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  1. Shhhhh.? No one cares about how they could of been fixing the multiplayer side with the extra programmers they now have. We're all supposed to forget that Jason is now a shell of his former self and be mesmerized by the cabin.
  2. Cool story. If thats the case, they need to move them from new content to sorting out bugs. Because they aren't getting it done. I'm not your "bro" and I'll post where I like.
  3. Yeah me too!!! Update this shit while Jason can't hit a player standing right in front of him. Makes perfect sense.
  4. They could of worked on it. But they decided to work on a cabin instead.
  5. And once you finished fucking around in this stupid ass cabin for a few hours, and don't load it up again because you've done everything. You can go play Beat the fuck out of Jason Vorhees:The Game. I guess some people are too dense to understand this is a worthless sideshow that should never have been released or worked on until they fixed the main game. Edit: Confused faces? That proves my point. Thank you.
  6. Wrong. Been a fan since I was 9, that was only 33yrs ago though. I wanna play a friday the 13th multiplayer game that works properly. If I wanted more information on the films I would google for it. The game isn't fixed, putting time into this shit is delaying it getting fixed even longer.
  7. Awwww. Another one of your favourite glitches has gone? Learn to play properly.
  8. No matter what anyone says. It's a waste of time, effort and money. Especially when there are more pressing game breaking needs in this game that need to be fixed. Priorities.
  9. Strange to post about it? Ok, forgot you can only post about things you like. I watched it to see if it was worth doing. It isnt worth doing even without having to think about it. Again, a waste of time and money. If I wanted a puzzle, I'd buy a sudoku book.
  10. Glad I watched a walkthrough of this so I didn't have to load it up. It's a load of boring shit and a waste of the devs time and money. Try fixing game before adding bollocks like this that you'd look at once, and never look at again.
  11. The bots ain't that bad. Just had a game and they tanked the phone and both of the car traps on seperate cars within 30 seconds of each other. Another match one of them got the car going, stopped it, a minute later caught Tommy just before the exit trying to escape on his own. Seemed like a typical QP Jarvis to me.
  12. I got the slasher badge today playing offline on xbox. Edit: It said I unlocked it but still on 112/113.
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