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  1. The main thing we want is for our unlocked Jasons, Jason kills, skins, and weapon swapping to remain with our level. A save on the User side is very much needed so that when the servers are turned off, I can still turn this game on years later, boot up my level 150 profile, and use the wood axe with Part 7.
  2. I hope they don't removed Jason's Rage. It's been one of the few things to help balancing since all the nerfs have been applied to Jason. It's been especially fun in Singe Player vs Bots where you can bait them into attacking you. A neat function that I'd enjoy in vs Bots would be to remove Jason's mask, but I don't foresee that happening. I wonder if they will ever fix it so that when Jason throws a counselor through an open window, it breaks the window.
  3. This legal settlement is running on the same timetable that GUN and Illfonic were running on. IE: Coming soon = they thought about it and you might get something about it next year. But a little something should happen today. But since the whole thing is basically waggling over money splits, we'll have to keep waiting.
  4. Grendle was the farthest thing away as only very very basic pieces of it exist in the game. Meanwhile, Uber Jason is 95% finished (no music, doesn't show up in the Jason select screen), his 6 kills are nearly finished (no counselor sounds, sounds in general stop now and then). The additional spear and fire axe kills are finished enough to be used in advertisements (as shown in the first edition of the F13 ultimate slasher trailer). But yes, the additional wood axe, sheers, spear, fire axe, battleaxe, and potentially DLC farm pitchfork are all kills that are set, along with sledgehammer and a counselor clothing pack. Possibly. That said, both aren't getting any younger. I expect one of them to die.
  5. We gotta wait and see. The legal situation might be over rather soon. EDIT: The appeal has been reinstated, but there is still something seemingly planned for May 7th. If nothing happens on May 7th, then it means Sean is just going to drag this out until either he or Victor die of old age.
  6. Hot dang, I heard about that but didn't see proof until now. That's so much more detail than the "museum" version.
  7. That is a thing of beauty. Especially since it enforces how much is actually in the game, just not "refined".
  8. They legally can. I've stated time and again that these kills fall under the "Hot Coffee" umbrella as they are in the game before the date of June 11th 2018, specifically with the May update carrying the data, which was approved to be included. As far as the law goes, the extra kills, uber jason, and things like the farm pitchfork are as legally allowed to be in the game as Part 7 Jason, Chad, and Shelly. This is why it's enraged so many of us who don't fall for poorly said legal mumbo jumbo and actually know that the key items are IN the game, were LEGALLY APPROVED, and we still don't have it. However, that was also when Illfonic was running patches and such and deemed that Jason should be a patsy who can be ganked by counselors all match. Black Tower implemented the Rage patch and mostly remembered that this game is about JASON. Therefore, should this legal debacle go away, I foresee some good things, especially if the Switch version is made, which will make an influx of players show up on all platforms. Thus, it'd be very worthwhile for them to provide the content that is sitting in the game, just not unlocked.
  9. I just checked. -4 kills for shears The woodcutter ax is a little hazy as the first animation is him setting the counselor down, they turn their back to him, then he bats them. It's also not grouped with the others and comes right before the shotgun kill animation. Still, it could just not be in the right spot for whatever reason. -4 kills for woodcutter ax.
  10. We won't get grendle, but if this is settled and the launch of the Switch version goes through, then all the stuff that is "on disk" can be released to all to give a spike in the player base. Things on disk include: -Uber Jason, his weapon (Machete X), and 6 kills it has -3 more kills for wood cutter ax -3 more kills for Fireaxe -3 more kills for Spear -3 more kills for Shears -3 more kills for Battle Ax -3 more kills for Pitchfork (likely including the farm pitchfork as a new weapon) -Several by-hand kills (includes the head twist, rip your arm off and beat you with it, among others) I think there is also something for the counselors, I haven't looked, but all this stuff is IN the data we have on our PCs, PS4s, and Xbones.
  11. Honestly, good. Bye bye. Hitting Jason is only a last resort. Your goal is to avoid and outrun. You're not a hero, you're the fodder Jason wipes out early in the movie. Your goal as a counselor is to work together to fix things and MAYBE escape. You are not to fight Jason. Fighting Jason is a net loss for the counselors. As for his Rage, it takes Jason either around 15 minutes to get the rage OR someone is hitting him repeatedly. If him being in rage mode is spoiling your fun, You're not playing the game right as you should have escaped long before he hits rage. He can still be stunned via the shotgun and the pocket knife, but that is it and at this point, how the game is supposed to be played becomes law: Jason will kill you. You cannot fight, you can only run. Besides, being killed doesn't do anything, you still get all your EXP including the largest sum of EXP just for having remained in the lobby when the round ends.
