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  1. It's far from "out" yet. That said, visually, it's hard to see the improvements in he video, though trees, shadows, and wet textures are nicer. The main goal in the engine upgrade is PROGRAMMING. Programming that will allow for easier bug fixes, dedicated servers, and much more in a behind-the-curtain manner.
  2. DLC

    Sometimes DLC can show up in random situations and then you get it for free. One example was that I got Mortal Kombat XL and I synched up my account to get the "future raiden", but my phone is a potato so I couldn't play the phone game to get the other skins. Suddenly, one day, I booted up the game and I happened to have ALL the phone game exclusive skins unlocked. So I played a round and saved it and now I have all the DLC for free.
  3. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    One thing I've noticed is that Morphing tends to put you at a disadvantage for those folks who like to step in a trap the moment you vanish. For this purpose, I've found that I may morph to the phone and trap it, but then I will travel on foot from it to the next objective. This way, my morph is still charged. Then, if a trap is fired off early on, I can morph RIGHT back and I'll have a counselor who's at a disadvantage due to the limit of possible items they can have on them AND protect said objective.
  4. Stupidest Thing You've Done

    Played as Part 7 Jason during the knife fiesta and didn't have One Handed Choke assigned to any of my kills. Went 0/8 that round with teabaggers and smack talking. Both cars fixed and escaped with full payloads. Cops were called, Tommy was called, full team escape.
  5. Any info today?

    Remember when the devs would post info here? Good times.
  6. It's kinda like playing "Spot the Vegan".
  7. Get Rage mode faster

    Destroying hiding spots doesn't so much "up rage" as it does spend more time. The only things that add rage are: -getting hit by a counselor's weapon -getting shot by a counselor's shotgun -getting shot by a counselor's flare gun -getting stunned by a counselor's firecracker -getting stabbed by a counselor's pocket knife -stepping in a beartrap -a counselor breaking free of your grasp Being shot by the cops, breaking doors, windows, hiding places, walls, grabbing knives, and killing counselors doesn't do anything to Rage.
  8. Any info today?

    Gonna agree. The Part 5 and Pinehurst map out of freaking nowhere was a nice surprise.
  9. So we usually get info on Thursdays as to what's going on. Normally I'd just wait to see the info, but the last time or two, we got info was by some tweet that had to be passed trough a grapevine. So we got anything? A this rate, I'd settle for a "seems like we aren't gonna make an April launch on the content" instead of waiting to see a large update file set up for the game to just pop up one day.
  10. This is the main thing I do and that is sorely overlooked. Weapons WILL break and if they are hoarding you, just block. A few hits later and most of the weapons will shatter and now you have 3-4 counselors with no weapons. If you're using a Jason with +Weapon damage, I suggest you start swinging that weapon to prevent any knife issues as folks tend to only gang up like that when one or more of them have knives. Counselors with no weapons + Jason swinging like a lumberjack = Salt.
  11. I'm still working on getting recording stuff to work on my PC, so sadly no. Believe me, if there was a time I needed my gameplay recorded, this was it.
  12. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    Tried that, wound up with a Part 2 Jason tunneling me and no cabins within sprinting distance and me as the only kill of the match. Your method has a big flaw because you're not accounting for the 1 Luck.
  13. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    Hiding places can be OP to pre-rage Jasons if you use them in a half competent manner. I play as Shelly and the number of times his 1 point of Luck have resulted in me spawning at the phone house has been murder. So, I started using the Bot strategy of instantly throwing myself in the nearest hiding place and waiting for the Jason to do his breaking of things, setting of traps, then taking off. Many times he is gone before he even has sense, much less shift, so I'm home free at that point.