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  1. JasonVsWindows

    The End

    @bewareofbears, You getting "vacations" for no damn good reason was when I first started losing respect for the people that work on this game. That blatant silencing painted them in a bad light in my eyes. I always appreciated you the most on these forums cause you were clearly passionate about what this game could be but called out the bullshit, no matter how many times apologists, mods, or GUN tried to get you to keep you quiet, cause you knew what you where talking about. We barely ever talked but I'm glad these forums had you.
  2. JasonVsWindows

    Is the Game over now?

    This news makes my heart sink. For this game and the franchise. And Uber himself looked liked he was basically done. Making this more frustrating. I visited this site every day to keep up with this game...can't believe this is how this ends.
  3. JasonVsWindows

    To The F13: Game Community

    Not really upset, just finding it humorous that its "complete bullshit" to say this game is broken when all my matches broke.
  4. JasonVsWindows

    To The F13: Game Community

    I don't know man. Anytime I tried to say something to you, all I would get is a meme pic calling me a crybaby. So why bother? But whatever, I'll bite. I play three games, two in a row where the game just stops for no reason and a third where the interact button just stopped working. But apologists are still saying the game's fine and that we should just be grateful and patient.
  5. JasonVsWindows

    To The F13: Game Community

    Considering each update has made the game worst and worst for a year now, I don't see a reason to think they can make things better.
  6. JasonVsWindows

    To The F13: Game Community

    Saying that THIS is them doing their best sounds like the biggest insult yet.
  7. JasonVsWindows

    To The F13: Game Community

    Never expected it to "perfect", I just expected it to work. Literary every match I played was broken for crying out loud. How are we still not allowed to be upset about It? How many times are we going to be told to be patient for an update that only ends up hurting the game more? I truly wonder how long people will keep using that "small team" excuse for what is just straight up incompetence.
  8. People die from "suicide" when they escape in the car, and sometimes a game just ends for no reason. Those are the biggest complaints right now.
  9. I have to admit... I kinda dig how the movie poster mask looks on him XD
  10. JasonVsWindows

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Had a game where I wasn't allowed to interact with anything. May have started after Jason smashed a car I was in (don't know for sure) but I could not get back in the car, pick up items, climb in windows. Pretty much anything that needed the X button was inaccessible to me.
  11. Seriously, I only played 3 games this patch and that premature ending glitch happened twice in a row. The third I lost my X button. Which on PS4 means I was not allowed to interact with anything.
  12. I like the lift, but I find that head stab disappointing and underwhelming. That stab to the back of the head was originally meant to impale the eyes (Tom Savini' claimed the finished version would have eye balls on the prongs at a panel) And unless they changed it in an update the description of that kill still claims its meant to hit the eyes. But the design of the trident causes it to just have one spike come out the forehead, which feels 'meh' to me
  13. I think the hidden objective kills should stay exclusive to the single player. Since they are the biggest reward to that mode and you have to discover them on your own. Also because some of them require the victim to not know they are in danger (in other words don't work coming from a grab first) Like pulling out a car jack or surprising them with the corkscrew But I would like to see some of the other stuff like the stop sign, human scarecrow, power box, and even that long promised mirror smash kill get added in the future.
  14. The pitchfork should be added to the pool of weapons. They could just rename Savini's weapon as a 'trident' to keep it exclusive to him, but have them share the same kills (They could do pretty much the same with the spear and fence pole) Having a pitchfork available to more players would also make it more justifiable to give it a kill pack DLC down the line. That trident has one of the worst set of kills in the game, but I don't see them selling new kills for a weapon few people even have. You can still see the spear and pitchfork in the Virtual Cabin, so both are still in the game. Hell if you walk out into the woods you can see Part 3 use that pitchfork to kill you.
  15. JasonVsWindows

    Jason: Court Jester?

    That's a Savini with messed up textures