mean Girl. My version of the Mean Girl ranked second place in Strength, scoring a 9/10. She was one point behind The Bully, who had a 10/10. I figured it was appropriate for both of them to have excellent Strength, considering that they would know how to bring out the pain both verbally and physically. Besides, I am wondering if we'll be seeing a Mean Girl eventually. If we're having a new Counselor in the future according to the RoadMap, might as well introduce one then.
  3. Though there were the one time when I quit early due to not wanting to be Jason, I'd just suck it up and not ruin everyone's fun. Just grin and bear it. You probably won't be Jason again in the next match.
  4. I've been enjoying the most reason version/patch of the game and I do think that the game is relatively playable and enjoyable for the time being. However, I still think that there are balancing issues on both the Counelors and Jason's sides, especially with the notion that Jason has effectively been crippled to the point where he cannot reliably defend himself against a mob of Counselors. On this topic, I'll start off with some ideas about the Counselors gameplay plan and then move onto the Jason gameplay plan: COUNSELORS The Composure statistic (and by extension, the Fear mechanic) needs a slight overhaul. The Composure statistic is lacking in utility, and having a high Fear level is not a big enough threat to warrant use of a Counselor with a high Composure stat. Composure: Will now affect the speed of placing Fuel in vehicles in place of the Repair stat, and affect the speed of starting cars and boats in place of the Luck stat. Fear: Will now influence the animation speed of stumbling. A high Composure will reduce the time it takes to recover from stumbling, whereas a low Composure will do the opposite. The Perk 'Spacial Awareness' will also now reduce the animation time instead of reducing the chances of stumbling. The Stealth statistic also needs a little overhaul due to only influencing the amount of 'sound blips' being made during Jason's view, and is only useful for Counselors scoring a 9/10 due to being able to jog silently. It also had no influence on Jason's Sense Ability, as it was always possible to Stealth: Will now grant Counselors scoring a 6/10 and above the ability to jog silently, while offering Counselors scoring a 9/10 and above to sprint as long as they do so on certain terrains that doesn't amplify sound when stepped on, else they will give out 'sound blips' that gives their position away. Sense: Will now allow Counselors with a 6/10 and above to have an innate 'Sense Avoidance' as long as they remain calm. As soon as they start to look around anxiously, they will no longer have 'Sense Avoidance' until they calmed down. Once Jason enters Rage Mode, this feature will no longer work. A.J., Deborah, and Eric needs to be more diverse as they are too similar to each other, they are all focused on Stealth and Repair and don't have that much difference other than Eric not being able to use Pamela's Sweater. A.J.: Swap her Repair and Strength. It doesn't make much sense to have the tough-as-nails Rocker Chick to be weaker combat-wise than Deborah, the more delicate Bookish Girl. If she doesn't need a 7/10 on Strength because of Fox, take a few points and place them on Speed and Stamina, or even Luck. Deborah: Her statistics are just about perfect. I don't think any readjustments need to be made. Eric: Take a couple of points off of Repair and Stealth to boost his Luck and Strength. Unless this mechanic was changed, it will allow him to eat a trap without immediately falling into 'injured' status due to having better Luck, and his better Strength will buy him more time when stunning Jason as it is now confirmed that the Strength stat influence stun times when attacking Jason. JASON Give Jason the option to destroy tables, chairs, and sofa/settees. Enough said. (And if there would be performance issues because of too many debris in one area, maybe have them fade away and removed from the level?) Give Jason an ability to help separate Counselors from ganging up on him. Perhaps introduce a new unblockable non-damaging attack where he can push a Counselor to the ground to separate one Counselor from another, and force them to get back on their feet with the Spacebar button? Give Jason an ability to surprise attack or grab nearby Counselors whilst knocked to the ground. If trap-stacking cannot return, allow Jason to reactive his traps. That way he would not need to worry about not being able to protect an objective due to not being able to re-trap it without wasting any resources. The drawback, however, is that reactivating his trap will a little time to prepare. Allow Jason to swap perspectives when throwing knives, or at least slightly enlarge their hitboxes to have them hit their target more reliably. Introduce a new statistic for all Jasons that allows them to change the speed of all Counselors when encountering Jason. One Jason (preferably Part 7) will induce Fear at a much faster rate than others, allowing them to ally more pressure when hunting Counselors down. Adjust Jason's grab rage so that he is more guaranteed to catch his prey at extremely close range. I understand that there are so many of these suggestions as of late and it's probably getting annoying at this rate, but I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts. I'm hoping to learn more about the right way to go about game balancing and learning how to understand the game mechanics a little more.
