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  1. How I spent my Double XP Weekend

    I played offline bots to power level through the last 15.
  2. Toxic Community

    I guess I'm in the minority for not doing it to Jason players in public matches. I dance when I'm in private lobbies with my buddies when we all meet in a cabin, or when I pick on my best friend for trying to come at me when she plays Jason. I have been on the receiving end of dancing counselors when they hit me, and I laugh at it. I just don't understand why people are so sensitive to all of it. It's silly for people to become so enflamed over an emote that was meant to be silly and light hearted.
  3. Toxic Community

    Too many people are too sensitive to things like someone dancing in a video game.
  4. I've learned to keep expectations low with this game.
  5. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    You're joking, right? Lmfao. Go somewhere, kid.
  6. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    Don't know why you're getting all bent out of shape for me expressing my opinion that other people in this thread clearly agree with. It's like people can't have an opposing opinion or something.
  7. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    I never said that it wasn't nice to have options. Hell, I've been one to say there should be more cosmetics. I just said they mean nothing overall in leveling beyond 44. Does it really matter that Vanessa gets 10 shades of colors on the same track suit? No.
  8. What's the point of levels 45-102?

    Silly cosmetics that mean nothing. Lol.
  9. Agreed. I wish the traps were yellow or something so we could see if they were triggered or not over an objective.
  10. Why don't we just start the game with counselors in the injured state and remove all objectives from the map so there is no escape? Stop bitching and just enjoy the game.
  11. Things About The New Update

    No, they just do infinite pallet loops, teabag stunned killers and point/taunt the killer.
  12. Things About The New Update

    Probably not, but I often pop in from one private lobby to the next using the LFG function.
  13. Things About The New Update

    I play a mix of both, and I can easily 8/8 in this patch, so you don't need to challenge me because I already do this normally. You can give me 10 separate private lobbies on Xbox and I can 8/8 every time because Jason's gameplay is boring and repetitive. Not that counselor gameplay isn't either, but it seems like there is 0 challenge to playing Jason.
  14. Things About The New Update

    I find that Jason gameplay is very boring now because it's almost too easy. Out of all the games I've played in the new patch, I've only had problems in one match because there were 3 Adam counselors queued up together.
  15. Too hard to escape?

    Adaptation is to become used to new conditions. Clearly this wasn't the case if everyone was bitching and moaning about how the game was "unplayable" for 4 months. It was almost exactly the opposite. People posting new threads everyday about how they would stop playing if Jason didn't "become great again." Adaptation at it's finest, clearly. A bunch of whiny internet heroes with a firm opinion.