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  1. All I want is to swap weapons why on earth is it 113? That’s such a high level
  2. I have hundreds of hours in this game and I’m only lvl 71. I really want to get the weapon swap ability but I’d need to damn near double been playing the game since launch. I don’t want to wait 2 years to get this. Can they make it so weapon swap comes at a lower level
  3. I’ve had this game since the Second literally it was available on the Xbox store I supported the game since the day the kickstarter was announced and got saving skin. I was SUPER excited when they revealed weapon switch and couldn’t wait. Then they revealed its a 113 unlock. I have a lot of time into the game and I’m only level 57 i find it very difficult leveling up and even with the 2.3 weekend it’s still taking forever. 113 is a huge number I don’t really know why it would need to be so high. If it’s too keep people playing I think making a Jason a higher level would be a better choice. Or making it so you unlock certain weapons as you level up. Or at least make it so single player challenges give you a decent amount
  4. Next week is Friday the 13th so do you think the update will come out next week
  5. Next week is Friday the 13th so do you think the update will come out next week
  6. I like part 7 the only change they Should make is making his Shift standard instead of Weak and making his morph a weakness instead
  7. What if there is a legit reason. What if someone turns off your console? What if you have leave for an emergency? What if the power went out? What if you just felt like playing another game?
  8. That's EXACTLY the situation I was in. There was someone calling the police AND escaping in the car while I was in the boat. Since he's part 7 it's easy to catch the boat so why not. The police were called and the car escaped but I payed the price
  9. It's impossible to stop or juke part 7 or 8 Jason's while escaping in the boat since they are faster and if they dump you out the boat there is NOTHING you can do. There should be a way to stun Jason or make it so he can't track the boat on the map because it's ridiculous right now.
  10. Any time I try and join a game from my friends list and they are in a party I get a connecting to party loop that NEVER ends. Xbox
  11. 90% of the time I play with a group of new people they make me jason and praise me and ask a lot of questions about it and tell me how lucky I am. It makes me feel special when everybody yells at the Host to make me jason?
  12. They could have her as another person that shows imp when you use the radio or have some other way of calling her. She can use her powers to lock doors from a distance, open windows from a distance, and set off Jason's traps IF the payer notices them. She would have an ability where if she's in the water or boat and Jason is near in the water her dad will show up out of the water and pull Jason down. The Jason player has to Mash the button in order to break free. I feel this would help with escaping on the boat from part 7 and 8 Jason's.
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