  12. I'm rather interested in this. Sure the Burning/Savini jason isn't apart of it, but I like the concept of expanding the base who has access to the game. I don't recall if WiiU was apart of the backing, but if it was, it'd make sense to move it to Switch. That said, this is a very interesting development... I mean, there this is new content. I really am curious what this means...
  13. Pay? The site is free. You might have tried to "upgrade" your account or sign up for a premium one. Alternate file upload places are Mega.nz and google drive.
  14. Lets find out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4l4bmnkwv6cb10w/JASON X KILLS sound.webm?dl=0
  15. I'd happily PAY for all this content, and I say this as a Jaded backer.
  16. Anyone and everyone complaining about Jason's Post-Rage Stun Immunity: I hope you leave and never come back. You were part of what is referred to as the "dead by daylight' group: People who think it's supposed to be "balanced". F13 was never about that, and I'll spell it out: You are not a hero. You are not the star. You are not even the "final girl". You're the fodder that Jason casually wipes out as soon as he shows up. Your only goal is to be one of the characters who said "Nah man fuck that!" and hauled ass out of there. Yeah, your goal is ESCAPE and there is a high chance that you can't escape. But also, your whining over Jason curbstomping you showcases you put far too much emphasis on survival. What is the difference between leading Jason on a long chase and dying, and successfully escaping? About a 200 point EXP bonus. You get 500 EXP just for being in the lobby when a game ends, regardless if you died in the first 30 seconds or lasted all 20 minutes. Playing as Jason is meant to be a power trip: even a noob Jason at level 4 can wipe a careless lobby and when it becomes obvious that the Jason isn't a noob, suddenly your chances of survival took a steep drop. This wasn't happening with the pinata parties and now, those parties have a time limit and an ending. Jason will get sick of your shit and the ax will swing and people will die. People upset that Jason is actually a mostly unstoppable killer need not apply here.
  17. The time it takes to do 2 mocap emotes is the time it'd take to make one Jason kill. There are 30 emotes unlocked via the singleplayer mode. Divided by two, that's 15. Giving a bit of leeway and shaving off 3 equals 12, which would fill out Jason's by-hand kill list.
  18. Right ,I was furious when I learned it. Especially since I have a copy on my PS4 that NEVER goes online, meaning I strictly play as Jason vs Bots. It reflects what the game will be like when the servers go down. Anything the counselors get is rendered moot and pointless and a game celebrating Jason suddenly has Jason as an afterthought.
  19. I think the most critical flaw was the focus on the emote packs and emote rewards for the singleplayer mode, when it should have been kills for Jason. In the kill selection screen, there are 12 slots for more by-hand kills, and considering the vast amount of kills that were motion captured, this should have been a priority and as a reward for each mission you successfully 3 skulled. Just do this: For each mission you 3 skull, you get a by-hand kill for free. By completing all 10 missions, you get one more kill. For the 12th kill, you need to find all the secret kills. Boom, I just made it so that single player enhances your Jason experience. However, one thing I think folks are forgetting is that the people clamoring for Jason X would be happy with Jason X and his kills. While the Grendle would be nice, what we would be MORE THAN HAPPY hearing is "the unfinished kills and Uber Jason will be finished, however, no new stages will be made, so you'll just have to pretend you're on Earth 2 or something if Uber is attacking.
