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  1. Carrying Matches

    I came back as Tommy, used my pocket knife on the phone trap, called the cops, fixed the 4 seater all by my self. Was telling people to meet me on the main road, except all I heard was people screaming at Jason, and running around in circles juking Jason. Jason finally morphed to me, and I continued juking Jason in the car, stalling him, so the cops would arrive and everyone could escape by cops. No one even tried coming towards the road, I eventually left once the cops arrived. In the lobby the players where still not at the cop exit, even though I bought them 5 minutes to go from Blair’s to the exit. Of course they died, cause their stupid, and didn’t even try to escape. Once the game ended these lazy assholes continued to say I was a terrible Toxic Tommy, and I should of saved them. Why did I leave? Where was I? Even though I called the cops. I told them to meet me by the road, so I could pick them up, when they didn’t I distracted Jason and bought them time to get to the police exit. What more could I have done. Give these assholes a piggyback to the exit?
  2. I agree with a lot of your points, but disagree on reducing Jason’s speed, and this is coming from a person that always plays Jenny, Lachappa. Jason shouldn’t Git Gud anymore that counselors should git gud on stamina management and map awareness.
  3. Yeah there’s lots of crybaby losers out there. The other day I had the same thing happen, we actually got the kill animation, but he rage quit, unfortunately there’s no points awarded until the kill is completed. They gotta fix that. I’ve been killed twice, and I’ll never run away as Jason. I don’t care if I’m out numbered and running towards my death, Jason should never run away and hide. I’ll go out hacking till the end.
  4. I agree something different or better than the counselors system would be best. This game may need to do something to expand the longevity of the game and to keep people playing, expanding on the counselors perk system is a start, and maybe implementing something for Jason would be a nice addition, but would have to be subtle, and not game breaking for the counselors
  5. I think more options and ability to customize is the appeal. I agree Jason is strong, and if there’s Jason perks the effects must be subtle, and always have a negative. Example 5% increase to shift cooldown, but a 3% hit to morph. And maybe perks could only be applied to average or negative stats?
  6. I'm down, send me an invite with a message saying you're from the forum. PSN ID dandop I propose the idea of the lobby going full Chad and everyone must have the slugger perk equipped on Pakinack small.
  7. Favorite jason and Why?

    Part 4 is my favourite Jason to play. He's lots of fun, and I enjoy his aggressive play style. The other day I had 2 interesting games as J4 with a group of level 150's. The first game I got 7/8 Kills. J4 does a fantastic job at getting early kills, and dealing with aggressive counsellors who are going for the jason kill. Only one counsellor escaped, as I was busy hunting down sweater girl, and tommy. The next game I had, same lobby. I got my ass handed to me on a platter. I only got 2/8 Counsellors, and probably my worst game I had in months. I was concerned the group was going for the Jason kill, So I took extra precautions to cut power, and stop Tommy from being called, and well they called the cops, and got a car started, at the same time, and seemed to have every shotgun and pocket knife, and firecracker available. While they where trolling me in the car, some one fixed the power and called Tommy, so he made my life miserable at the cop exit. J4 can be fun, and a power house, but the game can go south very fast, if you lose track of the objectives.
  8. Jarvis House. Big house to loop Jason in, and hide. I like how dark it is, especially with the power out. As Jason I've done some great stalk moments inside the house, like waiting in stalk by the downstairs bathroom, and grab people as the go down the long narrow hallway. I also waited in stalk outside the basement door, as someone inside locked the door, so I just waited till they got bored, and decided to leave. they unlocked the door, and I grabbed them, and probably scared the crap out of them, as they rage quite mid kill. Pinehurst is a close 2nd, and honestly may be my favourite, but jarvis has the edge, as it's the better film. Pinehurst is a maze, and a fantastic place to loop Jason, and use Stalk as Jason. Pinehurst makes me want more variety in cabin sizes, and floors. Whatever map comes next I hope they outdo the Pinhurst in terms of size, or as least design some new basic cabins with more rooms, and floors.
  9. Yes I got my money’s worth. I think video games are the cheapest form of entertainment available. The amount of hours I put into this game works out to only 15 cents an hour.
  10. I don’t think swapping Sense and Stalk would encourage Counselor to hide at the edge of the map all game. Any decent player knows the first few minutes of the match is the most valuable as Jason only gets stronger, as the match goes on. And there’s always that one counsellors who try’s to hide all game, and it never ends well for them. what I like about swapping Sense/stalk is for the first 5 minutes counsellors could actually hide behind trees or inside cabins without the need of a hiding spot. Stealth would get a big boost early game. And I don’t think this would be a nerf to Jason, as Jason would catch counsellors by surprise, so counsellors would actually have a reason to crouch, and you will have to watch you back right at the start.
