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  1. This is heartbreaking. Maybe the end of the slasher video game genre... I hate that guy and I don’t even know him. Poor Victoria is stuck with those ugly patterns forever too. ?
  2. I would like her to have a solid black or white suit so we can actually mix and match her clothes. It’s impossible at this point to not look like a clown.
  3. We can only hope she’s got something in the pajama pack. Her regular outfit currently is hopeless.
  4. If we rally enough for more colors(specifically Victoria) they’ll hear us eventually... I hope.
  5. Oh dear lord. No black, white, or grey?! I hope they add them in the future. It’s gonna be hard to mix and match. I’m thankful we have her though.
  6. I really wanted to like Jenny. Her hair is pretty awful though. Hopefully they will do something with it. Girl needs some tlc.
  7. Yeah Ashley was the worst! She wanted to kill Emily with no evidence! I’d have slapped her too!
  8. My second match ever at the launch, I didn’t realize the boat held two people and took off after an AJ helped me repair it and left her in the dust. Jason murdered her shortly after. I still feel bad that she died when she should’ve been on the boat with me.
  9. I'm finding at least one Team killer every match I play. It's really ruining the experience for me. I'm finding myself killed by my fellow counselors more than Jason these days. Hopefully the trollers go find some other game to play soon. I don't trust anyone with a shotgun anymore.
  10. Yeah it would be nice to know when we are able to use our items. I think NA PS4 players are the only ones who can't use them yet. I think that's on Sony's end though.
  11. Yeah everyone wants that booty! I would have her if I could actually gain experience but that's not gonna happen till they patch.
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