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  1. Just because it's not receiving any NEW content doesn't mean it's DEAD...Jeeze. Kids today... As long as people are playing it, it's not dead. And as long as they fix the problems in the game, people will continue to play it - albeit much more casually. If they want to extent the life cycle of the game, they should make it cheap (at least 50% of what it is now) and hope to make more sales - which is possible if the game isn't a buggy mess. More maps/Jasons/Counselors aren't necessary to enjoy the experience the game has to offer when it's working right.
  2. I'm cool with this, as long as it gets done. There's still plenty of life in this game if the problems can be addressed.
  3. AldermachXI

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    Today's been a good news kinda day...
  4. The only difference this makes for a lot of us here in Canada is dependable access to quality cannabis. As far as the law is concerned, recreational smoking has been "legal" for quite some tine. They just wanna tax it and get their cut now. We've had several pot cafes in Toronto since the late '90s/early 2000s - you just can't (officially) buy product there - you have to bring your own. But you can freely smoke your stuff there. Some even offer you bong rentals and a budtender to serve you (pack bowls/roll for you). On the street, cannabis that is clearly not for trafficking purposes and within reason (generally less than an oz, but still at the discretion of the officer) you're not facing any sort of charge or fine, unless you're violating one of our general smoking laws (not allowed indoors, or within certain distances of public building entrances). At worst, they'll take it. But it's really been in a legal grey area for basically as long as I've smoked it. I've had cops take a .5 gram off my counter on a random night where a roommate had a nervous breakdown and thought there was a bomb in the the house, and I've smoked on busy city sidewalks, walking by several cops along the way and nothing happened. It's really a mixed bag. But it's loose. No one is doing jail time for weed here. Access to stores and proper strains, THC/CBD% info, flavor profile info, oils, edibles, etc. is a good thing though. It's safer and people can get the exact strains they need to actually benefit from it. I got my medical card and have had access (online) to that kind of stuff for the last 4 months now. It's been great. Gets mailed right to my house and I get all kinds of quality strains and can choose exactly what I want. What a country!
  5. AldermachXI

    Last Leg?

    One of two things will happen with the game going forward: - It'll remain as it is now, and die within the month. or - They'll do what they said they would do, and patch the game now. It's really all they have left...Just patch the game. Polish it into an acceptable state, lower the price, and hope that the community picks up again. It's perfectly understandable why no one presently wants to play - The game is broken in many ways, and player counts are extremely low as a result. But if they can patch what we currently have and make the game relatively free of bugs, people will play it again. It's always a fun game, even if only in short play sessions. But I'll always enjoy playing this game if they can manage to get rid of the bugs we have plaguing it. Ball is entirely in their court. If the game runs well, and they bring it down to a fair price, the players will always be there. That's the thing they have going for them as an asymmetrical horror game. There's not a lot of competition.
  6. A threat is a threat. It's all up to the victim if they choose to prosecute. Which a lot of the time, these things are anonymous or just not worth pursuing because of all the work that would be involved. But if something is of real concern to him, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to get the law involved. I guess what I'm saying is, when you receive hundreds and thousands of death threats, you probably get pretty discerning at sniffing out the credible ones.
  7. AldermachXI

    We're Still Here

    Sorry duder! Damn character limits! Wanted to tag all the F13 streamers I know of.
  8. AldermachXI

    We're Still Here

    Thanks to everyone who popped in for this afternoon's stream! Quite the turnout...Always nice to see some new people over at the twitch channel, especially familiar names. I'll be back sometime this evening. Probably around 9-10 EST. Hope to chat with some more of you!
  9. AldermachXI

    We're Still Here

    That post was made before yesterday's news. That sorta changed a lot. I'm always wanting to do what's best for the game. At that point, leaving with what feedback was already provided was more than enough. Staying would have only taken away from that, in my opinions. But what's needed now is the community to come together...So here I am, pushing for that.
  10. Better check the date on that milk. It's gone bad.
  11. Gonna be streaming the game all day today on my personal channel. I encourage everyone to get on social media today and show the devs that We're Still Here. We'll be here playing the game for as long as they're willing and able to support it.
  12. While I've been gaming for a long time and never really stopped, I did buy 2 Xbox One consoles just to play this with different friends and guaranteed free of hacks (always wary of PC versions for that). I bought about 8 copies of the game, all said and done (myself for PC and Xbox, wife, brother, a random PS4 player here who couldn't afford it, a few giveaways on stream at launch)...My love for this franchise and this game, over the course of its creation, made me spend a lot of money. But I haven't regretted it at all. Even now. I got my money's worth with the game from a value standpoint (500+ hours for $40), met a bunch of cool new people, and even found some content that motivates me to produce videos again. You're right...Setting something up as we speak. Hopefully I can get all these people on board and we can do something cool.
  13. That's about as extreme as some of the people going off...Even the biggest dicks around here have been expressing the exact sentiment @HuDawg shared above your post. I don't really see anyone jumping for joy over this. I have no doubt that there are some silver linings to all this and that the devs can come out of it...Patch the game up, make it great, and the players will be there. It's a real "Field of Dreams" scenario. I truly believe that. People have always come and gone with this game, mostly because the experience is a real mixed bag. If they can fix that up, players will stick around, and now I really think they can (as long as they still want to). Hell, if people really wanna come together and show support, we should set up a social media rally...Get people playing again! Buy extra copies for friends. Get twitch/mixer numbers back up. Show them the community won't let it die.