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  1. Right ,I was furious when I learned it. Especially since I have a copy on my PS4 that NEVER goes online, meaning I strictly play as Jason vs Bots. It reflects what the game will be like when the servers go down. Anything the counselors get is rendered moot and pointless and a game celebrating Jason suddenly has Jason as an afterthought.
  2. I think the most critical flaw was the focus on the emote packs and emote rewards for the singleplayer mode, when it should have been kills for Jason. In the kill selection screen, there are 12 slots for more by-hand kills, and considering the vast amount of kills that were motion captured, this should have been a priority and as a reward for each mission you successfully 3 skulled. Just do this: For each mission you 3 skull, you get a by-hand kill for free. By completing all 10 missions, you get one more kill. For the 12th kill, you need to find all the secret kills. Boom, I just made it so that single player enhances your Jason experience. However, one thing I think folks are forgetting is that the people clamoring for Jason X would be happy with Jason X and his kills. While the Grendle would be nice, what we would be MORE THAN HAPPY hearing is "the unfinished kills and Uber Jason will be finished, however, no new stages will be made, so you'll just have to pretend you're on Earth 2 or something if Uber is attacking.
  3. This is what's referred to as a PR smokescreen. See, a similar thing was done with Arkham Knight where WB said "The WiiU can't handle the batmobile." They then didn't make arkham knight for WiiU... Then they also proceeded to cancel the DLC for Arkham origins, didn't give the second fighter pack for Injustice 1, and never gave WiiU owners Mortal Kombat X. Same thing happened in Smash Bros for WiiU/3ds in regards to the fan outcry for playable Ridley; Sakurai said a very convoluted statement stating that "he felt that he is doing Ridley right by making him a stage boss so he's imposing and changing that wouldn't make him accurate to his character." it basically boiled down to "I can't be bothered to take the time to work on a completely new character, so have half a dozen anime styled characters with swords since they all share the same basic framework". I've said this before and I'll say it again, Uber Jason is IN the game files and is nearly complete. Black Tower would have VERY LITTLE work they would need to do. For example: His stats are present for him, but his standing model in the selection screen is not present: He also has no music and the sound effects during his kills are both incomplete and may or may not play, but he has all 6 kills associated with his weapon: And while I don't have it recorded, one online match I was in, I saw someone using Savini/Burning Jason using the Machete X and using the kills with no issue other than the sound trouble. This also goes for the Fire Axe and Spear kills that were in the first version of the Ultimate Slasher edition trailer. It's all in the game and Black Tower, as skilled as they are, would have very little issue finishing this.
  4. This leans more on Jason being a good player or not. Jason being able to kill everyone was a staple, but then the cat-and-mouse was what you're talking about and it's "alien" to people who haven't played this game since launch. Here are some tips for Jason players who are struggling: -Counselors cannot START with a pocket knife. If the round has just started, grabbing a solo counselor is a good idea. -Equip the Choke grab to one of your kills. It's not fancy, it's not elaborate, but it requires very little room and can be done almost anywhere. There are few things as frustrating as running down a counselor and finally catching them, only to be unable to do ANY kills because you're not near a kill spot and/or are on weird terrain. Sometimes you need someone dead, this is what you use at those times. -Trap the phone first then WALK to the next objective you intend to trap. I've lost count of how many times I've trapped the phone then Morphed away, only for the "CLANK" sound to go off as soon as I'm gone. Even as Part 2, it takes too long for you to get back to that trap as the counselor is long gone. Therefore, simply run to the next objective and let your morph charge so that if someone steps in your trap right away, you can snap back there and off-them while they are down on HP and/or items. -Don't be afraid to slash. Slashing is now super viable against several opponents at once. It'll be up to you if you just want to slash until they die, or if you want to slash until they limp then risk grabbing them. Some players will have a pocket knife AND a health spray, so you run the risk of missing out on an outright kill if you go for a grab. Basically, I suggest slashing if you're in late game or in Rage. -Throwing knives. Grab every single one you see. Even if it means breaking off a chase to do so. Throwing knives can go away super fast, but they are invaluable for closing the gap, especially in late game. Combine it with slashing and you'll reap salt in excess. -Check your map regularly. Not just for morphing, but to check on your traps. While it may be common for people to step in traps to undo them, using a pocket knife will result in a silent disarming of the trap and YOU won't hear it, however your map will show the trap has been sprung. While part 7 and 9 have a harder time due to only 3 traps, this is still invaluable for knowing what objective the counselors are focusing on and what objective YOU should focus on protecting. -Stalk stalk stalk! When Stalk is active, you might spam it. Use it before you morph, use it before you shift, and remember that stalk takes FOREVER to drain if you're just standing still. Counselors will NOT get the static of you using your powers and will not get any music. Using it before a morph or a shift will result in you just "popping" in front of them, axe swinging or suddenly grabbing. Nothing will throw off a counselor's day than a Jason who has no warning signals when he's coming. -Rage. Due to the tweek of rage, don't bother grabbing anymore once it activates. Become slasher Jason as the only things that can stun you now are pocket knives, shotguns, beartraps, and the sweater. You remove one of those items from the list if you choose to only slash, and by this point, MOST of the counselors will likely have pocket knives on them. Practice all this and you'll know exactly how Mother wants you to take care of them.
  5. That's because they have to now. Jason can't be "epic owned" by just two counselors now and if Jason is in rage, he can just start swinging. Pocket knives don't stop a swinging Jason in Rage. Now, just like in the films, you got that final act going, Jason is furious and he's not only walking through walls but one shotting everyone.
  6. There is nothing in this comment I don't like. You said it all. Now, when Jason walks through a barricaded door, slamming him in the face with a bat won't do anything. The main goal was ALWAYS supposed to be to AVOID Jason. Hide, run, evade. Fighting was only a last ditch effort that would usually get you killed anyway. Kudos to the new crew for remembering that F13 is about.
  7. Daneasaur

