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  1. While the servers are still up, this isn't an issue, but I stated before that I want to be able to turn on my PS4 and play as any jason with any weapon and kills vs AIs. Please do add an offline profile save so I can come back to this game.
  2. I'm happy to have been apart of this, the good and the bad. Here is to hoping a spiritual sequel is put into development.
  3. Even pre-rage Jason was still a threat if you didn't have at least one friend to bail you out of Jason's grab, and at that, many Jason's got savvy and just started swinging instead of grabbing. Rage is the perfect addition since at this point, the counselors SHOULD have escaped by now, but now Jason can just take his weapon and start swinging. Part 7 was my main but this rage buff made him much more viable in the long run.
  4. I think a spiritual sequel made in a similar manner (motion captured kills, mechanics, etc) just not explicitly F13, will be worthwhile and longer lived. It just needs the PASSION behind it that this game has. By contrast, dead by daylight feels so damn stiff and despite having this large cast of monsters and killers, they all feel the same. It's really unfortunate.
  5. I personally hate spawning in the building that the phone is located in as many Jason's will Morph there first to trap it. I did learn that SOMETIMES if you don't leave a door or window open, you can hide in a wardrobe or under a bed and, since the round just started, your character won't be prone to panicking and Jason won't have many skills yet. Beyond that, I generally accept my role as a Shelly who won't make it out of a movie.
  6. I'm not familiar with the switch version, but I've played a ton on PS4 and PC. If you like the idea of playing VS Bots and murdering them, it's worth $20. If you like the idea of 10 puzzle levels where you gotta murder in specific ways, it's worth $20. If you like F13, it's worth $20. Honestly ,despite it's faults, I find it worth the $20.
  7. Honestly, if this game had an easier time with bug fixes, this game would be 10/10. As it stands, it's still a 9/10 for me even in single player.
  8. Indeed. Our best hope would be for a more spiritual successor.
  9. That is indeed good to know, though as stated, I'm worried about the login servers in the long run. It would have been a nice thing to have a while back for those times the net was down.
  10. With the advent of ps5 and xsx, I've grown more worried that my PS4 copy of the game will not have offline playability. I recall a day when my internet was down and the game wouldn't even start because "cannot connect to servers" despite all I wanted to do was play solo play vs Bots. Despite some of my sour tones in regard to this game, I enjoy it as there was a lot of passion poured into this. I want to be able to turn the game on and play it, accessing the Virtual Cabin and playing vs Bots and doing the single player challenges and I don't want all this to go up in smoke just because there was no offline profile save made.
  11. While true, there is at least the fact that a standing fall can kill someone.
  12. This is also another possibility. I would therefore shift it that instead of time running out and the counselors winning, have it be that "Five" wins if time runs out. This then forces the counselors to take an active role to finish their objectives. That said, that again works akin to teamers in the current game, such as running people over or otherwise helping jason.
  13. So as we all know, the Paranoia mode was teased but not ever released as the programmers couldn't find a proper way to make it 100% "fun". I feel that, as a few more reverse-horror games have come out and a particularly notably game is currently popular, I think I know what the mode was going to be like. Now from what we know, the idea was that there would be 8 counselors, but ONE of them would really be "Part 5 Jason" and could kill the others and a large part of the game would be determining "Who is 5" while 5 slowly picked everyone off. Now a trending game right now is Among Us, a game where you have a group of people and one to two "impostors". The goal of the normal players is to finish the tasks on the stage. When you're an impostor, you're supposed to fake doing the tasks, Sabotage the efforts of the others to finish their jobs, and kill them off. Now one could EASILY see a similar function inParanoia, but as the devs said, they had a hard time figuring out how to make it "fun". I Think i know what these problems consisted of and how Among Us avoids the issue. 1: The Killer has a cooldown. After a successful kill in Among Us, it's anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds before they can even try to kill again. In Paranoia, they likely didn't have a cooldown and so there was little to stop the killer from just playing as Jason. 2: Meetings and reports. There is a Meeting zone on every map in Among Us. On this spot is an emergency gathering button. As a bonus, when someone finds a dead body, they have the ability to Report it, which instantly pauses everyone and forces them into a meeting to discuss who the killer is. This was likely miles away from what Paranoia would have had and may even have required specific map variants to be built JUST for the game mode. 3: Voting. A key component in the meetings is not just discussing "who is the killer', but also making everyone gang up on a single person to remove them. Said removed person is disposed of with no risk. Paranoia likely had no sure-fire way to remove the killer in this way beyond shooting them or melee killing them, yet that requires friendly fire to be turned on and then we'd have Day 1 F13 problems of counselors murdering other counselors just for the hell of it. 4: Tasks. The innocent players in Among Us are preoccupied with things that need to be done, and only when EVERYONE has done EVERYTHING will the innocent players win. This extends to even when the innocent players are dead as they, as ghosts, still need to finish their tasks. Now, F13 has "tasks", but only one person needs to do them (IE: fixing phone). I imagine that they couldn't come up with a large enough laundry list of "things to do" for everyone and many players twiddled thumbs or didn't need to do anything, and as we know the only post-death thing they have is Tommy Jarvis. 5: Sabotaging. Sabotaging in Among Us is a multi layered function. Namely one function is to lock all doors of an area. The other is to start a countdown where something will fail and then ALL the innocent players die if they do not assess it. This also functions as a way for the Intruder to force people into a kill zone. There is no possible way that such a function could be done in F13. 6: Kill Animations. F13 is prided on it's kill animations, however many can attests that most take a few seconds to perform, so it'd be very easy for someone to stumble upon a 3-4 second kill animation in progress. Among Us fixed this by only having the kill animation play for the victim, whereas for the killer and everyone else, it just looks like someone bisects them, allowing the killer to run their ass off and hide. This sort of alteration was likely not considered for Paranoia. 7: Task Animations. Among Us tasks have the function of being visible ONLY to the person performing them, whereas everyone else just sees them standing near whatever is to be interacted with. Paranoia could likely have a typical "fixing fuse box" animation, but then that's only something a counselor is doing and not the killer, meaning that we have no sure-fire way to ensure a counselor can't tell who the killer is. In summary, I think THIS is all why Paranoia was canned (before the lawsuit). The devs likely could play by honorable rules, but the problems came when trying to make it so that randoms playing with other randoms wouldn't just all kill each other.
  14. This is a small adjustment, but one I'd really like to see put in. Basically, when Jason performs the "Window Toss" kill on a closed window, it breaks and makes sense it kills the person. If he throws them through a broken window, that also makes sense. However when he tosses them through a simply open window, it doesn't make sense. Also, many Jason players, after performing said kill, will break the window anyway. Why not make it so that no matter what, windows break if Jason performs the Window Toss kill?
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