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  1. Is it just me?

    Wouldn't bother arguing with him. This kids the new @GrandMasterLynx around here.
  2. Still haven't heard shit. @Randygbk Wheres my copy?
  3. The way they are fucking with Jason recently, it'd be an instant 5 second stun every time he saw it.
  4. Of course he doesn't. Hes too busy counting his ill gotten gains. Ain't got time for that shit anymore. I got ya money, you can all go fuck yourselves now.
  5. In England and havent heard shit.
  6. Easily solved. Dont try and kill Jason.
  7. Fuck new content, I don't give 2 shits about a new "update" I just want a new "patch" to fix the stuff they've broken. Without doubt though, said patch will more than likely break a plethora of new things.
  8. Suicide

    Congratulations on writing that nice long reply to me for no reason. If you had cared to carry on reading the thread, I clarified "in real life" in a post not long after. But I also said I agree with it in game if the Jason is being a dick. And also, the number of pocket knives I've used on traps is probably in the 200s.
  9. Suicide

    I was talking about real life. But like others have said, some Jasons don't deserve the kill.
  10. Suicide

    I'd rather die jumping out a window than being hacked with an axe.
  11. Do you still play the game?

    I still play it. Half assed though. Run around, chase Jason, die, quit, repeat.
  12. Finally level 101

    Only 49 levels to go.
  13. Do the Devs Still Play?

    Of course they do. How else are they gonna figure out what to break next?
  14. I got saved yesterday without knife being used. Must be a glitch.