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  1. ok, when i sent a email to that there i got this " Hey Friday the 13th Backers,Thanks for getting in touch! Now that the game's been released, all support issues pertaining to your codes, gameplay, performance, features, or general questions should be directed toward the Gun Media team.If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach out to them on facebook, or you can email them at: f13game@fearthegun.comThanks again to everyone for supporting the campaign!Happy Camping,-BackerKit " i have tried both of them and they give a auto reply saying they wont reply due to high vol of emails / pm over facebook.
  2. alright, i will try that one then. Thanks
  3. i did backerkit, twitter, randy twitter, email and even over discord. no one getting back to me nor tell me why my codes wont work for crap i bought.
  4. i said in my first post that i did for the PC and both code were not working. the PS4 code i tried Did not work either. so i'm out 12$ and no skin for PC or the PS4
  5. i been trying and trying to get ahold of dev people to tell them that my Codes do NOT work. i tried the discord email backerkit and no one getting back to me. getting kinda pissed and i want working codes. i should have just bought the 6$ one when psn got it and be out the other money i spent. but no, i waited and hope i can get my replacement codes cause my crap not working. i tried both PC and the ps4 one and none working... please forward this or something ><
  6. Don't play with them

    this game about save your own a**. it does not say anywhere we have to help. you do whatever you need to do to stay alive. that mean help don't help hide fight back etc
  7. to be honest, i don't care people got the press passes and we the backers did not. it only 2 days and i mean we get to see the game and people that are new or curious can see if for them self and go out and buy it. so, in a way, you did a good thing by picking youtuber/twitchers people to show case what we have been waiting 2 years for ! @wes
  8. i hope they will have store copys and not just ones you download. i want a hard copy for the PS4
  9. ok thanks. i will just stick to reading the forums
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