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  1. I'm looking forward to using Victoria, and could potentially replace Jenny, but Jenny has 10 composure, which is a severely underrated and misunderstood stat. Victoria has 7 stamina compared to Jenny's 5, but with Jenny's high composure means her stamina Regen is much faster, and this could be Victoria's downfall.
  2. More kills should be released with single player challenges, and hopefully we get the remaining kill packs soon
  3. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    Hiding pre-rage is part of my MO. I never hide longer than a minute, and only long enough for Jason to morph away, so I can tank his trap at the phone box, and hide again. I do wish Jason had his sense and stalk swapped, so the first 5 minutes you could actually hide behind a tree or bush.
  4. I agree. 4 speed is not bad at all. I consistently out pace Jason as Lachappa or Jenny with only 3 speed. Stamina is vital for long Chases, and Victorias 7 stamina will make her last most encounters.
  5. Like her stats. She’s gonna be my main for sure. Jenny may be taking the backseat for bit. I wish she had a bit more composure, but her stamina/luck and stealth makes her a good hit, run and hide counselor. Also her 3 repair gives her an edge over Jenny/Chad. I’m always repairing with 2, and hopefully 3 repair gives her a slow 4 point skill check or more consistent 5 point skill check. I’m gonna roll with medic and 2 fear resistannt perks to compensate for that low composure.
  6. They stated many times Jx and Grendel wouldn’t be coming in the next patch. Most patches seem to arrive later in the day. Usually 2pm pst, so hope is not lost yet. However they never announced a patch would even drop today, and yet as far as I know they haven’t said No to a patch dropping today? 🧐
  7. Only thing chad has over Jenny is 9 speed. Which is a useless stat, as speed as low as 3 can outrun any Jason. However I understand how some people consider speed high tier, and maybe it helps them evade more efficiently, but I’d rather have those speed points go towards composure or stamina. Id take Jenny’s 10 Composure and 5 stamina over chads 9 speed and a slightly better Luck Victoria seems to be a balance between Chad and Jenny. I’d say she’s a better version of Chad, just because she can wear the sweater.
  8. I do like Jenny’s 10 Composure. Composure has so many benefits. Especially with keeping fear low, and the benefit that has on stamina regen. Which is usually why I always go back to Jenny. However Victoria may be my 2nd go to. I’ll probably load her up on fear resistant perks.
  9. Nice Stats. I may have found a Jenny replacement. Does anyone recognize the background? Looks very similar to Part 7 Shepard house. I wonder if this is a tease for a part 7 map 🤔
  10. If you’re hiding as Jason that’s worse than being killed, and not worth bragging about. I’d rather be killed than spend the rest of the match hiding in the water.
  11. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    This is a welcome change. Whenever a part 7 Jason entered a lobby it was all to common to have him rage quit. Hopefully this changes that. normal shift and weapon strength is a good start. Stun weakness sucks, but I’d take that over -defense anyday
  12. Carrying Matches

    I came back as Tommy, used my pocket knife on the phone trap, called the cops, fixed the 4 seater all by my self. Was telling people to meet me on the main road, except all I heard was people screaming at Jason, and running around in circles juking Jason. Jason finally morphed to me, and I continued juking Jason in the car, stalling him, so the cops would arrive and everyone could escape by cops. No one even tried coming towards the road, I eventually left once the cops arrived. In the lobby the players where still not at the cop exit, even though I bought them 5 minutes to go from Blair’s to the exit. Of course they died, cause their stupid, and didn’t even try to escape. Once the game ended these lazy assholes continued to say I was a terrible Toxic Tommy, and I should of saved them. Why did I leave? Where was I? Even though I called the cops. I told them to meet me by the road, so I could pick them up, when they didn’t I distracted Jason and bought them time to get to the police exit. What more could I have done. Give these assholes a piggyback to the exit?
  13. I agree with a lot of your points, but disagree on reducing Jason’s speed, and this is coming from a person that always plays Jenny, Lachappa. Jason shouldn’t Git Gud anymore that counselors should git gud on stamina management and map awareness.
  14. Yeah there’s lots of crybaby losers out there. The other day I had the same thing happen, we actually got the kill animation, but he rage quit, unfortunately there’s no points awarded until the kill is completed. They gotta fix that. I’ve been killed twice, and I’ll never run away as Jason. I don’t care if I’m out numbered and running towards my death, Jason should never run away and hide. I’ll go out hacking till the end.
  15. I agree something different or better than the counselors system would be best. This game may need to do something to expand the longevity of the game and to keep people playing, expanding on the counselors perk system is a start, and maybe implementing something for Jason would be a nice addition, but would have to be subtle, and not game breaking for the counselors