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  1. Honestly, I get why some people hate playing with the little kids. And yes, the majority of them are annoying little shits. But if I happen to stumble across one of the good ones in a match, then I’d rather play with them and hope my gaming etiquette rubs off on them, instead of them playing with more little shits.
  2. I play this game with my 11 year old son. And he’s nothing like 95% of the little fucks online.
  3. I read this entire thing in a Russian accent. And the last couple of sentences sounded evil as hell.

    So at this rate, and based off that tweet, we might get Single player a YEAR after they promised it. Funny, considering that single player was THE reason they gave for the release of the game being delayed.......... So whats the truth?

    What about offline bots?
  6. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    So. No fix for Jason’s grab or weapon slashes???!! The MAIN fucking issue with Jason right now..... Fucking fantastic.
  7. 100% Standstill

    Well, bumping topics is against the rules. So posting “Bump” is probably a stupid idea. Post an actual sentence and it’s not bumping.
  8. Neither of you were wrong. Boring for the spectators. But not wrong. Assuming the guy wasn’t glitching to hide.
  9. I doubt it. And unbanning all the previous cheaters just makes it look like they aren’t serious about it. Team killing and cheating is worse than it’s ever been now.
  10. Except you completely ignored the last part that says it will lead to a slight INCREASE in items on the map because the decrease in items in the cabins will be small. So once again, buffing counselors.
  11. Did I say no stuns at all in rage mode? No. I didn’t. Go back and read what I said.
  12. The stun is out of control for sure right now. It’s fucking ridiculous and needs to be fixed!!! It also should be IMPOSSIBLE to stun Jason with melees while he’s in rage mode. Only firecrackers, flares, and guns should work.
  13. The Jason piñata and stun bullshit are the biggest problems to me.
  14. Part 9 isn’t wearing a jumpsuit. Anyone that’s seen the film knows that.
  15. Counslers that should be in game

    Don’t tell me how to live my life. I’ll kill as many 14 year olds as I want.