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  1. 10 hours ago, Arcanecynic said:


    I have a few wacky ideas, that might never come to fruition, but here goes.

    1. Halloween themed new map, that takes place in a residential neighborhood with a local park, and counselors dressed to go trick or treating <-- Someone already mentioned this, I love the idea

    2. Houses could be rigged with Halloween themed decorations that can distract Jason, such as skeletons in a closet that jumps out, etc

    3. Pumpkins can contain candy that gives you a short sugar rush, increasing your stamina regen for a short duration

    4. New kill animations for Jason, such as drowning counselors in a Halloween punch bowl. Shoving a piece of candy through their eye. Impaling them with a pitchfork, or knocking them into a shallow grave with a shovel to the head in the local park

    5. Have a Ouija board that requires two counselors to operate, where they can summon someone that was previously murdered by Jason back from the dead, and like Tommy, a player can then spawn as the ghost, with a unique set of abilities, and pass through walls etc and assist the counselors, but cannot pick up objects for obvious reasons, and can still be "sent back" by Jason if both the summoners die


    Just a few random ideas

    Wow, that's actually some very neat ideas. I really liked the punch bowl Jason kill idea and the stamina regen from candy.

    10 hours ago, Moe9999633 said:

    Ok I love all of your ideas but in the new town map I think the new cut scene should be their all in the big house of the town in a party and the guy that always dies in the cutscene Tiffany and Chad are kissing in front of every one and Jason comes and kills them and I thought a costume for Tiffany should probably be a slutty nurse or Daphne form scoopy doo and Chad Fred deb Velma and Adam shaggy

    I actually thought about this again after I posted it, yes I agree it should be a different area instead of the campfire; just to change it up. I also had a couple costume Ideas, being that Chad is always scared in the cutscene. I think a werewolf costume would be perfect for that Chad Face, Also a Michael Jackson Zombie (Thriller Music Video) costume for Bugsy. The Scooby-Doo costumes I think are a pretty good idea too. I also like the Slutty Nurse Tiffany idea, I got a good laugh from that one cause it's perfect.

  2. I think there should be a big Halloween event, which will start on October 13th and run till October 31st.

    This event will include Double or possibly Triple XP, and because there really isn't anything to unlock after you hit 101. There has got to be something for the Survivors and even Jason to Unlock during this period.


    My Ideas are:

    -Every Survivor gets their own Halloween costume, 2 per character may be pushing it but maybe outfits that can be mixed and matched to whatever you prefer. These costumes could literally be anything, whatever fits each character. Costumes I think are something we actually need, it would be a lot different than a re-colored t-shirt of the clothes we already have.

    -A Brand New Jason, I thought that a Headless Horseman Jason would be awesome. His head is a Jack-O-Lantern that glows and when a survivor knocks his mask off, the whole head comes off. So when Jason loses it, he's headless for the rest of the match. I know it's not a real Jason but, I think Gun Media are most likely going to make more Jason's that are exclusive to the game like Savini Jason. So I don't think there is a problem with something that's as silly as this. I mean if there IS going to be a Halloween event, why not go crazy and make a cool ass Jason that fits with the Holiday.

    -A New Halloween Map, This one's maybe a stretch, but it's something I'd like to see. Maybe a small town map would fit for this event, decorated for Halloween. The street where Alice Hardy gets killed in the beginning of Part 2 might be a good place for the map to be set, Gun Media can probably expand on that street by making it a sectioned off area of a town. Your Characters are dressed for the part anyway might as well go trick-or-treating. But with Jason on the loose, it will mostly be Trick and no treating. Also because it's a new map, it would be nice to see a new cutscene starter that is Halloween themed, all the survivors are dressed up for a Halloween party around the fire. Could be in a public park somewhere in the town.


    That's really all I had for ideas, but other stuff could be changes to the other maps specifically for Halloween. Like pumpkins set up or what I think would be cool is a thick fog that consumes the map making it harder to see Jason. Imagine how scary it would be to see Jason bursting out of Fog when you're not expecting it. Though I could see this being something players would complain about, being that Jason would probably have an upper hand being able to see people when they can't see him. But that's the whole point, it allows Jason to be more stealthy.

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  3. As someone who has produced probably about 50 fandubs, I feel inclined to give some feedback.


    Amazing what people can do with video games. At the same time, there are limitations too.


    The realtor really likes to point, doesn't he?


    The flashback stuff is excellent. I also like how you pan the camera left to right and zoom in (it's a video game, so of course you can...).


    I liked the use of music. You used the right tracks at the right times.


    SFX could use work... It would really make some of the thumps and crashes feel more impactful like the objects have more weight to them. Volume leveling is one of the harder things to master.


    I'm going to leave the acting alone because I know it's mostly you and your friends doing it. You might want to consider investing in USB mics, though. They're fairly cheap and definitely do the trick. :)

    Glad you enjoyed it, I've gotten a lot of great responses. Also thank-you for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated.


    I am hoping to get some better equipment in the future for our channel. The problem with the voice over is that at the time I recorded some of the lines, was after my microphone busted. The few friends that recorded were through an Xbox Live Party, since that was really all I could do. Plus some of my own lines I wasn't really satisfied with, I should have re-recorded them but I was wanting to get the video done for January 13th. 


    I tried my best with the SFX, I wanted to put a little more work into it but I had some trouble finding the right sound effects. The other friend that makes the most videos for our channel (Noru122) is a bit better at editing videos than I am. I've made a few myself, but this one is definitely my strongest of all the Short Films I made. And I hope to make more of these soon!

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  4. Hello everyone, for people who enjoy Friday the 13th films. I just uploaded a new Friday the 13th Short Film in GTA V. Feel free to check it out, I thought this was probably the best way for community members to get to see this film I've been working on for 3 months. Me and a buddy run our own YouTube channel, where we make a bunch of different GTA Short Films with our friends. So, here is Friday The 13th: The Awakening. Hope you enjoy!



    *Also keep in mind, this video may not work on Mobile devices in some regions. I am aware of that, Sorry for the inconvenience. This video however will work on the Xbox/Playstation YouTube Apps, Apple TV, and of course PC.*



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