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  1. Anyone who has played more than a handful of rounds as Jason already figured out how to counter table looping a long, long time ago. There's really no need for Jason to be able to break tables or furniture. That's entirely a player skill issue and not a game mechanic issue.
  2. The search function sucks

    When locking a thread because "there's already an existing thread on this", the mods should be linking the already existing thread in the thread-locking post. I've seen a few topics get locked where all other existing threads were already locked.
  3. Some people also never "quit" apps on Xbox, which leads to a lack of memory and causes some games to crash. A lot of people use something like Netflix, hit "Home" and just start playing a game. I have a habit of quitting all apps when I'm done with them on Xbox, and I rarely ever dashboard.
  4. Stream is back tonight. Playing on PS4. Apparently Larry Zerner will be joining him a little later. Good spot to shoot the shit with fellow fans. https://www.twitch.tv/fridaythe13thgame NOTE: This thread will be bumped EVERY Friday when they go live.
  5. Carrying Matches

    This is what it came to after a certain point for me, too. Never knowing what kind of team you're gonna get in QP became part of the appeal. But I often do end up single handedly repairing objectives while a bad Jason chases someone for a few minutes. I've gotten to a point where I can survive pretty much most rounds. I used to die quite a bit and just didn't care as long as I got some stuff done. Now I just don't die much lol. The only time I'll usually die is in a scenario where I'm the only one left and the cops haven't been called yet, car is trapped, and Jason is good enough to not get looped til time runs out.
  6. Frames where the Jason player has no control but is still vulnerable to stuns, leading to chain stuns, leading to Jason's issues vs groups. Overall hit detection, including Jason being able to hit multiple counselors at once, which would help the Jason vs groups issue. Bugs and glitches, especially those where the player can't move or interact correctly.
  7. Who Goes First?

    I pretty much ignore counselors for the first little while. I spend the early game setting all my traps, taking down doors, breaking windows and collecting throwing knives. It's actually funny to watch counselors get a little confused as I don't bite on their attempts at kiting me. I know I'll get them before they can do very much. Or sometimes I just hit them with a couple throwing knives and get them limping if they get too cocky. First character to die has never really mattered to me. It's really just whoever gets in the way first. But it is nice to get the faster characters out of the way if it happens that way..
  8. So we were having a discussion in the outer realm last night, and I brought up an idea that the other guys suggested I post here: A complete revamp of the progression system. So the idea starts with completely scrapping the current progression system and starting everyone from scratch. No need to reset Levels. But all perks would be removed, as would the useless perk rolling system. Instead, perks would be arranged in a progression tree. So you start by selecting a "base" perk, then you would upgrade said perks by completing assignments (which are currently tied to badges). For example: - Heavy Hitter would require "X" amount of Jason stuns in order to level up to uncommon, rare, epic, new max level - Grease Monkey would level up with "X" amount of repairs/car starts - Run "X" amount of miles to level up Marathon And so on...The requirements for leveling up a perk would be relative to said perk. This helps create more of a play style for players/counselors and add the replay value and some form of real progression people have been begging for. I also suggested adding new skills for counselors, which would be unlocked when you max out a certain perk's progress (i.e. A skill to disable traps with any weapon for maxed out Tinker, maxed out Grease Monkey could allow the counselor to hotwire the car - no keys needed but takes longer to start, etc) I also think some sort of stat screen would be nice at this point. I realize the game isn't competitive. But I just want to see things like Escape Ratios for each of my counselors, Jason Kill %, Number of Escapes with each method, etc...Just something that highlights all that sort of info. No need for leaderboards or whatever. Just a stat screen for personal reference. I think this is the key for longevity for the game. Maxing out new perks would also require players to go outside of their comfort zone and use different perks than usual, and the process of leveling up would require them to complete assignments they may not be used to doing...All good for replay value. I realize this is a tall order considering many of the perks don't even work correctly a lot of the time (still don't know the status of a few). But I think a system that requires the player to complete something in order to level up perks is a lot better than the random perk rolling system we have now. Hopefully Gun can put some consideration into this and even provide their thoughts on it. I think it's the next step for this game. If there was ever a sequel, they would have to do it this way.
  9. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    Gross. You guys are gross.
  10. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Aww...You're sweet. Thanks.
  11. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Awesome. Unexpected. I'd still rather see a system that allows you to meaningfully upgrade perks via perk-related challenges. But this is still pretty cool. If nothing else, it shows the devs are still looking to improve the little things. I believe this was before your time here @ShiftySamurai - Worth a gander.
  12. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    *For anyone planning on buying Sea of Thieves - Know this...* The game will be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass. Meaning you can play the game for $9.99 per month if you don't want to drop the full $60-80 on the game. I'm still debating if I'm gonna do that for a couple of months before I buy...If the game only has 6 months of a lifespan, I'll break even. But if I choose to buy it outright after two months, I could end up paying more. I like the pre-order bonus though. It's a "Black Dog Pack" so you get these cool black costumes with emeralds on it. So I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do yet. Had I been able to do this with a game like Destiny, I would have. I don't play those games for very long. But I like checking them out and seeing how deep I wanna go with it. Sea of Thieves could very well be a flash in the pan type of game. I'm really not sure. (I'm probably gonna pre-order it. I've enjoyed all the beta and scale tests so far.)
  13. Jason buff fucked up combat

