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  1. Stream is back tonight. Playing on PS4. Apparently Larry Zerner will be joining him a little later. Good spot to shoot the shit with fellow fans. https://www.twitch.tv/fridaythe13thgame NOTE: This thread will be bumped EVERY Friday when they go live.
  2. Noticed that icons for locked doors/objectives are suddenly not showing. Like how if you're in the cabin with the fuse box it's not showing through the wall like usual. Or you just run up to a door that you can seeminly open because the locked icon isn't showing. Is this known? When did it start?
  3. Part VI is Randy's favorite F13 movie. He says so on nearly every stream he does. He says that's when Jason became an unstable force and he loves the trailer scene with Jason standing on top after the crash.
  4. Well Part 3 is arguably the most iconic of the films. It's when Jason truly became Jason due to the mask. Part VI is when Jason took his next step in "evolution", becoming "zombie Jason", which is seen by many as the best, or next best (After 3) film in the franchise. I can't blame them for showing Part 3 so much love.
  5. Weird. Today was the first time I saw it. Haven't been able to hear chat on that console all day either. Guess I'll do a hard reset.
  6. lol...February. If they wait that long, no one will be left playing. I'll admit though, I've been able to negate the shitty grab by playing as J3 and doing Shift slashes instead of Shift grabs. I just rarely bother with grabbing anymore. Pisses off the counselors pretty bad. It's funny when you chop someone down and see them drop 2 pocket knives. Their blood must boil.
  7. Perks & Gambling

    Wow guys...You let Jawbone make the most logical post in a thread. I'm disappointed.
  8. Randy is live right now with guest counselor Kristina Klebe (Jenny Myers) on PS4. https://www.twitch.tv/fridaythe13thgame
  9. Thread worthy post of the year, bruh.
  10. It really is awesome. Would be nice to see more and more iconic characters as playable counselors. The requested "Create a Counselor" feature would be pretty cool too.
  11. Really stoked to see Larry get in the game. It's only appropriate that the man who brought Jason the mask be in the game. Can't wait til the game is fixed and all this content will count for something.
  12. Anyone know at which level Thick Skinned makes it so you don't limp after eating a trap? Does it have to be epic?
  13. lol..."leavers" A lot of people have crappy connections. Especially all those Brazilians trying to play in North American servers.
  14. The upcoming update will contain VC 2.0 and maybe offline bots. That's it for now. The snowflake doesn't represent the first day of winter or Christmas. It represents winter as a whole. Which basically gives them a March deadline for what the roadmap is showing pre-snowflake, and everything is still subject to change, as it says at the bottom.
  15. I'm sure there were instances where the combination of Jason's already long range combined with ping issues led to moments where it appeared that way. I'm just saying we had never seen any clips of it quite that bad. There's an analysis video or two out there showing his range, and it did definitely have a bit of a pull. But I don't think it was anything people made it out to be. If you don't have the items to escape, you're dead either way in my opinion. Doesn't matter if it's 4 feet or 10 feet. I think the length of a rug is reasonable, as the clips showed.
  16. Ok...don't think we've ever seen it that bad, and there's been plenty of videos linked here. But if you say so.
  17. Best insults

    Arguing on youtube...you've already lost.
  18. You're exaggerating. It was never that bad. And exploit? It was just "how it was". There was no exploit about it. You couldn't cause it to happen and take advantage of it. The grab range was what it was to compensate for latency. Now they just tuned it and said "Fuck latency. It doesn't matter". Which is why now Jason can't grab counselors that are humping his leg.
  19. The Implementation of the ‘Repair Part Icons’

    lol...ok? "Hey guys...the new patch is coming out soon. So let's clarify changes made in the last patch. We'll answer the questions about the current patch when we release the next one." Dafuq is going on in that office?
  20. Anyone who complained about that was an idiot to begin with. Jason is a KILLER. If you get within 10 feet of him without a weapon, fire crackers, pocket knife, or another counselor to knock you free - you're dead. Period. And that's exactly how it should be. I could think of a couple of times where I was like "wow...that was bullshit" when I got grabbed before. But it's better than where we're at now. It was never bad enough to warrant a change.
  21. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Ok...Someone help me out here. Weren't the Jarvis House issues of boat + 2-seater and fuse box always spawning at the bottom of the map resolved in an earlier patch? Because I played a few matches on Jarvis House last night (PC) and boat + 2-seater kept happening. Come to think of it...I don't think I've EVER seen Jarvis House spawn a 2-seater and a 4-seater. There's always a boat. I thought this was fixed? Was it not? If not...why is there STILL no fix in this patch? "Oversight" ??? @ShiftySamurai - I know this was before your time...But can you find clarification? If it wasn't fixed already, why not in this upcoming patch? It's gotten to the point that I just quit if it's Jarvis House. I don't play shitty broken maps, especially with the do-nothings that play Quickmatch.
  22. I'm not even gonna trap the battery/gas anymore. 9/10 people fuck up the skill check, so I'll know they're there with or without the trap. I'll just trap the door now. That's the only time I'll need to be alerted. If they bypass it, you hear the car start... As it is now, counselors have to be careful when a trap is placed at the door. You still have to avoid accidentally stepping in it while you wait for the door prompt to show. Jason usually has an eye on the car by the time he traps a door too. It's usually just extra security to avoid someone quickly getting in and taking off. And as far as "realism" is concerned - a person could easily bypass a bear trap and get in their car if one was placed by the door...Reach over the bitch, open the door, and climb in. At least with the battery/gas it stands to reason the person would have to get that close in order to repair the thing, kinda. This patch is full of unneeded changes while Jason's grab and hit detection will remain in the crapper, and counselors will remain invincible while climbing through windows...Priorities, mirite?
  23. Whoops.

    "Dear diary..."