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  1. Wanna know her stats, though.
  2. C'mon, GunMedia! we want the Blonde Mean Girl and the Stoner! I disagree with Mean Girl being bad composed. Melissa was enough composed in the film, the only moment she gets scared is when she has Jason in front of her. i think a 5/10 in composure wouldn't be bad.
  3. "Melanie" the Blondie Mean Girl and "Stan" the Stoner should be real :/
  4. Reduce A.J. stealth instead of Tiffany's stealth? That is so wrong... Okno. Anyways, this is my opinion on character stats. And this is how i would like to see the Mean Girl "Melanie" and the Hippie Stoner "Stan" if they were added to game, lol.
  5. It's good to have different opinions, i was just deffending the history that is supposed to be canon. For me, Muffin survived.
  6. Ok, it is canon that Muffin survived, so much people that is related to the movie says it. It is not the fact that helps me sleep at night (Well... it is BUT ITSS NOT THE ยท POINT ) but it's a reality. #MuffinIsAlive #Muffin4TheGame #MuffinDLC #WhereIsPaul
  7. it is confirmed that Muffin survived that night and probably she was adopted by one of the doctors that rescued Ginny at the end. The corpse that Sandra founded was from another dog.
  8. Tiffany should be Stealthy but no as AJ, a 9/10 in that stat would be great, the other point could go with her luck, popular girls are lucky!
  9. Adam in speedos? Hell yeah, Tiffany in thong? HELL YEAH, ERIC IN BIKINI? HELL NO YEAH. Any clothes that show booty are welcome.
  10. A dead player would return as Tommy Jarvis... and another one is going to return as... MUFFIN. That is the best idea ever oh my god. These are Muffin stats: Composure: 10/10 she has no fear of Jason. Luck: 10/10 my god she's a dog and survived a Jason's killingspree. Intelligence: 5/10 "are you telling me that a dog can fix a car better than Tiffany and Cha-"yes. Speed: 6/10 god she's a dog she's kinda fast Stamina: 10/10 dogs never get tired of running Stealth: 10/10 until she starts barking and stuff Strength: 7/10 did you ever get bitten by a little dog? it kinda hurts... Ability (If abilities return to game): Bark: Stun Jason by barking. Clothing options: You can put some funny hats on her. Perks: She doesn't need this because she's op for godssssake.
  11. There are 3 types of play: Offensive: Attack Jason when he is around (Like Buggzy, for example) Evasive: Run like hell when Jason is around (Vanessa or Tiffany, for example) Evasive 2: Hide when Jason is around (AJ lol isn't that obvious) I will be the evasive 2, probably.
  12. Blondie Mean Girl DLC? that would be cool. I kinda miss Early 2017, even tho i hated it.
  13. Why would be Tommy the only one to be able to kill Jason? Ginny and Chris defeated him being normal chicks, in fact, Chris fighted alone while Tommy haved Trish and Megan in part IV and VI, respectively.
  14. Isnt supossed Tommy to have like 12 years old in 1984? anyways... I think everybody should be able to kill Jason.
  15. I love the idea of your favorite counselors being locked, so you are forced to play as other counselors and learn how to play in a different way, stop being pussies! Starting counselors: - Jenny - Chad - Kenny - Eric Unlockable counselors: - AJ (First to unlock) - Adam (Second one) - Vanessa (Third) - Deborah (Fourth) - Tiffany (Fifth) - Buggzy (Final one) MUAHAHAHA HA HA HAAAA