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  1. Part 4 Jason is my pick. I do well with him, and have a lot of fun. I find his early game aggressive style can do well at disrupting good counselors early game set ups. The trick with part 4 and any -trap Jason is to have good map awareness, and never tunnel a counselor longer than a morph regens. His weapon strength is great against group attacks, and know how to bait counselors to go for a swing only to counter it. Another reason why I pick part 4 over more so called balanced Jason’s like part 3 or Part 8 is he has normal Stalk, and can run.
  2. I do that all the time. I’ll let people repair the phone while I’m waiting upstairs in Packinack. Using items as bait is a sure way to draw out high repair counselors. Works best if an item is dropped inside a cabin.
  3. The amount of rage quitters seem higher than ever too. I tend to play pst between 3pm-11pm I encounter lots of players who just wanna troll and beat Jason. Then it’s my turn as Jason and I make them them look like a bunch of fools. I kill them all within minutes, and know all there tricks, etc. I bait them with car parts, Stalk inside cabins, scare them before killing them, and it always ends with the host (who was bullying Jason the match prior) rage quitting on me while I kill him.
  4. While I agree with that when it comes to undead Jason’s. Part 7 should of never had the -shift. For my play style I would put Destruction and Stalk above shift. For me shift has always just been a device to close the gap, or enter a cabin with Stalk unnoticed. I catch so many high level players off guard with Stalk, and the Destruction helps with my early game set up, as I rely on pre-broken doors for fast unnoticed entrances, so I can set up the perfect grab as the counselor turns a corner. I’ve caught so many high level Vanessa's with that teqnique. That’s why I always play part 4. For me his strengths over come his weaknesses.
  5. I used an item as bait. This was just the other night I was J4 on pinehurst. The counselors put the gas in the boat, and I chased down an AJ to a bathroom and killed her. I realized she had the propellor, so I patiently waited in Stalk, knowing that the remaining counselors would eventually make their way towards me. I just waited keeping an eye on my map to make sure the car and phone traps didn’t spring, and sure enough Shelly came wondering by. He unknowingly went inside the bathroom, and I grabbed him. The guy on mic nearly fumbled his controller or jumped outta his seat screaming. He actually escaped my grab, but I got him soon after, he was still in shock! After I killed him, he was saying “props, I’ve never seen a Jason player bait a counselor before “ After I killed him I patiently waited for the next victim, it was Tommy, and again scared him, and he wasted his pocket knife, so that’s a plus. I may upload this video, as I had a few other great Stalk moments as well. I’ve been saying for months ever since the items show on the map, it’s just as much a Jason buff, and more Jason players need to use the bait technique.
  6. Stat wise savini is the best, but really at the end of it all the person controlling Jason is what really matters. I’ve seen terrible Savini players, and Savini was my 2nd Jason kill. However take a good Jason player and give him Savini, and it’s a walk in the park. Savini really is a terribly designed Jason stat wise. He really needs a weakness, maybe -traps or - morph. I own savini, and rarely play him, as I prefer part 4 with the running + Destruction. I can deal with the trap weakness, as map control is more about Morph, and pressure.
  7. I always do well on the big maps as slow low stamina characters, but I know when to hide, and how to manage my fear and stamina.
  8. The solution to that would be a voting system between only 2 random maps. For example vote between Packinack small and Jarvis. Then the wining map wouldn’t be an option again till the other maps got picked at least once.
  9. I loathe Packinack small. I was in a lobby yesterday, and the host would pick it every single time. After the 4th round. I asked him let’s do Higgins or Jarvis, and his response was “Packinack small is easy” and refused to try a different map. The play style of the host was a Vanessa who would just window hop the entire match. So obviously a bad player who can only survive by using the easiest character on the easiest map. I wish the decision wasn’t up to a host, and had a voting system in place
  10. We had to download Savini through the PlayStation store, and I remember reading somewhere PlayStation even required the item to come with a price tag, even though the backers already paid. So that’s why sony accidentally released him with a price.
  11. Yeah sometimes letting the cops get called is the smart call between letting a vehicle get away. This depends on the Jason, but a vehicle can escape the map in under a minute
  12. I find as long as the cops don’t get called till at least halfway through a match I can wear down the remaining window hoppers, before the dance party. Part 4 has a difficult time stopping a car, but grinding down window hoppers is easy.
  13. Yeah that’s usually how I play, if I’m going for a Jason kill. A coordinated group can be difficult to deal with for sure. All the more reason I stay away from -defense and no weapon strength Jason’s
  14. When I play part 4 I’d rather have the cops called than have a car get started. I’m a decent Jason at stopping cars, but it’s tough, and you only get one chance. I find since more and more counsellors work together, and roll in groups, it favors part 4 aggressive style. Most matches I have half the lobby is dead before all my traps are spent anyways.
  15. Yeah J2 is great against randoms, but Jason Kill groups he will get his ass handed to him. J4 is great at groups which seems to be the norm more and more