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  1. Actually he has higher destruction I thought? It only takes like 3 hits for a door with barricade. I like him a lot. *shrugs* I tend to kill everyone most of the time still with him.
  2. Nice full settings with over 60FPs.. Awesome! The 26th can't come soon enough.
  3. Yeah... Would be awesome to release In the next week or so. Thos game's going to be so damn awesome I just hope to here something soon on the official release. Now that the physical copies aren't on release day they can be digital quicker. Hopefully really soon we here that this is about to happen.
  4. I never said they for sure wasn't going to be releasing PC and console simultaneously. I just was pointing out that they took physical copies out. Which to me maybe meant they were going only digital for release. I wasn't sure at the time of them already stating that they were only going digital because they were behind. Knowing how games going good and shipping out usually works however I know why the 30 days was ever in effect. The 30 days from certification was for creating the discs and shipping them to stores. That's usually how that works for games after they go good passing everything. So that is why they probably axed the physical copies for now and went only digital. With digital you can go good and within days be on the store/servers for digital. So hopefully we'll see the game online here soon I can't wait till we do!
  5. Yeah... They still can meet it but if they are going to that means they didn't tell us that they passed console certs. They said it'd be able to release 30 days after that. So either they passed and didn't tell us or they aren't coming to console right away to release on PC in April. I hope i'm wrong but really it doesn't matter too much to me because I pre-ordered on PC. I'm thinking what actually may have happened is that the 30 days after console certs was for the physical copies only and they really did go all digital for awhile and can release like within a week or so of getting the certs handled. That if nothing is what seems true since they took the physical copies off the pre-order lists. But if that is true what about all the people whop already pre-ordered those? I guess they aren't getting the game for release but instead at a later date.
  6. Say what you want I don't care... I got what was on my mind out there and was thanking them for their hard work they put into this. I am glad they are working this hard on a game they love and wanted to express my thanks for it is all.
  7. I know the game will be amazing when it's ready and i'm not really being unreasonable and impatient as I understand their situation as well as the process for finalizing games to be released. That being said however it's almost the end of March so If after they get the console certs out of the way that marks 30 days till release. I then think we may officially miss Early 2017 Release schedule of by April. I'm really looking forward to this game and can't wait to play it. I already have the game, Jason skin, as well as counselor outfits pre-ordered and am getting more and more excited that the game will be released soon. I will say though it is a bit disappointing to know the release is soon but not yet for how excited I am. That being said I think you guys have done the franchise and character great justice from what I've seen so far. I think knowing things as the process went along was great and I can't wait to play it. I would like to say from me personally I am very pleased that you guys aren't just rushing this game out there with bugs and issues. I've personally seen tons of new games being rushed by companies with more money than they know what to do with that shouldn't have been released when they were. Even the ones that aren't as buggy or problematic don't seem to have as much love or care put into them as you guys are with this game. It's pleasing to see the time and effort that is going into this game to make it as good as you guys can before release. I would like to thank you for caring and giving us a game that is so well done. Only thing I wish was in that is silly is why can't Jason walk through the small hip high fencing as that would never stop him from pursuing someone. Also why no grabbing people while climbing on windows or through windows?.. You could implement these things into the rage mode so early game he still wouldn't be able to do these. Maybe grab on the window when people are climbing in/out but not pull through or the fence until enraged. That's the only things I thought was kinda silly to me in the game. Everything else is spot on to me. For a small team you guys truly did capture the feel this game needed completely so thank you. I do have a question if you guys can answer it though. If you guys have to pass these console certifications and all this other stuff to be on consoles... How come some of these games come out so broken on release? Are you guys kinda unfairly held to a greater standard because you don't throw money for ads/sponsors for the game? Or at Sony/MS? I'm just trying to figure out why you guys can't get this game to finish it's cert but some of these other shitty games pass for their release date set in stone so long before. There's games that delete saves, freeze at the same spot every time, don't load textures correctly, ect.. ect... Then there's your game that by my feelings looks more polished than a lot of these games that come out on consoles/Steam that seem pushed out right away to us for quick money. So many indie games even from smaller companies your size to a little bigger even seem to be able to be kinda rushed out on Sony/Ms/Steam all the time. I think that's because they actually have some backing from the bigger companies already in some way but I could be wrong. All i'm saying is from my point of view seeing these games and the way some are handled just seems a bit skewed when it seems as though you guys have to go through more hoops to get the game to go "Gold" for release. As I said I could be completely off base with some of this as I do not know for sure I am just very happy at the care and love you guys are putting into this game. I just wish it was still this way across the board in the industry still instead of just worried about getting games out with the money to add more or care more and they just don't. *shrugs* If anyone else actually knows any of these things feel free to add some insight but if not please don't turn this into anything weird or negative like the "Why no release date" post has become. Or if you have anything else to say about how excited or happy you are to see Gun take this much care into the game please feel free. I just wanted to express these thoughts and am waiting for the game so thought I'd get on to make this post of things on my mind about the game. Well.. Thanks again for making this game and putting this much love into what you do. I personally can't wait to play it when it's ready!
  8. Well.. I mean these are older camp sites with older tech. I'd say the fuse would be bigger than now for sure. Maybe not that big though. I'd say it should be pretty close to that size for an old panel like that though. This is an awesome change by the way I love it. I think this will balance that out quite a bit. What is the full release of the game going to have for a timer for the cops though? I heard it was different than the beta?
