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    Daytime maps

    Daytime maps for Roy, then. He killed that chick with the awesome bewbs (shears to eyes) and her boyfriend (belt) in broad daylight. Just gotta wait for Stalk to activate
  2. I simply took this to mean that "updates never come out on a Saturday". But that doesn't mean it couldn't come out sometime between tomorrow and Friday. We usually see some hints from the devs on twitter when they've entered and/or passed certification. Haven't seen anything like that yet. So it is a little concerning. I'll be bummed out if they miss the 1 year anniversary. I think everyone will be. Jason too. Nobody's gonna come to his birthday party. (credit to @Brigadius for this edit I requested) https://i.imgur.com/1aboY2b.jpg That being said, as much as it would suck to have to wait into June (July?) for the update, I think it's something we can all do a little longer. We're used to it, right? But like others have said, they better get the fixes in, otherwise it's gonna be a real short return. SP challenges will only take people a few hours.
  3. Sshhh...you're a different animal, Riot_Sticks
  4. False. Tanking traps is only wise if you know Jason won't be back on you quickly. Knives aren't that precious unless you're a bad team player.
  5. Yep. They have people who get paid to figure that stuff out.
  6. I keep planting that seed lately. We have to consider that possibility. We know Uber/Grendel doesn't make sense from a functionality standpoint in the current MP ecosystem. So do we really expect them to overhaul the MP mode for one map? How does Uber live up to Uber but not break MP balance? No one would be happy if Uber was simply a skin. He has to feel Uber... In SP challenges, they can make it work. In MP, I have no idea.
  7. I do love the idea of all of Jason's weapons being on the map and swappable on the fly, usable for counselors, etc. But that seems like a sequel / AAA dev sort of feature. I'm sure their current system/coding would be a nightmare if they tried to implement swappable weapons for Jason in-round. The game would have to switch kill sets on the fly...I'm pretty sure the current build would implode if they tried.
  8. You either need to set up static IPs for your consoles (and even then it's no guarantee depending on the rest of your network settings on your router) or use a network switch.
  9. Figures...the one out of the three I don't have Bummer. We have a good group on PS4. Maybe get in touch with the PS4 part of the Good Sportsmanship Club.
  10. Jason X content is definitely coming. We've already seen most of the assets. But what I do wonder is if Uber Jason and the Grendel map are even MP content? Maybe Uber and Grendel were always intended as SP content, like with the upcoming SP challenges...it might just be the final challenge. Was there ever any confirmation from Gun that Uber and Grendel were ever MP content? All we've ever done is speculate how the mechanics and escaping would work. But there's no way of knowing if it was ever actually coming to MP modes. Something to think about.
  11. Once the bigger problems are ironed out, that's a great use of CP. Glad you acknowledged why this is obviously a low priority. But you're right. It would be a good feature to add.
  12. @damnenchiladas what platform do you play on anyways? Would be great to party up with you sometime!
  13. It's pretty simple...If you have the Jason and his weapon unlocked, you should be able to swap his weapon with whichever other ones you have unlocked. That was the logical, proper, expected requirement. What they did was just bait for a game no one feels like grinding.
  14. Yeah...they "caved" and removed major issues with the game because of "crying". What a bunch of morons...
  15. Stop antagonizing or being an idiot. Whichever it is you're doing...That's just another stupid, immature (in the sense that you're clearly not considerate of other people's lives) comment from you. I know that's your thing. But at least show some ability to think properly. To even suggest "play offline" is about as brain dead as the bots in the game are.
  16. Don't mind him. That's the first real post he's ever made here that isn't just "I like clothing/emotes/the devs". People like to throw the word "shill" around these forums a lot. He's the only person I'm actually convinced is.
  17. It's not mandatory. But it's hard for you to be of any benefit to the group without some form of communication in the game. The entire idea behind this group is team play. Hard to do that sans mic.
  18. AldermachXI

    Jason Dance Moves

    lol that episode was so funny. Charlie being Brendan Dassey was gold.
  19. AldermachXI

    It's time to fix the interactions.

    Agreed 100%. They seem especially bad lately. Servers are probably going to shit and it's not helping the situation. Had a bunch of wonky interactions last night. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to interact with a door while Jason is on your ass and the counselor starts picking up weapons instead, even though you're LOOKING at the car door and can see the interaction icon for it and not the one for the weapon. Fix that. But like you said...Been a year. Do we really expect this stuff to disappear with the new engine? You'd hope that's the reason for it. But I guess we'll see. Lack of updates about the progress from devs. Geting close to May 26th. I'm worried this update isn't gonna be what we all expect it to be. Could very well be the final nail.
  20. Those are such tiny things though... There are long standing issues, bugs, and balance issues (counselor stats and how they impact game mechanics, perk balance, completely useless perks, etc...) that are ignored while easy stuff like changing the color of a suit, adding another counselor (a glorified re-skin) or changing the grab animation gets done. Either their priorities are way off, or they're just not capable of doing what most of us are asking for. But the stuff you listed being changed really doesn't impress me. It ranges from "whoop-de-doo" (grab, suit, Melissa) to "well it's about damn time" (nonsensical door combat). But if you think they deserve praise for removing door combat while things like car rubberbanding, interaction glitches, Jason only being able to grab (maybe/probably) stay in the game...nope. I'll give them some credit if and when this update drops in time for the 1 year anniversary, as long as we can see that the last 5 months were worth it. If it feels like the same game and still has the same problems, that'll be the end for me. They've had all the chances in the world to get this right for the fans and backers. Time is running out.
  21. I almost got killed by some PC pros live on stream last night...Was a close call. But I killed Vanessa with the sweater like a damn savage. It was pretty epic. So much salt.
  22. Devs, can we get a final word on this? Was being able to hit Jason through doors intended or not? I can see why it's possible when there's actually a gaping hole in the door. But you'd think it would be difficult to hit cleanly through such a hole. I also find it amusing that hit detection is fairly shoddy out in the open, but hitting through a hole in a door works 100% of the time. All that aside, I really don't think it was intended, because from a balance standpoint it doesn't make sense. The door is already there to slow Jason down. You shouldn't be able to get free stuns on him while he's doing it. Anyways...it would be nice to have a dev chime in on this and its intended behavior.