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  1. Indeed it is. Make it 3rd person and let me go full Kenner with Alien designs and I'll happily be invested.
  2. I likely will if only because I'm on a family online plan and my brother has wanted to play with me. I likely won't get it at launch though and I won't be getting it at all if it doesn't have client side saves.
  3. I think it could work in an interesting turnaround of events where the human characters have limited ammo. Thus, their shots have to count. The Predator could also work in a similar manner to Jason where he's basically invincible and you can only kill him if you knock his mask off first. That said, there could be a rather unique idea where the Predator has all abilities to start with, but as the match goes on or rather ,as he takes damage, he loses these weapons. IE: he starts with the plasma caster but he takes enough damage and he can't use it anymore. This can keep going until he's stuck with just his melee weapons (though this still allows him to kill with a single grab). Add in an incentive for the Predator player to go for the grabs for the Trophies and we have some potential. Honestly ,I'd have leaned more towards an alien game that was more like F13 where it's just some people trying to escape some space station while the alien tries to kill them all.
  4. Illfonic is indeed working on a new game: I sadly feel that this won't be the same as F13 where it's one totally OP player and 7 weak characters who's goal is to escape, but rather, the terribly unfun gameplay of Evolve. The ability of the "group" of people to fight back has to be so severely toned down that, if the players are going to have guns, the predator will have to be bulletproof. I just don't see it turning out good until I see much more. As for F13, what is odd is that the Uber Jason and his 6 kills were put in during the May 2018 update that gave us the challenge mode. June 11th was the cutoff date when the lawsuit was fully started.
  5. GUN had been openly looking for a way to stop working on the game. They had to keep re-working things because they would fix one thing and break 7 more, and they tipped the balancing in favor of the counselors, making Jason a miserable experience to play as. Only Black Tower recently added something (Rage) that would tip it back for Jason. But GUN just wanted to stop on this, say "we don't wanna", and work on something else. In fact, they did get something else to work on; they currently have the license to make a Predator game. Problem is that it looks like it'll be another Evolve Clone.
  6. Uber falls under the hot coffee umbrella. He requires only a bit of work (music, sounds), and he'll be set to be used. However, GUN refuse to do the work on him, citing the lawsuit as the reason they can't add new things to the game (even though he's in as early as May 24th, many days before the lawsuit came up). GUN doesn't want to add new Jason content, they only want to add counselor equipment. F13 was also something of a "bust" for them since the fanbase was very strict and would openly berate the creators for messing up. However, I believe that Uber won't see an official release. If you know what you're doing, and you have the game on PC, you can use him and his kills. But even IF this game gets a Switch release, and even IF the lawsuit was finally over, I don't foresee GUN appeasing the fans by dropping this one last thing the fans want.
  7. Interesting. Even if it drags out, the fact that Larry said some time back still stands. Basically that Victor and Sean aren't getting any younger and one of them will kick the bucket.
  8. Makes me think of an interesting idea: Mask Mode: Jason starts maskless. However, his cabin is locked and the only way to get into it is to find his mask in a random place. Should Jason manage to kill the person with the mask, he instantly gains Rage and Killing Jason is no longer possible. Better hope you and your buds have been working on escape routes.
  9. Thankfully, there is another character that hasn't been grabbed for that game. It would be pretty cool to see in a more F13 structured game.. Keep away from Pumpkinhead,Unless you’re tired of living,His enemies are mostly dead,He’s mean and unforgiving,Laugh at him and you’re undone,But in some dreadful fashion,Vengeance, he considers fun,And plans it with a passion,Time will not erase or blot,A plot that he has brewing,It’s when you think that he’s forgot,He’ll conjure your undoing,Bolted doors and windows barred,Guard dogs prowling in the yard,Won’t protect you in your bed,Nothing will, from Pumpkinhead
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