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  1. You just need better Jason's with a flair for the cinematic. My Jason's are all each equipped with their three weapon kills and one additional kill that either fits their look or movie. Savini gets asphyxiate, part 8 the head punch, 7 the eye gouge, 6 the counselor/Jason camera cameo face-lock and crush, part 2 a backbreaker, 9 a heart punch, etc. I typically do not reuse the same kill and add in weapon slashing and environmental kills. When I asphyxiate on Savini it's usually after shifting inside of a cabin where no environmental kill is handy. I found it fitting with his style due to his sudden appearance from a shift. It felt cold and calculating. I go to great lengths to put on a show. Jason in the movies did so I honor that.
  2. I'm under the belief the order that powers unlock should be customizable. I'm not even against all powers being unlocked from the start. Jason is Jason and in the movies, he didn't become stronger as time went on though I concede things ramped up towards the middle and end of the movies. Unless you count the remake in which Jason went for a huge combo right in the beginning. Granted it was telling a story of a past group they still all died in rapid succession. I'm a good Jason, I could deal with Shift unlocked first over Morph on my Savini even though it could cost me the phone from time to time.
  3. I reread the post and though my detailing of Stealth issues is the same let me address the actual sense spamming part as it's tied in but a separate issue. I do think it could use a shorter cooldown overall but any use of it should invoke the full-timer. What Sogreth is finding problematic is that Sense can be activated for 1 second, have a building light up then be turned off and reused a second later. I actually agree with that because Sense is so convenient there are times where pings are made irrelevant. If I Sense someone in a building and begin to enter when that survivor flees the building I have no cool down in which I have to use sound to determine where they headed. It makes escaping Jason quite difficult in that aspect.
  4. I think it should be as each Jason is unlocked. Having read some mods on here detailing the issue with level requirements I don't see the need for arbitrarily preventing people from using the weapons and Jason's they have already earned in the combination of their choosing with additional timesinks.
  5. You aren't ever going to get a stealth gameplay that allows you to remove the killers actions from the equation. Meaning, you won't ever be able to master stealth and go completely undetectable. It's a non-starter as to do so means a guaranteed win by the time limit for those capable enough to exploit it. As it stands a stealth character can survive a very long time with proper fear management. They can burn through the timer easily if the rest of the team doesn't die immediately leaving the stealth player with an unreasonable amount of time to survive. There is a 20-minute time limit in the game. If no one does a single objective and each person can last 3 minutes in a chase by Jason then someone will survive. The time is modified further by how long each survivor can go before being detected and allowing the chase to start. Stealth characters feel weak when 3 people die in 3 minutes. That increases the average duration the stealth character has to survive for a time limit win in the end game. The simple explanation is that counselors start doing objectives far too quickly in unsafe circumstances. The meta needs to change to burning off the clock and gradually completing objectives, safely. Until that happens luck and speed characters will have an advantage because those stats excel in a direct confrontation with Jason. Also, stealth has no bearing on sense as that is fear related. Stealth is purely ping related. Other characters with high fear costing you stealth isn't a game issue. It's a player issue and the game does not need to account for that.
  6. This Thread Is Done

    I can't wait for the myriad of issues brought in with an updated engine! Or should we expect a flawless transition? I wonder if the game will feel the same or mimic sequels that never feel as good as the predecessor such as Diablo 3.
  7. I feel there is more to knocking off his mask than just hitting him. Of all the games I've played part 2 is the one I rarely ever see as such. It could be his morph and run ability makes him harder to gang up on before he's killed off a few.
  8. Why would you post a page that requires a $5 donation to see any of the artwork? If I wanted to be solicited I'd ask for it.
  9. Do us a favor. Go to Steam F13 forums. Type in Savini in the search box. Read and note how often they came since release and how long those discussions lasted. Come back here and note your posts and put in perspective what effect you think you are going to have. The key difference is those forums were sketchy in moderation. Non-existent at times. Here isn't. The revolution is dead.
  10. Alright man. Good enough. That's why I asked. There are those who would say such and mean it with the irony never reaching them.
  11. Okay, snowflake, not interested in listening to you tell us about your alternate reality. Hold your breath and wait.
  12. I'm getting at how obtuse it is to call a lifestyle vile unless said in jest when that lifestyle is why you draw breath.
  13. You mean the lifestyle the two people who gave you life to say such chose to partake in? I wonder, do you speak to stir a response or do you believe your own BS?
  14. You're delusional. It's to the point now Ben somewhat mocks the whingers as he did in the official thread. Justifiably so as being constantly accused of insincerity would be irritating to anyone. You no longer have an official thread to complain in and are no longer welcome to create one in regards to it. There comes a point where deluding yourself under the assumption if you just whinge and pester people enough they will break down becomes unhealthy. Feel free though. F13 has sold at least 1.8 million copies. At a 50 dollar average price that's $90,000,000 in revenue. The game will die of old age long before they are desperate enough to sell it and even then the diminishing population at that point wouldn't justify damaging their credibility for future backings or their integrity. Just isn't going to happen. You didn't back the game, you have no entitlement and you aren't going to receive one, sans a screwup.
  15. And you're wrong. In Sony's store, even a free DLC has to have a price filled in for it to register with the network for download. This is why free DLC is still in the store. When Savini was listed so backers could claim him a price had to be filled in. Be it 0.00 or $99. The person who set it up put the 5.99 retail it went for. Unfortunately for us, a lot of the sales would not have happened if they had put it for $99. The exact issue with Microsoft I can't recall, something went unnoticed and left up for download. Steam has never had a leak.