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  1. Could have a forest fire going. Might be a bit too graphics heavy for some though.
  2. Didn’t really get a chance to play. Most of my friends have pretty much abandoned the game for now. On pc.
  3. Jurassic World: Evolution

    I absolutely can not wait for this to finally come out!!! Been waiting for some sort of upgrade from JP Operation Genesis for what, over a decade now?! I think it’s out sometime this summer. The only thing that I’m a little worried about are the multiple islands. I hope that you don’t have restrictions with the dinos. The islands seem like a fun challenge, but I want one big island to unleash crazy potential. I can’t find any info on that though. check out their FB page. They have more videos and an introduction to a few of the dinos in the park!
  4. I never play during the day for these reasons. Lots of screaming children. People tend to be way more chill at night and the kids have all finally passed out.
  5. Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    I think it may cater to people that have ADD or something. There’s not a lot of waiting or spectating in the lobby after you die. Once you die, everyone else soon follows or escapes. Matches are rather quick and you get points to get new stuff. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    Got dbd last night finally and played a few rounds with some friends. I love horror games and this one gave me zero scares. I think I felt the most tense watching a friend try and escape through a hatch then trying to fix a generator with the killer right by me. I can see how this game can appeal to some. The killer is always close by so there really isn’t much down time to plan a strategy it’s go go go. No buildup of tension wondering where the killer is since they are always right there. I thinks that’s what it’s lacking, tension. Discord I feel is a must since the game is lacking any sort of communication. Plus who wants to run around in silence. I don’t see how you could possibly make friends from this game since no words are ever exchanged. The survivor progression system is cool though. The downside is that if you’re starting off new everyone that’s been playing more than you has a huge advantage since they already have a ton more perks and items to choose from than you. Being the killer is fun for a minute but the controls are clunky and not much fun. Here in Chicago we have this disgusting alcohol called Malort(google it). People that try it say that it’s vile, but keep on drinking it. Is this like how dbd is? Do I just keep playing until I start to like it? It left a bad taste in my mouth initially but I’m willing to keep trying it.
  7. I wonder since his defense is so bad he’s going to be a “faster” Jason. Didn’t they mention a speed increase?
  8. This reminds me of what was Hans jacket color that he wore on Hoth debate 😂
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the patch they are releasing will address some of those issues.
  10. I’m wondering if the patch will be released the same day as well.
  11. Mostly play at night. Get on around 10 or so if I have the time. I’ll only play if friends are on now. Quick play is just too frustrating.
  12. This took a dark turn...
  13. Some of us played last night on steam and I believe the people in game were like in the 500s...
  14. Oh all of what you said leads up to the beat down. Constant stuns through doors and windows happens all the time.
  15. Yep. Nothing like being Jason now and seeing a gang of organized counselor coming at you with a full arsenal. Bats, guns, wrenches, knives and med sprays. Car items spawn so close that it can be up and running in minutes. Jason can trap the car and morph away only to hear someone tanking the trap a few seconds later. Wait on morph cooldown, and when you get back you’re greeted with a gang that keeps stunning you while they casually fix everything. Cars ready to go and then you hear the phone being tampered with. It’s become kinda comical. Jason slashing wildly while players circle him taking turns beating on him. You can’t grab anyone without being immediately stunned. Idk, Jason needs a boost or something. Maybe go back to the way things were before the patch.