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  1. Jasons who have fun with the power the character gives are always fun. I recall a recent match. Since I'm 150 I don't stress about winning, just having fun. I make it a rule that if we don't get many counselors (<4) I won't trap the phone so that IF they can sneak to it and fix it without me knowing, it's a free cop call. Well the match started and there were only 2 counselors. No biggy, I am playing part 3 Jason and just mostly smashing stuff and since it's just the two of them, I menace them a bit but don't do much to try and stop them from fixing a car. Come the car starting up I watch them leaving but the driver crashed and the car flipped. I figured they would go back to trying to escape, but it was a no go. I cornered one dude and threw him through a window, then did the 3D head crush on the other. On another topic:
  2. Daneasaur

    Best place to hide

    I have one. Early in the match, you go into a cabin, make sure you shut the door or the window, but don't lock it, then hide under a bed or in a closet. You'll be 100% invisible to Jason until he has Rage because the round just started so your counselor won't be afraid or prone to going "HOLY SHIT PLEASE DON'T COME OVER HERE!" You can also hide in a tent or an outhouse for a similar effect, though you won't be contributing to escaping. The best hiding place I had was in Pinehurst. Jason had killed the power to the main house and guarded the generator like it was his mama, so it never got fixed. That said, even rage couldn't help him find me as Shelly inside the building crouching in a very dark corner and not moving. Sure, he could tell I was in the building, but not WHERE in the building and I waited him out for the last 5 minutes and survived.
  3. Daneasaur

    Jason Kill Scenero - Question

    Because the game is so heavily lopsided towards the counselors, when a Jason DOES find a way to cancel out the kill scenerio, the "Jason hunters" go bananas. There was a similar situation with Jason back when he was properly OP where if a counselor did manage to escape, Jason would occasionally rage quit. Often because he wasn't aware that someone fixed the phone, someone got a car fixed, or someone vanished on the boat. Just roll with it and take it as a win and hope for a better lobby. Folks can't handle it when Jason exhibits his most dangerous attribute; the ability to plan out his kills.
  4. Higgins was the only one available during the Beta and it was fantastic, so it stands to reason it's the most balanced, especially with the river going right though the middle for the water Jasons to use as a stopgap between morph and shift.
  5. So folks, for those who are unaware, I'm a backer. I became aware of this game after it became F13 and the prototype alpha gameplay was shown off of Jason moving around, Chad hiding, and then Jason finding him under the bed. I was enthralled at the idea of a single powerful player and 7 "weak" and vulnerable players who's goal was to survive and escape with death being a hair away. I backed this game when it came to backerkit after the announcement that a singleplayer mode would be added, by buying the game on PC and PS4. I also got "Savini Jason" for both and for the PC, I got the counselor clothing pack. I was there when he Beta dropped, I was there when the game went live, I was there through all the crashes and mayhem and balancing. My ps4 copy sat doing nothing as I refuse to pay for PS+, the copy for that system meant for my casual single player experiences, meaning all my time mostly was on the PC playing with folks. I reached rank 101 shortly before the cap was raised to 150 and by the time weapon swapping was made active, I was at 150 and had anything I wanted on PC. That said, VS bots was the only way to level up for me on PS4, and in some ways, was quicker and allowed for outright grinding. However, it was during my grind that the legal situation cropped up and the total stopping of new content happened. We would never get Uber Jason, Grendel, or even the new kill packs for the fire axe and spear, even though Uber and his six kills are finished and in the game, they just don't have the "flourish", we'll never get it. That, combined with the exceedingly lopsided in-favor-of-the-counselor balancing the game went under, killed my interest to play it online at all. I no longer feel in danger as a counselor (and I main Shelly), and Jason is not powerful compared to 1 or 2 counselors, when back in the day, he could kill 5 attacking him at once with little effort. Thus, my enjoyment stuck to the offline bots. Today, in the morning hours of X-mas 2018, I reached 150 on my PS4 profile. I look back and this game still mostly has everything I wanted and has a lot of love put in it, but made some poor decisions that critically wounded it in the long run, long before the legal mumbo jumbo put a stop (coughfocusoncounselorsanddancingemotesinsteadofmorekillsforJasonandgivingusthelastJasonincarnationthefanswantedsincelaunchcough). I only hope that User-Side saves are enabled before the servers close so that I can boot this game up in the future and use any jason with any weapon and any kills vs Bots. I don't intend on leaving the community, but it's painful waiting for news of anything good while all the news focuses on a legal deadlock of the IP that likely will continue until either Sean or Victor die of old age.
  6. Thanks everyone and merry christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year.
  7. Daneasaur

