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  1. I like the idea of giving our Twitter pages so we can keep the good vibes or something like that? Hehe.
  2. Remember who started the #3RepairClub? You're welcome for that 3 repair stat.
  3. The atmosphere increases in the second photo, wow. It looks really great.
  4. Yes! I'm excited to hear it since her announcement. Hopefully she will not sound like A.J. or Jenny.
  5. Yeah, darling. And i played Jenny last time, Jason got me at the very end :(
  6. I think you're obsessed with gays and stuff. Not everything is gay, dear lord.
  7. Aj and Mitch is literally the worst thing i've seen this month.
  8. Trope already is in the game: Fox. I like the character, but not for the game.
  9. Yeah, i do love this friendship we are all creating because of the love to Muffin.
  10. GUYYSSS!!! We should change the title to "Muffin: The Dog - Blue Television Games Approves to Muffin".
  11. There is a thread called literally: Muffin vs Reggie, you can go there and discuss your opinions on it. But in a thread about Muffin and just Muffin, bringing a discussion about Reggie is quite of boring.
  12. To be clear: I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but have you notice that when Armani disconnects, Tyrone connects and viceversa? I want to apologize if i'm wrong, but just to make sure, that's a thing that admins should check it out.
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