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  1. I have seen multiple traps and items floating mid air today to.
  2. yep me to, random freeze. I have to reboot my pc. This only after latest patch today two freezes so far.
  3. Not sure what this was but I was playing Jason and the round was ending. Rage +sense was on and the final player was nearby but he did now glow red ?? The only way I spotted him was he spammed his flash light like he new I couldn't detect him. He stood still and said grab me, guy had multiple knives ?? round ended. The issue here was he did not glow red and was undetectable with sense. He new this! I dont know if this was an exploit or the guy was using cheats. His steam profile says 1 ban on record so... kinda suspect. So either they can bypass EAC, or its a major exploit. Unless those perks for sense detection are broken. Devs please look into this. Shame I couldn't record this.
  4. Hi Ben, A built in game option to record your matches would make it much more efficient, helpful and convenient to a lot of non tech savvy players and would make most griefer's and hackers think twice, as they know they are being recorded. World of Tanks has this same option to record your matches if you want. Simple solution to a rampant problem, send in the vid and let Gun Media make the judgment call on the evidence at hand.
  5. Love the title of the topic thread lol Just add more dirt and all is good. Can I just mention part 2 Hillbilly Jase overall pants seem to light in game to me, rather than the dark dirty blue denim overalls. Add that to the list. Beta I guess, full graphics not implemented.
  6. Maybe for a laugh you could vote on him in a match, but no just no. God I hope this doesn't become another left4dead troll game lol
  7. I am happy if they just add the camp sites from 1,2, and 4 movies. 3 is done but I'm sure they refine it and will add more things to the maps over time like row boats.
  8. Yeah me to, part 4 Jase was indeed brutal. They way I see each Jason: Part 2 Sack Head, he was bumbling noobie learning his trade Part 3 Got his new mask and was becoming more efficient with his trade but still learning Part 4 He graduated kill school and became deadly and precise with a bit of flair, he still got beat by a kid..
  9. Yes, I know that obviously. I read somewhere that they couldn't rip the exact music score from the movies due to movie studio license problems. They could however get Harry to recreate the music. I had the impression they had full complete license to use everything about FF13 franchise. Maybe I misread the article or a dev can clear this up.
  10. I reckon just give them all a one timed big special ability to evade Jason. Could be a defensive counter, hide buff or whatever type of counselor type you have. But it would either knock him out for a longer time or give you a huge stealth boost, depends on what character you choose. This special boost would give you that extra chance of surviving a little bit more higher than normal. Now if you use it at the right time during the game based on the situation and your chance of surviving then that requires skill and timing. I guess you could call it your last stand like the final victim in the movies that has the epic moment with the killer giving them the edge to survive.
  11. I dunno man, I just posted the tree log idea because it was in the movies. The devs are more fanatical Jason fans than I probably am, so try getting in their mind set with this game as a ff13 fan. cccrraaaazzzy haha
  12. I dunno, he is strong enough as is, but I do hope they make each Jason more unique in ability type. I guess we will have to wait and see what the devs have planned with the final release. A few special passives that would boost his original perks couldn't hurt. I'm sure they have a ton of added stuff they could tease the forums with..
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