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  1. Last game I had on Crystal lake I found 4 pocket knives! I was practically giving them away.
  2. Jenny is one of my favourite counselors, and I know some people suggest not to fight Jason due to her low speed. I find this to be the opposite as her composure keeps the screen bright and mini map available, and stumbles to a minimal. I always track Jason on my mini map, and only run in short bursts if I see him shift, which is easy to see on the mini map. Jenny also makes one of the best Drivers in the game. Her high luck seems to start the car faster, and her Composure keeps her map up, as usually when a car is started it’s common for Jason to notice, and you may have to fight him a few times before makeing a getaway, and having a bright screen with no tunnel vision helps with navigating off road, and most importantly you can see other counselors on your mini map, so you can pick them up, and not drive by like Chad so commonly does.
  3. Jenny and Deborah. Jenny protects and fights Jason with her high luck. Deborah repairs.
  4. Slash. Slash. Grab. Pocket Knifed. Heal. Slash. Slash. Grab. Kill. Thats how I play Jason.
  5. I'm sorry this happened to you, and still happens. My Girlfriend is always reluctant to go online and use her mic because she's experienced similar attitudes from people towards her. I've encountered many female gamers on F13, and sadly it's all to common to witness a creepy douchbag guy in the lobby who thinks he's James Bond or something, but is really just an awkward Creep. I also don't understand all the people on this forum telling the poster to just deal with it, and that somehow their form of harassment maybe racial or homophobic negates hers or downplays it somehow. Come on people, harassment of any kind is wrong and shouldn't be tolerated, or ignored.
  6. One of my favourite things to do as Jason is wait in stalk inside the phone house, and even let the counselor disable my trap and repair the phone box, and then grab them while they move inside the house. Works great inside packinak. It’s a bit risky, and I’m out a trap, but it’s worth it.
  7. Any Jason with Destruction, weapon strength and normal or + shift and Normal or + Stalk is a good Jason in my opinion. My pick from strongest to weakest Savini of course Part 8 part 4 part 9 part 6 part 3 part 2 part 7
  8. Yeah the developers ruined Jason and destroyed the balance, so they could cater to the casual player who wants to survive every single match. People will tell you to adapt, or how they still get 8/8 but to the average Jason player they are screwed. They turned this into a safari hunter game, and the prey is Jason. The casual players the developers are now taking sides with won’t stick with this game for the long run. They will get bored and move on. The dedicated fans are overall pissed at this balance, and are leaving because of it. I’ve been a strong fan and supporter of this game, but with these recent changes I’m about ready to move on and play something else.
  9. I’m curious if anyone has recently timed out Jason’s attacks animation vs a counselors? I feel like this may not be true anymore, it could be Jason’s horrible hit detection or more counselors are using Swift Attacker, but it seems slow, and I frequently land hits on Jason, and can’t believe I hit him while Jason missed. Those pocket knives and health sprays are what give counsellors the over confidence they need to fight and troll Jason. I see this every match and very little skill is required. Take away those items and only brave talented players will stand against him.
  10. I use a lot of those teqniques my self. I’m not saying Counsellors need to be nerfed. I’m talking about about the overall experience being in favor for Counsellor victories almost every match. Im not a fan of nerfs. What the developers did was nerf Jason and at the same time buffed counsellors in many ways. At least in terms of weapons, health sprays and pocket knives.
  11. I'm on PS4, so I got the patch more than 22 hours ago. The poster is talking about 180 quick swings. I read your Counsellor nerf post, and nor did that slight nerf address or take away the main issues I brought up.
  12. This is becoming all to common, and yes the poster could of dealt with Battle Chad in many ways, and I’m not gonna tell him he’s playing Jason wrong, or should just learn to adapt, but here’s the problem. This post really should be the opposite. This post should be complaining that he stood his ground against Jason with a bat, and Jason cut him down every match. Not the other way around! Thats not Friday the 13th people. Jason whether he’s being controlled by a seasoned player or a casual noob needs to have the upper hand in all situations. This is not the case anymore with all the nerfs bugs and sheer amount of weapons and pocket knives available to the counsellors. Jason should be feared, and only a last resort to approach him with a weapon. Counsellors are walking tanks now, with an arsenal at their finger tips. And yes Jason can adapt and learn the new mechanics, but those mechanics are heavily scued towards the counselors favour now.
  13. Lets talk about the item increase

    Jason can't break windows while a counselor is moving though them, and many times there's an invisible barrier preventing Jason from getting close to the window while they move or jump through them Do you remember playing the game before the window change? What the developers did was break a mechanic in order to dumb the game down for the casual player who didn't realize how to enter combat stance in order to break an open vertical window.
  14. Not sure if this is a bug, but the patch notes says the fuse will no longer spawn at the phone house. Well yesterday on Higgins Haven I found the fuse inside the phone house at Blairs Cove, and called the cops within the first minute.
  15. I’m seeing more and more Jason’s rage quit. Heck I’m a decent Jason and I will no longer play small maps. If I’m Jason on a small map, expect me to quit. I don’t care anymore. The game is turning me away from it, and Ive been a devoted fan since the beta. This is so unbalanced it’s laughable. As a counselor I feel like I’m a hunter tracking the elusive Jason. I hope in the next patch they give the counselors Safari hats and the ability to skin and turn Jason into a rug, and mount his head on a plaque.