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  1. I ran Heavy Hitter on Buggzy only. He is my only "offense-build" counselor with Heavy Hitter, Slugger, and Sucker Punch. When the game first started, those 3 were a deadly combo with the old Jason stun timers. Even afterward, it would keep a Jason down for a bit. 40% is a bit much, but now that it's way less, I will likely switch to my other perk sets that I run on every other character: Thick Skin, Medic, Hypochondriac.
  2. Why is stealth bad?

    The problem with stealth is that you can never truly hide in the game because there are always ways for Jason to find you.
  3. Jason rage quitting as he's dying.

    It was on twitch. It may be on his highlights. I'll check.
  4. Jason rage quitting as he's dying.

    I watched EdEMonster stream today and he did this to a duo that were trolling. Jason had a survivor buddy that was betraying people with the 2-seat car and Jason was just trying to avoid getting caught out by Tommy and the sweater person. They somehow managed to avoid the crazy car driver and get Jason in kill animation, but the two griefers (for lack of a better term) quit before the animation finished. No kill XP, nothing.
  5. No, but I still get the host to rage quit in quick play.
  6. Level Raise Question

    I would assume it is just more variants. Hopefully better looking too. Many of the patterns for recolors were very bland.
  7. Illfonics Negligence

    Making the list allowed me to see how frequently DbD pushes out new content, and that is great for their company. My only fault with DbD currently is that there is a clear divide between PC and console support, whereas F13 keeps most equal for all versions of the game. I like both games, but I can see your points. I still love F13 for what it is.
  8. Illfonics Negligence

    To be fair though, looking at the paid DLC types are much different too. Where DbD is making you pay for new survivors and killers, F13 releases them for free with new updates and offers cosmetic paid DLC instead. The DLC in F13 has no impact on gameplay, whereas the DLC for DbD are new characters that affect gameplay. I find that DbD has had more "cash grabs" by releasing popular horror movie killers instead of designing their own characters. I would rather see something unique that the team designed rather than just trying to pick up as many horror franchises as they can. For F13, we all knew that supporting F13 meant we would always get Jason because the game is specific to the F13 franchise. $9 is nothing to me. I gave my money to the team to support them and I have exclusive content because of it. If you feel as though you are getting ripped-off, maybe you should think twice before you support a kickstarter game again. Look at the full list of Paid vs. Free DLC for each game and tell me the differences. You want to play a new character in DbD? You better have $7 to do so. Dead by Daylight (released June 2016) Paid DLC 80s Suitcase - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - September 2016 Halloween Chapter - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - October 2016 Bloodstained Sack - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - November 2016 Of Flesh and Mud Chapter - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - December 2016 Spark of Madness - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - May 2017 Headcase - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - June 2017 Charity Case - Cosmetic Pack $4.99 - August 2017 Leatherface - Character Pack $3.99 - September 2017 Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - October 2017 Dead by Daylight Free DLC Last Breath Chapter - Character/Map Pack - August 2016 Left Behind (PC Exclusive) - Character Pack - March 2017 Lullaby for the Dark Chapter - Character/Map Pack - July 2017 F13 the Game (released May 2017) Paid DLC Savini Jason (Backer Exclusive) - Character $6.00 - May 2017 Counselor Clothing Pack (Backer Exclusive) - Cosmetic Pack $9.00 - May 2017 Spring Break Clothing Pack - Cosmetic Pack $1.99 - September 2017 Dancing Emote Pack - Cosmetic Pack $1.99 - October 2017 Halloween Costume Pack - Cosmetic Pack $1.99 - October 2017 Part IV Premium Kill Pack - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - October 2017 F13 the Game Free DLC Retro Jason - Cosmetic Skin (Soon to be Character) - June 2017 Retro Counselor Clothing Pack - Cosmetic Pack - June 2017 Small Maps (x3) - New Maps - August 2017 Free Emote DLC - Cosmetic Pack - August 2017 Bloody Jason Skins (Retail Edition) - October 2017* Counselor Clothing Pack (Retail Edition) - October 2017* Part IV Content Update - Character/Map Pack - October 2017 Fox Counselor - Character - October 2017 (*this DLC comes free with physical copies of the game)
  9. Uber Jason > Custom Jason > Roy. Basically every other option before Roy.
  10. Yes, and I don't have to listen to counselors complaining about grabbing people using Darth Vader force.
  11. A Stalk Buff Poll

    I liked someone's suggestion that stalk become a passive skill you get that you don't have to toggle.
  12. I've been thinking the snowflake is not Christmas any longer, and it is a representation of the beginning of winter (or December) instead.
  13. There is too much reliance on teamwork and not enough people using microphones (at least on console) to support a ranked mode.
  14. I stopped watching a lot of them because of this as well. Before TK was removed, popular streamers were just running Battle Royale matches all the time.
  15. DbD vs F13

    Both games have balance issues in their current state. Any popular DbD streamer on Twitch can be found complaining about how easy it is for all 4 survivors to rush generators and escape without ever being seen by the killer. Objectives are easier on DbD and the game itself is much more competitive. The game drives my anxiety up a wall because I'm always worried about pipping up from a round and less focused on enjoying the gameplay. The only massive upside to DbD is the varied roster of killers. F13 is much more casual and has varied objectives. There is much less diversity in killer (clearly), but each Jason plays differently. F13 clearly ramps up differently too. It takes longer to complete objectives and requires cooperation to get the largest number of survivors to escape, but there are also crescendo points in which the game can hit that climactic moment during a chase that I don't feel playing DbD. Clearly there are some balance issues in F13 as well, but no game is perfect. That said, if I had to choose one, it would be F13.