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  1. Everything (including the game) should be cut to 50% off on all platforms now. It wasn't a $40 game to begin with. It certainly isn't now with no new content coming. $20 for the game and $2 for each DLC is more than reasonable.
  2. lol I hate Tim Horton's so much. It's embarrassing that my country sees it as a source of pride. It's awful stuff.
  3. But...But... Ok...*deep sigh* Sorry Bropollocreed79. I just wanted some of the fireworks. It was Canada Day here in Canadaland yesterday.
  4. Let me tell you something that I wish I had been told and didn't need to go through years of suffering to figure out for myself: There are many, many ways you can "forget about the cruel world". But living your dreams means a lot of different things to different people. The key is really to do that and support others to do the same - even if it's something you might not care for. Like you mentioned sports. Many people love sports because it was their dream to be an athlete. Now they can live vicariously through being a fan and feeling some sort of connection to the athletes/teams. Others just appreciate that sports are a mastery of an art - something we as humans often do (and should) appreciate out of others. Some people live vicariously through video games. They appreciate a different art form. Often times sports fans are video game fans. So don't think you're all that different. This is simply a case of people either being igrorant to what makes something valuable, or being envious of that person and their ego reflecting that in different ways: often by bullying or dismissing something as boring/irrelevant. It's important as a victim of bullying to eventually learn that it's not YOU. The bully is really the one with problems. He is taking out things he doesn't understand, or things that happened to them, on you. But it's important not to become guarded and defeated. Almost stay open minded and dig deep when something offends you. You'll often see it's your own ego that needs checked. That applies to both the bully, who attacks things they either don't understand or are envious of, and then it applies to the victim, who needs to be wise enough to understand that bullying is ignorance. Don't let it make you dislike Life. Overcome it. Understand that you bring what you bring to the table, and not everyone will appreciate it. But always show grace and appreciate what others bring. Eventually you'll find yourself enjoying much more around you.
  5. lol I've had quite a few moments with Randy. Killed him (often first) a buncha times. Had one time I fixed the boat and he shows up cue with gas, I tell him "let's fix the boat and go", he insists he fix the 4 seater instead, everyone dies. Saved his ass a few times too. Always fun playing with him though. I've played with Slash n Cast a couple times randomly too. They're pretty good. They like to go for the Jason kill a lot.
  6. Mostly, I wanted a relatively bug-free experience. Besides that, just new methods of escaping and maps, really. I think there's enough counselors and Jasons. Would have been nice to find new parts for new objectives, or to look through something different than just drawers (like toolboxes, bins outside, etc).
  7. I get what you're saying, and I fully agree. The only thing I'd question is how these toxic players are effecting the playerbase by ruining the experience for others. You either ban one douche bag or lose a handful of players to other games because the douche is ruining the game for everyone else... I'll admit it's likely not that drastic. But it could be if the trolling behavior starts to outweigh good sportsmanship - like when they removed TK'ing. You have to find a way to stop the behavior. So even if the solution is a short ban, that play might come back and will have learned their lesson, if nothing else.
  8. They have banned people for this in the past. I think they use their discretion though. They probably review each video individually and assess just how much it's being abused. I'm sure a simple screenshot of someone in one of these spots isn't enough. You probably have to prove they're intentionally abusing it.
  9. Same. I can live with all this other crap. Just give us a polished version of this and I'll be fine. Just hope people will still play it. They'll have to find a perfect price point to keep just enough people playing while squeezing out what bit of money they can out of it.
  10. I got into the franchise when I was about 9-10. I had a video store within biking distance and my mom gave them the ok for me to rent out whatever I wanted. So I used to rent 3-4 horror movies at a time and watched them all day and night. Sometimes had friends over or went to their places to watch. But I've always prefered horror alone for some reason, even when I was a kid. Now I go see whatever horror movie comes out at the theater by myself. It's actually one of my favorite things to do. Even solo'd a couple concerts this year. Life is a lot better when you get older and you don't have to feel like a loser for doing those things by yourself. It's oddly more enjoyable without wasted friends being buzzkills.
