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  1. If they don’t, only hackers will have him. And all of us are screwed again.
  2. He is in the game. Right now. Finished. They just need to unlock him.
  3. So, then can’t they just unlock Jason X? He’s already in the game.
  4. I’m being a realist. It’s their own words. You’re just refusing to read them.
  5. It’s not temporary. In GUN’s own words. They say it will not be possible now or in the future. They said it. And this lawsuit will not end soon.
  6. That’s what I’m trying to say! They aren’t saying it’s postponed and may be possible in the future. They flat out said it WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. They went out of their way to word it like that. So now hackers get Jason X. Finished Jason X. With stats and kills. But we never will.
  7. They say they will. But my worry is that there is no incentive for them to. Like others. There’s no more money to be made. Also, there have been no legal rulings in this case. No other merchandising has been halted in other aspects. Why is GUN prematurely doing this? They have no legal restrictions right now.
  8. So this new update didn’t ruin the game? Yes. It did. It’s the worst it’s ever been. And now it may be permanently stuck that way.
  9. I just wish this lawsuit would have killed the game BEFORE this shitty engine update.
  10. I don’t think you guys are reading the statement closely enough. It’s not saying that Jason X and ALL future content is postponed. It’s saying that it is CANCELLED. It’s dead. Otherwise they would have worded it differently. This game is dead. Bug fixes mean nothing when there are no dedicated servers. No more playing online at all. And no more leveling up Offline to unlock in game content.
  11. Because they can’t make any money off it anymore now.
  12. There’s no reason for them to do that though.
  13. Then they would have to kill it right now. Stop sales. Kill the severs. Yeah. But he’s not. Lol. Which is why the movie was called “Jason X”. That was the legal way around the film. So the same can be done for the game.
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