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  1. I'd probably be a mix of AJ, Adam, and Kenny. I'm pretty withdrawn, I have a similar build to Adam, and I'm a jack-of-all-trades myself. There's no Loner archetype in the game, but I think I fit this role best compared to all others.
  2. I can't really judge whether or not my changes would make Jenny truly overpowered or Vanessa less overpowered, but I fail to see how my changes have made the Repair stat useless. You're still using the Repair statistic to use a Car Battery, Phone Box Fuse, and Boat Propeller to fit them in the car/boat. You're also still using the Repair statistic to fix a broken Power Box should Jason destroy one. All I've changed is that the Composure stat is used in place of the Repair stat when using Fuel Cans only.
  3. Don't worry, I'm not suggesting that the Counselors should be made stronger. What I am proposing are quality-of-life changes in how their statistics function, so that the Counselors are more diverse and viable. With these changes in mind, Vanessa will still be the fastest out of all Counselors, but she now has to worry about stumbling longer than usual due to the new Composure changes, and she will also regenerate energy more slowly in spite of her high Stamina, which will make her easier to catch as Jason now. Meanwhile, Jenny is harder to find even with Jason's 'Sense' ability due to the new Stealth and Composure changes, she can move faster and also recover lost energy quicker, and is excellent in putting fuel in vehicles and when starting/restarting the engine.
  4. I believe it already does in the base game, since both Composure and Strength are used to break free from Jason's grip. Because of this, Adam is considered to be the best Counselor to break free due to his high Composure and Strength. I'll copy and paste this feature from the Composure changes list onto the Strength changes list as well.
  5. Absolutely. I remember the times when I hit or tried to hit a Counselor instead of Jason because I suddenly got locked onto the wrong target.
  6. [Composure] Is now used in place of the Repair statistic when filling vehicles with petrol Is now used in place of the Luck statistic when starting/restarting the engine on vehicles Influences the chances of a favourable repair check pattern when attempting a repair 6/10 and above = 1 second of stumbling animation, 5/10 and below = 2 seconds of stumbling animation 6/10 and above = will keep silent when a Power Box goes out, 5/10 and below = will panic for a few seconds when a Power Box goes out 6/10 and above = Can break free from Jason's grip much easier, 5/10 and below = Cannot break free from Jason's grip as easily Works in conjunction with the Strength statistic, but unlike Strength, Composure offers a bigger bonus in breaking free from Jason's grip [Luck] Determines the chance to avoid taking damage when climbing/jumping through broken windows Determines the chances of a Firecracker activating immediately upon use, lasting longer than usual, and stunning Jason for longer if he is caught inside the radius. Determines the chances of retrieving a Pocket Knife if used to disarm a trap. Only works once per pocket knife. [Speed] The 3/10 value is now transferred over to the 1/10 value, and then the values between 2/10 and 9/10 are then reworked to help make all Counselors besides Vanessa and Tommy faster. Assuming that the difference between Jenny/Eric/Mitch and Vanessa/Tommy is 12%, the new values are as follows: Jenny, Eric, Mitch: From 0% to 2.66% (faster than original 4/10) A.J., Deborah, Fox, Shelly, Victoria: From 1.71% to 4% (faster than original 5/10) Adam, Kenny: From 3.42% to 5.33% (faster than original 6/10) Tiffany: From 5.14% to 6.85% Brandon: From 8.57% to 9.33% Chad: From 10.29% to 10.67% [Stamina] 6/10 and above = Stamina regenerates slower, 5/10 and below = Stamina regenerates faster [Stealth] 6/10 and above = Will not show up in Jason's Sense radar when Fear Level is low, 5/10 and above = Always visible in Jason's Sense radar without using perks Stealth is also reworked so that not as many points are needed to avoid giving out sound blips in Jason's point of view 1/10 and above = Crawling is silent 2/10 and above = Walking is silent 4/10 and 5/10 = Jogging is silent only at low Fear 6/10 and 7/10 = Jogging is always silent 8/10 and 9/10 = Sprinting is silent only at low Fear 10/10 = Sprinting is always silent Once Jason hits Rage Mode, everyone's Stealth is essentially a 5/10, and everyone will always appear in Jason's Sense radar unless perks are used. [Strength] Stun duration time with melee weapons are slightly increased for all Counselor to compensate for Jason's Rage Mode buff, but are still scaled by how much Strength a Counselor has. In other words, Jenny and Deborah will stun Jason for slightly longer than before with a melee weapon, but will still not stun Jason for as long as Tommy and Brandon can. 6/10 and above = Melee weapons can still stun Jason in Rage Mode (though the stun time is much shorter), 5/10 and below = Melee weapons cannot stun Jason in Rage Mode 6/10 and above = Can endure up to two traps before dying from the third trap, 5/10 and below = Can only endure one trap before the second trap kills the Counselor 6/10 and above = Innate 10-20% resistance to damage, 5/10 and below = No innate damage resistance bonus 6/10 and above = Takes less time to pry free from traps, 5/10 and below = Takes more time to pry free from traps 6/10 and above = Can break free from Jason's grip slightly easier, 5/10 and below = Cannot break free from Jason's grip as easily Works in conjunction with the Composure stat, but unlike Composure, doesn't offer as much bonus from breaking free from Jason's grip --- Thoughts?
