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  1. Yeah I'm really hoping it's actual outfits. I mean how can they justify charging around the same amount as a actual NEW Jason if all we get is different colours and slight texture changes. If that's the case I hope someone good at models actual gives us some interesting new character traits as I'm sure most people who paid for the clothing dlc actually expect new clothing options. I'd feel pretty ripped off if it's not new clothing options and just re-colours since they had already stated on twitter "if you all pick the same character their clothes will be different colours to stop everyone looking identical"
  2. Hopefully but keep in mind they're a new company still learning so it might not go as smoothly as that.
  3. I have never once attacked anyone about anything on any forum but I did have faith they would make 2017 as promised. when people predicted a delay only the hardcore fanboys would attack you. Basically bear etc was correct - it is delayed. They said right up until the delay "early 2017" and the devs said for them early 2017 was jan to April. They said early 2017 even though they planned to do 20-30 day preorders. So by April 13th-14th they should have stopped saying "early 2017" or "on track for early 2017" because it was just not true. but this is the Internet so the people who hurled insults at you for stating it would be delayed will not apologise. instead you will probably get stuff likE "you can divide the year into halfs - early and late. Next month is still early" "oh it has a delay boohoo stop being a baby" "it's only a small delay" etc etc none of you will get a "sorry we insulted you, you called it response". (Maybe now you will lol) That's just the way people act online. I will say this, a month delay isn't terrible. I am disappointed as I really did expect them to make their announced date. Im glad it's coming though ?????
  4. Yeah it's a tad annoying. since they wanted to do roughly 30 day pre-orders, by April 13-14th they should have known it wouldn't meet their early 2017 announcement, yet they still kept posting "early 2017!" On twitter. Tad disappointing but a month delay isn't bad at all imo
  5. Yeah shame it got delayed another 26 days. Was really hoping we'd get it end of April
  6. I really hope they don't keep saying early 2017 then do a last minute delay that would be f up. I can't remember if they did that for fall 2016
  7. Hopefully but Wes says here that preorders will be on steam 100% That's a little worrying https://mobile.twitter.com/weskeltner/status/853264261941997569
  8. Wait so they actually acknowledge that they would be delaying it from October? I always though they just gave that date because they got pressed to give a date... and never intended it to come out in October. Even though that doesn't make sense since they could have given Dec over October if they couldn't use fall 2016
  9. I'm just hoping we hear something soon
  10. I'm hoping we get loads of variety as well Shorts Hats Headwear T shirts Etc
  11. Yeah I noticed 2 did as well. I think they are all the same just reskinned
  12. Lol yep. I also went out like a coward screaming for the girl to please save me with Jason crushed my skull ???? Needless to say... she was not keen on that idea
  13. But it's not exactly unique just a different axe variation. If they're just going to give us another variation on a axe why not just do that with a machete? Why not just give him a different machete variation since they all don't have the same length, blade shapes etc I also hope we can use a machete with him
  14. So true I'll be utterly disappointed if the majority of Jason's have different types of (some silly looking) axes over different machete types. His most iconic weapon. But since these guys are big Jason fans im sure that won't be the case...
  15. Yeah one time as chad. Spawned near a cabin with a girl and started saying stuff like. "Don't worry baby you'll be safe with me, I'll protect you" "Just stay with me if you wanna live" We enter a cabin, lock the door, Jason's music begins to play. I'm all like "Stay behind me, I have a weapon" Then Jason begins to smash the door, I run shouting "Screw this kill the girl!" Dive through a window right into Jason.
  16. I'm not sure if this is true but I have seen some people mention Jason's weapons are changeable? So at the start of the match you pick what weapon you want him to use? May just be a rumour
  17. Instead of all these axe variations they could have easily given him a different type of knife or machete. There are various different types of machetes and this Jason could do with one since he never used a axe.
  18. I just created a topic about this suggesting he use a machete. Damn strange they gave him a axe when in Jason form he only used a machete in the film
  19. In the film when looking like actual Jason before body jumping he was armed with a huge machete. Why is he not using his iconic machete for this model in game? I'm sure there are no moments when he is in his normal body during this film where he uses a axe. I think the Jason goes to hell model should use the big machete he actually had in the film? Imo the over sized axe (he didn't even use in the film at all) ruins this model
  20. I'm going to try and play as them all, during the beta Chad Kenny I used the most.
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