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  1. I only play him because he looks badass~! & honestly, hes the ONLY Jason I play, even offline too! Dont play too often anymore tho (randoms get boring Fast!) Last time I played online was before the recent patch (when everyone was saying Jason is now a joke) Had no problems getting 8/8 as usual. Only played one game tho, as I said, randoms are quite boring.
  2. Played 4 games. First 2 on Normal. 1 on Hard 1 on Easy. Oddly, it seemed harder on easy! Cant tell from just 4 games but on the one easy match, the counselors stayed spread out more. vs the others they were fairly close, easy, & quick to get to & kill. Only 2 problems so far. 1. damn bots like to swim in circles right when jason first goes under & I couldnt drown them~! 2. average 2 times per match the bots would hide under a bed or in a closet Right in my view!!!
  3. Before the game is finished? I hope thew game is Never finished & new things are always being added and/or changed. As for Jason. Savini is by far my favorite & the only one I play. He just looks too badass & I can care less about strengths and weaknesses. So I would honestly rather see what else they can cook up Other then Jason from the films. Hell, even some outfit changes like the counselors would be a welcomed change. Specific changes tho, not the P3 reskin. But, the more # of people want movie Jasons, then thats what they will give.
  4. Maybe I just had some bad luck lately. Honestly, it just seemed like everything was trapped at least once in every game, or almost camped.... & anytime I used a knife, or ate one.... BAM! hes there within Seconds. Just gets annoying as all hell when it seems you have pretty much Zero chance in public games. Seems the only decent chance at surviving is perking up as stealthy as possible & go hide for 20 mins........ YAWN! I'll play a few games tonight, & if it doesnt change. Im just going to play hide & seek until I get bored with it & then just put the game aside for awhile.
  5. I agree, its gotten stale in a few ways. Unless you have everyone working together, or most at least. Then its pretty much game over right at the start if Jason has half a brain. I know Jason has to be OP. But I only have one complaint. TRAPS! Honestly, jason has too many traps.
  6. Epic heavy hitter, Rare slugger & Rare thick skinned atm Def want epic thick skinned! 39% dmg resist atm & it took Jason 2 Eleven swings & one knife throw to kill me on Buggzy. Uncommon home body, Rare level headed, Epic medic when I want to sneak. def want home body & level headed upgraded. 3rd perk is up in the air atm.
  7. My apologies. That just infuriated me. Players are getting something for FREE and people just drop their digital pants & publicly take a dump all over it. Its too far imo
  8. Water speed is actually quite the big weakness when someone is escaping from a boat. But, im not joining in a children's argument over dumb shit! & if I played private matches, I would probably get booted all the time! SJ is the only one I play (tried a few with each of them & I always do better on SJ) 75%++ of the time I kill every single person
  9. Read the first page of replies & stopped...... seriously??? We get all of that for free & so soon... and immediately people are... oh it should be this or that Me Me Me, I I I Only Two words are required...... THANK YOU~!!!!!!!!
  10. The only thing bringing this game down, is the part of the player base, where if I had to describe them.... would get me banned from the forums! 8 out of 10 public games I play..... I wonder.... is that REALLY the sperm that won the race???!!!!!!...................... This game is fun as all hell when you act, talk, & play .... NORMAL!
  11. I agree as well. Have to build up my F list. Haven't played the game in like a week, because random players make my head explode! & my 3 sons running around the house going crazy keeps me from being able to play too
  12. Too many complaints on wanting all of these different Jasons, that have already been seen. My personal preference. But I would be more excited about them customizing their own Jasons next. Or hell, even just adding customizable gear for Jason. (at least different colored clothes & mask) I think that could make some really Hilarious times. (pink outfitted Jason chasing ya!) hahahahahahaha I would die laughing for sure!
  13. Just a bunch of cry baby b!tches! Kill anyone & everyone as enjoyable FOR YOURSELF as you can. I learned this the hard way (topic) If you dont want to be targeted or ported upon right away. Then check your area as soon as you zone in. If theres Anything around that Jason would port to.... Leave asap! I curse up a storm when I constantly spawn in right near an important spot on the map! Play the game as you players want to & thats all there is to it. YOU bought the game, not them. So in plain english.. F**K em!
  14. The Hoochie & Savini's jason. Started with Jason 3, to get the hang of it (being able to run helps in the beginning) But I slaughter more people on savinis
  15. This is my 3rd game of this type. I always do better as the Killer! But then again, thats probably because I always play public matches. & a majority of the time, the other players are brain dead (cooperation is a Must in these games!)
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