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  1. I've noticed all naysayers to friendly fire have no firm backing other than choosing to remain in lobbies with griefers and are utterly refusing to even discuss it at length for the most part. I'm glad I don't play games with you.
  2. So I've been trying to think of ways to coerce counselors into using a pocket knife on Jason's traps as opposed to just running their face into them with surplus of med sprays. As an assistant to this, have a fairly substantial exp gain when doing so the first one in a match, being around 100 or even 150, based on the rarity of knives and number of potential traps. This would not only be an incentive to more thoughtfully disable traps, but also give a nice pat-on-the-back to those who naturally do so.
  3. Sorry, I can't hear you over the direct hotline the girefer has with his buddy playing Jason. And THAT can't be patched out.
  4. Bruh, every community under the sun has trolls and griefers. Neutering the players who don't troll or grief isn't going to change that. Hell, having a single counselor on a private channel to Jason ALREADY fucks up everything and there isn't anything we can do about that. With this type of friendly fire, we could disable said griefer at the very least.
  5. One of the things I personally do is remove the traps in important places, such as the battery of the 4 seat car or the phone. I often play as Shelly and his repair is a steady 5. I've noticed that a disabled trap that Jason is unaware of can shift the entire flow of a round; going from the objectives stagnating as Jason picks us off one at a time, to suddenly having the cops called and one or two cars going, forcing Jason to multi task. Even when I come back as Tommy, I generally will use his knife on a trap blocking an objective rather than as a tool to escape Jason. After all, your main goal is to NOT BE FOUND. Even if you got 4 people at the car, a half smart Jason can kill you all, so wouldn't it be easier to, oh, I dunno, NOT LET HIM KNOW YOU'RE FIXING IT? Tommy is the prime one to do this if you have a fuse or the last part to a car and can fix it flawlessly in no time with Jason unable to react.
  6. It's always hilarious when that happens. "I wanna go to Pakanak small! (so I can have easy access to the spawn zones of the gas, batteries and fuse!)" [starts up and Jason is just as aware of those locations and is ruining everyone's day] [ragequits]
  7. Agreed. Had a match recently where I was Jason and on Pakanak small. I rigged the cars first, and sure enough someone was messing with the phone. Naturally it was a Vanessa who was trying to bait me into wasting time while the cars were repaired, though I just trapped the phone and left it. A two kills later and I find people have left the game in droves, leaving only two counselors left; two Vanessas. One went back to fix the phone, the other was a taunter. I didn't panic or get personally enraged at what they were doing, I just kept my cool, disabled the phone, and such. Also got familiar with the pattern they were running me in and I placed a trap in one of the doorways. Said Vanessa hit the trap, then limped over to escape in a car, hit another trap and killed herself. The other Vanessa, the taunter, was activating an old glitch/hack where you draw a weapon and then speed away at car speeds. Woe to them, I was Savini Jason and had Shift to match/exceed. I made them hit a few corners, jump into some cabins, and then cornered them before giving them the old one-two with a knife on a toolbox. 4/4 end match result with the lobby being empty.
  8. Debate: Jason Voorhees Isn't A Deadite

    Here is my view on it: Pamela goes bananas after Jason drowns in the lake, right? And we know for a fact she'd do anything and everything to bring her boy back. Well, when the camp re-opens, she can't stand it and goes on her murder spree, but just before that ,she stumbles across the Necronomicon. Now we know it can do all sorts of things, including reviving the dead, depending on what one does. What if her killings were a requirement to fulfill the "pact" to bring Jason back to life? The problem being ,when she went to kill her final target for the ritual, it was turned around and she was killed. However, the kills were in place and the ritual was completed. The "boy" jumping out of the lake was a dream sequence, but as the evil in the Necronomicon showcases, dreams can have ties to reality, and that was his "spirit" being pulled out of the hereafter. When he has a physical form, he's an adult, albeit deformed. A hiccup though as Jason isn't savy in the ways of magic or even reading much. Therefore, Jason tries to "do the thing to bring his mother back", but it's incomplete; he's killing for mother and is driven to fulfill her wishes, but isn't completely sure what he needs to do for that final step. On top of that, because of his lower intelligence in academic areas and a sole focus on his mother, the other forces around the other deadites can't control him; Mother comes first and foremost. Personally, I find this backstory makes him MORE badass as even the forces of straight evil can't control him for their gain. This culminates in Jason being unable to be killed for good, as well as looking different/mutated in each incarnation, explains his otherworldly strength, teleportation powers, and so on. Now, on the flipside, I'm willing to also believe Jason was "merely human, just really durable" for parts 2, 3, and 4. Maybe he was brought back in a good way and, as said earlier, the Deadites couldn't control him. Part 6 and onwards, he's obviously undead. Wraith? Zombie? Deadite? Doesn't matter much at this point, his powers are his to command, Crystal Lake welcomes no one, all on behalf of Mother.
  9. Jason X unlock