  11. Will they never rework Jenny?

    She is far from the worst. I main Jenny all the time and do well. Her composure keeps her off Jason’s radar early game, and high composure means her fear takes longer to max meaning her stamina regens faster than most counsellors. She has average stamina, so she can keep a chase going for a long time. speed is overrated. luck is one of the best stats in the game, and with the recent weapon decrease I’d say luck has gotten even more valuable, as your weapon won’t break as fast. Her high luck gives her a big stamina boost when she hits Jason or escapes from his grab. And she can easily escape Jason without a pocket knife if she is grabbed on a hilltop or small cabin, it’s especially easy against weak grab strength Jason’s. level 2 repair should not be underestimated. You can easily get a 5 skill check and repair without making a mistake. You Only need a higher repair if Jason is nearby.
  12. Jarvis is probably my favorite map. I like the challenge as a counselor. I like how there’s always a boat, and as a person who only plays slow low stamina counsellors I never have an issue with the size or sparse areas with no cabins. I do have one issue with this map. The phone box never spawns at the main house or guest house?! This decision baffles me. I don’t understand how illfonic spent so much time designing this location with the intention to detail, and they don’t bother putting the phone box at the house? Wtf! What a missed opportunity for some serious jump scares. Imagine repairing the phonebox on the side of Jarvis house then having the long walk around and having to go upstairs only to see Jason in stalk mode waiting inside a bedroom. Because the phone never spawns at the main houses there’s little reason to hang around them They recently added two extra spawn locations for the phone, but I was so disappointed when it turned out to be the North and south cabins in the middle of the map.
  13. First time as Jason was during the beta. No traps, No throwing knifes, No Stalk, and I’m not a PC gamer, so I was struggling with the keyboard controls. I got a couple kills as part 3, mainly just hacks as I struggled with the grab button. I remember drowning someone though. Most people survived the night, a lot of people in the lobby where new as well, so it wasn’t too bad for me.
  14. wepon swap pairing

    Part 4 with a machete. The Destruction combined with the machetes fast door animation should be able to shred doors in seconds.
  15. Yeah I think some players rely to heavily on their traps. I usually find 3 traps more than enough to slow counsellors down, and I just keep an eye on my map. J4 has the best strengths, although that slow shift does irritate me at times.
  16. Roy is good, but not any better than 8,4,9 He has no destruction or weapon strength, and gets stunned easily. That Stalk and running combo is nice though
  17. My only issues with Jason is his Hit detection, and how easy his mask gets knocked off, and being chain stunned. fix those issues, and Jason will be able to stand a chance against an aggressive group of Jason killers.
  18. Someone stated Crystal Lake was a mix of part 1,2,6, but I don’t see any of the reference, it just seems like a part 1 map to me. My assumption is we will get either a part 6,7,9 maps , before we even get the Grendel or Manhattan. There probably the easiest since it’s more cabins and forrest.
  19. I voted Jarvis House, but pinehurst was a close 2nd Jarvis house is dark, and lots of corners to hide in Stalk as Jason. As a Counselor going out to the far cabins on the west and east of the map is always a big risk, and I dread going there. This map in the rain is filled with atmosphere.
  20. I like the idea of new items. The road flare is a great idea. This buffs counselors but not in an annoying way where Jason will resort only to Slashing. And also different than the usual stun, as Jason can still move, and grab you, but with a temporary blindness and sense penalty. Overall I like this new patch, it brought me back to the game, and the new map design is superb.
  21. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Most games I’ve played I usually find a pocket knife and a couple med sprays. Weapons are still around, however I only notice a shortage of weapons when low luck councillors are playing aggressively and fighting Jason. I recommend people use Man at Arms perk and maybe the slugger perk where you start with a bat.
  22. Well how the game is right now I’d say any kill a Jason player gets is deserved and if it is handed to him, then the Counselor made a mistake. I think a new Jason player should have fun, and feel empowered, but not have kills served to him on a plate, as I don’t think that’s the current balance anyways.
