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  1. The differences I see are his shoulders being way to high and his neck too short, eyes too light and his skin slightly different in colour. He looks a lot more chubby in the game then film.
  2. According to the little month diagram they released we should get before Halloween 1 more counsellor New kills New clothing.
  3. Fox is before Halloween right? Then we get 2 more Christmas time? Going by the picture of what's planned in what months that they released. I'm guessing shelly not sure who else
  4. Anyone having a problem after the new update? After it installed I bought the new emote pack and they launched the game, about 30 seconds in my entire computer has self shut down. I tried it again and the exact same thing happened. :-o
  5. Yep remember The road map shows a picture with two blacked out counsellors and says new counsellors, this is before Halloween if I am correct. Then it has another picture with two more blacked out counsellors and it says new counsellors, think that is Dec? So even if they don't release two straight away we should be getting 4 new counsellors before Xmas. That is pretty cool
  6. I saw a tweet on twitter can't find it now where it said "new jason, jarvis house and new counsellor" coming soon, so It looks like we may be in for a disappointment since it seems to have come from "new counsellors" to new counsellor.
  7. But in the picture showing coming soon, it shows 2 characters shadowed out and it says "new counselors" before Halloween instead of "New counselor" and then again before Christmas. So I assume we get 4 by Christmas all together. So I would think 1 dude on the 13th then another person before the end of or on Halloween.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing these problems. Thought I was going crazy for a second lol
  9. It is just so unresponsive now, I had a frustrating round as Jason where I would continuously have to press the a button to pick up a knife, sometimes it took ten times for him to actually respond. Then once I hit someone he would just freeze in combat mode and not swing again. Anyone else having this problems, trying again hoping it improves
  10. Does her swimsuit one show the ass more? I always pictured her having one of those nasty big flabby bums with lots of stretch marks and cellulite ?
  11. Darn so the new clothing is just more colours over actual new clothing
  12. Is it only 2? Hopefully in the future we get some more then. Checking the little picture they release it says new counselors before Halloween then new counselors before Christmas, with a picture of 1 guy and 2 girls on either side. Best case we get 3 before Halloween and 3 Before Christmas. Second best case we get two lots of two. Two before Halloween, two before Christmas since it says New Counselors over "New Counselor". Worst Case is even though is says new counselors and shows a picture of 3 blanked out counselors we only get one before Halloween and 1 before Christmas. Now we play the waiting game ;-p Someone on steam was claiming some sort of character customisation was coming, but I dunno if that was bs, has anything been mentioned on that?
  13. I hope so. Hopefully it's like dead by daylight where they continue to support and add more dlc it years later.
  14. Hopefully we get Rob since he is already in the game, getting killed at the start of every match
  15. If anyone is up for recording some lines and then sending the film to me let me know. The lines are for a But of the film that was used gta 5 for, we sort of meshed a few scenes from that into the Friday film do to pamelas death etc From the voices i Have gotten back so far they are done more tongue in cheek and comical so I have created some comedy lines that will match what I have gotten. If anyone wants to give them a go be my guest. A bit of comedy if you're able to and feel free to add anything extra lol If anyone is interested pm me on here and I'll give you my email to send the file when done ?? Todd lines "We are a few hours away" "Alice you are doing really well going back" "gosh we are just SO proud of you. (Argument in bar begins) (Awkwardly) "Wow... I ugh..." "we should defuse this, Buzz is like a little pitbull, he is vicious. Gosh mayb I should say something to stop this..." "Guys let's get a drink and cool off a bit" "Claire, Want to have a game?" "Honey I'm glad we don't argue like them" "we are here for her." "gosh she is terrific. And buzz is so cool" "Ugh... sure...cool" (Next scene in lake, Buzz, Claire and Todd swimming) "Wooohoooo! Yeah!!!" "Buzz get in!" "Woooo yeah!!!" "Wow Buzz has a giant penis" "Man I feel like half a man next to him" (Alice arrives) "Alice come on in!! The waters great!!!" (Alice argues with her bf buzz) "Damn..." "Gosh, maybe someone should go after her" "I'll go check on her." "Buzz watch Claire for me." (Todd looking for Alice) "Alice are you here?" (Todd checks car" "Alice I'm sorry, we were all major grade A morons back there" "Gosh... Where are you?" (He hears a sound) "Alice that you?" "Gosh... Listen we are sorry..." "we was just goofing of back there. We didn't mean it..." "Alice?" "That you?" (Screams)
  16. Chad also has a comical lazy eye. One eye is much bigger than the other if you do the front view camera
  17. I'm definitely down for another 10 character dlc pack, hopefully more character choice will stop people constantly quitting if they're not Jason
  18. I will do, hopefully you enjoy. It might end up turning out like my Laleview cabin and the forest game films - more comedy than horror but hopefully people enjoy it. For the first film we will be using sackhead Jason doing a few cool kills. We wanna do a second if it turns out a funny watch with part 3 Jason doing some cool kills as well. I added some victims being pinned up on stuff ??
  19. If I pump out follow ups I could see it now Friday the 13th part 7: attack of the 30 foot axe. plot - Tommy has finally found something that can put a end to Jasons reign of terror. A axe cursed by the book of the dead.
  20. Some of the deaths are similar to that lol. i have already had help filming the death scenes and it's like the original Friday films where someone goes to check a sound or grab condoms and Jason gets them before they even realise he's around.
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