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  1. Part 9 is my favorite of the walking Jasons. It takes time to master him so when someone's playing him they usually are skilled and invested quite a bit of time into him.
  2. Yes. You get Russian cheaters and trolls almost every time you get into a lobby. They do not try to hide it though, they blast 90s Russian music through their microphone or are screaming at the top of their lungs all the time. When they talk they sound about 10 years old. They leave immediately when none of them is the host and the map is set to anything but small variations of the three original maps.
  3. Hard choice but would go with Freddy because there is enough variations of him to fit the model of F13th the game.
  4. While the animations looked better they were very impractical from gameplay standpoint. The door opening was too long, Jason turning etc. everything was too long. Long winded animations make you vulnerable.
  5. Let's just say the game looked better on release. But gameplay wise it had it's own serious problems, some of those remain to this day in some capacity.
  6. I think the assymetrical mp horror game genre is in a bad spot right now. There are no currently new games coming up, both Secret Neighbour and Hide or Die have been in development for about two years and while they look and are unique - been part of alpha and beta for both- (plus Neighbour is a one could say more family friendly of all these games) I doubt they will attract a big audience in the long run. DbD pretty much rules the genre now mainly because it was "first" (it was not but had a progression system etc. earlier games lacked) and came at an ideal time. I love this genre, it is pretty much my dream come true as a horror fan and I want to have as many games as possible, but is it worth it if they all die within month or two of release and people return to DbD?
  7. Teaming Jasons. Especially those who still get 0 kills because both them and their teamers are horrible at the game. I had a game last week where everyone but the teamer escaped. Lo and behold I respawned as Tommy and proceeded to fix the phone, get as many points as possible and escape again.
  8. Are you playing on EU servers? Because my issues seem to be restricted mainly to the EU servers. It seems most trolls just play the game at the same time as I do.
  9. I use Thick Skin, Medic and Nerves of Steel on all counselors and could not be happier.
  10. Some people cannot communicate. They cannot use microphones for hundreds of reasons. Some people are deaf, some cannot speak properly or fully English. If you want to make this game 100% about communication over mics, you will limit an already limited playerbase even more.
  11. Not just that. It makes it much easier for Jason helpers to gather all the important stuff, lock it in an upper room and jump out of the window. It makes it much easier for betrayers to run over everyone and to get to the car first. It makes it much easier for (sometimes cheating and speedhacking) squads to bully Jason into oblivion because everyone starts so close to each other. Everything is in such close proximity it is very easy to abuse the system if you want to.
  12. There is one thing wrong on them, They make it easier for trolls to take over the game.
  13. Maybe a rollback would be a better idea and quicker fix to most of the new problems while they are working in the new patch.
  14. *enters lobby* PACKANACK SMALL PLS PLS PACKANACK PACKANACK PACKANACK SMALL PACKANACK SMALL AKA the EU Servers experience. I agree with everything you said by the way, I do not like the small maps at all actually. Unfortunately if I want to play I HAVE to play on small maps because I am from Europe and glitchers/cheaters/griefers (aka 70% of the local playerbase) have a hard on for them.
  15. I just killed two people by throwing knives yesterday, I am on PC though.
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