    I've said this before, I vote level 55 for Uber's unlock. 5+5 = 10 = X. It wouldn't scare away new players either at being "too hard" to unlock. Also, I feel most folks didn't watch Jason X and see just how much it was a Parody of the F13 franchise.
  10. So one of the last games I played featured someone using Part 4 Jason. Said Jason was unable to be stunned, though weapons could hit him. He also had a shift that moved him an abnormally long distance. However, the most notable aspect that let the whole lobby know he was hacking? His ability to use kills with the Hedge Clippers and Part 6's fence post. Be wary if you see this, the weapon swap hasn't been released yet and it certainly doesn't let you switch weapons on the fly.
  11. I see. I'll have to look into it.
  12. As I said, I'd record my PC games, but I don't know HOW. Seriously, I'd show these vids off left and right.
  13. Yeah. Was having a hell of a night too; tons of lobbies with 5 people and then the jason would just freaking quit without getting any kills. We got ONE full match, but the jason was said cheater. I had managed to call the cops and was tommy but even Tommy can't outrun or outfight a non-stunable jason with super shift.
  14. Sorry, yeah, this is PC. I'd record video but I don't know how to do so on PC.
  15. This is a recent one I got.
  16. The bots had worse AI when first launched. It was actually improved in the last update, but that said, they still suffer from "objective lock". IE: You grab them and they drop the weapon/item in their hand, but they have a pocket knife. So, they run from you while you reel back. Except after they get X feet away from you, they suddenly snap back around and go back for their dropped weapon/item, even if it means running right into YOU, seeing the object being more valuable than survival. This "objective lock" is why they suicide on windows; "Get away from jason" can sometimes be a crapshoot and the AI reads being inside and being outside as being equally bad, but its pathway makes it climb the window since Jason can't navigate the window pathway, but it still ends up in a bad zone, so the nearest exit is... the same window. See how that works? The car issue is due to the cars being odd in the first place. They normally try to pick up passengers and drive fairly slowly along the main road, but if you are within visual range, they will toss their brain out the window and go deathrace 2000 on the other counselors to "escape" you.
  17. Yeah. I can agree on how much of a bitch that could be. I mean, at least now you'd have access to Part 3 AND 5 and all maps, but no special kills and focus on environment kills, and then no progress. Probably another argument in the direction of having Jason and Counselor levels being separate; Jason having the ability to be offline and no internet while counselors are strictly online.
  18. No you're not, actually. My profile climbed just fine and is around level 47 doing nothing but the offline bots. Perhaps you mean total online connection... if so, then yes, I could see the problem of it going "you're not connected to the internet, so your profile is not connected either, meaning you're stuck at 0". But no, PS+ is NOT required, you can level up just fine vs Bots only.
  19. Jason buff fucked up combat

    I usually grab a pot.
  20. I never paid for PS+. When Offline Bots came out, then I could play it on my PS4. I have a feeling it was a hiccup of the system going "ZOMG, you are not online I have to stop everything because I want your money!"
  21. I can't stress this part enough. Yes, maybe you spawn in the phone house and Jason is there too in a few seconds, but that doesn't mean he can catch you, and for a while there, he won't even have sense, much less shift. If you're paranoid of him being on your head, hide under a bed but DON'T lock any doors or open any windows, let Jason do his thing. If you are in a hiding place ,sense won't show you to him and 9 times out of 10, Jason won't go IN the cabin if the doors aren't locked. Once the music stops, he's gone. If he DOES spot you and goes to chase you instead of trapping the phone or going elsewhere, lead him on a long chase. If he's chasing you, he's not: -trapping the phone -trapping the car -chasing the boat -stopping the other counselors from stocking up on stuff and calling Tommy
  22. Thankfully, I managed to save it.
  23. Head punch requires little room and is super fast, arguably the fastest grab kill in t he game. The Choke can be performed ANYWHERE and at any times, so it's meant for times when you need to kill the person in your hands NOW because someone is going to slap you with a wrench to free the person in your hands.
  24. I had a bad Part 7 run where I went 0/8 because of 16 pocket knives on the map, and the one time I DID grab someone without a knife, I didn't have the choke kill set, so some dipshit hit me before I could kill the person in my hands. Result? Choke kill as one of my kills on all Jasons and i will do it all the time in a group setting because you can't stop it and while i'm in the animation, overzealous people tends to keep attacking and breaking weapons on Jason, which is fine by me. Once weapon swap hits, I may stick with Savini and the Pig Splitter, but will always have the choke kill as one of my selections.
  25. This one confused me for a bit, but here is the answer: you need to HIT Jason. After that, even if you're dead, if Jason is killed, then whoever hit him will get credit towards killing him for the badge. For the trophy/achievement, you need to be the Tommy player and successfully press the button to deliver the killing blow.