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  1. I've found other perks to be more useful. I don't run it on any of my characters because I find other perks to be more slot effective.
  2. It's been an issue for a few patches now. I was experiencing it back in October and reported it through Jasonkillsbugs.com, but nothing ever came of it clearly.
  3. I was coming here to say the same thing! Hopefully the Halloween movie this year kicks these guys in the ass to resolve the copyright battle quicker to keep the franchise alive.
  4. Any future content updates are "unfeasible." In the eyes of the developers, it's inconvenient to release new content for the game. Everyone has a different definition of content. I think that snow and daylight is new content, as it's changing the current game other than mechanics/bug fixes.
  5. I've spent so many hours on this game since the first few days of release (when I literally couldn't get past the main menu and into a game because of the database login failures). I've met so many great people that I play with regularly, and I've definitely gotten the value out of the game. As someone who wasn't really into Dead by Daylight, but bought it begrudgingly, Friday the 13th was a game that I truly enjoyed and could go back to time and time again, unlike other asymmetrical horror games. I kept playing. I may not have been as active, but I kept playing when I wanted to revisit it. I love the game, despite it's glaring flaws, and I hope that the developer team loves this game as much as I do and fights to keep it going. Don't give up. Don't let the legal issues dissuade you from pushing to keep this game alive after everything that you've done. The game has so much more potential and I would hate to see it fall apart like this.
  6. The real shady part is that they rushed a patch before June to make sure that they hit that cutoff before all of this legal stuff went into effect. But this case has been ongoing for years now, since the 2009 reboot film.
  7. A Summer Camp game would be great if they could get things right the second time around. It would also give them many more creative opportunities to do different killers, characters, clothing, maps, etc.
  8. They've entirely given up on even attempting to push forward. I'm surprised that nobody caught the use of "unfeasible" in their original emails sent out for PR purposes. The word literally means that it's inconvenient or impractical, not that they've been restricted due to the lawsuits, or that they've been put in a position where the game is at risk legally. They've literally told us that creating future content for the game is not convenient for them, using this Cunningham v. Miller case as a scapegoat.
  9. I find it rather intriguing that it's not "we are shelving future content for now," and it ended up being "we are canceling future content."
  10. This is disappointing. I was hoping that it wouldn't come to this.
  11. My biggest concern was that the outcry after the initial engine update caused the developer team to rush a fix instead of taking a little more time to push out a hotfix. Clearly the update hasn't gone over so well on PC and PS4.
  12. I don't believe I've read anyone saying it's easy to deal with a large group of counselors (because it's not, but you still have to play it smart), but you can't fucking nerf counselors because they are coordinated against you. OP is literally bitching because coordinated counselors can kick Jason's ass, and he doesn't think that's fair when all they really have against Jason is a number advantage.
  13. Finally, someone who understands! Onto OP's original topic, I've played a lot of QP independently and PM with groups. I've seen how it is on both sides, and I still stand firm to my own opinion of the game's balance. The major differences between QP and PM on console is communication and players. Players that are just queue up for QP are often solo (not always), looking for a quick match, and might not even talk. I don't take the game as seriously when I do QP for that sole reason. When I am in a PM on F13, I know that I'm likely with older players that have skill and require communication to be a part of their lobbies. That's just the way that they roll. This translates into the game to be: Jason can do okay in a QP match vs. Jason gets his ass handed to him in a PM. It really doesn't have much to do with counselors being OP, or Jason being weak. It has everything to do with communication being a key part of surviving in the game. DBD is essentially the same way. Survivors can body block, distract, or pallet slam the killer in some situations that will assist the person they are queued up with. When you run solo and the killer gets you, you're pretty much S.O.L.. The key differences in both situations is communication and player skill. In QP very seldom do I find someone with a microphone on Xbox (and if they do have one, I likely mute them because they're 10 years old). In PMs, I don't always see Jason get his ass beat. There's Jason players out there that are good enough to clear a lobby. It's just become that much more clear over the past 2 weeks to see who has had a couple bad rounds as Jason in private matches. Go queue up for some QP for a bit, you'll do fine as Jason there. TL;DR: Quick Play and Private Matches run very differently. Communication is key to success and skill levels will vary depending on the lobby you are in. People just need to stop whining and find ways to play smarter or improve their skills.
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