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  1. The 1 year anniversary of this games launch is coming up. Perfect time to drop an update of this magnitude.
  2. Offline Bot AI Improvements

    Sweet. Keep up the good work.
  3. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    I wonder if these techniques actually deter these clowns who rage quit? I know other games have done similar things where if you cheat you get matched up with other cheaters, but Iv always been curious if it actually works. I also think you should give the quitters some kind of badge next to their name that shows they quit. Publicly shame them.
  4. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    No he wasn’t fine. There have been countless posts on this forum detailing, very specifically, why he wasn’t “fine”. I don’t think these changes go far enough, but giving him standard shift helps. His lack of mobility combined with his low reach weapon attack made him the least capable Jason. That’s somewhat lessened now.
  5. Jason Selection Update

    If it works, this should be a good change. Altho as we saw at launch, preferences really didn’t seem to matter.
  6. Roy's Coveralls

    I don’t think it was worth spending the dev time to make this option, HOWEVER, very cool how much detail and effort you guys put into this game. You guys continue to raise that bar. Keep up the good work.
  7. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Eh I don’t like anything that makes counselors stronger as they’re still too strong. Weapon damage and stun chances are still WAY too high leaving combat as a first choice for far too many
  8. Throwing knives.

    This is as trash an opinion I’ve heard on this forum in a while. No. Hell no. Thankfully I’m sure the devs realize this and won’t ever implement something this stupid.
  9. Throwing knives.

    No, I think it’s abundantly clear the true fan wants a tough as nails experience when playing as a counselor because that’s what Illfonic was selling when they were promoting the game. Jason DOES need to lose his chain stun and Jason SHOULDNT be hit through doors. If that’s going to scare away some players, good, they aren’t needed nor wanted. The fun is in the challenge of trying your best to survive against cinemas most prolific killer. Most of the time you should fail, but when you succeed, it’s euphoric. That’s the game fans want. That’s the game we got closer to getting with this latest patch.
  10. This is too awesome. You guys just keep getting better and better. So proud to consider myself a fan of Gun and Illfonic and of course this game.
  11. And to be honest I won’t screw someone over if I see they were doing repairs or helping. It’s the ones who immediately head towards a closet to hide with no intention of helping. It’s those ppl I’m gonna use to elevate my chances of survival
  12. Throwing knives.

    Because that’s fun. Challenge is fun. It’s the same reason people play Dark Souls. They seek the challenge. This game did its best to replicate the movies, rather you like it or not. Meaning it was always intended to be extremely tough to survive against Jason. Now that changed when people who weren’t fans of the film, weren’t backers etc, started to whine. Ultimately you aren’t supposed to survive the night. And there’s more than enough evidence showing Jason is still too weak. As every single action he does can be punished by a combat favoring counselor.
  13. I do this a lot actually. If Jason is on me and I know someone is hiding in a cabin, I take Jason right there screaming that someone is just “waiting in that cabin to be killed”. I mean I don’t have an issue with someone hiding, you’re doing what you can to survive...but so am I. If I can get Jason to spend time killing you in that hiding spot, it’ll buy me time to scadaddle. The name of the game is self preservation.
  14. I guess so. I mean it’s unreal. Yea iv started doing the same. I won’t even respond other than to say “reported”. I got tired of the back and forth. Altho, it was pretty funny at times because it’s quite easy to one up someone you just bested.
  15. Yep. Looks like the messages I received tonight. Had one dude whine cuz he said I was camping, another because I used an OP killer(this made me laugh as I use Freddy, the WORST killer in the game) and then I had another dude claim I was garbage because he looped me for 10 minutes before I dropped him. And this is a common theme. I can not play that game without getting some type of hate message. Iv NEVER experienced anything like it in my 12 years on Xbox Live, nothing even REMOTELY close.