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  1. Map- Jarvis Jason part 4 with the machete counselors - Jenny objectives- boat escape dislikes- packinak small
  2. dandop1984

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    I’d say it’s less risky killing Jason than going for a boat escape... And that sucks on so many levels.
  3. Jason’s new grab, is fine. Just practice in offline bots. you can’t spam Jason’s grab like before, but you’ll find it’s more accurate.
  4. Thank you Wes I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my machete sharpened new content can resume.
  5. I just hope Stalk gets a huge buff. Should last twice as long when walking. Currently it’s difficult to set Jason up for the right moment. Give Jason a few more hit points, and put the Tommy tower on the map, or have the area where the Tommy tower is already be without power, to limit the chances of Tommy being called within the first few seconds of a match.
  6. Interesting to see the poll numbers and it goes to show how much people rely on their traps and shift to catch counselors. I do well with part 4, and rely on my map awareness to keep objectives under control, and I rarely have to shift grab anymone. However I do think for the benefit of the average player they could buff minus trap Jason’s. Just give them 4 traps. That would go a long way, or replace the weakness altogether with a useless weakness like grip strength. I know some people think not all Jason’s should be the same, but the average player won’t want to handicap themselves, when they can just pick a balanced part 8 Jason
  7. I’ve been killed as Jason, but that’s not why I’m asking for a Jason buff. Myself and various groups I’ve played with have become very efficient at killing Jason. When the game first launched Jason was much harder to kill. The followng are gameplay changes that buffed counsellors, and nerfed Jason. -Traps could never remove his mask. Now they do. - Team killing made it so most counsellors would injure or kill fellow teammates by mistake. Now they can swing away, with no penalty or risk. - Jason use to have a stun resistance, so chain stunning wasn’t possible. - Jason’s window break animation use to allow him easy hits on counsellors. Now they are protected by invisibility frames. - counsellors use to lose stamina points while swinging a weapon. Now they don’t, so any counselors from Deborah to AJ can fight as much as their weapons allow. I’m sure there’s more, and take into account the overall player base becomes better at playing counsellors simply do to the amount of time they play as one. Gun always intended for a Jason kill to be a rare feat. Now it’s as rare as flipping a coin, and it landing on heads.
  8. The developers could give Jason more hit points. Severely limit pocket knives. Maybe 1 per small map, and 2 per normal map. Not including Tommys knife. Give Jason back his stun resistance to minimize chain stunning, and allow Jason’s meelee strikes to override a counsellors meelee. Limit the stun chance on all weapons including the bat, and penalize counselors who miss a swing with a stamina decrease. Jason’s rage mode should kick in much faster, especially in proximity with groups, and even more so when receiving damage. Jason’s mask removal should automatically put him in Rage. These small changes could limit Jason kill groups, and raise the skill level. Killing Jason should be the hardest victory, and it needs to be earned. I know adding new content is still up for debate, but hopefully more substantial balance tweaks can be made without pissing off a couple lawyers.
  9. I’m not denying combat is the counselors best tactic. I encourage it as well. I also know that not everyone wants to kill Jason, and only play Vanessa. So it’s not that I don’t agree with the meta, I just find it boring. Usually why I tend to go for car escapes as low stamina counselors. I really don’t think locking some doors and opening windows is a sub par tactic. Nor does it take away from a player who wants to play aggressive. As Jason I’ve killed many counselors good and bad simply because a door was left open. As a counselor I’ve been killed many times because some selfish Vanessa player who only cares about their pocket knife collection left a door open, only for me to land in Jason’s hand as I climbed through a window. As far as I can recall. I’ve yet to be killed because a door was locked.
  10. I said most , not all. have 3 or more windows. Some small cabins only have one, and I agree in that small cabins may be better off unlocked. Same goes for the main houses like Packinack. I prefer the cabins locked windows open strategy, as most players don’t play how You play. Any player good or bad can do well with keeping Most doors locked. Thus extending the survival of the whole group, and not just the select few like your self Your strategy suits your play style, but you’re also screwing over other players. That’s assuming they are all not level 150 aggressive Vanessa’s. I’m sure in your high tier Jason killer groups it does wonders for you. I’m referring to the overall casuals and also elite groups can do well with keeping doors locked, and windows open. your strategy only seems to benefit yourself, and a select group of talented players
  11. I can see both sides, but overall prefer the door locking strategy, as leaving a door open can screw over another player. As a counselor I also take the time to open as many windows as I can, it really doesn’t take long, and if everyone took a few extra seconds to do this, it would greatly help their chances. I seriously killed soooo many counselors who never locked a door. As Jason I love playing in lobbies with every door left wide open. I agree though certain small cabins may be best left open, and I never lock the front doors of Packinack.
  12. Yeah there’s always that possibility. Usually I’d use Sense to determine where their going, then morph ahead behind another Cabin, and if that door is left open I have an easy entrance, for another set up, or I’d just shift grab from behind the cabin. With any strategy there’s a counter to it, all it takes is for the counselor to make a mistake, even God Tier Vanessa who’s been playing since launch will slip up once in a while.
  13. Leaving doors open, just gives Jason the chance to stalk shift inside the cabin to surprise the counselor. I’ve done this so many times against aggressive high level Vanessa’s. Even if leaving the door open gives the counselors more options, it equally gives Jason’s more options. I’ve injured many counselors by slashing through a door that they try to close in my face. Most cabins have 3 or more windows to climb out of, so there’s lots of options. Except for some small cabins, and in those situations just stun Jason, or juke and go out the door once he breaks it.
  14. People that leave doors open put themselves and their team at a disadvantage. Whether they play aggressive or lone wolf it just makes Jason’s job easier.
  15. As Jason I’ve stopped morphing to the phone or car, and just skip the shack knives and morph straight to the big cabins and spawn kill people. Last game I had I was part 4 and I killed everyone without using a single trap