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  1. He would still have morph and I just think it would be nice for a little variety
  2. I think Part 4 Jason should sprint and his sprint should replace his shift entirely, just to give us a completely different play style for this Jason, mainly because its something different, and also because he sprinted like hell in the movie. Part 4 Jason = Sprint (with stamina bar) No shift for this Jason.
  3. First of all... Jason morphed at least once in Part 7, instantly from the shore of the lake after killing a guy to being in the water killing his girlfriend... Jason morphed in part 8... Repeatedly... Up the ladder, up the steps on the 2nd floor of that building to throw the teacher out, etc... Good ol Roy in part 5 even morphed from behind Reggie to being behind the ambulance... This thread is as comical as the noobs saying "Jason never ran in the movies"
  4. Yeah I didn't mean let everyone in the car before it's repaired. People would abuse that by sitting in the car while others were repairing it. Not a good idea. Allowing you to get in as soon as the driver gets in is what I was trying to say. It's so dumb that you have to stand there waiting for the car to start before you can even open the door. The funny part is, usually the people who leave you can't drive worth a shit and end up crashing anyways lol. I have been left many times and ran over many times and it's annoying, especially when you did all the repairs yourself and still get left.
  5. When the driver has the keys, you should be able to get in as a passenger before the car is started. If this was real life and Jason was out there, you're not going to patiently stand next to the car waiting for the driver to start it up before you decide to get in.
  6. Please for the love of God allow us to get in the passenger or back seat of a car before it is started. I can't count how many times I have repaired a car, or me and a friend repaired a car just to be left by someone else who hops in the driver's seat and takes off, or decides to try and run you over. It's a simple fix, just allow anyone to get in the car at at anytime. I'm standing here button mashing the X button on PS4 only to have nothing happen except the car take off as soon as it starts.
  7. TheReaper666

    Daytime maps

    They wouldn't need to change anything really. Your fear rises when you are off alone away from cabins and in the woods anyways (in the dark) They can keep it as is to make it a daylight map. You wander into the woods alone (in what would be a dark area at night) and your fear rises. Jason can still cut the power to the phones and power to cabins while counselors are inside to raise fear. I think people are over thinking it just a tad.
  8. TheReaper666

    Daytime maps

    Just make it daytime and you get more scared in secluded areas of the map instead of dark.
  9. TheReaper666

    Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I don't get the hate at all. It's my favorite map by far and actually feels like a new area instead of another copy and paste job. I really like the houses, trees, shrubbery, hills and the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere. I love the map.
  10. TheReaper666

    Worst game ever

    I guess you never played E.T. on Atari, or 3D Pacman.
  11. I have it on PS4 and people play it 24/7 it's nowhere near dead.
  12. It let me play offline before the Pinehurst map was added. Now it won't
  13. I think it's silly that to play offline bots I have to be connected to the internet and signed into PSN. It's "offline" so... Also, I really wish that in bots all the Jason's are unlocked, because it would suck to play offline and only have part 3 Jason.
  14. I still get the dumbass user log in failure. What's a failure is that you have to be online to play offline bots and you actually have to level up to use things in offline bots. Everything should be unlocked from the beginning in bots mode imo.