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  1. I agree, and especially with the law suit and freeze on content. Doing worth while balance changes is a great way to keep things interesting. imagine if for one week they gave Jason a smaller music radius, and removed Jason off the map. That would change up the game, it would be a fun event, and I think they could do that without it being considered new content. Then after a week or so they switch it back to normal.
  2. Obviously balance changes can be made without over buffing, or going to extreame lengths to make stealth counsellors into untraceable Ninja's. That's not what i'm suggesting, and any capable game developer would know the push and pull effect of buffs and nerfs. When I refer to nerfing -Sense, it's only to -sense, so only part 3,8 would be affected. This would be considered a buff to normal and +sense jason's Yes that's right. Part 3 and 8 would struggle finding counsellors, but still maintain a solid control of objectives, while part 7,6 would be be more viable at Hunting, but still suffer at objective control and that's the balance I'm talking about in terms of every Jason having clearly defined Strengths/Weaknesses. Simple balance changes, are a good thing, and with the changes I'm suggesting would create a stronger emphasis on play style, and variety. And NO I don't want all Jason's playing the exact same. That's boring, and bad for the game. "Meta" can be changed. If you simply take away the tools that sway casual players to take the easy road. And WHEN a new "Meta" forms the developers can steer it in a better direction with a higher skill Ceiling compared to the old "Meta" What I'm suggesting would put further emphasis on what you just said "it's all about the player that uses him" I agree and that can be enhanced even more. On the whole. I do think Jason could use a buff in terms of HP and normal and +Stalk could use a boost. Personally I don't want a simple part 4 buff, I do think part 4 is currently well designed. In the past I think part 4 could use a change to either -traps, or -shift, but that would lose Part 4 play style, and make him to similar to other Jasons. Like I said earlier, I wish the Developers put a stronger emphasis on ALL Jasons strengths and weaknesses. And the same goes for Counsellors. I do think balance changes is possible, without lowering the skill level of good players, and without making Counsellor victories even easier.
  3. Just because you do well with Stealth Counsellors, and kill Vanessa's with ease doesn't mean the game may not require balance adjustments. Personally I also do well with Jenny, AJ and Lachappa, but again, that doesn't matter, as to balance a game, we need to take into consideration the overall player base, and established meta. I play a lot of First person shooters, like Battlefield, COD and Battlefront. They are games with classes, and weapons, it's very common to find one class out performing all other classes, or a weak class struggling. Some weapons are Cleary OP, while others are duds. Balance and adjustments are a good thing, and they level the playing field, while still maintaining variety in play styles. In regards to F13 if GUN has the data. I would not be at all surprised if the vast majority of the population plays Vanesssa as Counsellor and Part 3,8 Jason's. Now depending on their data they could also see the survival rate of specific counsellors, and kill rate of Jasons. From my experience. I see an overwhelming amount of people play Vanessa, and Part 3,8 Jasons. And judging by the topics on this forum, alot of people would agree. Now in regards to some balance changes I suggested, this is simply to level the playing field of the counsellors, and to make All counsellors a viable pick...... again doesnt matter if I already do well with Lachappa, this is about the overall player-base. This can be done and STILL maintain variety in play styes, and in fact this would enhance that variety. As we would hopefully see more lobbies with a mix of counsellors. Same goes for Jason. I'm so tired of seeing part3,8 dominate lobbies. I prefer Part 4, as he's a high skill level hard to master Jason, and is fun to play. But again it doesn't matter if I kill lobbies of Vanesa's as part 4, the reality is a majority of the player base struggles with part 4, and they pick the easiest to use Jason, such as part 3,8 Part 4,2 and 6 in my opinion are well designed Jasons. They have clear strengths and Weaknesses, and I wish that's how all Jasons played. Part 3,8 and some extent part 5 are essentially Jack of all trades Jasons. Their weaknesses are almost non-existant. So when I say the -Sense stat should be nerfed, it's to put parts 3,8 on a level playing field as part 4,2,6 while maintaining a strong variety in play style, with a clear sense of strength and weakness.
  4. If Vanessa’s wasn’t a good counsellor you would not see lobbies filled with Vanessa’s. A vast majority of people will pick the easiest and most accessible character. same goes for Jason. Which is why we see so many part 3 and 8 This is common in all multiplayer games. doesn't matter if you do well with Lachapa or Jenny. They are considered bad by a large majority of players. I do think Vanessa needs a slight nerf, or buff stealth counsellors and nerf -sense Jason’s. Even better do all three. Some sort of meta will always form, and shift, that’s common in all games, but this game and developers seem to take months to even address simple balance and quality of life adjustments.
  5. Well overall I do think Jason needs a buff. Mainly regarding HP and stalk. The problem with buffing the low tier Jason’s mainly regarding- shift and - traps is every Jason will play the same. And we risk losing variety and play styles, as a councillor I play differently going against a part 6 compared to part 2 I think all strengths and weaknesses need to be re-evaluated.
