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  1. True The backer and kickstarter said October 2016 because they obviously thought they could get it out by then. Otherwise they would have given them a date of "fall 2016 or something" They even stayed on twitter to me it was October 2016 because they had to give a date, so obviously that's the date they picked because they thought they could get it out for then. Then on Twitter in sept I think it became fall 2016 Now early 2017 im certain there will not be a 4th or 3rd delay depending how you look at it. The real question is will we get a updated virtual cabin, I wanna see all the gang chilling round a camp fire
  2. Definitely he does it occasionally in most movies apart from 6 and space I think
  3. Yep it can help the actual real players as well if there is a chance Jason may get distracted going after bots. Plus his kill count in most films is normally over 12 people, so more bots for him to kill the better
  4. Pam dlc and more councolers like - stoner, bitchy girl, boy next door, biker, female head councillor etc etc That is what I wanna see
  5. Why do so Maby Jason's use axes, I thought more would use his signature machete
  6. Looks horrible hopefully there will be a option to turn it off,
  7. They said first 4 months is early 2017 , jan-April and hope they're still there. Sounds like a delay could be happening. Hopefully they don't keep replying in twitter early 2017 right up to the delay like they did last year with "end of 2016", or whatever it was lol
  8. the Friday the 13th steam page is even worse, so many people calling each other idiots, arguing over pointless things.
  9. Maybe but don't forgot last year when asked for the date they constantly replied 2016, before delaying. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen again ????
  10. Isn't it past the bug testing stage since they have said all they are waiting for is the cert? On the steam game forums people who are friends with streamers have seen them ingame- some have posted screenshots. Someone has messaged them on twitter about it. https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame/status/835301886500679681 I wonder if they will reply to him :-/
  11. If they have secretly given it early to streamers but not other pc players that is annoying, hopefully if they have we will be getting it soon? :-D
  12. According to a tweet they have received and a guy in the steam forums, anyone hear any news about this? (The release of this game is coming SOON guys!!! Here a link to a screen capture: http://imgur.com/Q1ng1mj A friend close to the developers has the early copy already and is playing it!!! There's an explanation of the in-game achievements shown in the screen capture of each achievment and what it's name is with the screen capture link!!!). Someone else posted a screen capture on the f13 twitter
  13. I would like them all in the game as a character dlc pack ????????
  14. That would be cool I am all for more characters for Jason to kill
  15. Zombie Jason grunts in part 8 and part 9, I think near the end of art 7 he starts breathing heavily and grunting angrily at the girl with powers (could be wrong) but he definitely grunts part 8,9
  16. Oh I'd love as many new people as possible if there is a dlc I'd hope we get another 11 character pack
  17. Going to check out dale and tucker heard nothing but good things about it
  18. Hey all. I made a horror comedy film using the indy game Lakeview cabin (heavily inspired by classic horror films, lvc 3 - Friday the 13th, lvc 4 - Texas chainsaw massacre, lvc 5 - Halloween, lvc 6 - Alien/the thing) I then sent the 30 min film to my friends and people online to add voices to it. If you guys get time check it out. Hopefully you all find it funny, I plan on doing a Friday the 13th game film at some point and am always looking for people to help with voice overs
  19. When you go into Jasons shack he gets a warning "don't let them get me Jason" from his mum I have gone to jason shack but you can't interact with the head. My theory is only Tommy can, maybe he can shotgun it making Jason killable since he spawns in the cemetery near the shack. Maybe Tommy can do something to his mums head, making Jason killable then anyone can kill him
  20. I wonder if they'll mention it in episode 9 beginning scrolling text. Very sad news indeed
  21. Awesome work man! I have also done a few game movies using various different games. Mine are more comedy horror lol Did you do the voice overs? I'm always looking for people to help out with voice overs????
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