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  1. I would be happy with just better communication from the studios. Players keep telling them to stop leaving us so in the dark, yet they keep on doing it. I don't expect us to be given solid release dates (in fact I'd prefer it if they stopped giving those out), but I'd at least like to be thrown a bone once-and-a-while about what we can expect. But we get nothing but silence. No new maps have been teased (apart from rumblings that they are coming). No new version of Jason have been teased. Single Player has not been teased on any level. It's no wonder this game's player count is dwindling (apart from there being rampant bugs and issues across all platforms still), as players have nothing to look forward to other than the vague promises of a single player mode (which some players out there could care less about). If they were to even just show a teaser of a new Jason's head or mask, even if its just the work-in-progress model, THAT would be enough to wet my appetite. Again, it doesn't have to be anything overly elaborate, but I'd rather them actually let us know and SHOW US that something is in the works, rather than keep us 100% in the dark until "stuff is ready."
  2. Considering we are more-than-likely getting the remaining classic Jasons, I'd cast my vote Victor Crowley from Hatchet for a number of reasons. 1) The licensing isn't going to cost much to get it. 2) Kane Hodder plays Crowley as well as Jason, so consistant height and mo-cap across Jason and Victor. 3) New map in the form of Crowley's Swamp, perhaps making swimming a bit more important.
  3. I'm not saying you can't criticize, nor would I ever. I'm a firm believer that when a company screws up, people have a right to voice their concerns. However, a lot of the 'criticizing' I'm hearing on here (and no, not specifically from you and not pointing fingers at anyone in particular) sounds less like legitimate criticing/feedback and more like self-entitled whining. And yes, when it's officially the 21st and we have no content patch, you will certainly have said right to criticize. All I said was that it's still the 20th, they technically have just over nine more hours to release the patch by time zones in North America. I'm not saying it's a guaranteed show, just saying "relax."
  4. All excuses? Have a hard time believing you actually read my post.
  5. Love that so many people are complaining when we actually get a great game from a Kickstarter campaign. As far as I'm concerned they gave us the game they promised. Yes certain features are coming next month in the form of a large free content patch, but to say "over promise and under deliver and it's finest" is just ignorant. You want over promise and under deliver? Check out the embarrassment that was Mighty No 9, which delivered on NOTHING it promised. I'm an early backer and that while I was a bit miffed at the shaky launch and slightly irritated at the delay of certain content, I got the game I paid for. That's something I can't say about every project I've backed. Not to mention, for a game with such a small dev team and budget they did a stellar job. Lastly, to those saying they shouldn't have announced it today when it isn't out: it is still the 20th where the team is, so settle down. Delays happen, Gun Media and Illfonic aren't a Triple A developer with a large multi-national game distributor behind them. They can't just throw money at their problems like large publishers can. They have to make do with the money they have, which is why they are trying to make amends with extra content (extra content, by the way, that was never promised with the original Kickstarter, so no, this is not "content that shouldn't be called bonuses," as Gun Media never had to give us jack, but still did). I'm not going to make excuses for the dev team, but cut them some slack will ya?
  6. I can confirm that IHeartBreakerl is correct on this. It was confirmed, multiple times, on both Facebook and Twitter, among other places. The information is there, folks, ya just gotta look at all the official channels and not just one.
  7. I have friends that work in the company (Gamestop), this employee is talking out of his rear. Corporate has not sent any information regarding the physical copies of this game other than that they do not have details about the physical release as of this time (as it is still a ways off). Odds are when you know the physical release date, that is when Gamestop will start advertising it and taking pre-orders (or soon-there-after).
  8. I can't 100% confirm this, but, as far as I'm aware, here are some of the things we -might- be getting (grain of salt, people)... More versions of Jason. I have heard chatter about Part IV, Part V/Fake Jason, and Uber Jason. From my understanding, Uber is least likely but still being debated upon. During the beta a map was being worked on, though I'm not sure if it is still being worked on or if it was scrapped. That map is Manhattan. I have also heard rumours that another map is potentially being worked on, one that takes place near by Crystal Lake but not directly. I've heard the area is from Part VI. I haven't heard anything in regards to more additional attires for counselors. Gun Media has confirmed that DLC is coming, we just don't know the solid details yet. Also, as others have said in this post, Slash Cast is connected, you can trust them 100% for your F13 game news and information.
  9. Patch was supposed to be this past Thursday, then this Friday, then after that Gun Media went silent. And yes, they have confirmed that the Savini Jason and counselor skins for PS4 will come with the patch, though at this point I'm having my doubts we're going to get the patch any time soon...
  10. I wouldn't put too much stock into what Gamespot says. They haven't been a credible source of anything in a long time now.
  11. PC Gamer gave it a 75/100. IGN has it sitting at a 69/100. There have also been a few other major publications which have given it a good, but maybe not great, review. I've read the rest of the reviews on Meta Critic and, as a former game journalist myself, I can assure everyone that most of the people that spit on this game didn't play it or played it for a few hours then reviewed it. You can tell just by the language they use in their reviews that they barely played what was there. The game is one of the Top 10 streamed games on Youtube and Twitch, so there is definitely a disconnect here between players and reviewers. With that said, I wouldn't look too much into review scores, as most publications don't even have the faintest idea what each of those points in their review score even means. Is the game perfect in it's current state? No, but as far as games which were crowd-funded go it is at least out and is at least what they showed and promised it would be (bar some hiccups and some minor delays). The same can't be said about a lot of games which get funded on Kickstarter, such as Mighty No 9...and it has a 55/100 on Metacritic, so that should go to show you how inconsistant and sloppy the review process is on a general scale. The 10/20/100 point review system is incredibly flawed anyways (on a 10 point review system nowadays, 7 is average...I'll let that one sink in). Also, I hate that people are bemoaning that there is no tutorial (yet, it is coming guys, chill). I've been playing video games since near the first generation of consoles ever released, let me tell you: hardly any early games came with tutorials. There was no hand-holding, most games plunked you in and you had to figure things out for yourself, as the only things the instructions gave you were the controls and backstory-snippets for the game. I went into the Beta for this game blind and I figured it out no problem. I hope the people complaining about there not being a tutorial never play any oldschool retro games or, god forbid, something like Dark Souls. So with all that said, don't pay too much attention to reviews and review scores. Point in case: CoD Ghosts, generally voted as being the worst CoD game ever and no-more than a bare-bones rehash of the series, still got a 70-80/100, a score which most gamers (and even a good deal of CoD fans) agree it is far more than what is deserved (something you can tell by its 4.2/10 reader review score on Meta Critic). If you want honest opinions about games, find people that don't work for journalism outlets owned by media conglomerates, as you're never going to get a truly honest opinion out of those owned by such groups.
  12. So I'm not allowed to make suggestions for a later date on the forums...because the servers don't work? Sorry dude, that logic don't make sense. Pretty sure I'm in the right forum to make suggestions.
  13. Had an idea for how to balance the police a little bit: make a second spawn-in character in the form of the sheriff Mike Garris. Like Tommy, Mike's stats are all 10s and he spawns with a shotgun at one of the road entrances right when the police are called or shortly-there-after. The downside? The police escape will no longer be available if the Police Chief dies before the police get there, and the sheriff can't escape until he is the last one left.
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