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  1. Once I got to the point I was dreading getting picked as Jason, I was done. I could power through the awful bugs if I was still having fun, but I'm not. Jason is far to stressful and tedious to play now. I'm just waiting for the next patch or at worst the single player.
  2. Could not disagree more. Jason was never meant to be hard to play, we were told from day one that he was meant to be OP. This was never meant to be a combative game, this was meant to be a survival horror game where another player takes the role of the monster. Counselors are the ones it should be hard to play as they are supposed to be helpless victims struggling for survival, and Jason's gameplay needs to contrast with that, especially because you only get to play as him 12% of the time. When you get to play as Jason you are the game itself for all the other players...that is a lot of pressure. And telling people to "get gud" is unfair, especially to new players. I was still getting most if not all 7 or 8 counselor before I stooped playing but that dons't change the fact that I wasn't having fun anymore.
  3. Needing skill to play Jason is pretty backwards to me. Counselors are the ones that are meant to struggle as they are meant to fear the monster chasing them. Every Jason player needing skill to take out even one counselor takes away from that fear. Now I see people dancing every time he miss a shift grab or tea baging him after knocking him down in a mob. (He's a joke to be picked on now) I can still kill most if not all counselors most games also (friends and randoms). But its often a frustrating, stressful choir and not everyone has played as long as some of us. Jason use to be a more relaxing power fantasy compared to the counselors struggle for survival. Now when I'm Jason I start to fear that the counselors will walk all over me so I have to 'play to win' now.
  4. Never had a problem with the trap nerf since I don't stack them anyway (always felt cheap to me) I agree with Alkavian about limiting the knifes & sprays, and making the melee better so that we can at actually wound counselors to compensate for the bad grab. And I agree with dandop that breaking windows feels bad with that locked-in animation.
  5. I don't think timelines really matter here. You can have Part 6 Tommy fighting Part 8 Jason at Crystal Lake in 1979, while Fox is running around in Pamela's sweater.
  6. Yeah I kinda dread getting Jason now. Just had I game where I was really struggling to kill anyone. People where juking me the whole game (shouting weave each time), going in and out the same window, immediately healing any damage they take (not that I can even hit them half the time), and every grab I can get is met with a pocket knife. Jason use to be a force of nature and playing as him use to be more laid back, like I could take my time and just have fun. But now its so frustrating and stressful. Every game feels like I'm getting bullied my counselors and I can't grab them, I can't hit them (slash or knife toss), and if I do their items undo everything. I don't think I want to play anymore till some single player come out, or they fix the balance.
  7. @disco romance I never expected to change anyone minds on the film, If you don't like then you don't like it. As long as your actually reading my post, trying to understand what I'm saying, and not trying to twist my words, thats good enough for me. Gun decides what to do with him in the end not me, you, or the champ there. I'm just trying to make a case for him in general. (though it has to have been already decided at this point)
  8. Now now, just because Roy and Uber are the only two on this list that didn't make it into the game yet and there is two more Jason's on the way doesn't mean that Victor and Shelly don't totally have a shot
  9. Might want to try using that MultiQuote function there champ
  10. Never heard about any problem with the rights, just complaints about the aesthetic. We also had this where fans got to vote which versions of Jason would get into the game while it was being funded https://www.gamespot.com/articles/vote-now-for-next-jason-to-appear-in-friday-the-13/1100-6435148/ Roy is listed here as well, they don't state whether "Jason X" meant per or post Uber but I think its safe to say they knew people would interpret it as Uber
  11. I think just like how some people see Roy as too under powered I think they see Uber has too overpowered. That or they think a cyborg doesn't fit the game.
  12. Or Shelly
  13. If they really want them to feel unique they could just reskin the weapons for different Jason's. Part 2's spear, an actual pitchfork, a sliver fire axe, Jason X's machete, just off the top my head. I mean that trident could really use some new kills but are they really going to sell DLC for a weapon a bunch of people can't even get?
  14. I remember when Tom Savini said that pitchfork kill was supposed to skewer an eye ball. I know now that its a trident it doesn't even hit the eyes any more but that kill sucks without it. Eye poping would also be nice for the head crush
  15. Exactly If you don't like Roy that fine, But saying he shouldn't get in because you don't like him or you can't get over him technically not being Jason can be pretty annoying to those of us that do like him I for one hate the Jason gos to hell design (I think his head look really dumb, especially with the bits of hair in the back). But he got in because other people wanted him by vote and I have never told people he shouldn't get in just because his movie sucked. And we can talk about how Roy getting shot, or tanking a car, and etcetera breaks immersion till the cows come home but I could say the same about Part 2 Jason. Its just game play convenience. I think some people just overthinking it when it come to this issue. (Also we have girls in bunny suits and hot pink cops in the can now, immersion be damned) Can you really call being the films main antagonist a minor role?