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  1. Yes, if you sign in, the XP gain is permanently doubled. However if you play without logging in on a no-save, your XP gain is 1x. Which is a slog if you want to get Jason related things in offline mode. I made a whole documentation of it...
  2. So I got a denial twice, but then I tried logging in and I actually got connected, even if it took a little while longer. So it's POSSIBLE to get through, but it's a pain. I would be okay starting an offline only save at level 1 IF the EXP gain was 2x. I know how slow EXP goes at 1x speed.
  3. Petty and pathetic are how many folks are nowadays. But yes, can confirm that I too had the same issue, and all I wanted to do was go and destroy some Bots offline. This is why I hope that we can get offline saves for consoles. I don't like needing to sign into a cloud in order to use a jason other than part 3.
  4. To this game, no, but we could always get a sequel. Preferentially with a developer interface that isn't so clunky.
  5. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3685213/friday-13th-screenwriter-victor-miller-wins-copyright-termination-appeal-reclaim-domestic-rights/ Okay so... settled is something of an exaggeration but it seems ONE step is FINALLY over in the process of Jason being hung up in Limbo.
  6. While the servers are still up, this isn't an issue, but I stated before that I want to be able to turn on my PS4 and play as any jason with any weapon and kills vs AIs. Please do add an offline profile save so I can come back to this game.
  7. I'm happy to have been apart of this, the good and the bad. Here is to hoping a spiritual sequel is put into development.
  8. Even pre-rage Jason was still a threat if you didn't have at least one friend to bail you out of Jason's grab, and at that, many Jason's got savvy and just started swinging instead of grabbing. Rage is the perfect addition since at this point, the counselors SHOULD have escaped by now, but now Jason can just take his weapon and start swinging. Part 7 was my main but this rage buff made him much more viable in the long run.
  9. I think a spiritual sequel made in a similar manner (motion captured kills, mechanics, etc) just not explicitly F13, will be worthwhile and longer lived. It just needs the PASSION behind it that this game has. By contrast, dead by daylight feels so damn stiff and despite having this large cast of monsters and killers, they all feel the same. It's really unfortunate.
  10. I personally hate spawning in the building that the phone is located in as many Jason's will Morph there first to trap it. I did learn that SOMETIMES if you don't leave a door or window open, you can hide in a wardrobe or under a bed and, since the round just started, your character won't be prone to panicking and Jason won't have many skills yet. Beyond that, I generally accept my role as a Shelly who won't make it out of a movie.
  11. I'm not familiar with the switch version, but I've played a ton on PS4 and PC. If you like the idea of playing VS Bots and murdering them, it's worth $20. If you like the idea of 10 puzzle levels where you gotta murder in specific ways, it's worth $20. If you like F13, it's worth $20. Honestly ,despite it's faults, I find it worth the $20.
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