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  1. Sorry to say this isn’t a new trick I seen people do this before they took off TK for Public matches
  2. Meant for the people who were bitching about people watching other people play
  3. I mean that if we’re in Party Chat we go into gamechat when he play F13
  4. Yes I always said private matches since that would help a lot of people but since they fixed TK in Public Match I would tell people if you don’t wanna be TK go to a public match
  5. To the people who think watching people stream or watch game videos on YouTube is stupid Well people who subscribed to PewDiePie would disagree with you on that If one of my friends are streaming I watch to show support for other streamers I watch to see what the game play is like and watch a few people stream it to see if it’s worth buying so I don’t see nothing bad about watching people play it's like you go to your friends house are you gonna be like I’m not going to watch you play that would be fucking stupid I bet you weren’t like that when you were a kid when you went to your friends house
  6. I had somebody do that to me and my friend told me where they were lol
  7. It’s cool just thought you didn’t know so I just wanted to put my thread here just Incase
  8. I wait till I hear he morphs to somebody than I enter the shack and I run like hell Now for using it to escape I wait till the cops arrive to go grab it to use for escaping with but it depends on where the shack is to one of the exits
  9. I can’t wait for Oct 13th I wish we could get the codes for the Physical Copy DLC so I don’t need to open up the game to get them
  10. I’m sorry that you have issues with me but that’s uncalled for lol and think what you want you got issues you need to work on
  11. I heard Jason made people do certain things or say something and he lets them escape so I don’t see how people should be banned for it I’m sorry but all this stuff about people getting banned for so many little things it’s crazy that’s why I don’t really care about all of it so I play how I want to play and not how somebody tells me how I should play
  12. Drop off service means that you have people get into the Car and drive up to Jason and YELL FREE KILLS COME GET THEM JASON I don’t see anywhere in that where you can’t let people escape so I wouldn’t be banned for letting friends escape
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