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  1. My problems with the stalk ability are him appearing on the mini-map, in my opinion that mini-map should only show the map and other counselors, Jason's red icon should never appear within that mini-map regardless of active abilities. It just gives away his location way too easy even when he morphs across the map. Something that came with the update which removed his footsteps while using stalk is when you now use the stalk ability and morph or shift while it's being used the static effect pops up on the screen for nearby counselors. It did not do this before. While using stalk before that update you could activate stalk and morph to a location like the phone or car and no static would pop up for the counselors upon Jason's arrival, same with using shift while in stalk. You could use stalk and shift inside of a cabin to relocate yourself quietly. Now you can't even do that because the static will give you up every time.
  2. I am truly disappointed with what this game has become, removing team killing ruined any skill that used to be involved in saving fellow counselors and now leaves Jason completely helpless after he grabs a counselor. Changing the way Jason breaks the windows brought upon a whole bunch of problem related to dealing with counselors at the windows. Items appearing on the map is the dumbest thing that was added to this game and killed the suspense of searching for dead bodies to try and find those items. All this balance in a 7v1 game to make it even for both sides resulted in groups that just stick together and bully/troll/kill Jason way too often. A lot of what was advertised got completely abandon and gone the other way to try and please everyone. I truly enjoyed this game at launch but with all the bad changes and major bugs that each of these changes brought upon the game took a turn for the worst and cleared a road for me to go straight to DbD. Honestly! The beta looked better over the final product. Character's start up movement looked a lot better, dropped item looked a lot better(spray cans would even roll on the ground), using the spray looked a lot better. Simply put everything looked better in the beta over the final product and that is a shame.
  3. Like @pioneer67fkd said the only difference between both versions are in order to use the exclusive physical version counselor clothing you NEED to use the physical disc when playing. Even if you have both versions of the game and load up the digital version those exclusive clothes will not be available. This is on PS4 not sure about other platforms. To my knowledge that is the only difference, everything else is shared between both save files.
  4. That is the one thing that keeps me away from this game to be honest. A lot of people take it too seriously or play it in a competitive way where I personally just want to have fun with friends live or die but sadly those days seem to be long gone now.
  5. I agree! I've personally always found the running Jason's jogging animation to look rather goofy. At the very less while jogging he should be able to catch up/gain ground on jogging counselors thus forcing them to start sprinting.
  6. I do agree that it is sad to watch but just like BigJay said it was more of a medium paced jog for the most part while the remake was actual sprinting. I definitely wouldn't mind them adding an option for Jason to sprint but it would probably need to be implemented with a stamina bar much like the counselors have but drains quicker. Maybe something like he can sprint for 5-10 seconds straight before it runs out and when it does he can only walk(can't jog) for the next 5-10 seconds while it fills back up. However! At this point it is highly unlikely that such a change would get added to the game.
  7. I guess you clearly missed that part. It could very well be added as an option where everyone could simply select to turn it on or off via the options menu like I said and it would not effect others whatsoever. You do know some of us would rather not be stuck with little kiddie training wheels to tell us where the killer is without visual contact when we play this game.
  8. I like some of these ideas but for this specifically I would rather it be always active. Jason should NEVER EVER appear on the counselors mini-map even when seen in my opinion. This alone would bring much needed suspense to the game, which is seriously lacking. I've said it before on these forums that I wish we had an option to remove the mini-map completely(I wouldn't mind it being left in the players hands via the option menu so you can chose to turn it off just for yourself while others have it) but my main problem with it is and always has been that it gives up Jason's location WAY too easily and it even does so when he isn't even close to you. I know some will not agree with this so in a matter of looking at it from a different perspective and meet in the middle I'd say whenever Jason is in stalk mode at-least he should NEVER appear on any bodies mini-maps for the duration that it is active. No point in using stalk to try and stop the boat or even the car by morphing ahead only for the icon to still appear on the mini-map.
  9. PS4. Wait! People still play this game? In all seriousness I've only ever played 1 public match by myself and that was enough to pretty much force me to exclusively play private matches. It was not a bad experience in terms of dealing with cheaters and trolls but instead nobody on the microphone pretty much made it into an extremely boring experience, especially when you factor in the main reason I wanted to buy the game was based on the games proximity chat feature where you can have different interactions with different people close to you, including the Jason player all within the same matches which is neat. I have played in public matches afterwards but always with a party of 3-4 people. For the most part it's been private matches since day one. Overall I just play to have fun and don't really let much of the bugs, issues bother me no matter how annoying they might be at times and truthfully my biggest issues have not been due to other people cheating, trolling but it's been due to some of the changes added like objective items appearing on the map, window breaking change, car and boat speed down and hit detection being completely broken.
  10. I've played with her ever since she joined the Crystal Lake Employment Agency community on PS4 and in my opinion she is without a doubt one of/if not the best counselor when going one on one against Jason. I always thank god that I don't play Jason that often when she is playing, it would probably shorten my life due to the stress of trying to catch her. Haha.
  11. That is pretty much the way to go. Those small maps are best played when your short on players.
  12. It got my attention during the beta being "Friday the13th" I watched beta videos and did some re-search late 2016 and liked the concept of the game it's self, along with the proximity chat feature and believe it or not that is the main reason why I personally wanted to buy this game because of the proximity chat within the game, taught it was a cool feature and it is. Now! I still play it because I've made quite a few great friends due to this game and really enjoy playing with them.
  13. You definitely need to change your approach in those situations and try to outsmart them/catch them by surprise and as long as you don't give up on the round and simply run/hide for the duration I really don't see anything wrong with it. Always remember that this is an online game and a lot of people will complain regardless just don't let it bother you because from what you wrote, you did not give up on the round and still tried to kill them.
  14. It's a really nice idea but for it to actually work the twenty minute match timer would definitely need to be extended or removed, along with Jason getting a major buff which would probably be highly unlikely at this point. I would like to see it/try it but the current formula we have is fine, it just needs some adjustments here and there.
  15. 1. In my opinion is the major issue when it comes to killing Jason. It IS WAY too easy to get the mask off. I've gotten it off several times with A.J. within the first minute of a round with one clean hit, which shouldn't happen. I've always felt that it should take at-least 10 hits to get the mask off with stronger counselors, 15 with medium strength counselors and 20 with lower strength counselors or something along those lines. Fact is it shouldn't be easy like it's been for the longest time now. 2. You used to be able to escape near death as Jason but that was patched out for some reason. 3. Not really an issue. I almost wish killing Jason was never added into the game to be honest. I say that because ALOT of times that is all people want to do nowadays and for me this game(as a counselor) isn't about that, it's about working together with others to TRY and fix objectives, escape/survive.
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