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  1. It's a smart move, like shooting fish in a barrel. I mean, it's not like Gun is any threat to them at the moment. No new content, hell, we're not even getting any patches.
  2. Lol, people are still expecting patches for a dead game.
  3. I've found that characters will move depending on where YOU are located at certain times. IE: Deb won't leave that cabin until you get close to it ,at which point she goes to the archery range and AJ normally wont' leave that cabin with Chad unless you go into the restroom. Thankfully you can grab her and drag her over to the unique kill. Chad also won't blow your cover if you grab him before his window climb animation finishes.
  4. Yeah, Mission 7 is a pain in the butt and even when done perfectly, you are within 30 seconds of running out of time (vid included on how to do it flawlessly). Which is my main gripe: a time limit shouldn't apply unless the counselors are going to leave and even then, the time limit should just be related to the "no survivors" portion.
  5. It's because no one is playing, and due to no dedicated servers on console, people only want to be the host. That way, they have the power over all the other players since they get to choose if they wanna end the game. So yeah, expect most people to be trying to host nowadays.
  6. In the pause menu, there is a restart option, which restarts the whole mission, but to re-choose a Jason/weapon/kill loadout, you need to quit to the main menu. And We likely won't see these corrections you stated. Remember, they gave out EMOTES for completing these, not Jason kills or anything related to Jason, so they obviously didnt' want you playing single player where you can't use those emotes. After all, they re-balanced the game so that the core is to meme on Jason during his 6 minutes of being stun locked while dancing on him.
  7. You reap what you sow. Include only about 12 Jason kills but include 48 dance emotes? Take a guess what you're gonna get more of.
  8. @TheHansonGoons EA exists. That's all I need to say.
  9. While we may have had dedicated servers, we would have been charged much more for even less than we got. I have little doubt that single player would have had to have to have been bought, virtual cabin would need to have been bought, anything other than Part 3 Jason would need to be bought, weapon swapping would be bought, same with extra counselors, any alternate outfits, etc. They would not have had Kane doing mocap. They would not have had the pamela/tommy tapes. They would not have been period accurate and you can bet your ass they would have included shit like the harlem shake and dabbing in the mocaps.
  10. The fact is that PC has free internet + dedicated servers. Consoles don't. I bought this game on PC and PS4. I play on PC for online and ps4 for hanging out solo. Turns out, PC's crowd is leaving because they are privy to the the stuff that passed certification, but will never be legitimately released, and those who force it to be in the game are getting banned when they play with other people, so they stick to single player/private lobbies. Console folks are not completely aware of this and they also aren't aware of how the game is never going to get an update. Oh, that, and hosts have the power of a God in quickplay since they can instantly end a match if they feel like it due to no servers.
  11. Something of a sad state of affairs when some of my favorite moments in this game is seeing what kind of fluorescent light show I can make happen in Pinehurst. They should just make it a cheat code at this point for various colored blood. I also hate that there were no daytime versions of stages since many of Jason's massacres happen in the middle of the day.
  12. Wait wait wait, did you suggest GUN make less money? Surely you jest. But seriously, that is all they see when someone mentions a price drop. A price drop won't happen until they close the PC servers and they announce that the game is no longer being supported.
  13. Who said anything about posting them here?
  14. As in I have copies of the videos in my personal collection and devices. I'll repost them wherever and whenever I feel it'll tickle my fancy.
  15. It was more important to make emotes for the counselors and get those out. How else are you gonna epic troll jason for 20 minutes? I'm not joking; Jason and his specific content was not the primary focus, it wasn't even the secondary focus, it was the tertiary focus. Primary focus was counselors having random inane shit like costumes and 30 outfits to go through with different colors. Secondary focus was balancing in favor of the counselor. Gotta make sure those babies from dead by daylight feel right at home. Jason came after that. Why do you think we only got 3 kill packs with only 3 kills each? The bloody Jason skins were given at the same time the 101 cap was lifted, along with the counselors getting a bevy of clothes. But, oh no, more kills for Jason? Costumes for Jason? man fuck that, time for a dance party. That we won't be getting servers. We'll be lucky if they give another bug fix.