  7. As of the current patch, here's how I rank the Counselor's stats: 1. Stamina: Essentially your life gauge. Once it empties, you're basically dead if you're out in the open without a plan and right inside Jason's grab range. 2. Speed: Always useful no matter the circumstances as it gets you from A to B as quick as possible, and also allows you to keep your distance from a pursuing Jason. 3. Repair: Allows you to tackle objectives, provided that you have a favourable repair check pattern that you can do without making a mistake. With a lower Repair rank, it all comes down to personal skill. 4. Luck: Very useful early on as it's main use is to keep weapons from breaking easily, but it uses plummets utterly once Jason enters Rage Mode. The only other good use Luck has is the time it takes to start the engine on the car/boat. 5. Composure: Once Jason enters Rage Mode, you now need to focus more on regaining lost stamina by taking small rests at a time while keeping away from Jason, and also avoid stumbling as much as possible. However, if Jason keeps up with the pressure, you're not likely to make use of regaining lost stamina when constantly frightened. 6. Stealth: Only realistically useful at a 9 and above, as it allows you to not give away sound blips in Jason's screen should you jog instead of sprinting. Below 9, and it's pretty much worthless. A.J, however, can use a Lightfoot perk (10% and above) to allow her to sprint silently, which would rank this above Composure in her case. 7. Strength: Arguably the worst stat, as it's only true use is to de-mask Jason. Once the mask is off, Strength offers no other practical purpose.
  8. Because it's very likely that the Counselor stats mechanic are not going to be reworked anytime soon, changes would have to be made with certain counselors' stats distribution to make one less overpowered and another more useful. I do agree that Vanessa needs a nerf, but at the same time, I don't want to diminish the purpose behind her game-plan: to waste Jason's time so that other Counselors can tackle objectives in the background.
  9. Considering that Jason is now immune to stuns upon reaching Rage Mode, I'm pretty certain that that this is a big game-changer to high Speed/Stamina/Luck Counselors. Luck no longer plays an important factor as melee weapons are rendered useless post-Rage, which also severely weakness Vanessa, Chad, and Buggzy's role in the match. In turn, I feel that Composure is slightly more useful (but only slightly) as it's really the only mechanic that helps restore lost Stamina late in the match, since how much Fear you have affects the amount of Stamina recovered. Here's how I imagine the tier list would be as of now: [Most likely to Survive the Night or Escape] 1. Mitch: Has both the ability to tackle objectives with his high Repair, and also the ability to survive the night with his near-perfect Composure, provided that he knows how to evade Jason and recover his Composure and Stamina until the clock runs out. 2. Fox: Has only above-average Composure and Repair, but is faster and has more Stamina than Mitch, and is also able to use Pamela's Sweater and work with her high Strength to remove Jason's mask. Arguably the most versatile Counselor in the game. 3. A.J.: Before the latest patch, A.J. was often considered to be one of the worst due to her abysmal Luck when making use of stunning Jason to regain lost Stamina and keep Jason away. Now, her excellent Stealth (with a good Lightfoot perk) and her decent Repair and Composure makes her an asset in tackling objectives as quickly and silently as possible. While she may also be able to survive the night if needed, her ability to tackle objectives takes a higher priority. 4. Jenny: Her excellent Composure can now play a major part in surviving the night, provided that she is geared up with a 'No Fear' build that ensures that she never stumbles and will always regain Stamina at a fast rate. However, her poor Repair means that she has better chances of surviving the night than escaping the match on her own. 5. Adam: Essentially a male Fox, but with a slightly higher Speed, Composure, and Strength, but with slightly less Stamina and also lacking the ability to wear Pamela's Sweater. A versatile Counselor who can help kill Jason, tackle objectives, or survive the night if needed. 6. Vanessa: With her Luck granting her no real benefit late in the match and her low Repair makes it difficult for her to tackle objectives, Vanessa can still make up for it with her excellent Speed and high Stamina by surviving the night. She is also the most efficient character to pick up Pamela's Sweater due to her Speed and Stamina. [May be able to Survive the Night or Escape] 7. Deborah: While Deborah has the edge over A.J. with repairs, A.J. has the edge over Deborah when getting around quietly and even survive the night. Deborah will need to focus on tackling objectives with her excellent Repair, and thankfully, her Stealth is also high enough to allow her to jog silently. 