  9. I don't know about these.. I think that's all part of the games mechanics and fun factor. You don't know how people would react or treat a situation like this till they're there. In movies with killers you see people push people at the killers or trip people or get them killed all the time on purpose. Why should this game be any different. Some people won't be doing it on purpose while others might try to do that on purpose. I think it's all just part of the game and should be left to that. That's human nature really. Get someone else killed or keep the killer busy with them while you escape. Almost all horror movies have some people like this in them. Even people killing each other and using each other to escape in many ways. As for taking XP away.. Like I said.. How would you know if they're just out right helping him and not just trying to get you killed for the above reasons. Now I would say if counselors or just out right attacking other players and killing them all game and not getting Jason to do it or anything then maybe do something like a 30 min no Q for killing 2-3 people in match maybe added to them. That's for outright killing them though. Putting a bear trap down and trapping someone to lure Jason to them to maybe kill them shouldn't count in my opinion since people might do that to better them trying to get away luring him to you. I think those kind of things just add to the mystery and appeal of random people playing together. I say play with some friends to limit that if you like but it's fine being like that since that's normal behavior to survive for most.
  10. Log-in bonuses are for Micro-transaction based free games as a way to get some extra things or usual "pay for it" currency for free on the game. For a game that you buy out right it shouldn't really have Micro-transactions at all you should just unlock things through progress in the game through currency or leveling up. It's sad that most games automatically have Micro-transactions built in or planned for games you buy but it shouldn't be the case. Shit I remember when you got new maps and updates to games without needed to pay for them. These things were just patched into games since they made improvements to the game later as a thank you for buying and supporting it. Its really sad to see the state of games where DLC is not only already planned but payed for up front with special versions of games. With a game like this with this kind of quality and care put into it I can see DLC being extra especially considering the Digital version is only 40$ and not 60$. So the best deal here really is buying the digital and getting the outfits and extra Jason skins and still not paying 60$ in total. As for games that cost so much to make and are more expensive then on top of that double the cost of the game for the DLC? I think DLC is getting out of hand for most games anymore. It's almost like to enjoy the full experience for any game anymore you need to shell out around 100$ for it. I think it's down right wrong for these companies to be doing this to us nowadays as the normal thing to expect. I'm not saying I don't buy DLC for the games I really enjoy because I do, however I still think it's wrong with the extent it's come to. If these companies still put the same care into the games they press out a new version of each year then maybe it would be more worth it. Just seems like not enough is changed in a lot of those games to justify it.
  11. Pull people through the windows if they are close or kill people while they are climbing in and out of the windows close to him. I think if they are still entering or exiting the window when he approaches he should be able to grab and pull them off or out of the window animation if he is close enough or through the window if your standing close enough to interact with it on the other side. You can use that as a distance marker. If your close enough to climb i/out he can grab you. If he's close enough to swing and destroy the window while using it he should be able to reach and pull you off or out of the window as you climb. Since Jason can't enter/exit through windows and they can they'd have to time it well enough not to still be in the animation or doing it with him close enough to grab them. Also.. Not sure if in the beta or not but he should be able to pull people through walls that are destructible and be able to walk through or destroy wooden fences that block him from you outside. He can walk through and destroy doors and walls so why does a wooden fence stop him? I've seen videos of the morph ability being blocked by these fences as well which shouldn't the case. You can use the fences and circle them to troll him slightly since that's the case. If he could morph or walk through these it would fix that problem as well. These are just a few of the things I've noticed from watching everything for the game so far. I can't wait for this game to come out I am really looking forward to finally being able to play it soon but just wanted to see if someone could answer why he can't do these things or if these were in or going in and not in yet in the beta please let me know. I just know that watching the videos these make sense to be in the game and would kinda frustrate me unless there's a good reason they aren't in the game. Thanks and can't wait for the game.
  12. On the stream they showed off quite a few of the feedback changes to the game and the lodge. They stated that Rage is now auto and always on after a certain point in the match. In those videos of the game Rage is already gone from power area and there's a new ability replacing it already on top as the 4th ability. The picture looks like Jason surprising or suddenly appearing behind and going to stab someone. Maybe it's a jump scare type of thing to make people fear him? What I think it is though is an ability for stealth for Jason. So they don't know he's close for a few moments after you activate it so you can sneak up on counselors? That would be my guess as to what it's for based on the picture and other things he can do. What's your thoughts on this and any ideas on what you think it might be?
  13. No worries.. I'm just really excited for this game and really happy to see a company put this much into a game like they are. You just don't see this kinda care in many games anymore and it's very nice to see it. I hope the game releases soon enough I can't wait to finally play it. I didn't get my chance to test it yet so am really that much more looking forward to it's release to finally be able to play it first hand.
  14. Thanks guys.. Yeah hopefully it doesn't take too much longer. They said by March.. So at the most we got what another month and a half. It's going to be one hell of a long month and a half though however if that is the case.
  15. I liked Evolve quite a bit from what I played of it actually. I admit it wasn't that much but I did play it for a bit there and found it a lot of fun. I'd like to see more games of this genre or this game completely expanded upon in much more ways at least. I think the Halloween license should have been held until they knew how good this game was actually going to be and then they made their own Halloween game. I can see some of those other horror icons in their own game like this though after the release of this game. Only time will tell but i'm kinda hoping so anyway.
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