  6. Yeah me too, it’s boring playing those Jason’s. we probably would of never needed a part 7 buff if part 3,8 had actual weaknesses. Part 7 +sense would of been a highly regarded ability, if part 3,8 -sense was actually a weakness. I always assumed -shift was designed to keep part 2 Jason from being too OP and they applied it to part 7 without really putting much thought into it.
  7. Not necessarily, as his mask could still be removed before the timer. Putting him in a bad spot during the last 10 minutes of the game. regardless it’s too easy for Counselors to kill Jason. Whether it’s a timer, or give Jason’s more HP something needs to be done.
  8. Personally I think part 4 is a well designed Jason, he’s a Jason with clear strengths and weaknesses. That’s how all Jason’s should be. The problem with part 4 Jason is other Jason’s with no weaknesses. Part 3,8 are actually poorly designed Jason’s. Their too easy to use, and have no negatives. Too buff part 4 is simple. Nerf parts 3,8 hear me out . - sense should actually be a crippling weakness. - sense Jason’s shouldn’t be able to cancel sense, so they have to do a full cool down. Also reduce the area of sense significantly even in Rage. - stun needs to actually be noticeable. Perhaps add an extra 1-2 seconds of stun time, and make getting free from traps or sitting back up much more difficult. Think of it as chad trying to escape Jasons grab. - grab is almost a throwaway weakness, and should be replaced with something else. A new weakness. -grab is a perfect example to the poor balance choices the developers have made. I know this may not be a popular opinion to nerf 2 of the most used Jason’s, but it’s a very poor design choice from the developers to have made Jason’s as good as 3 and 8, as they simply become the gold standard that every other Jason is compared to.
  9. I do well with part 4, but I agree the combination of -traps and -shift can be very crippling at times. -shift in general should be reworked. Either keep the 40 second cool down with no speed penalty, or keep the speed penalty and go to a 30 second cool down.
  10. I don’t think balance is correct in a asymmetrical game. you have a powerful killer that can destroy lobbies of newbs and uncoordinated groups. But you place that killer in a half decent group that sticks together and understands teamwork, than that killer is a punching bag. I come from the mind set that the killers need regular buffs to counteract the meta. Especially in a game like Friday where the selection process alone means people will put more hours in playing the Counselors, and less practice as the killer. Meaning it doesn’t take long for the overall player base to become extremely good at Counsellors. I hope Gun keeps the Jason buffs coming. I’m open to a few changes. I like the idea that maybe Tommy can still stun rage Jason, but overall I hope they keep buffing him every couple months.
  11. I’m loving the new patch. Jason is feared again! I do like some of the ideas I’ve read in the forum like making Tommy the only stun counter to a Rage Jason, and even making the Last counsellor alive the ability to stun Rage Jason. However I do think more buffs are needed for Jason 1- remove Jason from the minimap. To counter this change, maybe the flair gun spot radius and length could be buffed. 2- enhance Stalk. Should last twice as long, as running burns it up too fast. 3- minimize Jason’s proximity music, you should only hear his music if he’s practically on top of you.
  12. I’ve seen many Jason’s killed this patch. Sure it was prior rage, but any half decent player will adapt regardless if he’s in Rage or not. my survival as a counselor is about the same. Now I just need to work a little bit harder to survive. heck the other night I was landing hits on Rage Jason just to boost my stamina, and escape to the cops. Jason needs to be op, and I hope this is the first of many new buffs they give Jason. That’s my opinion as a counselor, I don’t want to escape or kill Jason every game. I want a challenge. Keep the buffs coming Gun.
  13. Jason needs to be OP The average player becomes to good at playing counsellors simply because the way the selection process is designed. More hours as a counselor means more time to develop the skill needed to survive. We needed this patch a year ago, but I’m happy it’s hear. I don’t find it fun surviving every single match. I welcome the challenge of surviving and even killing an extremely OP Jason I hope more buffs are given to Jason stalk needs a buff. Minimize Jason’s Music radius, and please remove Jason from the minimap.
  14. Fair enough. not much has changed for me. I still escape and fight Jason. Just the last 5-10 minutes of a match it’s more difficult, and I welcome the challenge. Also remember that fun goes both ways here. Counselors had and still have it very easy in this game. Just by the amount of time people play counselors they will naturally be more skilled at it, as playing Jason is rare in comparison. I got the 1000 rounds as a counselor within a few months of release. I still haven’t played Jason 1000 rounds almost 2 years later. Set traps, save your pocket knives, and fight than flight. No need to drag on a match for 20 minutes.
  15. Nope. I didn’t miss a thing. Just because I wrote a post on this forum, and left some details out, doesn’t mean my stance on Jason is forever bound by a few posts. I would also like to see more tools added to Jason’s arsenal. However I could argue he just had a significant boost to a few prior tools, but I’m totally game for more. The fact is, Counselors had it sooooo easy. Now they just have it easy. No need for the “sooooo” any more, but still easy non the less.
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