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  1. This is unfortunate, but thanks for addressing this. Dedicated servers and bug fixes will more than keep me happy, and I plan to be in the game as long as possible.
  2. Depends on the game. I’ll buy what I have an interest in.
  3. The game has a decent amount of content. Especially with single player challenges. This game could have 40 maps and people would still pick Packinack small every damn time.
  4. dandop1984

    Thank you from Number Six

    Agreed. This game is a big part of my life. I absolutely love this game. Even with all the bugs and BS I can never forget all positives and amazing experiences I had, and the people I’ve met. I’ll be playing this game till the last server shuts down
  5. Agreed. I really hope they don’t go silent and fight this alongside Sean Cunningham.
  6. I agree the game needs content. I plan to keep playing as I enjoy the core gameplay. Victor only worked on the first one , but he created Jason Voorhees, Pamela voorhees and camp crystal lake, so anything related to Jason himself is the issue. Using the crystal lake settings, and Pamela voorhees would also fall into this. I may be mistaken, but that’s my assumption. Another possibly is this is actually Sean Cunningham pulling the plug, as there’s uncertainty with the franchise. I’m surprised they can’t add any new counsellors or modes? Create new counsellors not based on a movie character, and maps not set at crystal lake. Heck they could do an abandoned camp map, and leave out all referrences to Crystal lake.
  7. Who for illfonic to fix bugs, or People to stick around? I plan to play this game for as long as I can.
  8. Hopefully they will put all their effort to fixing bugs now. Make the game playable. The core game is still fun. Fix the bugs, and people will stick around.
  9. dandop1984

    This game needs more maps

    Yes I knew that, but that was only for a few select scenes. Very common in films to use muiltiple houses to portray one house. The 1st floor of The uncles house is completely different, and Tina’s house of course would be entirely new.
  10. dandop1984

    This game needs more maps

    No. Just because it’s two houses doesn’t mean it’s the same. The two houses are designed totally different from each other. Do you think pinehust is just Higgins because they both have one house and one barn?
  11. The flare gun could only mark during the beta, then after beta feedback they made it to shoot Jason, plus kept the marking. However as far as I know I can’t use the flare to disable Jason’s from using his abilities. Why does the car have to be limited to roads, if the developers intended for the car to only be used on roads they would of added a guardrail that the car could never pass over, and either way Jason can still stop the car on our off road. Taking the car off-road doesn’t disable Jason’s ability to stop it. You’re view of counselors placing traps at objectives to overcome Jasons ability, would be like me climbing on top of the roof of Packinack, and just saying Jason should of just killed me before I got on the roof, and that it’s a viable strategy to survive the night, and that I simply outsmarted Jason. Just because it’s a smart move doesn’t mean it should be in the game. Exploit or not, this will get exploited. And should be removed or give Jason a counter to move traps. And don’t tell me counsellors need to move Jason traps as well. This game is easy enough for counsellors.
  12. dandop1984

    This game needs more maps

    I really enjoy both Jarvis and pinehurst, but think the best all around maps are, Higgins and Packinack. These maps are the perfect size that don’t sway the balance as small maps, or Jarvis and pinehurst do. Whatever map they do next the size and cabin limit is perfect on Higgins.
  13. 1. Jason morph is not exact, and works on a grid. Roads or no roads. Your comparison doesn’t even come close. Maybe if taking the car off roads prevented Jason from morphing, but that’s not the case. 2. The map is a tool, and using it to avoid Jason, is intended. Again the map doesn’t make Jason’s shift or traps unusable. 3. You have 3 item slots, and finding more items is fine. Jasons traps where designed after feedback from the beta. Intended to trap objectives. The intent of the counselor placing a trap at the phone Knowing Jason can’t do anything about is the exploit. Not necessarily the trap itself it’s the reason behind it. And it makes Jason’s traps useless against objectives. I don’t think anyone should be punished or even discouraged from doing this. Too me it’s a Grey area, that the developers should address, and ultimately patch out, so no counselor trap can be placed within a few feet of an objective.
  14. dandop1984

    What makes you tunnel?

    Being high repair will do that, especially if you are the only high repair counselor in the lobby. J4 doesn’t have many traps, and taking out the high repair counselors as fast as possible is a good strategy. However it seems like the Jason’s you where up against was maybe a bit too tunnel vision
  15. dandop1984

    The match ended early. Why?

