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  1. I dont care about the wait its better then say ubisoft games that rush them out the door to make money but they do nothing but glitch out like assassin's creed black flag or watch dogs or even ea games
  2. Im just happy they did a solo it would suck to see this game 5 years from now and see only 1000 ppl on and not to be able to play it because they are all partys and no solo
  3. Consider me a awful person because if im close to escaping im gone not sticking around with no weapon to die find you're own way out adios ghost im gone
  4. I would hate if we had to actually wait that long
  5. Yeah its pointless to have unless you stream gameplay then you could use it for a intro
  6. Not a different game just thing that can come out little at a time so the game does not become stale
  7. This one is to post if you think it looks cool and to say you like or hate it not to post speculation or wishes does this help
  8. Oh come on take a joke a fork to eat my ass sound painful using a spoon would hurt less i think
  9. For freddy you could just use sleeping pills and hypnocil to keep you awake and give everyone dream warrior powers
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