    I've been preaching this since launch: The Buddy System Saves Lives. Find your buddy. Stick with your buddy. Live longer.
  14. When I say "as powerful as Tommy is", that implies limits. Tommy has the shotgun which is basically a guaranteed stun (assuming you can hit Jason). Give Tina ONE guaranteed stun on Jason. Tommy also has one med spray and a pocket knife...I'm sure the devs could give her a healing method OR they could allow her to use telekinesis 2-3 times (max) to do things like disarm traps or knock counselors out of Jason's grip without needing a weapon or being overly close to Jason. Tommy is considered a "hero" character. He's there as a last ditch effort to get some repairs done and get out (hence his pocket knife). Tina could easily operate the same way. So of course it would come with limitations. Tommy basically only has 2-3 "boosts" and his stats. I'm suggesting the same for Tina. But like I said, I think telekinesis would look cheesy as hell in the game. That's why Tommy works...it's just a shotgun and a pocket knife - things that are already there - he just gets them by default.
  15. lol...I know this film started the Kane Hodder era and all, and people really like Kane. But you have to admit, as good as he played Jason, the films he was in were terrible. I was watching through the entire series around Halloween and tapped out at Part VII. I couldn't bring myself to watch it, Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell again. They're just really bad movies. Tina is easily the worst protagonist in the franchise, in my opinion. But then again, I think telepathy/telekinesis is stupid, especially the way films/TV always make it look like the character is concentrating on taking a difficult shit. If they did add her, she'd have to be an alternate Tommy. But I think making her "powers" work in the game would be cheesy. As far as OP goes, I'm sure they'd make her about as powerful as Tommy is.
  16. Just move on to the next one. It happens. Not a big deal.
  17. Retro Jason

    lol No.
  18. You got it. Bugs/Glitches would be a close second. Luckily Host Quitting is a non-issue on PC. I'm sure if I was exclusively on consoles, that would be what annoys me most though.
  19. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    Probably just a double XP event. I doubt we see any form of content until the engine updates, and I think that'll happen in May, realistically.
  20. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    No, that sums it up pretty well. That's pretty much how I feel I come across. So thank you. I know on the surface, I just appear to be an asshole. But it comes from a place of caring. Happens in my every day life too. Comes with the territory of being a chef and leading a staff of about 50 people in a high pressure environment. I've been putting some thought into this thread myself. Trying to come up with Titles for those that stand out in my eyes...I'll eventually post it, because there's a lot of people here that I have a lot of respect for. I'm not sure how much I'll be around for the next while. Lots of stuff going on in my life at the moment. In the past, I've used this game and forum to kinda get away from those things. But I see now that they're not going away, so I need to focus on those things for a little while. I'm sure those things have led to me being extra cranky around here lately, so I apologize for that. Cool thread, though. I really dig a lot of the Titles being thrown around. Been good for a laugh.
  21. Confirmed/Unconfirmed DLC

    I doubt we see anything until May. They said April "at best" and I really don't think anything so far has made its "at best" deadline. If it happens, great. I just doubt it. May, around the 1 year anniversary, is more likely. I'm sure the devs are prepping content for that date, too.
  22. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Definitely starting to see more parties going into Quick Play. Must be because of the low player count making it increasingly difficult to run Private Matches. The result has been more "soft teaming" (Jason killing friends last) than ever before. But the teamwork has also been decent. Seeing more objective completion and mic chatter than usual. So that's good.
  23. That's a great idea dude! All the mechanics already exists in the game. So it's just a matter of playing around with what's already there and adding a mask tilt animation for Jason. I guess they'd also need some kind of longer animation for counselor reactions too.. Now that you bring it up, the same thing should happen when Jason is demasked. I've always thought it was odd that the counselors around don't react to it. It would also help newer Jason players out a bit when it comes to getting killed. The only problem I see possibly arising is that Jason could also attack the counselors while stunned from it, and that could easily make things too easy for already advanced Jason players.
  24. Sixteen Point Personality Test

    INTJ-A (Architect) 54% assertive, 46% turbulent 72% introverted Seems about right. Every else is about 60/40. I've done tests like this before. Big corporate restaurants love to use these as part of their application process.