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  1. I'm fairly certain that's how it happens, unless I'm just not even noticing the static anymore. But I feel like I see Jason disappear and reappear out of Shift without static all the time. I honestly wouldn't put it past myself that I don't even notice anymore though. I start to tune out a lot when I play a game for so long.
  2. Static happens when Jason gets within a certain range of you and again when he leaves that range. Has nothing to do with ability use in a direct sense. If Jason activates Stalk a fair distance away, Morphs close to you, you won't see the static until Stalk depletes - that's what Stalk does. When it comes to Shift, you get the static if he starts out of range and he Shifts into the range that creates the static. That creates the misconception that starting / ending Shift creates static - that's not the case. You'll notice that if Jason is already within the range that you got the static once, if he then Shifts while already within that range, you won't get another static effect as he starts and finishes Shift.
  3. False. If you die before Jason has Shift, review some tutorials. Literally all you have to do is run. That's it...Run. You also don't have to stay to earn your XP. You can leave once you're dead and you will get your XP...
  4. lol...Sure it should. That being said, I've still had plenty of matches where I found all the car parts myself, repaired it, and got the car started all by myself - as Vanessa. So it isn't a requirement. You can do just fine without it against a less than stellar Jason. But if Jason ramps up the difficulty, it's up to the counselors to step up their game. You're beyond ridiculous with this whole thing though. You've been preaching this garbage since the minute you signed up here, and you've been constantly rebutted with the simple concept of "teamwork". Everyone is painfully aware that not everyone plays that way, so you'll come across some matches where there's little to no teamwork. But that's not the game's fault - It's the players' fault. It's like playing Monopoly with people who roll the dice and go around and around the board without ever buying any properties. Sure...they're in the game, but they're hardly playing it.
  5. Maybe later. Wife's birthday today. So I'll only be on after she goes to bed.
  6. I'll know after a match or two if he's someone I'd wanna keep playing with
  7. Can add me on Steam: AldermachXI
  8. Yes. But the game handing you 2-3 pocket knives if you know where to find them creates a false sense of security. Pro tip: On maps like Higgins, there's ALWAYS a pocket knife in one of the cabins north of Higgins House. At Blair's Cove, I seem to usually find a pocket knife in the furthest cabin north. But before the last patch, it wasn't uncommon for me to be rockin' 3 pocket knives. I doesn't matter which counselor I use at that point, I can loop Jason for 20 minutes.
  9. Then don't reply to ME. Jesus Christ you have issues, girl.
  10. See stoney, this is where your wheels fall off - in every argument you seem to have - you start to put words in people's mouths and get upset about things they didn't even say. Where did I proclaim it's the usual? I did not. I simply said it can and does occur. It's simply up to the players to get their act together and do it. There's a reason why you see objectives and other counselors on the map. It's to work together and get the stuff done. When that IS done, it still heavily favors the counselors. It's really not difficult for 2-3-4 counselors to chain stun Jason, eat traps, med spray, and fix the car right in his face if they have any desire to do so. Jason has no choice but to start slashing, because a grab will only result in another counselor knocking them free - and another stun. You'd also be foolish to perform a grab kill at this point, since that would also create a window for the car to be started. It's clear you've hit a ceiling in the skill level you've encountered in the game, and it clearly skews your opinion. But a game always has to be balances towards the higher end of the skill spectrum, or else you get a situation like now - where skilled counselors can still have their way with Jason if they commit to it. Jason has too many frames in which he has no control and can still be stunned. Those need to go away. Then counselors will have to earn the stuns with better combat and coordination, rather than simply waiting for Stun Animation A to finish and put him directly into another stun state. This isn't just me saying it. It's not just Hu. It's just about any player who plays this game at the highest level.
  11. Do the LFG post on XBL and then invite people (whoever is currently playing F13) from the club. If you're not sure how to do that specifically, you go to Invite from the lobby, select "From Club" and then you have to change it to "Invite to - Game" because by default it invites them to a party. Do that and you'll be doing both options you suggested.
  12. It's been discussed in that thread already. Read.