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  1. You're forever my property. Don't forget that.

  2. Everything (including the game) should be cut to 50% off on all platforms now. It wasn't a $40 game to begin with. It certainly isn't now with no new content coming. $20 for the game and $2 for each DLC is more than reasonable.
  3. lol I hate Tim Horton's so much. It's embarrassing that my country sees it as a source of pride. It's awful stuff.
  4. But...But... Ok...*deep sigh* Sorry Bropollocreed79. I just wanted some of the fireworks. It was Canada Day here in Canadaland yesterday.
  5. Let me tell you something that I wish I had been told and didn't need to go through years of suffering to figure out for myself: There are many, many ways you can "forget about the cruel world". But living your dreams means a lot of different things to different people. The key is really to do that and support others to do the same - even if it's something you might not care for. Like you mentioned sports. Many people love sports because it was their dream to be an athlete. Now they can live vicariously through being a fan and feeling some sort of connection to the athletes/teams. Others just appreciate that sports are a mastery of an art - something we as humans often do (and should) appreciate out of others. Some people live vicariously through video games. They appreciate a different art form. Often times sports fans are video game fans. So don't think you're all that different. This is simply a case of people either being igrorant to what makes something valuable, or being envious of that person and their ego reflecting that in different ways: often by bullying or dismissing something as boring/irrelevant. It's important as a victim of bullying to eventually learn that it's not YOU. The bully is really the one with problems. He is taking out things he doesn't understand, or things that happened to them, on you. But it's important not to become guarded and defeated. Almost stay open minded and dig deep when something offends you. You'll often see it's your own ego that needs checked. That applies to both the bully, who attacks things they either don't understand or are envious of, and then it applies to the victim, who needs to be wise enough to understand that bullying is ignorance. Don't let it make you dislike Life. Overcome it. Understand that you bring what you bring to the table, and not everyone will appreciate it. But always show grace and appreciate what others bring. Eventually you'll find yourself enjoying much more around you.
  6. lol I've had quite a few moments with Randy. Killed him (often first) a buncha times. Had one time I fixed the boat and he shows up cue with gas, I tell him "let's fix the boat and go", he insists he fix the 4 seater instead, everyone dies. Saved his ass a few times too. Always fun playing with him though. I've played with Slash n Cast a couple times randomly too. They're pretty good. They like to go for the Jason kill a lot.
  7. Mostly, I wanted a relatively bug-free experience. Besides that, just new methods of escaping and maps, really. I think there's enough counselors and Jasons. Would have been nice to find new parts for new objectives, or to look through something different than just drawers (like toolboxes, bins outside, etc).
  8. I get what you're saying, and I fully agree. The only thing I'd question is how these toxic players are effecting the playerbase by ruining the experience for others. You either ban one douche bag or lose a handful of players to other games because the douche is ruining the game for everyone else... I'll admit it's likely not that drastic. But it could be if the trolling behavior starts to outweigh good sportsmanship - like when they removed TK'ing. You have to find a way to stop the behavior. So even if the solution is a short ban, that play might come back and will have learned their lesson, if nothing else.
  9. They have banned people for this in the past. I think they use their discretion though. They probably review each video individually and assess just how much it's being abused. I'm sure a simple screenshot of someone in one of these spots isn't enough. You probably have to prove they're intentionally abusing it.
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