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  1. "Oh! Don't hold back on me doc, give it to me straight!"
  2. I enjoyed The Final Girls (2015) Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Adam Devine But it's definitely more comedy than horror, a group get sucked into a old horror film. The old horror film was definitely inspired by Friday the 13th, set in a camp with a masked killer who makes the ki ki ki ma ma ma sounds. Also Maniac (2012) Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder, America Olivo Shot from the killers perspective all first person, has a awesome techno soundtrack
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    Damn very sorry to hear that. Two of my family members got diagnosed but this was over 3 years ago. Both still with us, both winning. Fight the good fight.
  4. Well after his shotgun shot he's easy pickings. So even if he's easy to call he's just more fodder. Never once had a problem with him
  5. Yeah I'm hoping this as well, I'm really hoping it allows different 80s clothes/hats/hair just so things can be your own. Maybe not hair because it's a clothes pack but I hope they do a hair/facial hair dlc if it isn't in the pack
  6. If Jason is allowed to kill the cops then him camping the phone wouldn't be a problem. What could happen is - if Jason kills the first wave of cops you have to wait another 3/4 mins then back up arrives (these ones you can't kill and similar to the beta) That way the players as Jason might not feel the need to camp because he knows he can kill the first wave and delay a escape, and everyone else will not be able to do easily able to escape once the cops are called. If you are Jason pt7 once the cops arrive and you are standing there trying to block 4 or more people at the exit. Good luck. They can just easily run circles round him, stab him in the neck allowing everyone to escape. Allowing him to delay it a bit by killing the first wave should make things interesting. Playing the beta I noticed - once the cops arrive on the scene it's damn easy for us to run round Jason and escape
  7. I would like to see Jason be able to kill the cops (should be very difficult as they have guns but that way calling the cops wouldn't be aceasy victory. Jason kills the cops/ backup arrives 2/3 mins later.
  8. That would be awesome, hopefully they get rights to some of these great characters for a dlc. I'm still hoping the last spot is a stoner dude
  9. @Friday13thGame I just noticed in virtual cabin there are 4 reserved spots left. Who would they be? Nerd? Jock? Rebel guy? who else :-o 11:51 am - 8 Jan 2017 Friday the 13th Game ‏@Friday13thGame @VoiceGamer You'll have to find out when we update! That was my question, I wonder who it might be? Playable Tom Savini model?!? (In my dreams) lol
  10. Are you sure he has been released for awhile but is not sitting round the camp with the other counsolers. Plus I'm sure they said there would be 11 counsolers to choose from when the game was first announced, im hoping a stoner or something. Tommy isn't technically a counsoler as you can't pick him from the start and he won't show up if you don't radio him. Also when I tweeted them about the 4 remaining spots they said something like "you'll see ;)" Instead of "there are 3 left, tommy is the 4th"
  11. In virtual cabin there are four reserved spots remaining. We got the nerd, rebel, jock. Any ideas who the final spot will be?
  12. Well to be fair he did look freshly dead i the final chapter, when his mask came of he was the colour of a dead person
  13. Or maybe Jason should be able to kill the cops to make it less of a easy win.
  14. That is true MPAA butchered Friday the 13th kills. Loads are online uncut though.
  15. I really hope it happens though as lots of my friends only have ps4... :-(
  16. Love the game but one comical problem I kept seeing was with the character choices. Character skin changes, doesn't have to be major but will make the game work so much better. I can't count the times there was 5-6 players all using the blue tracksuit black girl because she is very fast. That is fine. People should be able to play as the character they want even if someone else has chosen them. To help keep the players in the game because it becomes a bit silly with all these clones running around is maybe... - have different colours. So if someone picks the original blue tracksuit black girl the 6 remaining options are - pink tracksuit white skin, orange tracksuit black skin different hair colour. etc So not huge model changes just colour changes. Thus not giving the devs tons of extra work but atleast changing the problem of every character looking the same while allowing us to choose the characters we want. Just something to make the characters look atleast a bit different. It kept taking me out of the game seeing twins, triplets and sometimes the entire game full of the exact same character
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