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  1. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    The bear traps placing is broken. The first attempt never works, you have to move and try putting it down several times before the game registers.
  2. Emotes need to go

    Get some like-minded friend players and avoid public lobbies. Easy solution. People were goofing around even without emotes and costumes. I do not know what game you were playing, but the "immersion" was broken long before emotes and costume packs. Public matches are and always were unpredictable at best and just a total mess of people doing everything BUT the objectives and being downright silly. Look at DBD, the matches are extremely short and there are no "distractions" or silly emotes, but people still find ways to goof around or sandbag others etc. If the matches were longer and there was more stuff to do like in F13th, people would be goofing around even more.
  3. Great ideas all around. As long as the don't overdo it. Would love snow versions of all the maps + winter clothing for players. No costumes though, Halloween costumes made sense but that was enough.
  4. I have a second one taken just moments after Tommy managed to escape. Plus one extra: Jason was looking for Vanessa, but she managed to sneak away. Can you find her?
  5. There's always that one squeaker with names like "JasonVoorheeez" or "UltimateKiller", who says during the intro "If I am not Jason I am leaving" and then leaves.
  6. This is a clash between different groups of players. This is the same issue DBD is facing (and Last Year will face) and that game has no gimmicky dance moves and clothes. Even when developers try hard not to put anything "mood" breaking into the game, people will find different ways to goof around. The problem is, you are expecting a nonstop serious survival horror game experience, which is something no multiplayer game can ever be. Remember Resident Evil Outbreak? That game gave you silly phrases to scream around and sexy costumes right out of the box. Every multiplayer horror game will always face this problem. You will have people wanting to take the game seriously and other people who just want to have fun and goof around with friends. There is nothing wrong with either approach. You will have people playing shit on their microphones, teabagging like crazy, jumping through closed windows, dancing around and doing weird shit at inappropriate moments. This is given in any multiplayer videogame regardless it's theme... be it horror, shooter, coop etc. If you want 100% immersion and serious experience, play with the same minded people who will not dress up in silly costumes and use emotes only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise you cannot fault GunMedia for trying to bring some life into the game and bring as much people in as possible. People will always find new ways to goof around, no matter if they are given the tools to do so or not. It doesn't matter whether the game is horror or not, and it will not make it any less of a horror game. This is just the way multiplayer games work. And to be honest, aside from a niche group of people - F13th fans -, no one else would be playing the game anymore if they did not put in all this shit.
  7. Try-hard Jason? I don't know. Probably Jasons who find me right at the start of the match and then tunnel me for 5+ minutes not caring about anything else. I once made a Twitch streamer rage quit because he wasted 7 minutes on chasing me, which obviously also meant that cops have been called and both cars fixed.
  8. Give it a few months. Dead by Daylight went through the exact same problems. A lot of the same bugs and issues (F13th has a bit more since the maps and interactive elements are much more complex)... dissapearing items, falling through maps, getting catapulted from weird collision bugs, broken perks, balance being thrown off after patches, broken patches etc. I am not saying things will get better. But if the devs get their shit together (Which takes time! Again DbD suffered major problems pretty much until this spring) the game could end up pretty polished, playable and with a stable playerbase. Just like DbD.
  9. Have you played as Chad? Because you have pretty much 99% guarantee stun if you hit Jason with whatever you happen to grab at the moment. Pans, planks etc. everything. All thanks to this 10 luck.
  10. After the latest update I cannot play the game at all. I cannot even start it up and by looking at Steam forums I can see I am not the only one.
  11. I choke everyone. Seriously though, I always try to cycle through all of them. I always use 3 Jason exclusive grab kills and then one universal. A different one for each Jason. However it is good to have the head punch ready in cases you need to get someone killed ASAP.
  12. I could swear there are ambient sounds. They definitely are there when your fear grows and you can hear owls, wind, branches snapping etc.
  13. Standings

    I love the game and enjoyed playing it. But after the latest patch the game freezes on startup screen and I have to hard restart my PC to get it working again. So no F13 the game for me
  14. framerate ? ^^

    PC. Before my game started freezing on the start page but after the latest patch, the framerate was unstable and started going crazy on big maps. Before the patch I got constant 50+ FPS on all maps.