  5. Worst Character Design: Eric, mainly due to his rather odd character model that has a habit of glitching and making his posture appear downright alien. His default and Spring Break outfits are quite good, though I'm not all that keen on his Halloween attire. Worst Stats Allocation: Jenny, due to how her high Composure barely gives her little much utility compared to others who have lower Composure than her, and her high Luck seems wasted due to her atrocious Strength now being use to gauge Stun Times. Even with her Stealth value being higher than advertised, it's still not enough to allow Jenny to jog silently. Worst Voice Acting: Tommy. He's not a Counselor, but still...enough said.
  6. For a high Repair and Speed/Stamina Counselor to work without breaking the game's balance, I'd imagine that they would need to have a low Composure and Stealth as a trade-off. Having a low Composure and Stealth would also need to be a bigger detriment to the Counselor, rather than a minor hindrance as it is right now. The way I see it, their biggest flaw should be their habit of drawing too much attention towards themselves to effectively make repairs, while struggling to regain lost Stamina due to being very easily frightened. They can run and make repairs, but Jason will always know where they are and can easily track their movements, pressure them into building Fear quickly to prevent Stamina regen, and then move in for the kill.
  7. Why not slightly increase Jason's power-walk and run speed to compensate for the grab range nerf? Either that or have Counselors take slightly longer to recover when stumbling, since stumbling isn't really a big enough detriment to warrant a perk to reduce the chances of stumbling.
  8. There's always the option to ask for certain Counselors to have their stats readjusted if needed. A.J., Deborah, and Eric comes to mind, as all of them are basically the 'stealth-and-repair' Counselors with little differences in their play-styles besides Eric not being able to jog without making noise but can use weapons slightly more efficiently than the ladies, while both A.J. and Deborah being able to wear Pamela's Sweater. If it were up to me, I'd swap A.J.'s Strength and Repair to make her a 'stealth-hit-and-run' Counselor who can also serve as an efficient guardian for other Counselors. I'd make Eric a stronger Repair Counselor who can step on a trap once without being crippled immediately, can also duke with Jason in a crisis. Deborah would remain unchanged, as I feel that her current stats are just about perfect for her.
  9. Whenever someone breaks the silence and talks loudly on the mic for no particular reason. Gets me every time.
  10. Found my first tape. I was Level 65. Panicked when I was eventually killed by Jason because one player decided to play around with the car I was in instead of escaping right away, thinking that I have lost my chance to keep the tape. Thankfully that wasn't the case.
  11. Wait, Composure was buffed? I didn't notice much of a difference in my most recent game after the update. Maybe I should play as Jenny to see if she has improved or not.
  12. It's a shame that Mitch won't have much use out of his high Composure, much like how Jenny wouldn't either. However, he completely overshadows Jenny due to the Luck statistic being bugged. He practically has 8/10 in both Luck and Repair, while Jenny has 2/10 in both Luck and Repair. Poor Jenny, the recent patch has not been kind to her at all.
  13. I've only just now realized that there is a Friday the 13th day next week, seems appropriate to release new content then. Still, I'm hoping that the new content doesn't open up a new can of worms this time.
  14. It appears that how Luck affects weapon durability has been inverted according to some people, as AJ is now able to use a baseball bat up to four times in spite of her 1/10 Luck, while Chad doesn't even get more than one use even with his 10/10 Luck. Most likely a coding error when it comes to the Luck statistic, especially since Grease Monkey has now been fixed, and is especially notable on Jenny and Chad.
  15. Nope, Adam main. Formerly A.J. until I realized that Stealth isn't as useful as it seems at the moment. I'd be laughing if I saw a tough-guy Adam blowing a kiss at Jason though.