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  1. "Please do not bump topics" How about please fix the fucking game. I'm being ignored by the devs and I'll continue reminding everyone that I'm being ignored.
  2. Game has been out for two months, champ. Nothing "instant" about it.
  3. Wow. You are legitimately completely delusional.
  4. Ok, so not only do you not understand what an analogy is you also don't understand what mocking is. Awesome. No wonder you don't get "pissed" when you get ripped off, you probably don't even understand what the word means.
  5. Wow. Mocking me because I can't play the game due to bugs? That's pretty low. Anyone else want to take some free kicks while I'm down here?
  6. I never even made an analogy, genius. Also, the game is not playable for me because of a specific type of crash on pc sooooo....... you're wrong again. Let me know when you plan on sending that money you don't care about. If not, just shut up about this absurd claim of yours. I know people are going to white knight the devs no matter what but to try and claim to not get pissed over wasting money is absurd. Absolutely ridiculous and you know no one is buying that shit, right?
  7. You don't get pissed when getting scammed? Wow. Just send your money to me instead of throwing it away. Since it doesn't bother you, you can pay me back all the money I wasted on this game. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. Good for you. Meanwhile others are pissed over MONEY. I paid $40 plus extra for bonus content for a game I can't play. So think about that while sitting on your high horse.
  9. I can't attend. If someone could ask them for me when they plan on fixing the 3D3 device lost crash for PC that would be great. I'm done fighting with this game and having it constantly crash on me. Would love to be able to play it again.
  10. Still crashing Still crashing Still crashing I haven't seen an update so I guess I'm still crashing. Will try playing again tonight so I can record how often I'm crashing. I'll make a gif montage of it!
  11. Is this still being looked at? Gotten lots of patches but I'm still getting lots of the same crashes. I can't play. It's not worth it because I play with friends and I constantly have to wait for them to finish the match I crashed out of only to try again and have the same thing happen over and over again. I'm not even getting xp. Anyone else with an r9 380x that got the game to work, please tell me what you did.
  12. I have not played a single game as Jason so far because it crashes 100% of the time when I'm chosen to be Jason. PLEASE. FIX. THIS. Everytime I try to validate files with Steam it says 1 file will be required but it never does. Are these two errors related because it seems like they are.
  13. Killing people who do the movement glitch is a legit reason. If they're going to cheat and ruin the game I can do that too.
  14. It's also extremely annoying seeing Jason trap an exit with a whole row of them so players literally can't get to the police without setting at least one off or disarming it. Current police escape meta is either pick a side and pray the police arrive on that side for an instant escape or hang out in the middle and hope Jason isn't an asshole with the traps. Personally I think traps should be a cooldown ability where he holds only one trap at a time and it regenerates 60 seconds after being used.