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  1. They need to invest money in better servers, the ones they currently have are garbage. I've never seen so many timeouts in a game smh ?
  2. Truer words couldn't have been spoken, this is exactly how it is.
  3. If anyone buys their physical copy LOL. With the server experience so far. Doesn't look like they'll be selling much copies.
  4. Whilst 3 more maps are appreciated, it would have been better if you took a Dead By Daylight approach. They gave us a new killer, new survivor and a NEW map. Can't you do something like that with all the money you made from us? TBA 2019, may as well buy a PS5 LOL. With the time they take to release new content or FIX their damn game.
  5. Well I guess they can kiss goodbye to their fans paying $ for swimsuits. I mean who tf cares about swimsuits, give us CP or another Jason or more kills for god sake. You don't listen to your fans and that's why you are losing them.
  6. Just go and play something else, I just move over to Dead By Daylight which is a lot more reliable than this. i don't want to be stuck in the main menu because the servers suck.
  7. Nope the ban system doesn't work, just a waste of time making videos and trying to PM the devs here. Just falls on deaf ears and you don't get any response. It's funny that the only response I got from GunMedia_Ben was "we have an email reporting system too" but no acknowledgement was given to my report and video I sent him. What a way to listen to your community, well done.
  8. They were more interested and focussed on nerfing Counsellor perks so I wouldn't hold my breath to think that they will be doing something to help Counsellors. They are too busy trying to screw them so they could care less for anything else right now.
  9. Depends on which Jason you're playing as, Jasons with Grip Strength can easily shift grab you.
  10. Well since you decided to nerf the Thick Skinned perk without informing us first. You can now also nerf shift grab because that's what I call unbalanced. There is also no point in wasting 500CP trying to roll EPIC perks when they will be nerfed like this. To me it feels like you want Jason players to have everything and Counsellors to have nothing, that's why we have so many host disconnections if the host isn't Jason. Either that or players start leaving and you be left with an empty lobby.
  11. I run Slugger (Epic) Marathon (Epic) and Thick Skinned (Epic). Love this combination and it works very well for AJ.
  12. Triple XP for Halloween and some CP thrown in for us to buy more perks and Jason kills - now that would be nice ??
  13. Lmao you should have said "get rekt kid" at the end of the match ?
  14. We don't need 1000 threads about this. The devs are already aware and are working to resolve this. Also Packanack isn't the only map with glitches, there are just as many glitches on other maps and Crystal Lake is just as bad as Packanack.
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