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  1. Eh that was tame as far as “trash talk” goes. In fact I barely consider that trash talk.
  2. Iv gone from 92% complete to 96% complete back to 94% complete. Iv done EVERY kill. The achievement(Xbox One) has to be glitched.
  3. They’re so over the top and “80s slasher” that none make me uncomfortable. I’ll be honest, I’m by no means a gore fan, but I think the kills here are just great. I think it’s neat that this game has gotten the chance to do some kills that the films couldn’t due to the MPAA of the 80’s
  4. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Yea just those small tweaks would be huge and would go a long way to swinging the favor of the game back to Jason, because right now it’s fuller in favor of the counselors. I think the the only thing in need of a major rework is Part 7 Jason. They SERIOSULY need to re-evaluate his pros and cons.
  5. Jason is a freaking joke.

    You probably could of taken them out early in that match. Just use that combat stance and block and hack em all down, but the point remains. That scenario shouldn’t be happening. People shouldn’t feel bold enough to try to track down and assault Jason. I think removing the mask should be MUCH tougher. In fact I think the only person who should be able to do it is Tommy.
  6. Jason is a freaking joke.

    There really is no debate on rather or not Jason has become too weak. Go pick out any stream and watch how just a couple of coordinated counselors turn Jason into a walking piñata. There’s no fear of being in close proximity to him. Hell counselors will actively go on the hunt for him in order to beat him up enough to get his mask off so they can kill him, which again happens with FAR too much frequency. I do agree with some that the tweaks needed to Jason aren’t that much. Just a few small tweaks could go a long way into making Jason a threat again.
  7. At this point ANY added Jason ability would be welcome, regardless of what it is. The counselors have gotten buff after buff after buff while Jason has actually regressed. More traps for all Jason’s, letting him reset his traps, hiding them better, removing the “tell” when he places them, anything, I’d be all for.
  8. I used to only use grab kills. They are just so epic looking, but now I only slash. It’s just too much of a pain in the ass to chase a counselor, grab them, only to be hit with a PK then have to start the process all over and have it repeated with every other f’ing counselor because every single one of em has knives. Iv even stopped shift grabbing and have gone into shift slashing. I know it’s boring, but I’m sorry, until the devs fix the game they are constantly breaking, I’m going to use the techniques that are high percentage. Getting hit with 5, 6 or 7 PKs just wastes too much damn time. It’s just more efficient to whack ppl down.
  9. The problem with the over abundance of pocket knives and shotguns comes down to the tension this game used to have that has since evaporated. EVERY counselor has the opportunity to have a pocket knife and med spray. The decision to either use that PK on one of Jason’s traps or step in it has already been made. You step in it, heal yourself, if Jason shows up and grabs you, knife him and have him chase you. If the items are more rare, which they should be, all of a sudden those decisions become much harder. You start thinking about using that PK to spring the trap because you absolutely don’t want Jason showing up. That does not happen in the current state of the game. No one gives a s**t if Jason shows up because they have an inventory full of pocket knives, med spray and most likely a shotgun. Not even mentioning the ridiculous stun items. Jason simply isn’t a threat any more and the over abundance of these items is further pushing the balance away from Jason.
  10. I do this all the time as a counselor and I’ll be the first to say It needs to be removed. Make the player line up their shot, aim, then fire. This looking behind you and firing nonsense is ridiculous. It’s a guaranteed hit.
  11. traps (grendel)

    Yea no idea how that map will work. All I know is it’s gonna be so stupid seeing non Jason X users on that map and seeing X pop up on the others. They could of done so much more than focus on the lowest damn low of the series.
  12. It’s kids. 9 times outta 10 any toxic behavior comes from f’ing kids. My little cousin(10 years old) recently snagged Rainbow 6 and like the good older cousin I am, I’d play a few rounds with him every now and then. EVERY time we are in a lobby with his buddies, some lame ass shenanigans are bound to pop up. For example, the other day one of the little twerps decides, ‘let’s team kill the ppl who aren’t using DLC operator’. Yea, seriously. So anytime you see counselors doing hella trolling shit, it’s most likely a kid. Until Illfonic adds a report feature all u can really do is use the consoles report feature.
  13. Lol iv seen this before and yea it’s funny at first then it just becomes annoying as f**k. I will say it typically happens with younger players. Iv been in lobbies where some chick is playing dumb and she basically has all the squeakers wrapped around her finger. The worst is when most players are dead save for the chick and some loser playing Jason who refuses to kill said chick. You have to watch for 10 damn minutes as the chick drives around in the car or gets other objectives going because she knows the thirsty ass Jason won’t do anything.
  14. THERE. IS. NO. SUCH. THING. AS. SPAWN. KILLING. IN. THIS. GAME!!!!! As Jason, you kill whoever the f**k you can, as soon as you can and in whatever fashion you can. Period.
  15. Emotes need to go

    Absolutely. Both PKs and med sprays should be reduced by a MINIMUM 50% for the next update. Reducing the chances of those ending up in a counselors inventory would go a long way to stopping the trolling behavior.