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  1. I too, have been pondering the fate of these items as they were included in my tier as well.... maybe focusing on fixing the game and these will come in time or when our physical copies are released.
  2. Pretty they said the doc is coming for the consoles... had to pass cert or only gets released on specific days/ dates. I'll look it up and post another reply of i can confirm this, right now it's just something that I believe I read.
  3. 8. Not sure what level ill be when the servers add in the xp that was missed, I'd estimate close to lvl 13 at least.
  4. This^^ gun has told everyone multiple times that the console updates must pass certification before going live. That isn't necessary on pc so obviously pc will get any and all updates first. For any game... ever... until sony and Microsoft change their release process it will remain that way... be patient, it will be fixed in time.
  5. Wes said on Twitter that our xp and levels and unlocks are being recorded, but the game isn't calling the database server... so when the db server is fixed all those levels and xp and cp will show up in the game
  6. Also in your game settings, you can choose to prefer to spawn as Jason, I did this, stayed in a lobby for 5 games, played as Jason 2/5 times. Best way I've found so far.
  7. I'm waiting for either more gameplay footage or beta. The hype will be on once the beta hits. At least for me.
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