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  1. I want to kiss you on the mouth. It's nice to see that more and more people are seeing how pointless a lot of the fluff content has been and that it hasn't helped the game at all. Now the game is left exposed as what it is - a parody of itself. Seems the majority of the community is at a point where they'd like the game to WORK above all else. Cosmetic content is great when you have a fully functional game and it needs a face lift to add interest. It's not needed when there's a laundry list of issues to fix. A lot of the new stuff coming doesn't really address any of the issues with the game. "Bug fixes" is a vague term, and every patch has added as many as it's removed. Jason's grab is a balance issue, not a bug, which likely won't be addressed in the next patch. So we'll have VC 2.0 and maybe offline bots, Paranoia...but it remains to be seen if that'll be enough if the fixes don't support it all.
  2. I think they should just reward more XP for good moves by Tommy. Although XP is nearly meaningless in the game, so I'm not sure if they would help a whole lot.
  3. Slightly reduced the maximum range of Jason’s Grab Reduced the cone size of Jason’s Grab "This is a change that we have been looking into for a while. Through internal testing, we have decided that these new values currently feel better than they did previously. We will be keeping a close eye on community feedback regarding this change and are not opposed to making further adjustments in the future" Since the last patch, Jason's grab has been the most discussed topic on these forums. I sincerely hope they're keeping a close eye on things. We've made it pretty clear.
  4. Where we now are ?

    Jarvis Small isn't happening. They've said that several times. The new map will be a new map entirely. The snowflake represents the winter season. Intentionally vague. They basically have til March to deliver what they "promised" up to the snowflake on the roadmap. I'll say it again though, VC 2.0, SP bots (demo) and even a new map/counselor does nothing to help the game at this point. I have a gut feeling they won't even release a patch in time for Christmas. It would have to be sent in to certification this week for that to happen, and I doubt that's happening. I could be wrong though...they did announce a few changes already. I guess we'll see.
  5. Audio design. I still love the '80s intro followed by the main menu music. The in-game audio is pretty solid too, especially the music. Voices could obviously be better. Stalk kills and people's reactions to them really are great though. I've gotten more than a few legit screams doing them.
  6. Yeah, worst you encounter in private matches is me. I'm not exactly a teamer. But I've been known to dupe Jason into Morphing to objectives to get him off my ass. Sometimes someone is actually there without me knowing and I end putting Jason on them. I say stuff like "Yep. Go ahead. Jason is down here chasing me like a dummy. Fix it, call, etc" to no one at all when Jason is on me. You'd be amazed how often he just morphs away. In QP, I really don't care if someone else dies over it. But I try to avoid the tactic in PM. I was doing it once and someone who was gassing up the boat was like "why would you say that?!" and they preceded to curse me as Jason killed them...Am I proud of it? You're damn right I am. I escaped in that same boat shortly after. Survival.
  7. Yeah. That one is annoying. Apparently it has to do with terrain. But I've definitely had incidents where my kills wouldn't light up even on flat terrain on Crystal Lake. lol...Walk around with them mashing 1-4 on my keyboard and then they wiggle free. It's gotten to the point that I just go for environments when indoors because the kill often don't light up, especially in halls.
  8. Xbox team ASSEMBLE! Saturday night, we're playing/testing things.
  9. Who's the Final boy?

    Probably Kenny. The douche (Chad) always dies (thank god). Adam is too cool to be the final dude. LaChappa dies because he's the dork who never gets the girls...Buggzy is black, so...you know how that goes in horror films. That leaves only Kenny. I could see him and Jenny being the final two in a movie for sure.
  10. lol perks are such an afterthought for me. I have medic for the "dumb" characters, since their only use is retrieving parts and eating traps so the smart characters can fix things. I use Sucker Punch on a couple to increase the chances of stunning Jason, My Dad's a cop on a couple for obvious reasons...But I dunno, I don't feel like perks necessarily do anything for my game. I still use preparedness on most of my characters in slot 1 because I can never find a map when I really need one (going to the stands is often risky too). As I've mentioned in other threads though, Medic is pretty useless for me. I rarely go into a limping state as it is. If I die, it's because I was out of defensive items. Thanks for the info @ShiftySamurai
  11. Please go read this

    Haha...Thanks brutha. Just calling it as I see it.
  12. It makes sense that these two issues would be considered the top 2. Can't play the game very reliably without dedicated servers. Then once you manage to get around those issues, you have to deal with a nerfed Jason, making the game you're TRYING to play less fun.
  13. Maybe it's in the plans. That's not what happens on PC though as of now though. If Jason quits, you end up back in the lobby. If the host quits the lobby, someone else will automatically become "host". This is basically just the person who picks the map. That's the only thing they control outside of Private Matches. There's still the odd "host connection timed out" error, or something along those lines. I forget the exact wording. I have noticed, however, that PC servers tend to stay up/active until you leave them now though. Previously it would automatically go back to Quickmatch/Searching after some rounds. But now the lobbies seem to stay together and you can play with the same group for hours - which is nice. I had a nice play session last week sometime where nobody was doing anything at first, but by match 3 people were helping out and even started to use their mics after I did...
  14. This would fall under "dedicated servers". Quitters aren't a problem on dedicated servers, unless it's Jason quitting. Even then, you end up back in the lobby and not searching for a new one entirely.
  15. Well considering the 1 upvote you have in your entire time here - I think it's safe to say that only 1 person agrees with you. Exclusive content isn't a dirty tactic, by any means, unless it gives those who have said content an advantage, and Savini Jason is on par with pretty much any other Jason in the game, with the exception of J7. So keep fighting the good fight, I guess. But you're wasting your time.