  23. Well I don’t know if this game can ever find a perfect balance, as my idea of Balance is Jason kills 5-6 people per game, and a few escape. Jason is OP, but also out numbered and time is against him. Jason has a lot of pressure, and a new Jason player should stand a chance at killing at least some people. Maybe not the entire lobby, but they don’t deserve to be laughed at and bullied because they are new. The reality is they tried giving the Counselors an over abundance of Pocket knives and weapons; and look what that accomplished. People were trolling and bullying Jason. I’d usually escape within the first 5 minutes, sometimes before Jason earned Shift, and have to witness the clown show of dancing Chads at the cop exit. And I can’t tell you how many games ended , long games btw that ended with Jason ultimately Rage quitting. Weapons are still around, you just have to be more careful, and consider using Man at arms perk to extend the duration of the weapon.
  24. I play Jenny a lot, and she is very underrated. Her composure and stealth keep her safe during the first 5-10 minutes, so I can stay close to objectives, and get things done, and even though her repair is low, it's more than possible to get a 5 skill check, and make a repair without making a mistake, and if I do, I usually have enough time to run and hide. I also love tanking traps, and disarming them knowing that a Deborah or Aj will be by to fix it. I also keep a close eye on my map, and keep tabs on how many people are still alive, so in a way even though I maybe by myself it's still a form of teamwork, as I'm relying on that loud Vanessa or Buggy to be a distraction, as I know as soon as they die, it's just a matter of time before Jason Senses me, but usually by that point the cops are called, or a car is about to get started. I'm also really good with a bat, and have sucker punch equipped in case I only find a low stun weapon like Pot or pan. I also use Medic, so I get two uses out of my health, that way I can tank a trap, and still have a spare in case I need to crash through a window to dodge a shift grab. Seriously the weapons are still there, Maybe because I play Jenny with high luck, her weapons last a long time, so rarely break weapons. If you like to play low luck counsellors I suggest using Weapon at Arms perk, as that will increase your weapon durability, so you won't have to find new ones. I really believe the developers have finally found that Sweet spot of balance. The fight is desperate, but not impossible. There's always gonna be bad Jasons, and bad counsellors. Sometimes you get in a lobby filled with Tiffany's who just wanna run around and hoard parts and knives, And sometimes you have a good group of Counsellors, but the Boat, car and phone box all spawn within 20 feet of each other. (This can actually happen on Pinehurst ) and that is great news for Jason as he just needs to camp that one area. This game is based around random chance. Just like the Jasons selection is random. Sometimes going for the boat escape against a part 7 or part 8 Jason isn't a good idea. Or standing up to and fighting a part 3, 4 Jason with weapon strength is usualy a bad idea.
  25. Well back then most people were level 5's, so yeah it makes sense a level 5 Jason would wipe the map clean of level 5 counsellors. I don't know what lobbies you play in, but I'd say that's exactly what this patch brought to the game. Balance. Yesterday I played over 20 games, and I was Jason about 5 -6times. As a counsellor I escaped about 40% of the time. I'm okay with that, and when I finally escaped, it was an actual challenge, and team work was a big part, although I had a few games where I escaped as a lonewolf, so not entirely impossible. The 5 games I had as Jason. 2 matches I cleaned out the map, but the counsellors put up a good fight, and almost escaped. The other matches I had as Jason about 2-3 people escaped, and they put up a hell of a fight, and had many close calls. The people in the lobby where chearing afterwards, because I made their escape difficult to achieve, and they felt like they barely made it out by the skin of their teeth. And not once was a counsellor Dancing and tea bagging at the exit. They actually ran. Well there's about 7 other counsellors on the map, and most of them will have one pocket knife, health spray or Firecrackers. And weapons are actually still in the game. And there's still plenty of traps, and flare guns. This game is supposed to make you deal with difficult solutions. Do you know that when Wes Keltner first introduced the Idea of Jason traps after Beta feedback, originally there was no way to disarm a trap. The traps where intended to be tanked, and use a health spray, as Wes original intention was to force hard decisions on the player. This is a Survival horror game after all based on a franchise where people are brutally killed for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah sure it's a game I know. Anyways the community liked the trap idea, but thought the counsellors should have a chance to disarm it, and they did just that, and added the pocket knife as a way to disarm them, but again it's a tough decision to make. Adding more health or pocket knives won't change the aspect that a trap has to be disarmed or tanked, it just means you might regret that decision later on. Yesterday I had a game where I used my only pocket knife on the phone trap, and called the cops, Jason came, I ran, and put up a hell of a fight, and was only steps away from the exit, then I got a throwing knife lodged in my back, then I was limping and out of health sprays, and no pocket knife. Jason grabbed me, and killed me 3-4 feet away from the exit, and it was AMAZING. I was Pissed yeah sure, but also scared, and desperately trying to survive, but unfortunately my luck ran out, and that is Friday the 13th the Game. Your survival isn't guaranteed, and it has to be a desperate fight for survival.