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  1. My vote for grab/hit detection sounds trivial compared to the game dropping because the host leaves on consoles. I play on pc and haven’t even really touched my PS4 version. Host migration should be #1. At this point it’s just ridiculous it hasn’t happened. I feel sorry for you console players.
  2. One other small issue I have, which I guess would go under hit detection/grab, is Jason’s executions. Sometimes if I grab a counselor, none of my executions light up. Happens to me mainly on the Jarvis map(after thinking a bit it happens to me on all maps)around objectives and tight groups of counselors. I figured that I just didn’t have enough room to do the kill(that’s always been kinda silly to me), so I equipped “head punch” and “choke”. Still had the same issues. Can a group of counselors swarming you affect the execution mechanics? I can’t count the times when I catch someone and walk around with them trying to get my executions to highlight, even the “quick” ones. It’s especially irritating, and kinda comical, dealing with larger groups all swinging weapons at you while you try to use their friend as a human shield deflecting the blows while walking around waiting for your executions to light up. I’ve been on the other end too. Jason’s grabbed me and I figured I was a goner...but somehow manage to break free as Deborah after a very long struggle of Jason walking around with me by the neck. Most are veteran players so I know it’s not a beginners thing. Anyone else having similar issues?
  3. Lol I know right. The only time I have an issue is when people in a quick play game run into a cabin in a frenzy, loot all the drawers and leave the gas, fuse etc.
  4. I play as Deb most of the time so it doesn’t really bother me. I look at it as my roll as the character to fix everything while everyone else keeps him occupied.
  5. I believe the devs said something along the lines of, “Jason hasn’t been nerfed, the counselors are just getting better.” If that were true, wouldn’t Jason players be getting better as well? I’ve seen veteran lv101 Jason players getting the crap beat out of them by lvl 20s so I don’t think that’s the case. Seeing Jason claw frantically at the air only to miss a counselor standing right next to him again and again is just awful. That window destroy prompt is also annoying as hell. This force field thing I feel is just dumb. A counselor is climbing in(I know you could throw a knife to stop the animation)the window and you’re right next to them and can’t stop them from going in. It’s like, “oh go ahead, climb on in. You safe? Ok let me break it now.” Takes you completely out of the moment.
  6. I agree! May have to rent out an old warehouse though. Place cards!
  7. Hey I haven’t abandoned you lol(I did last night because the dogs were going apeshit). But yeah past few times my friends list has shown me that no one has been playing.
  8. The only highlight I’ve had is logging in and seeing people on my friends list actually playing the game.
  9. Days Gone and possibly Monster Hunter.
  10. I agree. Of course you have to actually catch someone first to be able to use the kill 😂. A lot of people say he’s terrible, but I’ve seen Jason players wipe the floor using him. 9 times out of 10 though usually almost everyone gets away. But sometimes you get that one player that turns him into a killing machine, even with experienced counselors.
  11. I remember that shitstorm lol. He was able to still put up a good fight though. Now it’s forget the objectives. Grab the sweater, figure out who wants to be “sacrificed” to come back as Tommy, and knock his mask off. Ive seen a new strategy start to develop with Jason knocking out the power by Tommy’s radio as one of the first things they do. Heh when did this become a Jason survival game?
  12. I remember that well. Had everyone guessing from rare spawns, the “final girl” and an almost impossible series of events to bring Jason down.
  13. Lol so do I. I’ve also seen Jason go into combat stance to avoid the blows. Against a group it seems almost useless since while you’re blocking the hits, the rest are regaining stamina. They all run off and it repeats. Weapons do break eventually, but there really is no shortage of them. Heck I saw a group wailing on Jason with pots for 20 minuets. Game doesn’t feel right to me anymore. Also saw last night Jason trying to snipe the player with the sweater with knives. Was doing pretty good until the healed them and he ran out of knives. 🙄
  14. I’ve noticed a huge spike in people playing as faster characters. Public matches especially. Running out the clock seems to be popular with most now instead of escaping. There was a game where I played as Deb and fixed the phone and called the cops rather quick. After escaping I watched as the remaining players trolled the hell out of Jason. They didn’t go to the police but just stayed and ran/beat him ragged. The Jason wasn’t new either, lvl 101. Actually felt sorry for him, which is odd in my mind to feel sorry for someone trying to kill everyone. This has been happening a lot and I would like to see some sort of balance brought back. I actually get more nervous playing as Jason now than playing a counselor lol. That in my eyes shouldn’t be the case.
  15. I put my Savini on the shelf for now. His weapon seemed to get stuck in everything. Then the patch made it more difficult to grab and shift grab. I’ve also been having a lot of problems using him against faster counselors. Gotta adapt I guess and practice but J2 is my main now.