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  1. 1getting Jason's gameplay right (so that he relies only on wearing counselors out and not shift-grabbing) 2better melee combat 3more items
  2. I read your comments guys and here are my conclusions : Indeed he's not another counselor, he's here to fight, to rescue people, not to escape, so: -Remove entirely his ability to escape, get in cars, run to the police spot... -Give him a knife -XP multiplied by the number of counselors alive It as been said : he's not affraid of Jason, the guy is a psycho (escaped from an asylum if I remember correctly?) -Remove the composure element, no stumbling, no freaking out, no noises, no nothin! -Change his lines Jason tends to ignore nearby characters to chase him instead (part 6 finale): -Give him the "hey maggothead" ability (a taunt move). Provoked Jason can only sense, hit or grab Tommy (effect lasts 30 sec, one use only)
  3. This idea is relevant because: -the game needs more item diversity -it's true to the movies -solves the issue of Jason camping the phone all the time, he would have to guard the shack too
  4. A terrified counselor could even injure himself in the fall and start limping. I like this idea a lot. Actually I think all the Jasons should be walkers and have this ability to deplete composure over time by just looking at you. Well if they could walk a lil faster... a big man like that must make ridiculous steps.
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