  20. This is what's referred to as a PR smokescreen. See, a similar thing was done with Arkham Knight where WB said "The WiiU can't handle the batmobile." They then didn't make arkham knight for WiiU... Then they also proceeded to cancel the DLC for Arkham origins, didn't give the second fighter pack for Injustice 1, and never gave WiiU owners Mortal Kombat X. Same thing happened in Smash Bros for WiiU/3ds in regards to the fan outcry for playable Ridley; Sakurai said a very convoluted statement stating that "he felt that he is doing Ridley right by making him a stage boss so he's imposing and changing that wouldn't make him accurate to his character." it basically boiled down to "I can't be bothered to take the time to work on a completely new character, so have half a dozen anime styled characters with swords since they all share the same basic framework". I've said this before and I'll say it again, Uber Jason is IN the game files and is nearly complete. Black Tower would have VERY LITTLE work they would need to do. For example: His stats are present for him, but his standing model in the selection screen is not present: He also has no music and the sound effects during his kills are both incomplete and may or may not play, but he has all 6 kills associated with his weapon: And while I don't have it recorded, one online match I was in, I saw someone using Savini/Burning Jason using the Machete X and using the kills with no issue other than the sound trouble. This also goes for the Fire Axe and Spear kills that were in the first version of the Ultimate Slasher edition trailer. It's all in the game and Black Tower, as skilled as they are, would have very little issue finishing this.
  21. This leans more on Jason being a good player or not. Jason being able to kill everyone was a staple, but then the cat-and-mouse was what you're talking about and it's "alien" to people who haven't played this game since launch. Here are some tips for Jason players who are struggling: -Counselors cannot START with a pocket knife. If the round has just started, grabbing a solo counselor is a good idea. -Equip the Choke grab to one of your kills. It's not fancy, it's not elaborate, but it requires very little room and can be done almost anywhere. There are few things as frustrating as running down a counselor and finally catching them, only to be unable to do ANY kills because you're not near a kill spot and/or are on weird terrain. Sometimes you need someone dead, this is what you use at those times. -Trap the phone first then WALK to the next objective you intend to trap. I've lost count of how many times I've trapped the phone then Morphed away, only for the "CLANK" sound to go off as soon as I'm gone. Even as Part 2, it takes too long for you to get back to that trap as the counselor is long gone. Therefore, simply run to the next objective and let your morph charge so that if someone steps in your trap right away, you can snap back there and off-them while they are down on HP and/or items. -Don't be afraid to slash. Slashing is now super viable against several opponents at once. It'll be up to you if you just want to slash until they die, or if you want to slash until they limp then risk grabbing them. Some players will have a pocket knife AND a health spray, so you run the risk of missing out on an outright kill if you go for a grab. Basically, I suggest slashing if you're in late game or in Rage. -Throwing knives. Grab every single one you see. Even if it means breaking off a chase to do so. Throwing knives can go away super fast, but they are invaluable for closing the gap, especially in late game. Combine it with slashing and you'll reap salt in excess. -Check your map regularly. Not just for morphing, but to check on your traps. While it may be common for people to step in traps to undo them, using a pocket knife will result in a silent disarming of the trap and YOU won't hear it, however your map will show the trap has been sprung. While part 7 and 9 have a harder time due to only 3 traps, this is still invaluable for knowing what objective the counselors are focusing on and what objective YOU should focus on protecting. -Stalk stalk stalk! When Stalk is active, you might spam it. Use it before you morph, use it before you shift, and remember that stalk takes FOREVER to drain if you're just standing still. Counselors will NOT get the static of you using your powers and will not get any music. Using it before a morph or a shift will result in you just "popping" in front of them, axe swinging or suddenly grabbing. Nothing will throw off a counselor's day than a Jason who has no warning signals when he's coming. -Rage. Due to the tweek of rage, don't bother grabbing anymore once it activates. Become slasher Jason as the only things that can stun you now are pocket knives, shotguns, beartraps, and the sweater. You remove one of those items from the list if you choose to only slash, and by this point, MOST of the counselors will likely have pocket knives on them. Practice all this and you'll know exactly how Mother wants you to take care of them.
  22. That's because they have to now. Jason can't be "epic owned" by just two counselors now and if Jason is in rage, he can just start swinging. Pocket knives don't stop a swinging Jason in Rage. Now, just like in the films, you got that final act going, Jason is furious and he's not only walking through walls but one shotting everyone.
  23. There is nothing in this comment I don't like. You said it all. Now, when Jason walks through a barricaded door, slamming him in the face with a bat won't do anything. The main goal was ALWAYS supposed to be to AVOID Jason. Hide, run, evade. Fighting was only a last ditch effort that would usually get you killed anyway. Kudos to the new crew for remembering that F13 is about.
  24. Holy smokes, this is one thing I've really been craving. This is gonna really put the fear o god back into counselors.
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