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  1. Sorry misunderstood. I agree they could easily change some of the names to not offend anyone.
  2. That is very true. but they are still missing some of the biggest character teen types that have been in the films - stoner (appeared numerous times), Mean girl (appeared numerous times), Chatterbox (in near enough every slasher), Hunter hero (appeared numerous times but is a adult actually p4 and p9). But i would like to see more adults like the head counsellor like in p1, p2, parents, mean old men etc
  3. No slutty was changed to flirty. Bitch would have to be changed to the mean girl or something. Since in most slashers the mean bitchy girl is definitely not the easy flirty girl.
  4. Hell yes! there are so many awesome character types used throughout the Friday series that need to make it in. im just hoping the bad reviews don't deter them from dlc
  5. Hopefully we get a new character pack dlc as well featuring people like - the horndog, the bitch, the bully, the stoner, the hunter, the chatterbox, the inexplicably old guy who is meant to be a teenager etc More characters will hopefully stop people constantly quitting games if they're not Jason
  6. Hopefully a new character pack comes out sooner or later that feature enough counsellors to keep people intested in playing both sides and not just Jason. create your own from scratch would definitely keep people from only wanting to be Jason imo
  7. I just hope something happens with a councellors dlc that keeps them interesting enough that people stop quitting matches if they can't be Jason.
  8. This is just a suggestion but I have noticed most fakes 2 -3 people quit if they're not Jason. I would definitely like to see new Counsellors adding more variation and hopefully that will stop people quitting if they can't be Jason.Please add different types that you think people might be able to relate to, or that could keep it varied enough for people to actually stay in a game if they're not Jason.The stoner (f3)Big fat bully (fvsj)The hunter (like rob in f4, or duke)The mean girl (girl (f7)Boy next door -guy hero (f7,f8, f9, fvj)Wheelchair dude (f2)The horndog (teddy f4)The prankster (f1, f2, f7)The chatterbox (near enough every Slasher. could have quicker radio and telephone time)The mysterious guy/loner type (typical slasher movie stuff here, he normally turns out to be heroic and smarter then he seems)Biker (f3)Tina type character with powersOr maybe just different variations of what we have - skin colours, hair changes, clothes etc. that way people can be a bit more creative and might feel like "since I had a hand in changing this guys hair, skin, clothes etc I feel more obliged to play him."
  9. Yeah I never got that. i used to play ea UFC 2 and some many players would create a lev maxed out 100 then just clinch spam. whatever happened to just playing for fun. i don't care if I die in this game, I don't get upset if people escape when I'm Jason. Just play for fun
  10. I really want a new character dlc with new characters and a hunter in the pack.
  11. Nah I meant the stereotypical fat guy who is normal in a gang or the jocks buddy. Loud mouth douchebag. In Freddy vs Jason his character got his head twisted around. who is the gossip girl, I don't think we have her. The chatterbox is always needed. we got the greaser but the punk gang type characters in these cheesy horror films are slightly different. i think more characters to play from may hopefully help the people quitting it they're not Jason, since it gives them more options. we also need the Horndog character like Teddy in F4 and obviously his limp dick buddy. I wouldn't mind different variations to the characters we already have. a black preppy guy like in f7 a short haired more Elvis looking greaser like in f5 etc just to add variation
  12. I Really enjoy it. i do see your point though it is very clunky, the steam reviews are mixed and gaming website don't seem positive either. hopefully with a few more updates it will feel less unfinished ??
  13. We definitely need more 80s horror movie stereotypes. the rich bitch girl the stoner dude the dangerous punk type character (who normally bullies people and has a switch blade) the boy next door (he turned up in Friday 7, from then on they always had a girl and boy next door type) the movie geek type (different to the overweight nerd, more like the guy from part 7 and 8, slim and probably fast) The chatterbox (normally the main characters gossiping best friend) The hunter (like Roy in part 4, sometimes referenced as the authority figure) The comedian prankster type The jerk the fat guy i mean there are tons more that that can be used, it would also hopefully make people not quit if they can't be Jason since they will have lots of variations
  14. On twitter I have seen people ask about Jason x dlc and counselor dlc pack and they have replied saying stuff like maybe it depends on how well the game does. Hoping we could 10 new counselor pack dlc.
  15. I added the new code to my steam that I got for the dlc clothing, It is still blacked out, is there something else I have to do to activate or is this a bug>
  16. Anyone got dlc clothes pack working on steam? have the devs mentioned what the problem is?
  17. Every time I try to give my Jason new kills and then click save it freezes on saving profile data
  18. Was playing for a couple of hours and had 3000ish points to buy new moves. I kept trying to buy a move and kept getting a error, now I have zero points left and no new moves ?
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