    Rage quittin' pansies

    Pissing off Jason is easy to do due to how tilted in the counselor's favor this game is. Surviving is pretty easy and nowadays when a Jason is subject to trolling, they just leave instead of being subject to it.
  8. Daneasaur


    Slasher Jasons are usually people who are sick of getting pocket knifed. I honestly can't blame them; you just keep slashing, then the person dies. I try to grab, the kills are amazing and the reason I play this game, but I've lost count of how many times I slash until someone is limping then go to grab them, only to find them holding a pocket knife and using one of their two med sprays before they go sprinting away, only to restart it all over again. If you want a simulator of what it is currently like to play as Jason, play against bots and put them on Normal or Hard. You'll see more knives than a Halloween movie. That said, when I play counselor, I use my knives on Jason's traps so that he doesn't know I'm near an objective.
  9. Daneasaur

    Murder or strangle?

    Best option is to try and chop at first. If they are limping, don't waste time on grabbing, just chop them to avoid them using a knife on you followed by a med spray. Grabbing is to be used on a solo target so that if they have a knife, someone isn't waiting to chain stun you. It also prevents them getting freed by a buddy. Due to how the game is, if you aren't mostly slashing, you're going to get killed.
  10. Daneasaur

    Jason weapon swapping

    I like to use the Pig Splitter on part 3. Pig splitter, Machete, and Sheers are the fastest at door breaking and with +Destruction, it takes only 3 hits to tear down a barricated door. Even witout Destruction, the six swings go faster with something like the pig splitter.
  11. If folks are trying to kill jason, they aren't part of my team. I backed this game and only ever played quickplay since the Beta, which gives me a broader view of the gameplay as a whole. I've seen saints and sinners on both sides, but when a lobby and the game as a whole has devolved into jason hunting, it's infuriating to the point that I'll sabotage it, since the game isn't being played properly. So if they aren't playing the game the right way, why should I?
  12. Since no new content will ever come into the game, I request that the upstairs door that has "coming soon" written on it should have the text removed. I say this because after the virtual cabin is completed, the room can still be entered for the grendle portions for various trivia. Even if the stars align, a full moon is had on October Friday the 13th, and Uber Jason is unlocked with his kills, the grendle will NEVER be made for this game. I hereby request that the "coming soon" text on the upstairs door be removed to ease the suffering of the fanbase.
  13. The fact of the matter is Jason is pathetic and that the goal of killing Jason, experienced or not, is a standard strategy breaks the whole goal the game is supposed to be about. You are not a hero, you are not the final guy/gal, you're the worthless idiots that Jason mows down through the first 30 minutes of the film. The game was built with dying as the focus point. That is why the biggest single bonus you can get from EXP is simply being present when the round ends. Bam, 500 exp. Everything else is bonus. Jason was supposed to be mostly unstoppable, like he is in the films. Fighting him = death and a stun was supposed to encourage you to run your ass off and HOPE you lose him, because the GOAL was that you were supposed to escape. Call the cops, fix a car/boat, or just survive for 20 minutes. Killing Jason was never supposed to be a goal and was more to be an easter egg, and sure as hell more difficult to do than it is now where it only requires two people. But for how the counselors are forever better than Jason, you only need to look at how the counselors have gotten massive perks while Jason has only gotten worse since launch. Jason never changed for the better. He only got his attack and grab range nerfed to insane degrees, allowing a single chad with an unbreakable wrench KO jason non stop with Jason unable to do jack shit. Jason doesn't get stun resisting perks, a perk for damage output, increased HP, or anything of the sort. Know why? Simple; because it'd upset the counselors, and this game is Counselor Dance off Party. It makes me furious to the point that I utterly refuse to help teams who try to kill Jason and will do my best to sabotage them or repair things while they are off playing the game in a stupid way. Hunting Jason should never have become a thing and if I was in charge, I'd outright remove the ability to kill Jason as the joke long ran it's course.
  14. Congrats. Now you know why no one plays online, why all Jason's quit, and any fun from this game is via playing single player against hapless AI. Thank all the retards who came into this game thinking it was DBD, as well as people who don't know the concept of a game where when you play badly, you die right away. Oh, and especially thank the devs for listening to them and including shitloads of dancing emotes so you can meme on jason even harder. Stick to single player. Let the online die and see how much of this game was made for the counselors and how LITTLE of the game was made for Jason. Then, blow your stack in rage at how Jason only got 3 more by-hand kills and a total of 15 weapon kills since launch (pig splitter + dlc[6], Pickaxe DLC[3], sheers[3], machete DLC[3]) while the counselors got over 30 various dancing emotes, which are unlocked by doing the single player Jason challenges. Oh, and Uber Jason is 90% done and has 6 unique kills but lol you'll never get him because they were too busy working on emotes and an engine upgrade that only set the gamma lower and made sparkles and aliens happen.
  15. Daneasaur

