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  1. I'm totally fine with the space required to activate the executions, never had a problem with it and those quick non-weapon kills that require no room to activate are not equipped on any of my Jason's load out. What you said here is more of an issue from my point of view. Whenever Jason connects with a swing it should stun/delay the counselors from swinging his or her weapon for a good two seconds or so, many times Jason connects with his weapon that would cripple or kill a normal person, only for the counselor to immediately retaliate and stun Jason.
  2. So is shooting your twin sister in the back. Please, come shoot me and get your revenge!! @Vaderspupil will lend you his shotgun, if you ask nicely.
  3. Your current thoughts on Gun & Illfonic

    I really liked the latest update, it's definitely brought back some of the fun that the game lacked during the later months of last year. To be honest for me personally the next update will go a long way to determine my overall thoughts, we've already had the scales get tipped in the counselors favor multiple times and hopefully it doesn't happen again. Truly exited for some of the upcoming content already announced and keeping my fingers crossed that hit detection will be fixed in the near-future. It's probably a long shot but also adding private match options for the host to toggle on or off things like objective items appearing on the map(miss how it used to be), removal of the mini-compass map for everybody and possibly other options would be amazing.
  4. Awesome! So exited for this, can't wait.
  5. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    As a counselor it would probably be trying to be funny and shut the window on a fellow counselor when they tried to climb inside, without realizing that he was actually being chased by Jason at the time and low on stamina, which ended up getting him killed. Sorry! @Vaderspupil As Jason it was definitely purposely crippling everybody in the match and continuing to do so until they ran out of healing and left them all to limp around and scramble to find more for the rest of the round. After personally being stuck in that crippled state for a full round once or twice before that was indeed pretty cruel on my part but extremely entertaining.
  6. Has driving been nerfed

    Yeah! It is slower now, even the boat. This was changed a few updates ago. It would be nice if they brought the car speed back to normal but add a two second delay whenever you switch from going forward to reverse and vise versa to help Jason alittle and give him a shot at stopping it in those situations where counselors abuse that mechanic. Another thing is the turning, that should also be slowed down and require more room over the sudden left/right - right/left turn juke that would in most case cause a casual driver(which these counselors are) to lose control of the car and crash.
  7. It's not always easy to do but working with morph, shift and stalk you can often times get her to run into your arms, in other words watch what they do and predict where she will end up before she does. With throwing knives I tend to try and hit her with them within close enough range that if she heals I will have time to get to her and slash or grab.
  8. I have personally tried to drop the gas before running from the car once Jason showed up but accidently dropped my pocket knife instead mere moments before he grabbed me and punched my head off. It resulted in some good laughs afterwards so it was definitely worth it in the end. Haha.
  9. It was definitely fun... until October/November. Please, make Jason into a monster again and I can see F13 being second in my most played games for 2018 behind Horizon Zero Dawn.
  10. Ah! I knew it... Didn't I tell you the difficulty was probably bugged and reversed. I've had them start the car once(had to let them, took awhile) and they seem to drive slowly right into you, no need to even use shift to stop it. I totally agree with the thread subject, you should for the most part be lucky to survive. I tend to lay down on my couch at times and survive without any effort or team work which sucks. It used to be somewhat of a challenge before, not so much anymore. Hopefully in "Early 2018" Jason gets that much needed buff that he badly needs to make him a monster.
  11. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    That's weird. I'm still stuck with it and can't remove it. I also noticed that with this update Pt. 4 Jason got a bloody skin version aswell while playing with the physical copy.
  12. I spent 20k and DID notice a difference, not one single rare or epic perk, had better luck before.
  13. Current Updates

    If your PS4 was online you need to start the game for the update to begin.
  14. That truly makes me sad. It would of been the only way those would of gotten completed on my end.
  15. Emote Party Pack 1

    You need to go to the edit counselor section, select the emotes and assign the emotes yourself to each counselor.