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  1. I resign. I played the game but I couldn't enjoy it.
  2. Excelent news, and I vote for rage destruction without prompt too!
  3. The thing I don't get is, why are there currently 3 characters with the "stealth + intellect"-archetype (AJ. Mason, D. Kim, E. Lachappa). This seems over represented right now. I'd say -1 int and +1 composure for AJ. (To make AJ a "composure + stealth"-based character) -3 stealth and +3 luck for Lachappa. (To make him a "luck + int"-based character) Only if the stats are well balanced point for point, because I don't wanna make Lachappa weaker, I just want to give him a different Archetype. Also to make Vanessa and Buggzy a more different archetype. -3 speed and +3 composure for Buggzy. (To make him a "composure + strength (+ stamina)"-based character; composure fits his archetype as it helps him break free from Jason.)
  4. wow, rude. just drop a link without all the jibber jabber around it. Just the link.
  5. What about using a full size source. [url=full size image][img=thumbnail][/url] [url=https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C80xceoXYAAkiw3.jpg][img]http://forum.f13game.com/uploads/monthly_04_2017/post-17-0-15317700-1491598961_thumb.jpg[/img][/url] Edit: You broke my preview because you removed the source, but you get the idea. If you don't have a thumbnail, don't worry about it. On some forums you can resize the image with some extra code, and then you could use the same method.
  6. That's a really fun idea Wes, but I think that it's a little weak on the immersion side. Why would you spend so much effort on disarming when you could just spring it? -Is it to break the trap permanently? No cause Jason couldn't replace it in the first place. -Is it to disarm the trap silently? Well maybe, but then why don't I have the option to spring the trap loudly? In my opinion the proper use of traps (for immersion sake) would be scattered in the forest, however from a strategic standpoint it would be better to put it on objectives, so people lose either a life, an objective, or a pocketknife with 100% certainty. I think this placement should be punished by making it either easy to disarm the trap or make the trap avoidable in a certain way. I'd say keep the pocketknife idea in, but ad a way to walk on top of traps without springing them. This should be at a movement pace that is below crouch walking to prevent people from using it everywhere, but still giving people the option to bypass traps that are just not well hidden.
  7. Nice! 2 Questions: -I can't help but remember that morphing or shifting makes a loud "whoompfh" sound. Does stalk remove this sound as well? -I was wondering, about having it as 3rd skill. This seems logical because Shifting and Morphing is more valueable generally, but have you tried the Stalk before the Shift? You could make it so some Jason's could get it in this order, and others get it in the other order for even more diversity and player preferences.
  8. Gotcha, I like: -Pokemon -Sword Art Online -Avatar: The last Airbender I kinda sorta like: -Death note -Avatar: The Legend of Korra My fondest memories are of: -Alfred Jodocus Kwak -Dommel (Fr: Cubitus / Eng: Wowser) Never really been a cartoon lover cause it's mostly too fantasy like for my liking.
  9. I'm confused, is pokemon a cartoon or an anime? I never get that discussion.
  10. I'm glad for you. Just a tip: next time you get an e-mail that is about any of your sensitive info, don't ignore it, but don't click any links in the e-mail either. Just go straight to the concerning website and check it out. That way you don't risk being fished, but you can still check out the problem. Like others said, 2 step verification where you can, and it's also smart to use a password manager and let it generate random passwords for you. That way you can't be hacked on other platforms when one of your accounts has been stolen.
  11. Is Lixx supposed to be roman for 69? Lol... I guess it doesn't quite work, but that's what it made me think of. source But yeah i like the song!
  12. Your maths is way off and on top of that: when you fail a skill check, you'll have to do it again. Situation 1: The amount of fails you'll have in 8 tries is: 0.5*8 = 4 on average. The amount of fails you have in those 4 tries is 2, next is 1, next is 0.5 etc. This infinite sum (sum of 8/2^n with n between 0 and infinite) equals to 16, so let's say you'll have to do the skill check 16 times here. Doing the skill check 8 times means you have 0% chance at electrocution (since you succeeded 100%), doing the skill check 16 times means 16-8=8 there are still 8 failed tries. The chance of electrocution here is 1-(1-0.33)^8=.959 which is 95.9%. Situation 2: Infinite sum (2/2^n) equals to 4 skill checks, of which 2 are failed tries. Chance of electrocution 1-(1-0.33)^2=.5511 which is 55.1%. Situation 3: Infinite sum (8/20^n) equals to 160/19 = 8.42 of which 8.42-8=0.42 are failed tries. Chance of electrocution 1-(1-0.33)^.42=.155 which is 15.5%. Situation 4: Infinite sum (2/20^n) equals to 40/19 = 2.105 of which 2.105-2=0.105 are failed tries. Chance of electrocution 1-(1-0.33)^.105=.0412 which is 4.1%. Upon first reading your comment I liked the idea but upon further thinking about it I dont really like it and here is why. I know your 50% fail rate for a person to skill check is overexegerated, but I think your idea is too punishing, and too random, because there is a chance that an inteligent and good player just fucks up one time, and then he dies. There is no player interaction here, so it's not fun for the player who dies, and not fun for Jason since he doesn't interact with the player who died. I think it doesn't fit with the filosophy of "losing should be fun". Let's just play the game with the changes they made first, and see if it is sufficient before making more suggestions about it.
  13. Will you start a discord or steam group? I'll also drop my steam link here, because I heard sometimes people have trouble finding me apparantly. http://steamcommunity.com/id/firesource
  14. I mained Chad in beta, so i'd love to join as Preppy guy. Steam: FireSource Location: The netherlands
  15. If you turn off voice communication in the in game options, the stresming software can still use your mic.
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