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  1. The codes weren't emailed. They are being very clear.
  2. Yea, in the movie, he is pretty much Jason-powered, it makes no sense, but after 4, they left any semblance of making horror behind. If they wanted to work hard for him, they could make like an all 12 stat counselor with 10x hp and no mystical abilities. However, he would also be able to send the cops away if they arrived by showing them his EMT badge or something. Pamela could look just like a counselor, so you don't know who is the killer.
  3. Because they didn't make all 11? killers for release. There will clearly be DLC Jasons and likely a Roy and Pamela. Four is one of the least unique (when you have three already), so I expect he will be a low priority.
  4. A fun side note to this, a fellow counselor asked me if I was a good driver or if I should let him drive, I dropped the keys (answer seemingly obvious), but decided to answer anyway. I put my controller on my knee to chat and accidentally hit the attack trigger and whacked him with the baseball bat as he picked up the keys...
  5. Bad reviews are mostly fair (the ones I've read, anyway). Few are complaining too much about the core gameplay itself. It needs a little polish and a MUCH better tutorial or explanation. Technically, the game has issues. The server/ database situation on release (and it's not all fixed yet, just better) was a disgrace. Games know how to release much cleaner now. Beyond that, the graphics and animations are subpar for 2017. The voice work is horrendous and pathetically limited. The public game community (limited experience here), I've seen is toxic on a level beyond what I've seen in any other game. That being said, I am having a blast playing for HOURS in private rooms (with a few people in this thread). I expect I will be enjoying this game for at least 300+ hours of game time...
  6. Anyone with an idea for making voice chat work with a controller? As far as I can see, the only options are open mic, which is awful for many reasons and taking a hand off the controller and hitting a keyboard key (which borks the controller for the time holding it down too). This is a pretty basic feature.
  7. We've been lucky to have a great group of people to play private matches with, but yea. There should be a beefy penalty for leaving a game. Once you are dead as a counselor, I have no problem with it, you get the no xp penalty. But before that, an xp penalty or lockout seems fair.
  8. Those of us who could play had some great times yesterday. Games like this are often more fun when most people AREN'T experts. I feel awful for our players who got server locked out. Please join us for good times!
  9. Doesn't surprise me, you will find bad players in all online games, but my limited public game experiences have been incredibly toxic.
  10. Played for most of the day. In private matches with friends, we are having great fun. Loads of technical problems, from game-breaking (3 people are unable to connect and play all day due to server problems) to minor (characters flying). Public matches, I've found a very low quality, toxic community, but this is only a 5 match sample size, so maybe I've been unlucky. However, if I knew I would usually be playing public games like this, I'd pass on the game.
  11. Thanks, things are starting to make sense. I was bad as a counselor, I won't say how I rated as Jason. I think my dog licking the controller would have been more intimidating.
  12. What do the audio/visual clues as a counselor mean? Like when my screen go all TV static, or when the Ki Ki KI plays...
  13. How can counselors help each other? Whack Jason with an xxxxx when he grabs one?
  14. Are there any decent guides yet? I feel like a busty counselor who gets drunk and strips down in the opening sequence.
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