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  1. Burning Jason won't be a thing for sale. That said, it's overblown as to how "awesome" it is. His grip strength is low meaning even a Chad can wriggle out of it fast, meaning you likely will only get to use the choke, environmental kills are difficult to pull off, and the time taken to do something other than the choke can mean the counselor wriggled free. His Weapon has only three kills and only one of them is really any fun. His setup is Destruction and Weapon Damage, meaning that he is basically meant to chase and slash. The most jarring thing about him, however, is how he looks nothing like any of the other Jason models, namely in the shape of his head, and it's become jarring enough for me that I don't use him much. Back on topic: What I foresee is that when this case is resolved, the best thing we can hope for is a Sequel game. That said, I want to be able to go against bots just like I am now in this game. I want to play offline with my data, use my unlockables, etc. Honestly, despite the bugs in this game, I love it. You feel powerful when You're Jason and you feel scared as a Counselor and I wouldn't ever change that formula. I want Jason to remain "broken" and OP and able to kill any counselor in his hand instantly. I want the counselors to be the only ones with Perks. I want the same arbitrarily difficult rules for needing to kill Jason. I love the expertly motion captured kills, and having reached rank 150 on my offline only copy on PS4, I'm STILL frequently playing vs Bots just because it's so satisfying. A sequel would need to retain all of that, and frankly, that's a daunting task.
  2. So we have any news on what's happened? Last bit of news was "seems like june is when it'll happen"... Well June passed. Where are we at?
  3. Slashing is something I normally do to weaken my prey until I grab them. That said, if I've gone into rage, i stop grabbing and only slash. by only slashing, you disable pocket knives, and if you're in rage, enough playtime has passed that getting knifed is too risky.
  4. Agreed. That's what this game was founded on: You're not a hero, you're not the chosen one, you're the fodder Jason offs in the first 15 minutes of the film. DBD players need not apply here. You're forgetting that F13 was NEVER meant to be a perfectly balanced game. Playing as Jason was MEANT to be a power trip, it was MEANT to be that 9 times out of 10, there are NO survivors. Why do you think the scoring system and leveling system works the way it does? You can show up, pick your nose, get killed by jason, then just be in the lobby when the game ends and get the largest single match bonus, which is simply by being in the group when the round ends. The fact that the game has been out THIS long and you don't get this means you've been playing DBD too long and forgotten what F13 is all about.
  5. I want my profile data saved offline, so that when the servers are killed and the console platform is abandoned, I can still boot the game up and use Part 7 Jason with the wood axe and any by-hand kills I'd like.
  6. Basically this. For this reason, my ps4 copy of F13 will eternally have roughly 4 achievements unlocked. I believe they are: -Get a kill as Jason -Kill someone with the door slam kill -Kill someone with the Machete Dismemberment kill -Kill someone hiding in a tent with the Sleeping Bag kill But yes, all accumulative achievements can't be obtained. You are not even able to get the "use all kills at least once" achievement (of which I can firmly say the hardest to get is the cemetery fence kill since said fence appears in ONE map and there is usually NO reason to go there.)
  7. Ah nice, I'm glad he understood it and will ask the team about it.
  8. As we know, the only music the player playing as Jason gets to hear is Part 3's music. This is a bit of a problem since each Jason has it's own theme music, including the NES Skin of Part 3. Considering how many people play offline for extended periods of time, it would be nice to make it so that the player who is using Jason could hear the correct music.
  9. I think I'll play some offline. I have a lot of work to do today, but no reason I can't play as Part 7 wielding a Wood Axe while killing some bots. The new Rage mechanic is a glorious mechanic and actually makes me feel like being in "the final act" where Jason has just had enough of the stealth bullshit and is wiping everyone out who gets in arms reach. It still amazes me that I got my mother to marathon part 1 through 4 with me a few years back. She got a total kick out of some of the trivia I picked up, some of the actors who got their foot in the door of acting through these movies, and loved picking out the cars.
  10. Still a long wait, but I have hopes that a sequel game will come. I just hope that the game is built with a more stable framework that makes patches and such easier to implement.
  11. The more time passes, the more evident that the plan was to keep dangling new Jasons in the distance to entice more support. The initial constant favoritism of the counselors was to keep the casual fresh-off-DBD loser counselors from rage quitting while Jason progressively got more updates later in the game's life to keep people long-term invested. Problem was the lawsuit lockout hit after a recent storm of counselor favoring updates.
  12. It'll likely get removed. Remember when they aired the trailer with two of the unreleased kills (Fire axe and spear)?
  13. I'll be getting it. Does it have all DLC on it, like all the extra weapons kills?
  14. What he said; use Stalk outside of the cabin. If they don't come out, just get a hide-and-seek kill and then go for a better kill later. Alternately, smash hiding places before chasing someone there.
  15. The devs had a lot of heart but the project was clearly too ambitious for them and then when they misplaced priorities, that's when things got bad. That said, the problem isn't making a Jason bot that is dangerous. The PROBLEM is making a Jason bot that can make human mistakes. All programmers have been able to do is make a Jason that knows where everyone is at all times and will hack you to death. You can see how much that would suck in an offline game. To make Jason have flaws, you need to put in a lot more time to basically make moments of stupidity and ways for him to NOT see/hear you.
  16. Can confirm that Jason gets shift at the same time as Sense for some reason. Only played as jason vs offline bots so I can't say anything else yet, though other than early shift, I had rather smooth gameplay. I get the funny feeling that the reason this game always seems to break every time something is fixed is due to the main engine not being suited for this sort of game, or rather, the initial main game not being structured properly, thus leading to everything breaking because it's like the video game version of this: Thus, every time you try to plug something else in or change where something is plugged, something else gets unplugged.
  17. I quickly found that using Stalk and opening doors will cover you being there to most people. Seriously, it's very effective and I lost track of the number of times I've stalked into a cabin, only for someone to shut and lock the door and not see me right behind them.
  18. At this point, I just want client side saves. I want to be able to pick this game up and play a round where Part 7 uses the wood axe.
  19. Indeed it is. Make it 3rd person and let me go full Kenner with Alien designs and I'll happily be invested.
  20. Not yet. It's something they have been very quiet in regards to.
  21. I likely will if only because I'm on a family online plan and my brother has wanted to play with me. I likely won't get it at launch though and I won't be getting it at all if it doesn't have client side saves.
  22. I think it could work in an interesting turnaround of events where the human characters have limited ammo. Thus, their shots have to count. The Predator could also work in a similar manner to Jason where he's basically invincible and you can only kill him if you knock his mask off first. That said, there could be a rather unique idea where the Predator has all abilities to start with, but as the match goes on or rather ,as he takes damage, he loses these weapons. IE: he starts with the plasma caster but he takes enough damage and he can't use it anymore. This can keep going until he's stuck with just his melee weapons (though this still allows him to kill with a single grab). Add in an incentive for the Predator player to go for the grabs for the Trophies and we have some potential. Honestly ,I'd have leaned more towards an alien game that was more like F13 where it's just some people trying to escape some space station while the alien tries to kill them all.
  23. Illfonic is indeed working on a new game: I sadly feel that this won't be the same as F13 where it's one totally OP player and 7 weak characters who's goal is to escape, but rather, the terribly unfun gameplay of Evolve. The ability of the "group" of people to fight back has to be so severely toned down that, if the players are going to have guns, the predator will have to be bulletproof. I just don't see it turning out good until I see much more. As for F13, what is odd is that the Uber Jason and his 6 kills were put in during the May 2018 update that gave us the challenge mode. June 11th was the cutoff date when the lawsuit was fully started.
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