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  1. As long as your still actually playing the game, and not taking your ball and going home (quitting or hiding in the lake), then it seems fair to me.
  2. Man, trying to take poor sportsmanship and pass it off as a legit strategy is pretty gross.
  3. Horror Brawl

    Ghostface would get destroyed, hes just some horror movie fan in a costume that would be inconvenient for fighting (just think about how well you think you would do fighting these guys dressed like that with a knife...) I think the Creeper takes this, dude is just about as strong and durable as Undead Jason, but his wings give him a massive speed advantage. Even if he takes some real damage he could just heal himself by eating the weaker opponents. Also his axe comes back to him like its f***ing Mjolnir
  4. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    On topic, Hope they will get to add Crazy Ralph and Vs Jason in this game someday. After Uber and maybe Pre Uber they wont have the rights to for much when it comes to new Jason's, so here's hoping they can get the rights to the others down the road.
  5. Unmasked tactics

    Sure, when I'm in that situation I'll morph away from the mob too, and then try to assassinate the sweater girl with a shift grab. But its like flipping the chessboard if they are choosing to just stay in the lake till the game ends.
  6. Unmasked tactics

    Every Jason I try to kill
  7. How much damage to get Jason naked?

    Have you tried buying him a drink first?
  8. That's not what I have been asking. Again (getting sick of that word) Whats the point of only letting Savini use a kill that is worst for him? And if they don't make the pitchfork public for players how can they justify making new kills for it? They can't release DLC that only a few people can actually use.
  9. But if I can't equip the exclusive kills to any other Jason's, that actively makes that one kill worst for it. Which makes it pretty worthless as a exclusive, especially if they just make a better version of it as DLC or a free update to the public.
  10. Ok, but that just makes one out of the three kills you want to stay exclusive worthless to those to have it. Whats the point in a exclusive kill if they release a better version of it to the public?
  11. Exactly, it was clearly designed with the farm pitchfork in mind first. Which is way I want to be able to use it with one, just like in the trailer when they first showed it.
  12. I when I said "I'm all for new kills either way" I was already acknowledging they could make better kills, I wasn't aware either one of us were arguing over that. My concern is that the kill that is meant to stab the counselors eye's can't if it can only be done with the trident. We'll just have to agree to disagree about whether the kills themselves count as a promise to the backers.
  13. You can still get looped and knocked out pretty easily but so far I've only really had one counselor a game pull this kind of behavior on me, no mobs or dance partys.
  14. But like I said before that head stab kill only really works with the farm pitchfork (kill description on it still clams it hits the eyes). It seems backwards to me to make that exclusive to the wrong version of the weapon. And again the kills weren't what the backers paid for, it was the Savini Jason and the trident, which will remain exclusive regardless. I'm all for new kills either way (god knows the pitchfork needs them) So hopefully we'll see a pitchfork for the other Jasons (and that part 2 spear...).
  15. Going by your logic, what stops backers from getting mad about a pitchfork getting released publicly at all? I mean its the weapon itself that was promised to us and we're talking about just reskining it for the public. Honestly the trident has the worst set of kills in the game, they really aren't worth keeping exclusive. Unless we get that farm pitchfork I never plan on using any of these kills again.