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  1. Console = PS4 Gamertag = Dontreadthis98 (Don't-Read-This, not Don't Tread This.)
  2. I thought the house chasing parts of RE7 were the scariest parts of the game. And in each of those parts, your character was only dealing with one person at a time. I think it'd work perfectly for Halloween!
  3. Sneaking around the Myers house, Smith's Grove, or Haddonfields Memorial hospital would be terrifying. Especially when you don't know if Myers is around the corner, or maybe you'll hear him walking in the distance... Seems like a much more fitting game style for Michael Myers. And of course, players could play as Myers too. This would be a story driven game, however.
  4. Perhaps he will be able to morph into counselors? I think that would be a really great skill actually. What else though? Can't wait to see what it looks like in game though. The JGTH look is underrated.
  5. Stretch goals included other maps like the space ship from Jason X, and Manhattan from Part 8. Both of which would be unimaginably cool. What DLC would you like to see happen in the future? Ms. Voorhees? More Kills? More Skins? More Maps? Personally, I think a full scale map of the space ship in Jason X would be reaaaaalllly cool, and scary. Along with perhaps a Jason X skin... Which I think will happen anyways. A Manhattan based map is my follow up!
  6. I totally agree. I don't expect them to start shoving out more horror related games, at least not for a while. Being they are still trying to perfect F13th. Then there's the high chance of DLC maps, skins, and other things. However, I do hope they're the people that do take on a solo Myers or Freddy game, if it happens. Michael Myers in particular though. A Friday The 13th-esque game taking place in suburbia, hospital, or even a mental ward gives me chills just thinking about it!
  7. With Jason having an official game, it's only right to wonder if other horror icons will get the same treatment. I also wonder if Gun Media has had the thought, at least cross their minds? Hopefully they have. I'd love it if they took on more horror legends, Michael Myers and Freddy especially. What do you all think?
  8. It's awesome to find a community of fans like this one. Just wanted to say Hi! I've been a fan of the series since before I can remember ... back when a game like this was a very far.. distant dream. I can't wait to play the game, watch the new movie, and meet some of you! Happy Friday The 13th!
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