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Holy smokes, this is one thing I've really been craving. This is gonna really put the fear o god back into counselors.
  8. I'm already upset because they focused on adding so much COUNSELOR stuff and over 30 emotes, but they couldn't finish up Uber Jason.
  9. I'd think it'd still need some testing, but as a whole it'd work, especially in something like the current build of the game as often ,when the resources are put into killing jason, they aren't being put into getting a car/boat/phones working. The main aspect being that they simply WON'T retain Jason/the killer being fully OP, they will balance i so the counselors have the advantage. If we go back to how nasty Jason was at launch, then perhaps it could be reverted to killing him, but if he gets nerfed down to how he is now, it would have to be altered to a stun.
  10. This is an interesting idea. I'd basically make it that each of the heroes would be the same as tommy IE: max stats and the goal is to help, but the main difference would be how they could defeat Jason. IE: Tammy would use her psychic powers in some way. Maybe a weapon could be a chain and she requires it to psychically noose Jason. But anyway, from my point of view, this game has a good foundation and I couldn't see a sequel not containing everything this game has and just adding more to it. Mainly: 1: More by-hand kills. There was a lot of time and resources spent making emotes as opposed to making kills for Jason. He's had numerous types of kills by hand and really should have had more. 2: More weapons. Weapon swapping shouldn't be restricted at such a high level, though I agree a Jason should have to work to get to it for a bit, thus forcing the player to know how each Jason handles (IE: the last Jason you can unlock is at rank 44, so make weapon swapping at 55 or 60). Once you can, make it so that Jason has numerous weapons to choose from, including some that are not strictly associated with any one Jason. Such as the medical saw, farm pitchfork, Dual Machete, Weed Wacker, even Bowie Knife (to make those wonderful stabbing kills on-hand). We got part 5 knocking down doors with a pair of sheers so it having to be something Jason could knock a door down with isn't a requirement. 3: No Killing Jason. This is a big one to a lot of players, but the ability to kill jason turns the game into something it's not supposed to be; the counselors are the fodder that doesn't live through the game and playing as Jason is a power trip. Stunning Jason is good, even using the sweater is good. Preferably, there would be a similar setup to killing him, but it instead is a long term stun that lasts 2-3 minutes. This gives the counselors time to go and try to get some tasks done, thinking they are safe for a while before Jason is given the command to morph anywhere on the map, like many of the fakeout endings where you think he's dead but, whoop, there he is and if you didn't escape with the cops, car, boat, you're in for it now as Jason has full rage mode and abilities at this point, regardless of how early you "killed" him. Worse, the Jason player has been WATCHING YOU the entire time in a spectator mode and knows EXACTLY what you're up to. 4: Offline saves. I don't mind it synchronizing to online when you do online stuff, but if you're playing online, i don't want it to be looking for an online profile on some cloud. 5: Virtual Cabin. Keep this. It's too cool to get rid of.
  11. Jasons who have fun with the power the character gives are always fun. I recall a recent match. Since I'm 150 I don't stress about winning, just having fun. I make it a rule that if we don't get many counselors (<4) I won't trap the phone so that IF they can sneak to it and fix it without me knowing, it's a free cop call. Well the match started and there were only 2 counselors. No biggy, I am playing part 3 Jason and just mostly smashing stuff and since it's just the two of them, I menace them a bit but don't do much to try and stop them from fixing a car. Come the car starting up I watch them leaving but the driver crashed and the car flipped. I figured they would go back to trying to escape, but it was a no go. I cornered one dude and threw him through a window, then did the 3D head crush on the other. On another topic:
  12. Daneasaur

    Best place to hide

    I have one. Early in the match, you go into a cabin, make sure you shut the door or the window, but don't lock it, then hide under a bed or in a closet. You'll be 100% invisible to Jason until he has Rage because the round just started so your counselor won't be afraid or prone to going "HOLY SHIT PLEASE DON'T COME OVER HERE!" You can also hide in a tent or an outhouse for a similar effect, though you won't be contributing to escaping. The best hiding place I had was in Pinehurst. Jason had killed the power to the main house and guarded the generator like it was his mama, so it never got fixed. That said, even rage couldn't help him find me as Shelly inside the building crouching in a very dark corner and not moving. Sure, he could tell I was in the building, but not WHERE in the building and I waited him out for the last 5 minutes and survived.
  13. Daneasaur

    Jason Kill Scenero - Question

    Because the game is so heavily lopsided towards the counselors, when a Jason DOES find a way to cancel out the kill scenerio, the "Jason hunters" go bananas. There was a similar situation with Jason back when he was properly OP where if a counselor did manage to escape, Jason would occasionally rage quit. Often because he wasn't aware that someone fixed the phone, someone got a car fixed, or someone vanished on the boat. Just roll with it and take it as a win and hope for a better lobby. Folks can't handle it when Jason exhibits his most dangerous attribute; the ability to plan out his kills.
  14. Higgins was the only one available during the Beta and it was fantastic, so it stands to reason it's the most balanced, especially with the river going right though the middle for the water Jasons to use as a stopgap between morph and shift.
  15. Thanks everyone and merry christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year.