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  1. +shift and +morph aren't going to happen. Same as Can Run and +shift. Maybe a little less impossible but very unlikely. I'd bet on +destruction +grip +stun resistance Who knows though?
  2. @Trident77 You don't know the numbers either and what you are doing is looking at Steam numbers and assuming they are independent one-offs and unlikely to represent the whole. I think you are the one being dishonest or absurdly optimistic. The fact is you like the game and want others to like the game as well to justify your own like of it in spite of the long list of reasons to not. The problem with F13 is that the cool things the game brings to the table are all executed rather poorly and the sum is a snowball of mediocrity. Not knowing something conclusively doesn't mean one is incapable of using deductive reasoning to hypothesize a likelihood. 'Nuff said.
  3. @Trident77I haven't seen the console numbers but considering they have to deal with host quitting issues I cannot imagine them to be any better percentage wise regarding how many copies sold to how many players still play. I doubt seriously it competes with DbD there either. It should, but thanks to Gun it probably doesn't and definitely doesn't compete on PC. The numbers on Steam are free for anyone to see. I don't understand the logic in assuming a game that is worse on a console would be doing far better than PC with a better experience. I can't for the life of me figure out how they didn't know that host quitting would be an issue. You have to be oblivious to objective reality in internet gaming, which fits with the rest of the issues outlined. As to bashing, name something I stated that isn't the truth. Truth is its own defense and one doesn't get to take offense to it less the world become one of lies and liars. @HancoveTalk about being in denial! "they somehow spent their money to play the game and don't play it." Yeah, because it's a subpar experience, it isn't hard to figure out. The longer it takes Gun to pull the game together with the more aged the game the further disinterested people become. Gaming companies simply do not have as long as they desire to complete tasks. The loop of F13 is not deep enough to give people a multi-year plan. Heck, perks aren't even counselor specific and Jason has none to earn.
  4. You stand in disagreement with the 90% that quit already. I mean sure, you can refuse to admit any faults the game has and stand unwavering that it's better but the numbers speak for themselves.
  5. I didn't think you addressed me at all. F13 is boring. That's why only a few hundred still play it. It's clunky, the perks are nonsensical in that lesser rarity can have better stats than the rarer and the devs are slow as molasses. The mechanics are tedious in that trying to pull off better kills typically ends in counselors breaking free so most go for a head punch or choke. The perks counselors use are the same tedious meta coupled with the same tedious counselor selection. The strategy for maps is the same. Trap here and there and kill. Chasing cars is the most retarded gameplay I've ever came across when after you disable the car it fixes itself by turning the ignition, preceded by a Scooby Doo style runaround and stun session. Then of course there is the what seems to be 100% stun rate with certain builds. I know it's a genre/format limitation but it becomes monotonous when coupled with the rest of the issues. I get that this is your game of choice and you feel personally responsible to defend it but as a backer I can comfortably say its been a huge letdown and has without question soured me to funding anything through Kickstarter in the future. I feel especially sorry for the guys who paid 10k to be in the game because i'd gamble on them not playing anymore at this point. It can be changed of course though I believe the lost community is gone for good. Better games are constantly coming out and while they may not be the same genre they take the attention off f13 from people who were interested in it.
  6. Nah. DbD is a better game for a better price with more content and more addicting gameplay. It isn't the same game but things work and it's smooth. F13 feels rough and is taking eons to get in a good place that makes people want to stay and play it. It might get there one day but for now, there is no comparison.
  7. Caliph

    Game sucks.

    Then just pick Savini... I don't want to pick Savini, I want to pick random and occasionally play Savini.
  8. Caliph

    Game sucks.

    Could you elaborate more? Yes, no matter how accurate you attempt to be it feels wonky. Unpolished. What further elaboration do you need? Just about everything that should require finesse and feel smooth to pull off doesn't. It feels more like luck and always rough. Swinging a weapon, precision course correction while shifting, weapon swings, environment interaction, object loops, etc. A poorly programmed experience isn't a part of balancing, it's just shit programming.
  9. I think that unless they start making serious inroads on the overall quality of gameplay it will be a pointless endeavor.
  10. I know it's going to bug people to read that but it just does. As Jason, you deal with nothing but the lamest shit every game. A loop around furniture that the supernatural killer can't move, chasing a window vault, or a car full of people that each have the capability of easily stunning you while a med spray heals through your weapon damage. Nevermind the shit mini-game of keeping the destroyed car, destroyed, while trying to manage the counselors. Then you have this inaccurate shift that is supposed to make up for all of it and it doesn't because even if you use it successfully you still deal with a plethora of pocket knives. You can stop people from disconnecting with the Salt Mines but you can't make people want to play it. It's just bad and your team is taking all this time to deal with console issues while PC is dying. For fuck's sake, I can't play Savini if I choose Jason to be random and mute flat out doesn't work. You dudes made a lot of money and so far the experience is marginally better than a fertilizer breakfast. I've tried playing the last two days and quit after just a game. Both of the games I was Jason, did 6+ or better kills and still had no fun. The mechanics and the polish are shit. Complete tedium. The combat is supposed to require skill yet is wonky and doesn't allow for much more than luck. I can imagine being Jason both of those games was no coincidence, no one else wants the job. I can't honestly see a point where this team will fix it before there is no one left who wants to play it. I can't even tell if the devs understand the issues or how bad it sucks to play. It isn't a git gud issue, because I am good. I can leave for months and still come back and slaughter. But being good doesn't make the game fun.
  11. The name originally came from fishing. You would throw a question out trolling for answers. Typically involving subjects that would lead to arguments over the answers. Now it is defined by saying/doing something to upset another.
  12. I like the cut of your jib, mate.
  13. Caliph

    Jason Coming to DbD?

    Could it be that is the cheapest and/or available license? Or perhaps being used as a filler image to avoid disclosing the final? The rest of the post, perks and avatar frame, looks super authentic.
  14. If it's a forgery it's a damn good one.