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  1. Well there is certain content you can't see anymore when you complete the cabin, like Roy's mask, that VHS tape on the pedestal(Summer Camp I think) , and the descriptions on living counselors for example. If you couldn't reset you would loses these forever.
  2. Jason Taunt Pack?

    He never did that in the movies but there was this time in the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comic, after Freddy made him "smarter" or somthing.
  3. A bow & arrow kill for the archery range would be nice, could be a call back to the remake when he shot someone in the head with one.
  4. So.. How about that patch?

    Hard to have patience for a patch when every patch adds game breaking glitches, balance breaking nerfs, and crappy new mechanics like those window prompts and map icons. They can only screw up their own game so many times till they kill its playerbase.
  5. Why part 9 face is inverted ?

    I always hated the part 9 design (why the hell would his skin grow over his mask when hes a decaying zombie?). So I didn't even vote in that poll, but like @Guy said, they should have just kept it movie accurate. I mean I don't see them flipping that boat propeller wound on part 7, or adding a bullet hole in the forehead. The change seemed unnecessary to me, but I never play as him anyway so *shrug*
  6. Why part 9 face is inverted ?

    Yeah they asked the community if they should "fix" it or not. They even mention this poll in the virtual cabin.
  7. Will Pamela ever be playable?

    Considering we don't even have the all things from the goals we did reach (mirror smash kill, heart rip, eye poping head smash), I think that Pamela and the wheelchair counselor were put down as goals before they really had good idea of how they where even going to work.
  8. The fact that they never even removed him to start makes this even weirder. Underestimating how long its going to take for them to get something done and staying quite about it is par for the course with these guys, but why did they end up never removing him?
  9. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    Has anyone ever got the AI to hid in a tent? Because that is pretty much the only place I wish they would hid. Had one hid in a outhouse on me once, otherwise they have no problem using closest and beds right in front of me. Seriously, I feel that sleeping bag kill might as well be non existent, hopefully the SP challenges will have a reliable way to get it.
  10. I still want Crazy Ralph
  11. Virtual Cabin Appreciation

    I'm glade they added this to the game. I'm happy to have a place where I can admire the Jason models. and even though I ended up using a walkthrough for a lot of it (text on newspapers where to small for me to read...then I got spoiled on the ending) I still think the puzzle aspect to this was really fun. Small gripes: Why does Part 6 Jason not have his pouch, knife, or machete on his belt like in game? Didn't like how you couldn't put Roy's mask back up on that wall (and then its just gone) I also wish they had a room to view all of counselor models just like the Jason one, (especially since Tommy isn't in this at all). Overall this was pretty decent quality and a nice little playable trailer.
  12. I played four quick play games yesterday. Game 1: I was Chad, never saw Jason once till I walked to the cops (with Tommy and Mitch). We just shot him with a flare an left but then a A.J. sat at the exit hitting/tea-bagging Jason over and over again till he gave up went after another A.J. who also beat him up and tea-bagged him. Jason got 3 kills over all Game 2: I was Jenny, Actually did get chased by Jason this time, till he gave up because I had two pocket knives and med sprays...I got stuck on a PS menu for awhile so I don't know exactly what happened but everyone escaped to the cops (even me, despite being a short walk away from cops) Jason got 1 kill over all . Game 3: I was Mitch and Jason had tunnel vision on me and did actually kill me (I quit that lobby so I don't know his kill count) Game 4: I got Jason, got looped around an outside table by Vanessa (just barley grabbed her) had a Shelly just hide behind doors trying to hit me threw them (didn't work but he keep slipping away). Then the car was already fixed, I stopped it but ALL SIX PLAYERS where right there...I was able to kill them all...but it was the same sucky experience of swing, miss, swing, miss, grab, knocked down, over and over. Thank god for those offline bots, only place you can go where Jason isn't getting bullied or attacked by a mob.
  13. Offline Bots: Initial Thoughts

    When it comes to Tommy I noticed that he will not stop opening and closing a drawer if a map is in it. There was also a round where he just sat still at his spawn, didn't even move when I showed up. Overall the counselors intelligence could use some tweaks, but I'm having more fun with this then the online right now