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  1. June 21st End of Day Rank: 109 Ranks to go: 4 I'm now 100% convinced the 113 limit was put there on purpose to falsely bloat the number of players before they just shut the game off. I feel no joy. I feel no happiness. I feel nothing but a seething rage. A rage, contained, by the faint hope that Uber Jason will be unlocked and that this.... waste of my life in grinding like this will be retained by my rank being saved to my system, not the cloud.
  2. All it will take is a slight code change to enable Uber Jason. He's all set to go and I'm pissed he wasn't already released officially with the dearth of content.
  3. Backer here. Bought 2 copies (one PC, one PS4), got Savini on both. Bought the counselor clothing pack for PC. Bought ALL DLC for the PC version, only bought the kill pack stuff on PS4. Despite the early glitches and crashes, I enjoyed the game, but as time went on, the devs catered not to the backers ,but the dead by daylight retards who couldn't handle the fact that you couldn't troll Jason with a single counselor. Catering to them results in the current Jason who's a goddamn joke in PvP and an overall miserable experience. However, I got the game for the single player. Yes, absurd, but that's what I wanted it for. I wanted a Jason simulator where you go and tear counselors apart and even do things in reference to the films. I got both with bots and the challenges, so in that aspect, I feel I got what I wanted. My problem right now is that I need my rank to stay even when I can't be online (for whatever reason), and I want the included and finished with his kills and weapon Uber Jason to be unlocked. He's in the game, he's not been "added", he's already there and would count as a technical tweek of the already existing game code.
  4. Which is one of the technical "fixes" that I've wanted since day 1 since otherwise it'll render everything locked again with the player at rank 0 with he choke kill and one weapon kill for Part 3 and Part 5 (and savini if applicable). Deader than dead and unable to even be looked back upon fondly.
  5. I'm still not backing down on my two demands before this game is 100% dead. Flay me and treat me like a villain for not bending over and taking every inch, but if Uber Jason was not functional and only the incomplete cabin model existed, then I'd just have to suck it. But it's not the case, he's in the game. He's finished, he's functional, and all that's "locking" him is a line of code rather easily broken as PC players are using him and swapping his weapon and using his kills. Will the excuse be "they are accessing non-legit content"? Well I again point to hot coffee where a company was sued over content that was "locked" in the same manner. So no, I won't back down and I'll only get worse the more I'm told to.
  6. They have also not shared any news of this alleged lawsuit lockout. For them, they are just sitting back and raking in money.
  7. I can confirm it is. There is another game currently running: Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle. Guess what it features? Lootboxes. Yeah, a continuous payment function. No news of anything being put on hold. GUN/Illfonic are shafting us. They got ONE last change to make me not blacklist them and it's in my plainly laid out demands.
  8. Uber Jason is already IN THE GAME. At least fucking unlock him because as it stands, the PC players have him. They are using him because he's in the game. It's not added content, it's content that is already there since the May update. 'm sure you guys remember a similar situation. It was called Hot Coffee, and even though it was "disabled" by the creators, it is, in fact, in the game still and can be accessed via hacks. The company was SUCCESSFULLY SUED for having the content in the game at all. So, I stand here and as a backer, I'm making demands. I've been nice, I've been excusing, I've been coaxing people to get the game, and now you owe me. 1: Give me an offline save file for my rank, allowing me to play with all my unlocked content offline. 2: Un-hide Uber Jason. He and his kills are in the game. Unlock him. His low res model was already showcased in the cabin and his finished model and theme and kills and weapon are all in the game already. Unlock him. I've been a good, well behaved board member and a dedicated backer who bought this game twice and even got Savini twice and one counselor clothing pack and even bought all Kill DLC twice. Now do this one last good deed for us so that I can uncover this game years later when the servers are dead and still be able to murder counselors with the various Jasons in the game and go "yeah, I like this game".
