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  1. Gotcha, I don't post often, so I'm not usually paying much attention.
  2. LOL, I am over it just for the record, I was very salty when it happened though, but agreed, I want SP more than I do another skin (Pt.4 Jason better be his own Jason!!!!!! he would be the OP Jason if any) I'll pass on uber Jason...
  3. Guess I shoulda sold my code for $300 bucks, and just got the leak ( I was on when it happened, everyone freaked out) bummer. Not nearly as serious I know, but what if your girlfriend or boyfriend, who you've trusted for a loooong time, told you she or loved you, and they were yours only, Then she fucked your best friend......"well I got screwed over by my girlfriend....but it was his fault not mine". Sorry I fucked your girl buddy, I only did it for like 45 mins though........... Harsh analogy but it fits.
  4. I'm on ps4, I'd say 90% of the time 1/2 of the room is Savini. Oh well, no biggie I guess.
  5. Yep, Played one game with Randy, he was very cool, talked for a bit after the match, and then he was gone. Cool to know they play and listen to us.
  6. I'm a petty asshole, I am very bummed a bunch of people got the Savini Jason as it was supposed to be exclusive, now I get into rooms, and we have all Savini Jason, kinda ruins the whole point, maybe Gun will give us something else (cp & ep don't count as I was already high enough level to have everything save fro a few perk unlocked). Maybe Gun will hook us up with something else (not holding my breath) Roy skin would be ok with me. Part4 Jason needs to be a new Jason, he's more powerful, and fast as hell
  7. Sorry can't help on this, use a mic, or a I drop you or leave the game, it's how it was meant to be played, as a team. Unless you have kids, then for the love of god, turn it OFF!!!!!!...but why are you playing a game about murdering people with little kids watching?
  8. Only one time, and the person was obviously new as Jason, but we got him
  9. Nope, the PS4 comes with one. If you are 12 yrs old ok, Otherwise I don't care. Have a mic or don't play. or play, but i'll kick you.
  10. I don't think it's to bad, I have killed, and been killed a few times by mistake (accidently getting hit by the car, shooting to help someone) but it was no big deal, so if I lose 1000 for a simple thing, haha all good, it happens. Assholes that run around and kill team mates so Jason, or their buddys can loot you or steal your ride on the reg.. good, rot in hell with -1000xp
  11. I have brought this up before many times while playing. Roy can be a seperate Jason skin, just like a Pamela skin. He uses a Machete or axe, buth there are lots of axes, and has possible road flares as a kill or throwing weapon? New map, that has the halfway house, the rednecks house, Demon's trailer park, and the final barn. Additional girl to look like Pam. Possible activation like Tommy Jarvis (one person is random child of Roy? person dies Roy shows up, but Jason can still kill Roy.
  12. That seems to be the word, that they are refunding money and removing the skin, I'll believe it when I see it.
  13. This is true, I'm sure the devs aren't going to put everything in the beta (which is why people are crying), just wait. It'll be awesome.
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