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  1. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Yeah, but I personally don't. I mainly play Part 9, Part 8, Savini, or Part 3.
  2. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I won't be buying any weapon specific kill packs unless they make it so that the Jasons can use different weapons. Bare handed kills would work well since any jason can use them, but I'm not paying money for kills I can only use with one Jason since I like to move between them frequently.
  3. Starving for information

    They said they can't just yet. Mainly because they go "We might, if the stars align and it's a full moon on Friday the 13th, have the demo out in about 3 weeks", but then everyone instantly will turn that around and go "Hai gaiz, Single player goes line EXACTLY 3 WEEKS FROM NOW!" and then three weeks later, the stars never align and the full moon falls on Sunday the 15th and there is no demo and those same guys saying "the game WILL be launched in exactly 3 weeks" then turn around and go "STUPID FREAKING GUN ALWAYS LIES AND CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT!" So now, GUN tries not to say anything at all.
  4. Starving for information

    Will agree, original grab range really helped emphasize that "Jason being anywhere near you = bad" and fighting him was suicide without a pocket knife. Add in windows being a terror zone, but now being little safety bubbles, jason's window swings being very grid laid out (they should be a cylinder of sorts that is from the ground to his head in height just so that he hits everything in the zone), and it's very stiff to play as jason now.
  5. Starving for information

    Ok, that vid says his range is like this: How... is that even close to correct? EDIT: Okay okay okay.... I did some more research and determined that... this is about as close as I can get to the illogical mess that is his grab.
  6. Starving for information

    It can't be. I've been "just slightly to the side" and Jason will wiff every time, I have to be directly in front of him or a couple steps from him. But I suppose you'd want something more like... I do believe it would make more sense and match up a bit better with the animation of his arm sweeping from his side and across in front of him.
  7. Starving for information

    1: New game mode (Paranoia) 2: Virtual Cabin 3: Offline bots 4: Levelcap raised to 150 and special unlockables awarded for those levels.
  8. Starving for information

    It's been said before, but basically, Jason's grab was something of a Cone shape originating from Jason's body and extending outwards. When they nerfed it, they simply shrunk the cone down. This results in a shorter range overall, not just in length, but in width. In fact, you're more likely to grab someone about two feet in front of you than you will slightly off to your side. Basically, it's like this:
  9. Singleplayer Breakdown

    Could be either. They seem to want to get the cabin, bots, and Level 150+ bonuses available first. We might get the challenge DEMO either at the same time or around the same time. No clue on the Paranoia mode.
  10. Remember when I mentioned that an Uber Jason could have a special double grab ability? You laughed and said it would be insanely op. But now, Jason can't fight back as well against a crowd as he should. Doesn't seem so silly now, does it? But on the flipside, I had a match recently as Savini jason against a crew of experienced people. While I trapped the phone, 3 people got the 4 seat car working and nearly escaped. I stopped it and they flooded out and tried to lure me away from the car to get it started, but I wouldn't relent. Another player even managed to get the phone fixed, but I didn't go there since that would still take a while while the car was right by the exit. I proceeded to orbit the car and even put a couple traps in the road, making it harder for them to do much without stepping on something. A fourth person showed up to try and assist, but they didn't make it far as Jason's recovery from a stun is faster than any character can start a car. Eventually I grabbed one of them without a knife and choke killed them, and as soon as that happened, they devolved into chaos. One of the mwent to start th ecar and I got to the door before th ecar was started and they DCed during the animation I pulled them out of the window. Two down. I hunted the others down more methodically at that point and only 2 escaped. One guy I had limping I was going to let live, but he stepped on one of my traps by the exit and died. Tommy and one other player got out, but the crew who fixed the car was all killed/quit. Lesson: Take time. Plan your attack. They can't beat you, just delay you. Eventually there will be no more knives, no more sprays, and no more weapons. Then it's just a scared counselor and you.
  11. The only "legit" kill of Jason I've had, the jason quit mid animation and no one got he points or achievement for it. Was pretty pissed.
  12. I got this idea from a brief glitch I had. -Wraith Jason: Undead (duh) Sporting some semi transparent parts to his body and a single handed sickle, his unique trait is that his rage door/wall breaking doesn't break the door/wall. He just passes through it, adding a level of strategy and preventing someone from running directly behind you and getting out and making it less obvious that he's there when wall/door traversing in late game. +Stalk, +Stun resistance, +Morph -Grip Strength, -Run, -Sense
  13. Christmas Jason

    Not until we get Spring Break Jason.
  14. I detest tiffany. Her stealth doesn't work worth trash and she has no other abilities to fall back on with trash power or repair.
  15. As Counselor: -Fox -Raid Jason Shack -Get sweater and axe -De-mask jason -fully fix both cars -fix the phone -Call tommy -survive via time out All in one match. As Jason: -Someone bitches that Savini is broken -Choose part 7 -get 8/8 in pakanak via a combination of deception and stalking -taunt "part 7 haxx, plz nerf" in the lobby -everyone rage quits at that point Good times.