  9. Daneasaur

    The Sequel or Volume 2

    I'd say that the killer would need a set "size", but beyond that you'd be able to customize clothing and details, if they have a mask or not, and so on. Make it like F13 (without the bugs), some nice kills, various weapons, assignable abilities for the killer, and basically mostly the same game but better. Just remove the ability to KILL the killer, the rules should be either escape or survive the night. No exceptions.
  10. Turns out i caught her while she was having a little some of something, and it turns out she's running on Monster energy drink. In fact, it runs through her veins! On a similar note, I noticed Buggzy tends to stay near well lit areas. One hack-n-slash later and I find he really IS a bug! Just a few of my humorous moments. Grinding on Pakanak small is fine and all, but I gotta change things up now and then.
  11. I've been doing strictly bots as a single round will net around 1k without fuss. But yeah, the tedium is real and it's not for those with a weak constitution. June 20th End of day Rank: 108 Ranks to go: 5 I played a bit before bed, finished my travel from 105 to 106 and then went to 107. A bout of insomnia pestered me so I went for another rank up and hit 108 before going to bed. It's within my grasp... with any luck, I'll have the swap by the weekend. It's ironic; what is causing such a problem for me is the lack of changing things up. Mainly in the kills as when you remember where the bots are and how they react, you will basically grab them and kill them in roughly the same spots (windows, the curb stop at a wall, etc). I've gotten to the point that I will kill 2 or 3 with the on-hand kills, just for a change of pace. I've also taken to just slashing Tommy to death to avoid the pocket knife as him showing up will basically ensure I have the 1k score for the round. But yes, doing 10 rounds in a row, even if it's only 8 minutes, is still 80 minutes doing nothing but murdering bots. Gotta change SOMETHING up now and then. Like going to Pinehurst and finding out Vanessa is full of Monster energy drink.
  12. Yep. I do recall this one glitch where Jason could kill someone in the water with the lake grab, but the animation cancels, even if it gives the 100 for the kill and 50 for environment kill, and you get the bonus every time you press the button, so the counselor just hangs tight while jason mashes the button and gets boatloads of EXP. It had something to do with the counselor being near the boat by the doc. i don't know if it was patched yet. Sadly I didn't get any play time on the 19th so I'm still at 105
  13. Ah yes, Surely EA would save us. It's not like they could fuck it up, especially when given a franchise that prints money on name alone. Wait... Well surely Ubisoft would make a game on a renowned series and not totally cock it up. Wait... Bruh, being AAA doesn't mean jack shit nowadays, it just means you're a big name and have more money to shut up media outlets from exposing your broken shit. There is only ONE company I'd ever even consider for handling F13, and they would have to take a completely different approach to it than this, though it could still be fun in the end. Picture this: in the waters of Earth 2, the nanites reconstitute Jason in the waters of New Crystal Lake. There, he again keeps to his territorial task of keeping horny teens out of his lake, until one day, they manage to capture the new Uber Jason with their advanced technology. But we saw how well capturing Jason does and soon, that voice of Mother decrees Jason needs to get home. Are you fit to take on the role of Jason and tear Earth 2 a new asshole to get back to your camp? Obviously slow it down, but keep the idea of vicious kills to your opponents, and then implement the stealth kills into areas where you can choose to sneak through or go in swinging. Yes, I just suggested Platinum Games.
  14. Thankya! I like the brutal strength of the Disarm kill, though yes, it's a shame he doesn't pull them cleanly away then toss them aside, as opposed to giving a tug and then the ragdoll takes over and the arms just flop to the ground or suction into the body or other weird stuff.
  15. Ah yes, a AAA dev. They will then make all the women ugly, all the men soyboys, all the "nudity" will be removed, you'll get one Jason while each one of them will be $5 DLC with most of them locked on Disk, 2 maps, oh, and LOOTBOXES. Can't forget those. Dropping the sarcasm, I don't trust a AAA dev as far as I could throw them.