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  1. So, I've set a new challenge for myself. Starting today, I will (attempt) achieve at least one solid rank up on my PS4 profile per day and document it here. I'll do so until I reach rank 113 and unlock weapon swapping. As of this post, I'm at rank 77. Ranks to go: 36 This means roughly 36 days. Meaning July 5th will be the last day I do this and actually get the unlock level. Hey, by then, they might have some of those glitch patches out, right? And maybe, just maybe, an alteration to the weapon swap unlock rank.
  2. June 17th End of Day Rank: 101 Ranks to go: 12 I don't know what's happened but I somehow am punching out two ranks a day... is it that I smell victory is just a small step away? Or am I afraid of an impending doom? Time will tell. If I keep up 2 ranks a day, it looks like I'll get weapon swap on the 23rd...
  3. Here is a detail that has bothered me when 1: I realized trophies/achievements (other than oneshot ones) and badges cannot be earned in offline bots, and 2: when I found my level, thus things unlocked to me, are tied to a cloud that is access online only. WHEN the game eventually dies for good (tomorrow or three years from now or whatever), the ONLY way one can play the game at that point is the offline mode. When online is cut and dead, what of the sign in process? Will we forever be stuck at Rank 0, only having access to Part 3 and Part 5 (and Savini if applicable) and the choke kill + one weapon kill, or will the devs finally flip our profiles to be tied to our system/profile and not the cloud side? What about the achievements? What if I WANT to get all the Jason Focused achievements in bots, because getting 1k rounds AS Jason is absurd in the actual online mode. What about badges? A relic of an online mode that once was? What is the plan for the death of this game and the ability to play it when the online aspect dies? As it stands, I'm working towards weapon swapping on my offline-only-never-online PS4 copy (rank 99 as of this post) and the last thing I want is my level to be reset and thus locking me out of everything. EDIT: More I forgot. Why not make the offline mode not require any of the levels of the online mode? Everything is accessible (IE: treats you like level 150) because you're just there to play around. Jasons, costumes, kills, weapon swapping, all of it. Granted, it means offline bots couldn't be used for grinding, but then, it just means the time and points gained in the online portion gives you perks for the online area.
  4. Daneasaur

    What about longevity?

    It may not be as simple as a yes and no situation, sadly.
  5. Daneasaur

    What about longevity?

    At least someone in the know is asking about it. That would really kill this game for me in the long run if those higher level things were tied to a mode that, for all intents and purposes, has a time limit on it.
  6. June 16 End of Day rank: 99 Ranks to go: 14 I had left it about two matches from ranking up into rank 98, but upon ranking up, 98 seemed to go VERY fast. There is no EXP boost, but I took advantage of it and ranked up again, reaching 99. I went for another round after that, scoring 1300, but it wasn't as large of a gain, so I paused there for now. I'll be glad when it drops into the single digits, but an EXP event would REALLY be nice about now.
  7. YES. Jesus... Everyone forgets that level 101 was supposed to be the MAX level that anyone could reach. it was lifted to 150 for the PC players who slammed to 101 in no time and had a few nice things for them (three new kills and some skins/clothing). BUT THEN, they locked weapon swap behind level 113. The logic of this baffles me to no end as there are many people who join this game and they have no hope of reaching 113 in any time soon. I've been playing my PS4 version since offline bots have been present, and only TODAY have I reached level 98. I still have 15 levels to go and I'm NOT happy with how long it's taking.
  8. So with the possibility of things getting halted, I need to address a major concern. When the day eventually comes that the servers quit, the only things possible in this game will be offline bots and the challenges (and the cabin). I would like it if the person playing as Jason actually got to hear the music FROM THAT JASON when hunting down counselors. It's bugged me from the start that "retro" jason's music can only be heard if you're a counselor, but mroeso with the other Jasons as people kept saying Savini Jason's music is spooky but I never hear it because I almost never play with people who have him.
  9. I did want Jason to have a Blunt weapon. You can only stab and slash so many ways, you need some good bashes.
  10. I was all for level 76 as the unlock originally. Now seeing how "locked down" this game is going to be come it's death, not only is 113 absurd, 76 is also far too high. 58 is my new suggested level for it with 55 being the level to have Uber Jason. Yes, I'm saying fucking release him, ignore the Grendle map, just give him to us right now before June ends and you really CAN'T do anything else with this game.
  11. So... would it be possible for the devs to, say, turn on bonus exp for the time being? I know I'd much appreciate it and would be able to put more time into the game as of late.
  12. Daneasaur

    Bonus EXP?

    I'm at about rank 96 and honestly, some XP bonus would be nice at least.
  13. The main problem is the lack of throwing knives for Jason in the Beta build. I'd prefer "launch day" build which had friendly fire, Jason's slash range and grab range, bear trap minefields, and overall high chance of death for the counselors.
  14. Daneasaur