8. Chad: His high Luck is essentially a waste of points late in the match, but his high Speed can still play a part in surviving the night provided that the player tries to keep Chad calm when recovering lost Stamina. Sadly for Chad, he's basically an inferior Vanessa due to his worst Stamina and the inability to use Pamela's Sweater. 9. Eric: Essentially an inferior Deborah due to his lower Speed, Stamina, and Stealth, but has a slight edge over having a higher Luck that is only worthwhile early in the match. Once Jason does hit Rage Mode, Eric will need to have an escape route ready by then when tackling objectives, otherwise he is likely not surviving the night. 10. Buggzy: He has the Speed and the Stamina to survive the night, but not much else. He doesn't have either Chad or Vanessa's Luck to work with early in the match, and Brandon is even worse than the two when tackling objectives. However, his excellent Strength does give Buggzy the opportunity to help Tommy Jarvis kill Jason to end the match, provided that Buggzy removes Jason's mask early on. 11. Tiffany: She is a terrible choice at tackling objectives, but her excellent Stealth, high Stamina, and decent Speed does make her a better choice at surviving early on as a courier of important repair items to deliver to other Counselors who can Repair. When trying to survive the night, Tiffany's high Stamina and decent Speed will help her survive the night if needed. [Least likely to Survive the Night or Escape] 12. Kenny: Being a jack-of-all-trades doesn't amount to much later on, but he can at least make use of his average Composure, Speed, and Stamina to survive the night if needed, or even use his average Strength and Luck to help kill Jason by removing his mask. Otherwise, Kenny is very average and is easily overshadowed by other Counselors with a focused role of survival. 13. Victoria: Her high Luck is wasted as Jason enters Rage Mode, she isn't able to tackle objectives as well as the others, and she can't sneak around very well unless she's walking or crawling. Her only saving grace is her decent Stamina, which may allow her a chance to survive the night if she needs to, but otherwise, Victoria cannot do much to survive on her own. 14. Shelly: Possibly the most difficult Counselor to keep alive overall. He is average at best when tackling objectives, can't really sneak around all that well unless he's walking or crawling, and his Speed and Stamina aren't very impressive. He does have above-average Composure and decent Strength that may work into his favor if he tries to survive the night or help Tommy Jarvis kill Jason, but Shelly will need to work harder than anyone else to stay alive. --- Bear in mind that anyone skilled enough can consistently win a match with any Counselors, and with teamwork, any Counselor can stand a chance of surviving once an escape route is open to them.
  10. Well, I called it. I figured that it wouldn't be possible to stun Rage Mode Jason after using Pamela's sweater, and then move in for the kill. Either it's a bug, or it's an intentional feature.
  11. I'm liking the idea of Jason being unstunnable during Rage Mode, so as long as this new feature doesn't cause any more bugs, but that's wishful thinking. With this new feature, this will discourage Counselors from fighting Jason too much, and instead put the main purpose of the game pack into the game: to escape. I do hope that it's still possible to rescue Counselors being grabbed even when Jason is in Rage Mode, just as long as Jason still cannot be stunned, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  12. I always appreciate the effort in expanding Jason's repertoire and making them all more distinctive and useful, and these ideas are well thought out too.
  13. We hear the same thing about Jason being weak/The game is still buggy over and over it's a wonder we haven't gone insane yet. Does Gun Meda/Illfonic/Black Tower Studios even want to address these issues anymore?
  14. Jason definitely need a re-work. He's not as strong as he used to be, and it's hindering the main point of the game: to escape or survive the night before Jason kills you. Jason being this easy to handle with a group of well-organized Counselors doesn't help the immersion that Jason is force to be reckoned with.
  15. I'm still hoping for Jason to be given more tools/adjustments to move him up to the more experienced group of Counselor's level, without making him unbalanced. The lack of consistent and worthwhile updates/patches is definitely killing this game, if the game is not already dead.
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