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  1. Probably best looking model, but her outfit looks like a garbage bag made of bee wax...
  2. It's the pinball machine/pool table thing. Green fabric and wood looking thing. He smashes heads off of the corner. Looks great.
  3. I would like a more dynamic spawn points for counselors, escape objectives and Jasons. Not varied enough imo
  4. On the flipside, his blocking mechanic was confirmed broken and his blocking of flares, traps, etc was unintended. Devs confirmed that. I play in clubs on Private so i dont have an opinion on the team killing, doesnt affect me.
  5. Initially, we were supposed to have different intros, still waiting on that. I would love some more intros, loading tips, Jasons on the home screen and loading wallpapers.
  6. I got an update on my xbox and a ton had been fixed at least on my end.
  7. Did you miss the 45 min periscope the literally just did? Talked about quite a bit on content, fixes, planning for future....
  8. Thanks for the update! I am still not gaining XP, still says I have 200XP right after i finish a match and get 1200XP any roll back or reimbursement a possibility?
  9. Abandoned Camp was a stretch goal Map on the Kickstarter at one time. We were pretty close to getting it.
  10. Yeah i figured once the patch drops, no worries. Your game is very unique and I have a great time winning or losing, thank you for that!
  11. XB 1. Only happened twice in about 10 games Ive played. Opened a drawer and lose all function except for walking and crouching. I survived though!!!!
  12. Thanks for the update guys! Any info on randomly losing button function mid match? Usually after opening a drawer all i can do is walk or crouch.
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