    We're Still Here

    I'm still here. I'm a backer who bought two copies of the game, got savini for both, got the backer clothing pack for PC. The devs have never replied to me, the devs have never addressed any of my complaints or suggestions, which will work (I was one of the people who was consulted for fan reactions on the Atari/Pipeworks Godzilla games and why the series was getting progressively better in basically every way). I've made suggestions on weapon swap level, I've made suggestions on what to buff, what to nerf, what to change, and so on for a better, more authentic F13 game without utterly breaking the framework, thus it's saddened me that they have never so much as looked at what I had to say or even say "that sounds like shit". Yet despite this, this has been the only game I've ever backed. I know this game can be fantastic, can be glorious, and even with the lawsuit hanging like the sword of Damocles over this game, just like Damocles, I intend to enjoy the life I have within this game. #SAVECRYSTALLAKE
  15. I would rank it Number 1. Most movie tie-ins are far too forgettable, even if they are "good", they have no lasting impact. Yes, I had N64 growing up and had access to goldeneye, but for a game that did something new in a fun way and was like it's own chapter, this game is bar none the closest. Despite the bugs, despite the devs catering to the retard rejects from DBD and making the counselors far too powerful and Jason a goddamn joke, the single player vs Bots and the single player challenges FEEL like Friday the 13th, and while nods are made to previous films, it FEELS like it's own "film" with the presentation.
  16. Yeah. Hopefully this won't lock down the other progress for too long, but this could hopefully get us the patches we've needed.
  17. Yeah, it'll be more passive. Not gonna grind mindlessly, just playing for an expanse of time. I just really hope they make the whole rank thing tied onto the system and not on a cloud. Sometimes my net takes a dump and I don't want to lose what I worked to earn.
  18. Well, as of June 11th and the news of a legal lockout of any progress, I've put my challenge on the same sort of hold. With the threat of the game being dead on the ownership side, thus rendering the profile level to 0 and only Part 3 and Part 5 Jasons playable (and savini if applicable), I have no reason to bash myself over the head to get to a rank that will likely mean nothing. Unless they make the level gain separate from the server side and saved per profile, my "offline only" copy is in danger of being nullified completely and this task moot.
  19. Daneasaur

    What is the actual use of Emotes?

    ORIGINALLY: "I have no Mic and I must tell this dude I don't have keys or to shut the fuck up." IN PRACTICE: [dancing on a KO'd Jason]
  20. Daneasaur

    The match ended early. Why?

    I was wondering this. It seems Tommy is the catalyst. So if Tommy is called in, if he's NOT the last one killed, chances are the game might just end either randomly or after any other character is killed.
  21. Yeah. It's painful and you really feel the grind for this bonus due to the 44-108 emptiness that is in place. End of day Rank: 95 Ranks to go: 18 Finished off the rank I had to go the previous day and did a little more to make the bar look a little less empty. I'm feeling no satisfaction and I'm quite heavily feeling the grind. I've pondered putting it off until the next EXP bonus, but I don't believe we;ll get one until July 13th, and even then, just for the weekend, so even if I keep at this slow rate and succeed at just 1 rank a day, I'll reach 113. On the bright side, any Jason will be able to use any weapon at that point and I should be leveled far enough to have anything I want instantly unlocked.
  22. June 8th End of Day Rank: 94 Ranks to go: 19 The EXP boost stopped midway through my first level and progress became nearly insurmountable. June 9th End of Day Rank: 94 Challenge FAILED FOR THE DAY Ranks to go: 19 Date pushed back to June 29th Family stopped by and while playing around in the game was involved, the amount of time shared doing [LIFE] and no EXP boost resulted in only 3/4 of a bar full of EXP before I required sleep.
  23. Man, that's like a day 1 bug that the devs had to wrestle with where random holes would just suck you in and kill you.
  24. Team killing made Jason Pinata parties impossible. What would work best would be that outright KILLING didn't happen, but weakening could happen to the point of limping. This would mean that in a pinata party, everyone would have to watch their swings, lest they end up crippled and then if Jason counter swings, he suddenly clefts three counselors to death in a single stroke. I've found people who refuse to have older implementations put back in the game are the same people who cheer for emotes, cheer for the counselors winning vs Jason 1 on 1, and basically have been "cheering" this game into the ground. Jason is not fun to play as VS humans who even have the slightest hint how to play. "But if you just want to have 7 people as your playthings, that's too bad!" THAT IS HOW THIS GAME WORKS, CHUCKLENUTZ. Jason is supposed to be OP. Jason will kill you. You will die a horrible death. The POINT of the game is trying to escape that as a counselor. You are one of the douche nerdy red shirts who DOESN'T make it to the end of the film. Can you change your fate? It's slim but possible. Playing as Jason is meant to be a power trip. Smashing windows, cutting power, cutting up counselors, slaughtering everyone for Mother. A new Jason player who only knows how to swing the axe should still be feared as much as a kid with a handgun. Sure he has no skill, but he's got all the power and you best pray he isn't aiming at you. A Skilled Jason player is going to be a nightmare and only top co-ordination from the counselors is going to save your ass. I liked it that way. Playing as counselor or as Jason, both felt satisfying. It may not have been "scary" as a counselor, but it was INTENSE, especially if you didn't know if you could trust someone NOT to hit you in the back with an axe. Now, it isn't. You can just mindlessly group with other counselors as either meat shields or pinata parties. Hell, a Chad with thick skin, a knife, and a wrench can just troll Jason for 90% of the match. I long for the earlier days. Especially with windows where there was no bubble, if Jason was on your ass and you DIDN'T jump, you were dead. Limping before then? You're dead. How about the minefields of traps Jason could lay out? Good luck getting to that phone.
  25. Daneasaur

    The match ended early. Why?

    They likely tried to fix the car bungee thing but the "fix" they applied had something to do with character placement registry and when it was changed, it would randomly kill players who should have "escaped". They also probably tried to fix the Tommy spawn in bug (Tommy spawns when the last person is dead and the match ends during his intro or he otherwise never shows up even after being called), but THAT broke the registry of how many characters were in the match. Tell me: Have any of you had the match end early while Tommy was alive and on the field?