  11. I have no problem with it. Smart, really. The only annoying part was the important/big stuff not coming out. I'm not even saying this stuff took any form of priority, as it IS easy and quick work, worked on mostly by different departments. But it's still annoying that this is the content we got, while stuff like Uber, Grendel, and possibly some other really great maps will never make it in. It's a bit irritating that all the SP Challenges rewards were essentially emotes, too. And you can tell the devs definitely didn't listen to feedback regarding emotes/trolling, since the emotes actually got more trolly in nature...It really takes away from what the game should be, in my opinion. The younger demographic (you know, those twerps with no real appreciation for the source material) seem to like it. But I think it did more harm to the game than good. So that's a bummer. I really hoped at this point we'd have a pretty smooth experience and we could actually be thinking about real expansion for the game...like map packs that include new things to search in, new things search for, new methods of escaping. Instead we're wondering why the game isn't giving us the fucking counselor we selected. It's tragic, really. Good thing I took Wes' advice and decided to go make my own game. It might take 10 years. But it'll happen. This will all be something fun to look back on some day.
  12. Couldn't have summed it up better myself...And that's really the thing, isn't it? We all know what they did right and what they did wrong. People can say what they will about the toxicity of this community (they're all "toxic" on some level), but I'll defend that to the death...This community has been more or less on the same page for the better part of a year. WE knew what we wanted to see in the game. MOST of us all wanted the same logical changes to be implemented...They just didn't deliver, at the end of the day. Their single biggest failure is simply not giving any of their numerous successes the polish they sorely needed. They (Wes) flooded the game with so much useless bullshit that it eventually overshadowed anything good the game had going for it. It would be possible to let that stuff slide and enjoy the game anyways, if it wasn't for the game-breaking bugs. So all in all, the biggest problem was their ineptitude. They probably wanted to give us a great game. They just didn't know how. And trying to fix it seems to have only broken more and more over time. Not the first game I've seen this happen to (BF Hardline also went backwards with patches, long break between patches only to come back with bigger bugs than before, etc). But it really sucks that it had to happen here. Everything after October and Crazy Ralph's Emporium has been a shit show.
  13. Lots of newbies on PC too. 50% off sales will do that. Still doesn't change the fact that the game can't seem to hit 1000 concurrent players on PC at any given time. I'll be generous and say consoles likely go somewhere between 2000-3000. But the player base is almost definitely under 8000 daily players across all platforms. That's awful. In comparison, without even looking, I can confidently say DbD has over 20 000 on PC right now, let alone what it's pulling on consoles. Say what you will about the two games. But there's a reason why people are playing that game and not this one. And it's a shame, because the market is clearly there, and this game could have been better in so many ways. They just didn't know how to take advantage of it. They had a full year to make the changes the community asked (begged) for. They had more than enough time to add the content we'll never see now. They just chose to spend that time on an engine "update" that only crippled the game into its worst state since launch... This game will go down in video game history as an amalgamation of management errors and ineptitude peppered with some corruption.
  14. That was my experience any time I've tried to play on Xbox since the patch. Or the lobby gets to 5 people and then people leave.
  15. I've done this with music on but sound low/or distracted by something/too fucked up.
  16. Well we can see the numbers on PC any time we want. So you're at least partially wrong. Secondly, everyone knows console numbers are dwindling. It's definitely not surging. You can tell by how long it takes to fill a lobby and by the fact that people have actually said they're done. So either way, it's a stupid idea to separate queues. If you think otherwise, I really don't know what else to tell you other than to read vs what you think you know. Some idiots find weak arguments like "we really can't tell" while others actually look at facts that are present at any given time. That's ok too. People are blissfully ignorant all the time. They also make dumbass comments that prove that they in fact have no clue how logic works...Ironic.
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