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    Yeah it seems they can release content that doesn't have to do with pam or kid jason, they could make up entirely new maps, kills and counselors to keep the game fresh without breaching the lawsuit stuff right?
  2. The game can definitely live on the devs just need to allowmodders to create levels, Jason skins, counsellor skins etc. Since they're not selling dlc anymore I don't see why this shouldn't be allowed?
  3. Since there will be no more content will you guys support modders that can hopefully create new Jasons, counsellor skins and maps to help keep the game alive? I fear without a good modding community this game will die.
  4. Ja1862


    Thanks dude the funniest times are when other people start to join in and also do voices for their characters. It leads to fun rounds for everyone
  5. Ja1862


    I try to play as realistically as i can as the film Jason, so if I'm zombie Jason I don't do silly zig zag stuff to avoid getting show, If Tommy comes and shouts my name i'll leave me victim and go after Tommy etc. Always trying to make sure people have fun. As a counselor I play to have fun, so I talk to other people, make them laugh, try to use a voice I think fits the character etc. Either way I play for fun
  6. Saw this posted on steam. If this is true hopefully that means there is life left in the game. L.....l...let's all just pray TX Death 5 minutes ago http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/340409-friday-13th-lawsuit-wont-affect-game-lawyer-says-exclusiv Snip ------------------------ Well, according to Robert Wyman, the lawyer for Horror, INC., who spoke with GameRevolution via email, the answer is yes. "We can absolutely confirm that the Victor Miller claim does not impact the current game being distributed by Gun Media now or in the future," Wyman told GameRevolution. "Even if he won his action, Mr. Miller would not own the Jason character as he has come to be known and loved and feared. He did not create the title and so would not have the right to control its use." Read more at http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/340409-friday-13th-lawsuit-wont-affect-game-lawyer-says-exclusive#GRfvFZVaIybPWbdz.99 --------------------
  7. Now that their will be no more content coming will they finally allow mods in game. New character skins/ offline camera hack so we can see challenge interactions/ New Jason's (people's own creations)/new maps etc It would definitely help the pc version of this game from dying.
  8. I'm hoping now mods start coming out, New maps/characters etc Modders can do wonderful things.
  9. Ja1862

    Is the Game over now?

    Hopefully they're not just using it as a excuse. Otherwise that = this fame definitely dying
  10. Ja1862

    Is the Game over now?

    Hopefully now that there will be no more content they won't be against moderate creating their own character skins etc.
  11. We Just need good modders to keep things interesting for challenge mode. Skins Free cam Create your own challenges Etc
  12. Ja1862

    Part IV Jason...doesn´t he look off?

    Good points him and the Jason goes to hell skins are the most off. Jason goes to hells model should be much more bulky than what we got
  13. Maybe a single player mod or private online mod.
  14. I normally play for fun and try to make my Jason as near to the film version as possible. So I never avoid gun shots etc and try to make sure everyone has a fun game. So as long as people have fun and I don't do any where Jason zig zag movements to avoid attacks I count it as a win. Getting killed as Jason would be a loss but I doubt if it happened I'd be annoyed.