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  1. Yes. A big issue in particular are tree branches.
  2. In one round I: -Fixed the two seat car and started it but didn't stay in the car -Fixed the 4 seat car and started it but didn't stay in the car -Fixed the phone box and called the cops (Epic "my dad is a cop" perk) -Escaped -As Shelly. Basically, it came down to the fact that the Jason was tunneling so damn hard on the various QP trolls that he had no concept of counselors using pocket knives on his traps, thus, to give them a glance when morphing. Due to that, and the fortune of finding two knives, I was able to free up the 4 seat car and the phone box on my own and offer him no clue I was there.
  3. Click his profile. It should take you to his main page on steam and it will have a web address at the top of the steam browser. Copy that and report him for Hacking + Selling Savini codes.
  4. Exactly. The conversation would henceforth be: "Copy on the road there, Pete?" (as in, "did you get all that, my fellow cop Pete, who is on the road in our small ass town of about 50 people?") "10-4, 37" ("Yup, someone is kicking someone else's ass angrily. Gimmie 5 or so minutes.")
  5. He says it somewhat sloppily if it's 37. Still, of the codes, 10-4 is "Understood/affirmative". Code 97 doesn't exist. 10-97 DOES exist, but it means "arrived at scene" and they don't do that until the timer is closed. Code 37, by it's self, is Aggravated Assault. http://www.policescannercodes.net/
  6. I'm checking some police codes and this is confusing. 10-4 basically is "Affirmative". Code 10-97 means "On the scene." The dude saying "10-4, 97" might be him shorthanding it to say that he is on the way and on the scene.
  7. Jason is SUPPOSED to be OP, especially against randoms who lack co-ordination. The only time the counselors are supposed to have an "advantage" vs Jason is through great teamwork and even then, it's more of an equal playing field.
  8. This is my reasoning for it being level 55 or 65, depending on when Uber is unlocked. Again, I say 55 should be when Uber is unlocked (5+5=10=X). At 65, it would give the player 10 levels to be "forced" to use each Jason individually for their unique weapons, then you'll get to use whatever weapon you want with whatever Jason you want. I personally, as I said, have two profiles on this game, one for PC and one for PS4. My PC profile is 132 and I'm a backer. I backed and got two savini as well as a clothing pack for the counselors and two copies of the game. My ps4 profile, however, is only 48, and that's after a ton of grinding due to the fact that I refuse to pay for PS+ to play online, therefore only got to play the game once the Bots were active. This is why I hope the limit isn't too insanely high as, even at 55, it'll take me forever to reach 7 more levels, much less reaching 101, which is downright absurd if all I'm doing is hunting the bots. I'm all for rewards though, but the weapon swap shouldn't be so far down the line. Hell, my PC profile only reached 101 around October of last year, and I've been playing since the beta.
  9. Well the initial post DID say it's going to be level based. I was just hoping it wouldn't be TOO high as even my PC profile is around the 130 mark and something super high would be quite the painful slog to go through on my other profile. That said, we'll be getting this alongside the engine update and singleplayer challenges, so there will be more options for the offline-only players to get exp than just the bots.
  10. Perhaps the kills would be the same with a farm pitchfork, but as a trade off, owners of Savini Jason get it for free since it'd upgrade his kills as well.
  11. From what the trailer has shown, it will be the exact same weapons for all Jasons. As for the pitchfork, remember that Savni has the Hell Pitchfork as his exclusive weapon, currently. I would think that now, they could release Weapon packs without needing to include a specific Jason to go along with it, one of them being the farm pitchfork.
  12. So with the nice news that Jason will get to swap weapons, what level do you feel this should be active? I personally would vouch for 50, 55, or 60. This is based on when all Jason's become available to the player. I have a suspicion that Uber will be unlocked at 55 (5+5 = 10 = X ), hence me thinking that perhaps 60 would be around the level the swap would be plausible to unlock. I only recently got to start playing my PS4 version of this game, which is strictly offline as I refuse to pay for PS+, but as a result, my level only JUST reached 48 as my only option is to kill bots and I don't even get all the EXP for "no survivors" or even make any badge/achievement progression. EDIT: Perhaps it could be a reward for accomplishing all the singleplayer challenges.
  13. My first match was during the Beta. I managed to level up enough that Part 7 had been unlocked before I got my turn as Jason. I got about 2 or 3 kills, though I clearly remember my first kill as it was the fireplace kill and the second was the dismemberment kill. Sadly, the second match saw me getting the "Lumberjack" glitch, which is where Jason locked into the door breaking animation, would break the door, but keep swinging for all eternity. That was a painful 16 minutes.
  14. Awesome. On another note, this would allow the release of special Weapon packs, such as a Farm Pitchfork that was seen in use in one of the original trailers for the game, for download as future content.