    Happend to me 3 times within 5 games. We need a hot fix for the hot fix and a hot fix for the hot fix, and another hot fix and then 2 more hotfixes
  16. dandop1984

    Salt Mine trolling

    That sounds like a horrible experience. In the future if you find yourself in a lobby like that again , just suicide, and quit. You don’t get salt for leaving a game once you’re already dead.
  17. These counselor traps are being placed at objectives for the purpose of preventing Jason from using his traps. They are simply exploiting the fact Jason can’t do anything about it, and the impact that can have on Jason is much greater than a counselor not being able to put a trap over Jason’s trap. You can bend and twist it to make your self feel like you’re doing nothing wrong, and that you just simply outsmarted Jason, but it’s definitely a Grey area, and I won’t be surprised if counsellors lose the ability to place a trap around objectives and power boxes in a future patch.
  18. The description of - defense stat says less chance to block. So -defense Jason’s can be hit even while blocking. Also I had my mask knocked off as J4 while blocking.
  19. dandop1984

    How dare you . . .

    Yes! Having Jason open the doors in silence would give people more reason to barricade. Because greater emphasis would be put on horror, and suspense, people wouldn’t feel safe, so more incentive to lock doors.
  20. dandop1984

    Which experience would you like more?

    First off there would still be the ambient music that plays through out the game. When Jason uses Stalk the ambient music still plays, at least from the counselors perspective, and of course once you see Jason his normal Jason theme music would kick in, which would actually intensify the impact of it, so I don’t know what you mean by an awkward documentary. Have you ever played Alien Isolation or Outlast? How scary do you think it would be that every time the Alien was near by, the game gave you a warning and the Alien theme song got stronger as he got closer . That’s not scary, maybe the first time, but the impact is lost, and it quickly becomes an alarm system. You know what is scary, not knowing. Fear of the unknown. Plain and simple. Not realizing the killer is already upstairs with you in packinack. Turning a corner and having Jason running straight at you, and That’s when Harry manfredini’s music hits you with full impact. This game has that potential, it just needs some tweaks
  21. dandop1984

    Which experience would you like more?

    Horror. This game has so potential to be terrifying. All they gotta do is make Jason the stalker he is from the movies. Get rid of the hand holding Proximity music, and enhance or swap Stalk with Sense. And why the hell does Jason even appear on the map?
  22. dandop1984

    How dare you . . .

    Quick fix. 1- remove Jason from mini map 2- remove Jason’s proximity music 3- enhance Stalk. Yes Stalk would still have a purpose, as it would mute Jason’s footsteps, and enhance his hearing. Stalk should last twice as long. 4- Bring back Stamina points drained from Combat actions. Counsellors should actually lose stamina with each weapon swing, as it’s still stated in the description of the Strength stat. This would cut back on the amount of Deborah’s who can knock Jason on his ass. These simple changes would make Jason scary, and probably wouldn’t take much effort on the developers side.
  23. dandop1984

    Jason trap exploit

    Because Jason can’t counter these traps, it is exploitive. The counselor put it at the phone box knowing Jason can’t do anything about, and if that’s not an exploit than please explain to me what one is? Some of the comments in here are similar to me saying. “Well I got on top of the roof, and it’s not an exploit, because Jason should of just simply killed me before I got on the roof?”
  24. Overall I do agree, but I feel there's inconsistencies with Jason being stunned. Jason's with -Stun and +stun seem to be very marginal, and almost a throw away stat. I've stunned J9 countless times with wrenches,and no stun perks on, and I can barely see or tell a difference between stunning J9 or J3. I do feel at least + and - stun Jasons should use some tweaking to add more noticeable value to their stat. Now regarding if Jason doesn't know how to counter a gang attack. That does come with experience. And experience is really the key to playing both Counsellor and Jason. I reached my 1000 counsellor match back in September, and I have yet to even reach 500 matches as Jason. So just by the amount of time played I'm considered to be more experienced at Counsellor than I'm at Jason. Now given the sheer amount of time people play counsellors. why on earth would the game developers want to make it even more easy for them? A good example of this is go look at the description of the Strength stat, it still says "Reduces the Stamina Cost of Combat Actions" That is a total lie, it's no longer the case. They removed the stamina cost some time ago, and now any counsellor with 1 strength can beat on Jason with ZERO penalty to their Stamina. Now when people say this game is difficult for the Jason player, and there should be some adjustments made, and Counsellor mains say otherwise, and say the balance is perfect. Please remember that stat description, as that's the perfect example how Gun/illfonic favour Counsellor Victories.
  25. This picture right here is why combat is broken, and how Gun and Illfonic are balancing this game to allow ANY counselor to beat Jason’s ass with Zero consequence. They need to bring back stamina drain for combat actions. At least make it accurate to the description in the damn game!