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  1. This isn't in regards to bad playing. Blocking only works for the first hit and then a subsequent hit stuns you and knocks you on your ass for 10 seconds. Then, to continue off that, if you slash anyone, they are able to counter attack much faster than Jason can swing. This makes no sense and is utter bullshit in a game where Jason is meant to be OP compared to the counselors, there is no way 2 counselors, no matter how talented, should be able to do jack diddle against Jason worth noting. I'll restate a moment from my early days before the "stun" issue was "fixed". During one game, myself and 4 other counselors were up against a rank 2 Part 3 Jason. We decided we were going to attack him and beat him up, 5 vs 1. We all grabbed weapons and got near the boathouse on crystal lake and first hit, boom, he goes down. Woo, no prob, lets slap him as he gets up. Our weapons hit him but bounced off, and Jason started swinging his axe, hitting 2-3 of us with each swing, getting at least three swings off before another strike knocked him down. he got up again and started swinging. By the time Jason was stunned this time, three people were dead, the other two were limping away and were soon two more notches on Jason's Axe. I miss that absolute power you were being up against. Now, just two teabaggers can keep slapping jason without penalty and all you get is MAYBE one swing if you're not standing like a statue. or RUNNING AWAY from them.
  2. I actually said the shotgun still stuns, especially since it's a one use item. Same goes for pocket knives. The main thing here is that Jason is immune to a group of people slapping him with melee objects. The only stun a melee object would cause at this point would be a bladed weapon knocking his mask off. Of course, that's the last stun Jason can take from a melee strikes and then he's gone full Beast Mode.
  3. I'd say that Jason in Rage mode should be immune to any stun short of a pocket knife, shotgun, or sweater. Flares, firecrackers, and any melee weapons simply don't work. It's a good counterpoint as his rage builds faster the more he's attacked, making attacking Jason a risk/reward situation; get away NOW, be unable to get away later. I'd also vouch that Jason enters rage instantly when he loses his mask. This would make killing him even more of a risk as he'd be able to slaughter about anyone, especialyl if he was slashing the whole time. Besides. Jason gets PISSED when his mask is gone.
  4. Daneasaur

    October Event Celebration!

    Huh, ok, a contest. I never win these but what the heck.
  5. Daneasaur

    October Event Celebration!

    Was it announced yet?
  6. The best thing to buff Jason is to make a timer start as soon as he recovers from a stun; during a 5-10 second span after the player regains control of him, Jason CANNOT be stunned. This include if he picks someone up and another player hits him. The only thing that can start the stun over is a pocket knife, upon which his no-stun timer restarts again, rendering him immune to firecrackers, guns, flares, and melee weapons. The gameplay strategy for most people at this point would be to start slashing everyone around you since they can't counter hit you for several seconds and people who are too cocky will be dead very quickly. An alternate/assist to this would be if Jason's slash dis-armed a hit counselor unless they were blocking. The counselors are NOT the final survivors, they are the expendable fodder that comprise Jason's gore galleries. The game is not supposed to be "balanced" in this manner. The scoring system is how it's balanced and this is evident with a counselor dying not robbing them of the largest EXP drop (match end = 500 exp ).
  7. Daneasaur


    -Fans: "Hey, you're going to waste a ton of time doing this engine upgrade that no one cares about instead of adding Uber Jason. Stop what you're doing and finish Uber before doing anything else." -Asshats off of DBD and the people the devs listen to: "Jason is too op!" -GUN: "Guys, we need to do the engine upgrade so we can nerf Jason more." And nothing changes.
  8. Daneasaur

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    I'd even be fine with no music for him. I mean, after all, in space, no one can hear you scream. Especially if you have a machete lodged in your throat. But yes, when the eventual day comes that the servers are gone, I want my save to be offline and I want to be able to play as Uber.
  9. Daneasaur

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Not quite. The statement of the court is that a dead kid named Jason is what Miller has. An adult killer (usually wearing a Hockey Mask) isn't what Miller has access to, regardless of his name.
  10. Daneasaur

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    This is what I think most folks are missing. Quite literally nothing has to be messed with. Pamela's head/sweater? Part 2 Adult Jason? Part 2 Hockey mask? Part 3 Basically the only Part 1 thing still in the game is the sequence in the virtual cabin when you get grabbed by Kid Jason and the museum exhibit of said kid Jason. Pamela didn't even have her name beyond "Mrs. Voorhes". This would mean we could still use Pamela, Adult Jason, basically anything we are using already.
  11. Daneasaur

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Aye, that's why we have hope. Call us foolish, call us overly optimistic, but that's what this game was founded on.
  12. Daneasaur

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Never Hike Alone did a great job, but yeah, you could even go with the Roy idea of a father going bananas in perpetual revenge for the death of his son.
  13. Daneasaur

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Considering Black Tower studios is in Japan... And they are off the leash from Illfonic... The future looks interesting.
  14. Daneasaur

    Jason bullying

    I find it amusing that the only thing you took away from my comment was the friendly fire.