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  1. Ah! I knew it... Didn't I tell you the difficulty was probably bugged and reversed. I've had them start the car once(had to let them, took awhile) and they seem to drive slowly right into you, no need to even use shift to stop it. I totally agree with the thread subject, you should for the most part be lucky to survive. I tend to lay down on my couch at times and survive without any effort or team work which sucks. It used to be somewhat of a challenge before, not so much anymore. Hopefully in "Early 2018" Jason gets that much needed buff that he badly needs to make him a monster.
  2. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    That's weird. I'm still stuck with it and can't remove it. I also noticed that with this update Pt. 4 Jason got a bloody skin version aswell while playing with the physical copy.
  3. I spent 20k and DID notice a difference, not one single rare or epic perk, had better luck before.
  4. Current Updates

    If your PS4 was online you need to start the game for the update to begin.
  5. That truly makes me sad. It would of been the only way those would of gotten completed on my end.
  6. Emote Party Pack 1

    You need to go to the edit counselor section, select the emotes and assign the emotes yourself to each counselor.
  7. When the team killing change was made, it was only made for public matches and left the exact same for private matches and the complains about team killing pretty much stopped. I honestly don't see why this couldn't have been handled the same way, add dropped objective items for public matches but leave private matches like it was before. Nevertheless, toggleable options for the host in private matches to turn the objective items appearing on the map on or off, along with others like team killing on or off and possibly new ones like removing the counselors mini-map on or off, remove the Jason proximity music for everyone(pretty much like turning the game music off but this is forced for everyone within the lobby) on or off would go a long way in keeping the game fresh and more enjoyable.
  8. Yes! We currently need that option. I've knocked Jason's mask off with AJ early in the game after spawning at the cabin with the phone with only two hits. I've also seen Lachappa knock the mask off early with only a few hits. Ofcourse, this all took place after the latest update. In my opinion no matter the weapon it should take lower strength characters at-least twenty hits to knock the mask off, mid-strength characters fifteen hits and high strength characters ten hits. It's not suppose to be easy to unmask him and was suppose to be hard to kill him, which clearly isn't the case right now.
  9. At least that's some good news, finally. I'm happy that it's actually been acknowledged for once and that they are looking into it. Sure, it probably will not get updated anytime SOON™ but I'm truly hopeful for Early 2018.
  10. Okay! So it seems the higher the characters luck is the more extra hits it gives you. I only really tried it out on those three characters that I mentioned in my previous post.
  11. It works! It does depend on which character you have it equipped on. I tested it out on AJ and it gave her one extra hit with a baseball bat(so two total with the perk, not played in awhile so I forget exactly which version it is, it's either rare or epic), plus tried it out on Adam and Fox and it tends to give them an extra hit or two with the bat.
  12. Yeah! I'm hoping for some holiday sale or something. Your right! It's not suppose to be this way. I did just play a few rounds with friends but it was actually hard to start up the game, not like before where when the PS4 got turned on F13 was almost always immediately started afterwards. I tried to have fun but lately(since the latest update) it's been mostly going through the motions and goofing off which got old a long time ago. I'm sure I'll still pop in here and there to play because I truly enjoy playing with everybody, however, it just won't be daily like before, unless that miracle happens. Anyways! On a side note somebody voted option 5: Sunshine and rainbows! Wow! It's really rare to see JPops view a thread on these forums and not lock it.
  13. Honestly! I'd say over the past six months it's been option 4. Good made even better due to the people I used to play with but with the last patch and with the game being in the state that it is in now, plus with seemingly no intentions on fixing it...I had to vote for option 0. I Am Disappoint I don't see myself coming back to this game unless a miracle happens to tell you the truth.
  14. Do you still play the game?

    It all depends on who I am playing with to tell you the truth. I will not play public matches and I still really enjoy playing with friends for the most part but a lot of the times I kinda need to force myself to play, which shouldn't be the case and wasn't the case before the latest update. I've already ordered a few other games and unless a miracle of an update comes out soon™ those newer games will definitely take priority over the garbage that this game as become.
  15. It's too late, this game is lost and dead!!
  16. music

    "Killer" Crazy Lixx It's already apart of the soundtrack, not sure why they wouldn't add it to the in game radios playlist.
  17. I just checked while off and on the game and in the community for now playing I get the exact option to view in store to buy/download the digital version, no join session option like I did before with the digital version. So it seems like you can't join games that way with the physical version. I have plenty of friends on my friends list and invites do work properly whenever I send them or receive them, maybe add people from the community to play with since I strongly believe this will never get fixed. I downloaded/installed the physical version, first. It left me with both physical and digital versions on my system. I started the physical version and re-assigned my perks, kills, clothes and emotes but couldn't join my friends invites while on the physical version. I proceeded to delete the digital after a friend told me that I had to in order to join with the physical version. It worked and I've not had any problems ever since. I had also bought the backerkit exclusive clothing and Savini DLC, plus all of the other DLC's released post launch. They are all present and available while playing the physical version. I am pretty sure future DLC, updates that will probably include the different bloody skins will all be available with the physical version.
  18. I have a rare marathon, plus an epic restful on Vanessa and both have a 2% negative in speed so 4% total and you can hardly tell the difference in speed loss. Just like Trident77 said, stamina on a runner is a great choice for obvious reasons.
  19. Radio Variety

    Yeah! Just like Maddogg said hold X to change between songs. Tapping it turns it on and off. Live Before I Die is one of the tracks that plays. I do agree Man Behind the Mask and especially Killer should be added to the in-game radios playlist.
  20. I tried to search on these forums, google and can't seem to find any information on the matter. From past and recent experience it doesn't seem like they pay much attention to these forums so I would suggest possibly going to twitter and sending them a message about this situation and hopefully they respond with a solution.
  21. Ah! Damnit! I knew I forgot something. Thanks for having my back, bud.
  22. I did not suffer any sorts of problems, everything transferred over properly as if it was the same game. Level(XP), CP, kills, perks, tapes and all previously bought DLC, even trophies properly connected together since I ended up getting both the trophies for playing 500 times as Jason and killing 666 counselors shortly after starting to play exclusively with the physical copy. The only thing that was reset was the Jason kill slots and perks slots for counselors. I had to re assign them. Plus the settings/options was reset to default, simply had to change those back to my liking.
  23. I bought both the digital and physical versions. Upon installing the physical copy it would not allow me to join invites from friends while on the physical copy and gave me a prompt to switch to the digital version everytime. A friend of mine told me that I needed to delete the digital version for it to work. So I deleted it and it's been working perfectly fine every since.
  24. I like everything that you've suggested, however, for this one specifically the part highlighted I do think that when they slowly climb through the window Jason should be able to hit them with a regular melee swing and knock them out of it just like you could before, while with the quick dive that bubble preventing Jason to break the window needs to be removed so Jason can quickly break the window while the counselor is still on the ground and deal damage from the broken glass a lot like you could before. For the first part I like it but would also like to see a grabbing system implement much like the one for pulling counselors out of the car. If they are standing right by the windows(open or closed) a prompt to reach inside and pull them out or vice versa, appears and Jason pulls them out. If the window is closed, he break through it in the process. A quick skill check mini-game with one skill check depended on the counselors composure could even be added to give counselors a chance at escaping it.