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Oh, you mean counselors NOT in a hiding place. Then I get what you mean.
  16. Daneasaur

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    This is tied into your current FEAR level. If you're on the run from Jason and your counselor's FEAR is high, they will yell when Jason comes by as well as mutter. Remember, you're playing as the retards who die before the final act, not the heroes or final person. Conversely, if you hide early on, you can remain hidden indefinitely until Jason has Rage so long as someone else doesn't rat you to Jason. I know it seems stupid, but that's how it works and why counselors like Jenny who have huge constitution are valuable; their fear drops faster and can hide more easily without risk of going "HOLY SHIT JASON PLEASE DON'T COME OVER HERE!" I say this as a Shelly main.
  17. I'm still mad we didn't get Uber Jason. I wanted a Zombie Stomp with Destruction and Grip strength.
  18. Daneasaur

    October Event Celebration!

    It feels good not rolling for counselor perks. I did grinding and got my PS4 profile to 142, so now I have most of the bloody skins, just barring Part 4, Part 5, and Part 9, all of which I don't use anyway.
  19. May 24th or 28th, I can't remember. Regardless, that patch included a much more cleaned up Uber Jason, his weapon, and 6 kills. There was a June 1st patch to fix several of the things that got broken, then June 11th rolled around and they made a full stop on progress.
  20. Considering it shows the "survivors" armed to the teeth, it looks like it'll be trash tier like Evolve where the gameplay boils down to chasing the killer and swarming him until he either kills everyone or you kill him. Which is utter trash and not fun. There is a reason evolve crashed and burned.
  21. Unless there is a single player mode where you play as the monster, I personally don't care about it. I also did not know of Summercamp Vol 1, nor F13 until I got a random suggestion for a video of it on youtube.
  22. Daneasaur

    October Event Celebration!

    The Exp bonus will be nice to work towards getting the heavy bloody skins for the Jasons. I'm at 129, so I should make use of it while I can since I'm so close. My method for exp grinding is: Part 3 with one handed weapon (grip strength+, one handed breaks doors faster) Packanak small Easy AI. When the round starts, ignore theknives in the shack and Morph to the lodge where the car icon normally is. There is usually an AI just standing there and not active yet. Grab them and curbstomp them against the wall. Sometimes a second AI jumps out the window just over the counselor you curbstomped. Grab them and carry them to the wall and bash their head against it (you can re-use this spot). Next, go inside the door where you grabbed the first AI and, if you're lucky, there is an AI standing where the other door is and isn't moving. OPEN the door (don't break it) and they will run into you. Grab and throw through a window. Next, you need someone to step into a trap and you need to kill the power somewhere. But trap first. Going from the main lodge, there is the small building to the right with only one door. Keep going east and there is a small cabin with one door. Next to that is a bigger cabin. Go to the bigger cabin and break the door nearest the smaller cabin (the West most door). Place a trap in the doorway and break the window. The next thing you should do is check across the road (North) and see if there is either a camp fire or a cabin. if there is a cabin, trap the window as it's the only way in or out when the door is locked. Finally, Morph to the northeastern part of the map where the cabins end and smash the nearest powerbox. Start smashing doors and grabbing anyone you can. if tommy spawned, there is a high chance he spawned at the camp at the northeastern most part of the map and is AI locked to the spot and when he spots you, will run in place. Smack him to get him limping, grab him to have him use his knife, then follow him until he's close to a window and toss him, or us the stump near his spawn (Grip Strength +, remember?) Keep killing people with the environment, someone will land on your trap, boom, easy 1300 baseline Exp. 1300 x 2.3 = 2,990 exp. That is roughly 3 rounds to get a rank up for any of you still grinding.
  23. Daneasaur

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Gun and Illfonic deserve a lot of the brunt being thrown at them. Namely: -The eagerness to stop work on the game -focusing on counselors instead of jason -focusing on emotes instead of kills -focusing on clothing packs instead of jason because when this game's online dies (and it will) all that is left is the single player. Fat lot of good those emotes and outfits for the counselors will do you when you're playing a game about Jason doing Jason related things, which should have been the focus first and foremost.
  24. Oh lawdy, they deleted my comment. Must have struck a nerve, eh?