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  1. You quite literally just described journalism in a nutshell. Everything you mentioned is done on a daily basis by “mainstream” news outlets and “real journalists”. It’s why the entire industry is tanking. You can’t really call out Slash n Cast for making a mistake while your entire profession is viewed as dishonest and wholly unnecessary in 2018.
  2. I think it’s the nature of the game honestly. I don’t experience nearly the amount of toxicity in other tiles, but games like this or Dead By Daylight are ridiculous. I can’t go a match in either without getting a message from some clown who is suuuper heated that I did my job and killed them/stopped them from escaping. Maybe its the a symmetrical nature of the game? You have a bunch of ppl thinking because there’s more of them that they should easily claim victory and when things don’t go their way, they lash out? IDK.
  3. Maybe once the lawsuit is over and the dust is settled this game can be sold to a more solid publisher/studio? Let a more talented team pick up where Gun and Illfonic left off.
  4. Yea I’m not sure what this is asking. You can already use every Jason you have unlocked in the offline bots mode. If it’s asking for all Jason’s to be unlocked regardless of rank, then no, absolutely not, you can earn them just like everyone else did.
  5. You don’t deserve a refund. You don’t buy a game with hopes of “future content”. You’re buying what’s available. If I were Gun/Illfonic, id tell you to kick rocks.
  6. Don’t listen to this clown. He doesn’t have a single clue as to what he’s talking about.
  7. Any perk that helps counselors tank traps need to be removed as tanking traps shouldn’t be an available strategy. I also think the spray animation should be increased to the way it was originally.
  8. Think it'd be better just to have some sort of "hardcore" mode. Reduced items, no chase music, no mini map etc.
  9. Absolutely not. This line of thinking is why gaming is in the rut it is with loot boxes and pay to win nonsense infesting every game. Im sorry, if you don't have the time/effort to put in the gameplay, you do NOT deserve the rewards when others put in the time and effort.
  10. Yea thats not happening. Ever. Let me put it this way. People like you, have been demanding Jasons shift grab be nerfed since May 26th 2017. Nothing has changed. Its not going to change. Jason is supposed to be OP. Its meant to be difficult to survive. You are either going to have to learn to deal with it, or go play something else. Its not changing, now or ever. Nor should it be changed.
  11. Glad the team is hard at work correcting the issues. Keep up the good work.
  12. I think the timer should be eliminated completely, or at least make it an option in private games. I hate it for both sides. I hate knowing its a fall back option as a counselor and I hate the "beat the clock" aspect when playing as J.
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