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  1. Survival

    Jason's New Grab...

    I really like the new grab. It looks / sounds / feels great and powerful.
  2. People will always find ways to troll Jason. Or anyone in any asymmetrical multiplayer game. In the end it comes down to the players and whether they want to play fair or just do a ring around the rosie. Just yesterday on PS4, I had a guy run around in circles around the Higgins' barn fence for the entire match, he also had a higher ping so it was quite annoying to try and catch him even if he appeared to be standing still. In the end I killed everyone else and he just ran up to me and let me kill him... probably realizing how fucking crappy this tactic is. In the end it all comes down to the players.
  3. Let me try something... Dead by Daylight had a 9 months head start before F13th and was (still is) almost 50% cheaper to buy. During the first year and beyond the game was (and in some cases still is) plagued by pretty much identical issues F13th was (and still is) suffering from including... At and after launch - server problems, small selection of repetitive maps, numerous exploits including infinite spots (some of which still exist), ability to literally run the killer around infinitely, frequent crashes and freezes, characters falling through the maps, killers loading in without their powers, people being connected to an already ongoing games so there ended up being 5+ survivors in the match, two killers being loaded against 3 survivors etc. Almost every patch introduced numerous new bugs including fucked up sound occlusion, broken scratchmarks, broken skillchecks and more. These bugs usually took few weeks and in some cases several months to be fixed. Not to mention some huge balance changes that tipped the whole thing and made one side a hell to play. It took one huge engine update and more than a year to get the game to the state in which it is now and a lot of things are still broken. I love DbD and I love F13th. Both are different and both suffered from the very same problems. I enjoy playing both and I think DbD is more popular because: - It came first and is cheaper. - It has a ranking system, leveling and contains a lot of grind which keeps people coming back even though the gameplay gets repetitive. - The matches are shorter and quicker. - The gameplay is more competitive. - Simple gameplay means less options for trolls and idiots to grief and exploit the game. I think attacking the other side and creating offensive threads like the ones on reddit is childish and stupid.
  4. But it is not. It is in a better state now, after almost two years but there are still dozens of glitches, bugs and problems, mainly for killers. You still cannot blink through some objects as a nurse, you cannot throw reliably on any map as the huntress because thee hitboxes are simply shit and broken. There are still infinites on some versions of the maps, there are still god places survivors can exploit their way onto so the killer cannot reach them. There are still places which will stop your chainsaw run as a Billy even though there is nothing in the way. Sprint burst provides iframes even though the hit should connect. Leatherface's tantrum animation looks like it has ended a second earlier on the survivor's side while in reality it still continues and will down the survivor. There are crashes, random freezes, lobby issues through the roof. The game is far far far from polished.
  5. Again, it took them a year to get even semi competent at what they were trying to do. There were long long long stretches with unpached exploits and glitches, killers went on to strike, add ons and perks that should not stack stacked, people were glitching survivor perks onto killers, there were abuse spots on almost each map where the killer could not reach you etc.
  6. I love and play both games. However what people tend to forget is the fact that Dead by Daylight was in a pretty rough and buggy and unbalanced state for almost a year. The game was full of exploits, infinites, gamebreaking bugs and random freezes / crashes. The performance was abysmal too. Things got better with the engine update and after one year anniversary the devs stepped up their game and make everything better.
  7. You hold the shift button. It makes running Jasons run and walking Jasons walk faster.
  8. That was not an exploit nor a cheat, that was a glitch that can happen even with offline bots. Aside from one moment of animation interrupt, there was nothing out of the usual in your video.
  9. It sounds stupid, but after talking to people who did not know about this I realized some people manage to miss this simple fact... walking Jasons walk faster if you press the sprint button (Shift / L3). I am not sure what was the point of having two walking speeds for Jasons, but it is what it is. This might not help you at all, but it is an ideal thread to point this out. I cannot count how many matches I had against Jasons who just walked their default speed the whole match.
  10. The only issue I ever had with Friendly Fire was accidentally shooting people who were being held by Jason. So I see this as a good idea. I never really encountered that much trolls using friendly fire for anything but helping Jason, and they can still do that anyway, just more indirectly.
  11. Survival

    Carrying Matches

    I meant more stuff like "Fixing the car with low repair character while high repair characters gather around you watching you fail over and over again", "sprinting all the time, leaving all the doors open, not calling Tommy" or "Thinking the stealth works like in DBD and crouching in a bushes not knowing about Jason's Sense ability".
  12. Survival

    Carrying Matches

    That is the nature of Quick Play though. You cannot expect a game with a bigger objective system like F13th to have a playerbase with a proper knowledge base in QP. There are so many options for people to goof around with. And, let's be honest, it seems majority of people in QP play the game to goof around or simply did not learn to play properly yet.
  13. Chad still has his ring, it turns invisible on certain clothing options / color swaps.
  14. Yeah, it can suck having you ass handed to you as Jason (same goes for the DBD killers). Especially if the counselors are extra mean and taunt / insult you over mics etc. Sometimes you just have a match where almost everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong and your opponents take every opportunity to rub it in. The easy answer is to move on to the next game. If the match was extra hard, change your preference to purely counselor. Or turn off the game and play / do something else entirely. In the end it is just a game and your skill in it does not actually represent you as a living, breathing person. No matter what anyone else tells you in the game. This is a purely psychological problem and lots of people have very hard time overcoming this and tend to often suffer from performance anxiety. I myself also have a shitty matches often, not only as Jason but also as a counselor, but that does not stop me from enjoying the game.
  15. Nice one! Good job!